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Sex & Nudity

  • The female assassin is seen humping a guy on his bed with loud knocking. No nudity is shown, but he says that he is about to go and asks her to stop. She doesn't, and we see his face when he has an orgasm. She then lies down next to him.
  • One murder victim is found and described as having had his "knob" chopped off. Non-graphic references to castration. It is later lightly insinuated that the killer may be eating leftovers from the castration.
  • Nudity is not there at all. Some very soft sexual scenes - couple in bed.
  • Women is seen in a bathtub only the side is shown
  • Prominent, recurring sexual themes throughout, including many lesbian relationships/hook-ups. Nothing shown explicitly but regularly implied.
  • A female wears a dress and checks herself out, touches up and down her own body.
  • Several kissing scenes-male with female & female with female.
  • A couple starts to get rough with each other, and she is turned on. He lowers her to the ground and tells her to go upstairs. It is later referred to by these characters, making it clear that they had sex in a new, rougher-than-usual way.
  • One female character with large breasts regularly wears very low cut tops. She is present in three episodes and dresses like this each time she's on screen.
  • One female character wakes a male character by getting on top of him. It is implied that they have sex, but none is shown.
  • Frequent discussions about sex or sexual relationships in some regard.
  • One female character says to another female, "I hope you like missionary style," implying that the man they're both interested in prefers that. He is in the room during this conversation. The second female responds, "I actually do."
  • Since it's a TV-14 show, there isn't anything too explicit & nudity, but sex does occur is some episodes.

Violence & Gore

  • Extremely violent- there are many killings in each episode, most of this pretty explicit. Assassin is very psychopathic and scary.
  • A man get decapited with an axe in the last episode of the 2nd season (very gory for a TV-14 tv show)
  • In the third season, Villanelle kill two men with a gun. A blood spray is show.
  • R-Rated violence
  • This series is extremely violent, with many scenes of killing, bloodshed, suffocation, shooting, etc. The violence and gore rating should be Extreme with a capital E. This is not a TV-14 rate.
  • The violence is very gruesome for TV-14 rated show.


  • "Jesus" is abused multiple times, instances of the 'f' word, and lesser cursing such as s**t and b*****d. Some words are in other languages with English captions that have the word written out without censorship.
  • Only reason some episodes are rated TV-MA on streaming etc they have uncensored uses of the f word. Since the word is only used around once or twice each season most episodes are still rated TV-14 and are aired on AMC/BBC America as a TV-14.
  • All f-words are censored on TV airings.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A main character is seen taking a pill (implied to be MDMA or another similar stimulant) in a nightclub.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The female assassin can be chilling at times and some younger viewers may be disturbed with her killings which can be random and also built up to. The way in which she reacts to the killings is usually quite chilling.
  • Killing scenes focus on the life leaving the persons body. Kills are long and drawn out and may be hard for viewers. There is also images of a dog hung by the neck shown.
  • Rated TV-14 for strong violence, bloody images, strong sensuality, sexual material, brief drug content and some language
  • A few episodes are rated TV-MA on streaming platforms however surprisingly this isn't due to the bloody violence and has more to do with the highly infrequent and rare uncensored F-bombs. The show still airs as a TV-14 as they mute the F-word, the show should probably be a TV-MA due to the violence and strong sexual themes though.

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