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Looked better in the previews
joeplai5 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Slow moving, full of little historical inaccuracies and lacked authenticity.

Acting was "meh", watching the mother try to smoke/not smoke that cigarette in the kitchen was painful. Modern doorknobs, electrical outlets and LED candles? I would think that if you were planning to make a retelling of something historic, you'd make sure sure that every effort to ensure authenticity in your sets. Isn't this kind of research what interns are for?

If your budget was the problem, you should have just told the story in the first-person in Butch's head and used stills of the actual DeFeo's when you needed them...
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Shockingly good!
reywal9911 March 2019
I was expecting little to nothing from this entry. Am not a huge fan of the series. Thought the original and the Ryan Reynolds reboot had their respective merits. Figured I could passively watch this while multi-tasking. To my surprise it was very good. By no means on any of my "all times" list but far better than I could have reasonably expected. Don't know how accurate it is--and the people that would know are not talking--but, assuming it is, it's a good account of the events that led up to the original film. If you are interested in a slow-burn thriller--ostensibly based on real events--check this one out.
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One of the better films about Amityville.
halcyonbear7 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There have been a handful of decent films on the subject of Amityville but also a few real straight-to-video stinkers. I personally think this is one of the best films to tackle the subject. I understand why it has gotten some low ratings. In a world where people want horror films to be full of jump scares and unsubtlety, this offering is very much understated...and is all the better for it. Suspense is slowly built up and then sustained and special effects are used sparingly. Amityville has become part of contemporary folklore. The debates about whether or not it was a hoax will continue undoubtedly. What the ending of this film does, with the use of crime scene photographs and family photographs, is remind us that at the centre of the legend is the undisputed fact that a family was murdered in the house on Ocean Drive, regardless of whether or not we believe the rest of the tale. It's a sad truth that is often lost among the folklore and is a sobering thought.
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The Amityville Murders: I almost fell asleep
Platypuschow17 November 2018
Oh yay, another Amityville film! Because that's what 2018 needed *Sigh*.

Starring a couple of industry veterans and former cast members of previous Amityville movies this dull lifeless effort has done nothing to reinvigorate a stale franchise or turn this dreadful year for movies around.

Instead of covering the Lutz family as many of the previous have it tells the original story of the Defeo family building up to the tragedy that befell them. The trouble is alike the Lutz's we don't really know what happened and therefore a huge chunk of the movie is pure fiction and supernatural garbage.

Ronnie Defeo went from room to room shooting his family as they lay in bed. The mystery being how none of them heard the gunshots, how they were all shot in bed (Blood stains proved they hadn't been moved) and why neighbours also were oblivious to what took place. Yes it's a mystery, no I don't believe it was demonic forces!

The Amityville murders does have some good performances and it was fantastic to see Burt Young on screen in 2018, but it's so darn boring!

For huge fans of the Amityville legend only I'd say.

The Good:

Dead Island trailer theme (Weirdly)

Some good cast members

Good performances in places

The Bad:

Criminally boring

Just shouldn't exist

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Mothers are more concerned with their kids art style than their drug use

Changing the details in a true story makes perfect sense
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doesn't add a thing and slow
trashgang30 January 2019
By now I guess everybody know the history of 112 Ocean Avenue. Based on true events so many flicks were made about the most famous possessed house that it wasn't neccesary to make another one.

the 1979 and 2005 version were okay, all other flicks in the franchise wer pure fiction and only made a business on the name Amityville.

So another if you like remake here that adds nothing to the story. Extremely slow, no scary parts, the ghost effects were laughable. The killings are really not the name horror worthly. Only the dream sequences of the death family is bloody.

The last 5 minutes are the best, footage from 1974 and a bit of history of the Lutz family moving in for only 28 days.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 1,5/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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Déjà vu?
claudio_carvalho22 February 2019
"The Amityville Murders" is one of those movies that gives the sensation of dejavu to the viewer. The story is well-known by fans of horror movies and does not show anything new and does not surprise. The acting is not bad but watching this film is waste of time. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Worst yet
rogerstacy24 February 2019
Very poor prequel. Shabby retelling of a true horrific crime. An actual movie based on facts and not silly demonic themes would be welcome. I cant believe Dianne Franklin and Burt Young bothered with this project...
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Brings back the feel of the original and the first sequel.
baumer16 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The Amityville Murders feels and looks much more like the first two did back in day. Part of what made Amityville Horror 1 and 2 so effective is that they allowed the story to build before bashing you in the face with all of the horror. I personally thought part 2 was scarier than the original (the original is a very fine film) and the reason for that is Sonny's possession and subsequent killing spree was really effective.

