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Bill Duke: Caruthers



  • Caruthers : So, what you huntin'?

    Red Miller : Jesus freaks.

    Caruthers : ...I didn't know they were in season, man.

    Red Miller : Yeah, well...

    Caruthers : [interrupting]  Just tell me, man.

    Red Miller : - they lit her on FIRE! They were weirdo, hippie-types, whole bunch of 'em. And then there was some muscle - it didn't make any sense. There were bikers, and gnarly psychos, and... crazy evil.

  • Caruthers : These arrows cut through the bone like a fat kid eats cake.

  • Caruthers : Black Skulls. Black Skulls. Lookit, man. For a while now words been coming down from the big rigs... something dark and fearsome out there. No one knows where they come from. First it was stories from the Interstate. Leaving truckers for dead, prostitutes vanishing... and gutted bodies on doorsteps. And always the same... biker gang. Black bikes. Only seen at night. Weird shit. There are stories, that there was a chapter... that ran courier for a manufacturer of LSD. He took a disliking to them... and cooked them up a special batch. And they have never been right in the head since. I've seen them once. From a distance. What you're hunting is rabid animals... and you should go in knowing that your odds ain't that good... and you will probably die.

    Red Miller : Don't be negative.

    Caruthers : Last I heard on the CB, they were spotted down near Spirit River. When I've seen... them things... they were in a world of pain. But you know what the freakiest part was?

    Red Miller : What's that?

    Caruthers : They fucking loved it.

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