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You call this acting?
dwjrn18 May 2019
This was the first time I've ever seen Jeff Rose. Hopefully it will be my last. Too funny. He had a stick in his mouth to pull a little piece of glass out of his arm. I got so tired of hearing him call out for Rachel. Lol. Hey, she's over in the field next to a bush. "I need help!" "Anyone there?" He called out. He was up walking around with what looked to be pink paint for blood on his arm. Hey, your plane went down guy. You're fine. Why all the drama. I thought after the first 30 minutes this movie might get good. It was boring. Sounded like they were both reading instead of acting. Then he carries Rachel around in the woods dodging all of these little fires just burning in one spot for an hour. No story. No plot. No nothing but poor acting. I give it a one for effort.
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Struggling with a difficult life problem?
digiteum20 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The film focuses in the relationship that two people have in their marriage, which is in actual fact true to many marriages and relationships today. The man and the woman are struggling in what they want. She has found God in the Bible and he hasn't yet. She is depressed because of a miscarriage in the past, and he has focused on his work and deals.

When the gift paper is off, the reality of their relationship, the last save our marriage trip - she knows where she is going to heaven, but he doesn't. People who are faced with rock bottom situations often give up. When we are faced with a no deal, all we have to turn to is God. How difficult that is for the unbeliever.

The plane they are in crashes and the cold reality of life catches up. Things couldn't get worse than rock bottom could they. One man is an island and with his wife badly injured he struggles.

In the midst of everything that goes wrong, the rain, he finds shelter in a cave. With his mind playing tricks on him he sees his wife in his heart. He finally accepts Christ into his life.

This is the moment help comes and God has a way of waking us up. The woman has died but Jesus come through and saves us.
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