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It's official! This is one of the 2017 debuts that have expanded my Top 40 to Top 50 favorite Xmas movies.
Carycomic29 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There are several reasons why.

First of all? It takes place in a big city (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) as opposed to a fictional small town. Which--let's face it-- even Hallmark can turn into a boringly overdone trope!

Secondly? The actors who play Aidan and Darcy are completely unknown to me. But, they bring enough emotional plausibility to their characters that the chemistry between them can only be described as more than good. It's superb!

Thirdly? There's the legwork in trying to solve the mystery of who Aidan really is. It's a little more light-hearted than the one surrounding Miranda Chester's paternity in last year's "Finding Father Christmas!" But, no less riveting, to be sure.

Fourthly (if that's even a real word); there's what might be an uncredited cameo appearance by Melissa Hill, who wrote the book this movie is based on. Don't blink, though, or you might miss her (great legs and all).

Then, there's the relative boldness in what I can only term a historic first for Hallmark Television: the blossoming romance between Luigi the Italian restaurateur and Mrs. Henley; Darcy's widowed African- American landlady. Bravo, Hallmark! It's about time that somebody other than emo(tional) Caucasians got a second chance at depicted happiness in your TV movies.

And, last but not least? Bailey. Who, in their right mind, can resist those big puppy dog eyes?

In short? Nobody should miss any of this movie's encore telecasts, this holiday season. Not even the over-worked Christmas Reviewer!
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Much to enjoy
Jackbv12327 November 2017
It is hard not to like Darcy. She has a wonderful gift of selflessness. Her modesty complements her tenaciousness. Her outlook is always cheerful and she is kind to everyone. Ali Liebert brings all of this to life.

The story centers around the mystery of who this guy is who lost his memory. He realizes his name is Aiden. Darcy sets out to solve the mystery and goes way out of her way to do it. As Aiden's friend says to him about what she has done - "You would do it, but a normal person wouldn't do it." The team of amateur detectives miss an obvious possibility in their search, but that allowed a better story. Yes I thought there were strong clues, but I still thought it was a good mystery.

Peter Porte and Liebert click together almost too easily. Aiden is also a very likable fellow and he doesn't allow Darcy any blame.

For people like me who avoid conflict, this movie has absolutely no bad guys. Another thing I liked about this movie is we can see what a precious gift real friends can be.

This is a Hallmark movie, so of course there will be heartwarming moments. And personally, I enjoyed every minute of this movie.
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You know that old saying, give a gift, buy yourself one, too? Gift yourself this delightful movie!
inkblot1125 November 2017
In a nice part of Philadelphia, Darcy (Ali Lieber) rides a bike everyday to her dream job, a book saleslady at Chaucer's private book store. When she returns home to her nice apartment a few blocks away, she reads the night away. Oh, she goes out on dates from time to time, but if the gentleman doesn't read, Darcy is not interested. As she is dressing up the store for the holidays, Darcy spies a cute man, name unknown (Peter Porte) and his sheepdog Bailey and likes what she sees. Yet, he doesn't come in the store so she can't meet him. Some days later, Darcy is running late and hops on her bike for the fastest commute she can mount. Horrors! She actually runs over "cute guy" and knocks him to the ground. He goes into a coma! The ambulance takes him to a nearby hospital and Darcy knows she has to take care of the pooch in the interim. This complicates things with her landlady but they work out an arrangement. Soon, the new patient awakes from coma land, but doesn't remember his name or why he is there. Darcy comes to visit and she and the medical staff try to find the missing pieces in his memory. But, two problems arise for Darcy. One, the man may have a fiancée, oh no. Two, her manager is leaving and the store is looking for a replacement. Does Darcy have the daring to apply for the job? What another fine gift from my favorite company on the planet: HALLMARK! What would rom-com lovers do without the endless string of funny love stories Hallmark bestows on its fans? I shudder to think. Lieber is cute and funny while Porte, the lookalike to Jim Caviezel, is already a great favorite of this viewer and the world. What fun to see Philadelphia in a good light and animal lovers will fall hard for Bailey, too. In short, tie a string on your finger and remember to look for this one.
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Darcy finds romance with a handsome stranger with amnesia.
ronbokirk21 November 2017
This movie features a great performance by Ali Liebert. I have seen her in many supporting roles, and was pleased to see her in the lead role for this one. Pairing her with Peter Porte was a stroke of genius. This movie will be played again at my house. It is well worth re watching. The dog looks very much like "Tank" from a previous Peter Porte movie. Hallmark, please give us more Ali Liebert.
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Didn't expect this to be SO good.
MIssM1913 March 2018
I'm glad I finally found the time to watch this movie. Ali Liebert is becoming one of my favorite Hallmark ladies so fast. I like everything she has done so far.

