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Good ideas, poor execution
joachimdanielsen7 March 2018
Watching the trailer I had high hopes for this animation. The general story line is intriguing. The local mayor in the idyllic town Solby has gone missing. Soon hereafter the cat and elephant protagonists stumble upon a message in a bottle containing a message from said mayor revealing that is he stuck on some remote island. The bottle also contains a small gift in the shape of a giant pear seed. Throw in a mad scientist, and voila we have a pretty cool concept that revolves around the trio going on an adventure to a mysterious island in a giant pear boat.

Good start, however the movie quickly falls apart. It suffers greatly from poor writing. The trio doesn't ever really face any real threats or obstacles. The movie lacks a depth and a common thread. All the events appears to have been randomly thrown together. It makes the overall story line feel void and tiresome.

There seems to be a lot of unnecessary swearing in this movie. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with swearing, but it feels really mismatched with this movie's universe. What is the point and purpose of all the naughty words? To make toddler's laugh? I don't get it.

The artwork is good, the animations however are rather lackluster.

The voice-over work is incredibly weak, probably the biggest weak-point of this movie altogether. I haven't witnessed such a poor attempt at voice-work in a animation before. I don't entirely blame the voice actors, since their circumstances are pretty terrible (bad writing, stiff-y animations), but I still feel like they either didn't care or simply weren't very talented. Even the great actor, Søren Pilmark, felt unfocused and unsharp. No passion, merely a crash grab presented in a nice package. The illusion is shattered within 10 minutes of this movie.

This animation is currently sitting at a whopping 7.1 average. This is way overshot and I can only rationalize the high average as being a symptom of the low amount of user reviews.
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The Danish word for crap must be Pear
mikexom7 May 2018
Complete waste of time. Really bad animation, terrible plot, and really bad voices and acting make this a really big waste of money and time. You are better served watching middle school film festivals than this amateurish and boring film. I can't stress how bad this is. Worse than "The Room". My 6 year old who watches Disney Collector asked if we could leave halfway through.
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An hour and a half of suffering
southparkdk1 April 2018
My young cousin wanted to watch this movie, so I took him to the movie theatre to watch it. The trailers looked OK, if not a bit cheap. But don't judge a movie by it's trailer I guess.

We Start off in the sunny town of "Solby" were we get introduced to our two main characters, Mitcho (an annoying little cat) and Sebastian (and even more annoying elephant) Who wants to be a captain or something because his great grandfather disappeared at sea. the mayor of Solby disappears and they all go on an adventure to find him. Stuff just kinda seems to happen around them, and the awful animation and voice acting makes it unwatchable. I'm not gonna spoil it for you incase you want to watch it for yourself, but I wouldn't recommend doing that. This movies make The Room look like a master pice. How the writer of the novel (who I used to know) was satisfied with this mess is beyond me. 1/10
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