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Gay conversion not OK
chong_an13 September 2018
The son of an Arkansas preacher goes to gay conversion therapy, first willingly, then reluctantly. Therapy includes religious (casting out demons), pop-psychoanalytical (family tree, family anger), and behavioral (learning stereotypical male mannerisms). While demanding truth, the conversion leader insists that what his subjects claim to have experienced is insufficient to be truthful.

I have seen movies on this theme before, the most recent being The Miseducation of Cameron Post. However, this hews closely to an autobiography, and at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actual mother and son showed up at the Q+A.

Lucas Hedges and director Joel Edgerton are wonderful as the main protagonists - the son and the therapy leader. Nicole Kidman only plays a supporting role as the mother, still a role bigger than Russell Crowe as the loving but misguided father. This is very much an advocacy film against gay conversion, and has the star power to get to a general audience.
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Joel Edgerton's debut as a feature director is a success!
KarenAM11 October 2018
Boy Erased is a softer and humanistic portrayal of what is actually happening behind closed doors of many conservative religious families dealing with homosexual relatives. Actor, writer and director Joel Edgerton delivers a story based on a memoir by Gerrard Conley, a story in which parents confront their son and sent him to a anti-gay convention therapy for brainwashing his sins. By rounding up some sharp edges in certain scenes, Joel Edgerton gives us an earnest, deeply moving and gentle adaption of actual events. Leading man of the film is Lucas Hedges, who was nominated for an Oscar for Manchester by the Sea, is running for another Oscar-worthy performance as forcibly outed and confused gay man dealing with his demons and forced to deal with parents' beliefs. Supporting actors include Nicole Kidman, whose performance as a lost wife, heartbroken mother and a silenced woman that is forced to follow her husband's lead, played by Russell Crowe, is cringe-worthy and honest. Finely acted, solidly directed and smoothly written by Mr Edgerton, Boy Erased is promised to be one of the year's most talked about films at festivals and awards seasons.
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Spiritual Abuse Kills
Vivkon18 October 2018
Some people and churches still claim homosexuality as a sin, forgetting that the primary Christian ideal is: God is love (John 4:8). These people still use the Bible as a political handbook for dividing and stigmatizing people, calling them gay, sinners and other categorizations. This kind of thinking is resplendently dramatized by Joel Edgerton in the film "Boy Erased." Sometimes accepting the truth is hard, because one's feelings and beliefs don't allow for the evidence to be internalized or confirmed. Nancy Eamons (incredibly performed by Nicole Kidman) portrays a strong maternal instinct that allows her to accept her son's (Jared) otherness and this doesn't diminish her love for her son. However, Marshall Eamons (brilliantly played by Russell Crowe), a Christian preacher, and Jared's father, cannot accept his son's sexual orientation. In preacher Eamon's own personal journey, having gone through a revision of thinking, he comes to terms with his son's sexual nature. In contrast to his father, the son Jared (amazingly played by Lucas Hedges) demonstrates a different kind of leadership. Jared initiates changes, but his father, Marshall Eamons, prefers to demand total responsibility and control in his household. For Lucas Hedges, Jared is not his first gay character portrayal (remember Lady Bird) in his career, but this performance is more complicated and exposes his amazing skills as an actor. In the movie, Lucas Hedges shows a personal way of searching truth and being a witness to the the psychological pressure in the Christian community. He plays a character who is a victim and a victor simultaneously. He was a victim when he was raped by his roommate. He was a victim of a broken relationship with his father. Fortunately, he becomes a victor when he escapes the "hell", and starts to testify about the conversion therapy experience. Unfortunately, Jared's classmate Cameron (perfectly played by Britton Sear) was not strong enough to resist all the methods of that controversial and cruel therapy, but he stills is a hero for Jared, because Cameron helps him escape that collective verbal lynching. Also, "fake it till you make it " - is a strong quote which represents some conformism and a weak resistance to lies among spiritual abusers and their victims. Obviously, people who accept a lie are more dangerous than people who believe in love and accept all forms of love. That's why the bottom line of the movie is spiritual abuse kills.
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An impressive movie of a terrifying practice
darrynweinstein8 October 2018
It is scary what we do to ourselves and our families. This is a dramatization of a real life horror. Well written, well acted and well directed.
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AminaHafizAlien25 September 2018
This is my first time hearing about this gay conversion camp.. and i was like. what !! it felt so unreal when actually it is so real and happening out there! with this movie, more people would know and be aware about the very existence of such a horror. and hopefully do something about it. i'm waiting for this amazing movie to come out, and thanks to troye sivan, i've got introduced with this movie because of him. i think this is gonna be the best movie of the year..
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no word is worthy!
AminaHafizAlien21 October 2018
This is such a beautiful thing. beautiful cause it hurts. beautiful cause it's heartfelt. beautiful because in the end, we are what we are. beautiful. because. it's true. and truth deserves a voice. ♥♥
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Great film
lazarus-670837 October 2018
I struggled with fanatical religious family members as a gay person so I can totally relate to this film. It isn't so accurate in my opinion and obviously hollywood-ized but still does a decent job.
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katiefanatic-791-30691815 October 2018
I don't know what I was expecting From this film but this certainly wasn't it. You'll be pleasantly surprised to know it isn't quite as depressing as it sounds like it is (maybe that's why the oscar buzz died down) and it's a beautiful story of a boy born to a family of faith who did what they could to remedy a situation they considered a sin. I wasn't pleased with a scene that set things in motion that could be misconstrued but I won't spoil what it is. It is hard to watch at times and hard to believe there are uber religious people who spew this kind of fear and hate into people, but the film had a (mostly) uplifting ending, and thank good. Coming out sobbing out of 'a star is born' is enough for the week.
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