These movies tend to be so predictable but I found myself surprised with a plot twist in the story and that made me extremely happy. I was so invested I didn't see it coming.

I believe that this movie, beside having an aamzing script and plot, worked this much thanks to Peter and specially Ali. I wouldn't have found it to be that good if it have been with Hallmark actors who have more movies than them.

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Different from the usual Hallmark Christmas movie
phd_travel5 October 2018
A little different from the usual Hallmark formula there is no store to save or silly misunderstanding before the end. It's fairly interesting to see a bookstore employee help a man with amnesia figure out who he is. The stars are likeable enough neither too perky or irritating.
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One of the Best of Hallmark
charcnc22 December 2017
Darcy runs over a handsome gentleman while riding her bike to work. He develops amnesia, and Darcy bends over backward to help him find out who he is and connect him to his loved ones. It is a cute and amusing Hallmark movie. It doesn't have one of staple plot lines, like the city vs. country conflict, or an evil competing boyfriend. The mystery of finding out about Aiden's life adds nice content. Wonderful chemistry between the leads, and solid supporting characters.
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Well-acted and interesting story
HotToastyRag3 December 2017
One of the better films to come out of the Hallmark channel at Christmastime, A Gift to Remember follows the romance between Ali Liebert and Peter Porte, who have a very rocky start. While on her bicycle, Ali literally crashes into Peter, and he hits his head a little too hard on the pavement. He's hospitalized, but wakes up with no memory of who he is! Ali feels terribly responsible, so she visits him often to help him recuperate, and as they get to know each other, they fall in love.

In one scene, Ali searches his apartment for clues to inspire his memory, and she thinks it's incredibly strange that he has no Christmas decorations in any of this rooms. It's supposed to be this huge red flag, but only on Hallmark would it not even occur to her that he might not celebrate the holiday! "You're Jewish, bud," my mom said to the TV, hoping to help Peter and Ali along.

Humor aside, this is actually a really good movie, one that I plan to watch every year as it's re-aired on television. The leads have a very sweet chemistry together, and it's refreshing to see a romance that isn't peppered with bickering or surface flirtations. Ali puts her heart into her performance, and her dramatic acting makes all the difference in the world. She has some very pretty expressions, and she's an instantly likable heroine.
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A bit of romance and a dash of mystery due to an accident causing amnesia between our two stars.
Tiffany-trippe22 November 2017
I'm a huge holiday Hallmark movie watcher and have been enjoying many so far this season. But this movie... Oh, it was so, so good. It is by far my favorite Hallmark movie not only for the lovely story line but also because of the wonderful casting. The two leads had such great chemistry, but even down to the smaller characters! They truly did an amazing job on this movie.
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Super Cute!
kz917-16 January 2018
Really cute. Woman working at local bookstore literally runs into gentleman with dog and then helps his as he has amnesia. Sparks fly and so does Christmas magic!
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Great Movie for any time of the year...
jenniferlsams23 July 2018
I watched A Gift To Remember tonight with my 12 year old. She/We loved it!!! So much that she wanted me to write a review to let others know.
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okay film
Christmas-Reviewer9 March 2018
Review Date 3/9/2018


Now Someone keeps reporting my reviews. I guess they are jealous because I do tell the truth. I want to point out that I never make snide remarks about actors weight or real life sexual orientation. If there acting is terrible or limited "I talk about that". If a story is bad "I will mention that" So why am I being "picked on"? IMDB? When one of my reviews gets deleted IMDB will not even tell me what someone found offensive. Well on to this review.

Darcy's lifelong love of reading has led her to the perfect job, working in a small Manhattan bookstore. One day, while bicycling to work, Darcy crashes into Aidan - a sharply dressed gentleman walking his dog. Knocked unconscious, he's rushed to the hospital where he falls into a coma. Deeply shaken, Darcy takes the dog home, waiting to reunite him with his owner, Aidan. As she learns more about Aidan, Darcy realizes he could be the one she has been waiting for. But when the truth is revealed, Darcy learns the picture she created is completely wrong, and that sometimes the truth is even better than fiction.

This film is okay serves the audience it is intended but its nothing special!
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very witty title
zyxnix2 January 2018
I cannot get enough of Ali Liebert. She's a girl with a big toothy smile, dimples and come curves in a ll the right places. Overall, a good story that was very well done. All the cast is palatable, except the dog. Baily isthe most annoying creatures ever to appear on film. Some kind of terrier. I hate terriers.
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Kirpianuscus22 December 2018
A Christmas Hallmark film reminding a Swedish buffet. For everybody- everything. The good looking guy and the nice girl ( and few drops of amnesia for the first ), a lovely dog and a beautiful bookshop and its problem, "un Italiano vero" and his energetic love, confusions, mistakes, romantic flavors and a moment demanding inspired twist. All - pieces for a seductive film.Why see this film ? For its atmosphere and nice story, off course ! But, first, for the lovely performances of Tina Lifford and Aurelio DiNunzio. And, sure, for the lead couple. And for dog.
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Love at first crash.
Reno-Rangan24 December 2017
Like every year in December, my quest begins to watch some of the Christmas films. Mostly the television films, and that too obviously the Hallmark films. As I have mentioned previous years, it's impossible to avoid such seasonal film, if you are a cinephile. I almost saw a dozen of films, they all were decent, but none of them quite impressed me, until this one. This is not like the best film of the season, but among those I've seen, it is that I really enjoyed.