The Amityville Murders has a lot of the same feel as the original sequel and it even benefits from a little wink to the audience as Burt Young and Diane Franklin share the screen again for the first time since Amityville 2. They even play father and daughter again. I enjoyed seeing Burt Young on screen again.

Diane Franklin gives a really good performance here as Louise Defeo, in fact, she is the only reason I saw this film in the first place, as there have been many Amityville films over the years. Thankfully she was not the only good performance in the movie. John Robinson and Chelsea Rickets are both terrific as the two teenage Defeo kids. They are both bullied by their father, a mean, nasty SOB, played wonderfully by Paul Ben-Victor. But we didn't watch the Amityville Murders for good performances. The question is, is it scary and does it deliver. And the answer to both of these questions is yes.

By now you should know the story this is based on. Butch becomes possessed by the house and the demons that reside there. They go into a bit of an explanation as to why the house may be bad but the background info is secondary to how it is carried out. There is one part of the movie that gave me chills and it's the reason for why everyone in the family was killed face down. I won't ruin this part, but suffice to say, it's very chilling.

I enjoyed Amityville Murders. It was effective and it was scary when it needed to be. The last half hour is the best part of the movie but the buildup is also very well done. And it's great to see Diane Franklin go back to one of her earliest films and revisit it. All in all, if you liked the first two, then I think you'll like this one as well.
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They even got one of kid's names wrong
marysammons-4222014 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not only do they have an actress many years older than Louise DeFeo playing the part but they got one of the kids names wrong. There was no Jody DeFeo. That's the name of the "friend" Missy Lutz had when the Lutzes lived there. The DeFeo kid was John. If you're going to do a movie about a true story it matters that the details are right.
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Scarily awful
dickchenny9 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie got under my skin the acting is bone chilling and it's just awful. The tone is non exist the movie is about as subtle as a flashing neon sign with techno music. I really don't see why there are any good reviews. One compliment I can give the movie is it's incredulous sound designs and sound effects from fart sound affect # 2 and the will-helm scream. The way the portray a real life tragedy is down right embarrassing they show the father beating his son almost to death and the almost kill his daughter and then his son tries to kill him and he just becomes nice to his son. They also tangle up some stupid missing money plot like anyone's supposed to care about that in a amittyville movie and just so many scenes are awful. Like the great scene when the girl plays madlibs and predicts the future which is a very nice touch but I do believe u owe Hitchcock for that little filmmaking trick. This movie was bad like worse then I was expecting bad and the worse part is definitely the end of the movie. The only creepy part of the case is how everyone was fast asleep and no one woke up when all the shootings happened sure it's unsuspensful but it's creepy and a movie that was more subtle and didn't straight up show the murderer have like demons and shadow people follow him around could have capitalized on this. Well instead in this version two people were awake and one person even walked all the way home. The dad gets whipped and dies in his bed face down and the girl runs away and then decides to hide face down in bed and gets shot. This movie is actually a joke I feel like this was a rough copy of the movie but the teacher wanted it in by the next day so he put a bunch of the soundeffects and visual effects in post. This movie is bad don't see it
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Supernatural Causes?
jayrh3327 August 2019
Was Paranoid Schizophrenia not known about in the early 70's?
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Why in the hell
anikkidiaz-147-31748323 August 2020
I love horror movies. Don't even mind b movie. This was beyond. It looked like a high school art project. Not even worth a late night in.
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The Amityville Murders
HorrorFan198411 April 2020
I have to admit, I was very skeptical entering what I believe is the 24th film surrounding the "true story" that took place on Amityville, Long Island in the 70's. This sequel takes us to yet another retelling of the DeFeo crimes which were done in Amityville II (1982).

We meet the DeFeo family who live in our infamous 112 Ocean Avenue Amityville house. During a birthday party, the teenagers take part in some sort of spirit awakening seance which appears to summon something evil. The man of the house Ronnie is an abusive father who beats his children and treats his wife terribly. Butch DeFeo is the oldest son of the family, which the evil Amityville spirit seems to target right away. We spend most of the film watching his decline as he becomes possessed. Eventually, it leads to the conclusion we all see coming.

A major issue with The Amityville Murders is that it isn't really all that scary, much like it's predecessors. We get the typical scares like eerie sounds in the house, doors and cupboards opening and closing on their own, creepy basement stuff, etc. There are some tense moments towards the end with Butch being completely taken over by the spirits, but again nothing we haven't seen done a hundred times before.

It was very nice to see Diane Franklin and Burt Young in this one. They were both in Amityville II: The Possession as father and daughter, and it brought a tear to my horror loving eye to see them reunited. Diane Franklin's role as the mother was a bit larger, and she played it beautifully. The rest were ok, including Chelsea Ricketts as the young teenage daughter Dawn and John Robinson as the possessed Butch DeFeo. His version of possessed teenage son Butch was much better than Jack Magner in Amityville II.