Based on the novel of the same name. I don't know if the book was a Christmas themed, but this one was tuned to the festival occasion. From the television director who had done a film series recently. The actors I don't know, but I liked their good performances. One big drawback in all the Hallmark Christmas films is they are predictable. The films usually aimed for middle-aged to older women in the family. That's not me and I'm aware of that, so I compromise while rating and reviewing, that I always end up saying 50/50. This one rarely stood just above that mark, so here I'm with my feature review.

Darcy is a young woman who works in a prominent bookstore in the town. Very active and always just in time for everything. But on one occasion, she has been late for work, so while hurrying on the road with her bike, collides with a stranger. Now he's in the hospital with amnesia. Feeling guilty, Darcy decides to help him out to gain his memory. So her adventure to find his real identity, and while following events pushes them so close. But if he regains his memory, it might put her in a disappointing state. Because that's what truth always does.

-xX] Caring for others reveals the best versions of ourselves. [Xx-

This could be my last Christmas film of this year. And I'm quite happy I enjoyed it and the season ended on a high. The concept of amnesia worked so well for this film. Because of that, the suspense grew and held back until the finale. Obviously that end part was predictable, due to this is a family film and all the family films ends positive note. If you know that and set your mind accordingly, then you would also have a good time with it.

Well, the dog had a nice role. I anticipated more part for him, but a limited one. Usually all the Christmas films made for the television are cliched romance tale, especially the initiation. This was unique, well, better than the most. That best start carried out decently in the middle section. Nothing much fuss. With a bunch of wonderful characters and lines and shot in the nicest locations, the film had the upper hand throughout.

I hope it is as good as the original source. One of the reasons I liked it was not being entirely about Christmas. It sets in only on that backdrop. While the majority of the tale focused on romance. The memory loss brings the some fairy-tale perspective. Overall, it ended nicely. So this is the one I pick for this year and suggest a must see. That's only if you are seeking a Christmas film and also must be watched before the season ends for a better result. Finally, I must say this that I enjoyed it does not mean you too would do the same. Hundreds of Christmas films come out every year, so choose wisely. You might find a better than this that I haven't seen!

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nemman6326 December 2018
It was kind of nice that the girl was sort of a plain, quirky but sweet girl, and that the guy wasn't some prince, ex-rock star, Tech guru CEO. Of course he still had to look like he stepped right out of a modeling agency ad and have wash board abs. The woman can be a 5, but the man better be a 10!

I watched another movie where the same actor played a gay priest in an interracial marriage with a newborn baby (even Hallmark has to tweak religious people at Christmas time to push a social agenda), so it was kind of distracting to see him in this.

Overall an ok fluff movie for the Holiday, with extra cheese on top.
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Christmas memories come flooding back
Prismark1015 December 2018
Darcy (Ali Lieber) is a young woman that loves books and organising a Christmas display for Chaucer's, the small Philadelphia book shop that she works for.

One morning late for work, Darcy's bicycle collides with a handsome man taking his dog out for a walk.

The man is taken to hospital and has amnesia. Darcy takes care of the dog, not wanting it to be left alone to wander the streets of Philadelphia.

When the man wakes up, Darcy helps the stranger to regain his identity and she also slowly falls for him. In the meantime as the owner of Chaucer's want to spend time with his grandchildren, Darcy steps up and feels ready to take the manager's job and fend off the much bigger competition.

A much sweeter Hallmark festive movie. Gee, everyone is so nice to each other in Philadelphia. The actors are very appealing which makes this one go a long way.
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fmwongmd4 December 2018
A very sweet,predictable yarn with a Hallmark ending. Relax with the holidays!
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mizjc27 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Aiden mentioned that his mom died while he was in college; then he remember that when he was a teacher, his mom brought him something that she baked.
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Where is the dog when she hits him on the bike?!
caitpreston23 November 2018
I love a corny Christmas movie. Don't get me wrong, I can settle for a few unexplained mistakes in production, but this one has me in stitches. When he is walking his dog, and she is coming at him with this bike, the dog magically disappears - don't worry, an extra runs him back onto set a few frames later.
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