All in all, Amityville Murders is an average retelling of the Defeo murders which we saw told in 1982's Amityville II: The Possession. This film isn't actually all that bad and I enjoyed it more than the '82 sequel. My biggest issue with this film is that it is completely unnecessary. Did it add to anything I haven't already seen before in this series? Nope. It's worth a watch for horror completists, and is better than sequels like Amityville Curse and Amityville Asylum, but feels very average overall.

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Well... But
jamesearlcash-7015114 October 2020
The movie is mostly mediocre with some nice moments...

BUT Paul Ben-Victor's performance as grumpy abusive dad is delightful.
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The Amityville Murders: An accurate representation
mrhalloween14 March 2019
The Amityville Murders: An accurate representation of what it was like growing up in the 70s. Abusive parents bullying & beating their children, and finally one of them snapped. I'm surprised this kind of thing wasn't more common back then. No demons, devils or haunted house or other supernatural entities necessary.

This isn't a bad addition to the series, but it's not "award winning" great either. The acting is good to mediocre, and the grandmother is by far the worst actor. The movie fills in a blank that's been left hanging for years bringing the series full circle. All in all, I'd say it's worth at least one viewing.
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marcosturm21 March 2020
Couldn't stop looking at my smartphone. No acting talent and no interesting story. Just random mess.
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Could have been so good...
dobly5819 June 2019
Eek. What could have been a subtle and grown-up piece resorted to over-blown CGI failures than in ghost films are generally a bad call. The acting was thetre workshop standard although the lovely and talented Diane Franklin "reprises" her attachment to Amityville franchise. This lacks depth and grit, and has the feel of a new young director that has been raised on some bad movies. Sorry but this is a watch once. Shot digitally and like many low budget films, it feels low budget. Digital has made films look like TV shows.
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Amityville...The chilling real story!
shagee797729 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Writer/Director brings us The Amityville Murders! This goes back to where it all started on the night of November 13, 1974. Ronald DeFeo Went on a killing spree killing his parents and siblings in cold blood as they slept! His defense the voices in the house made him do it! This movie is the real deal it is not like the sequels which are ridiculous or the now proven Lutz family BS. This actually happened and lives were lost. It is a terrible tragedy that befell the DeFeo family. There were a lot of variables the led to this. Maybe Butch combination of drugs and being in a family were the father was very abusive took him over the edge. But why kill the innocents. He claims he was possessed and he had no control. I had loved the original one this is based on and also includes 2 of those stars the lovey Dianne Franklin and Burt Young. The whole cast is very powerful and all are very convincing in there roles. A stand out is the eldest daughter who turns out to be the last survivor and is very effective up until the end. Everyone by now knows the story but this revisit brings to light all the actual events. The movie has a real feel and almost a documentary feel to it. Dianne Franklin play the daughter in the Original now plays the abused loving mom. I have not seen Dianne in awhile and missed her. She makes a great comeback and shows a range that tugs at tour emotions and really feel for her character. Paul Ben-Victor is disturbingly chilling and well cast at the abusive father and husband and is almost scarier then what is going on in the house. But the prize goes to John Robinson in his chilling Accurate Portrayal of Butch DeFeo. A sorrowful, torn and vengeful young man! The final moments of this are Such a payoff. It was carefully and well constructed as it built to the explosive ending. Yes we'll all know this story and how it ends. There was a movie and many specials but I feel this movie portrays this tragedy in the best light. Great lighting and shadows and imagery show more than what you actually see. The Director created a tense disturbing storyline that draws you from the beginning to the end. At first I was disturbed with the end scenes depicted the actual crime photos from the gruesome murders. But I feel the director wanted us to know yeah we just watched a movie about one of the most gruesome crimes in America history! But it was true and we should be reminded it was true and not just another Hollywood creation. I think after seeing those actual Death scenes it makes the movie even more effective and that they were actually real people that were killed. Very sad and very heart wrenching. This movie has to be seen to complete your Amityville movies and should be on top!

Studio: Skyline Entertainment Director: Daniel Farrands Writer: Daniel Farrands Producer: Lucas Jarach, Daniel Farrands, Eric Brenner Stars: John Robinson, Chelsea Ricketts, Diane Franklin, Rebekah Graf, Zane Austin, Noa Brenner, Kue Lawrence, Burt Young, Lainie Kazan, Paul Ben-Victor
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Inaccuracy is scary
tmc-5906415 January 2020
Another cash grab at the fictional demon of amityville. Half of the things in this movie were fictional, or grossly inaccurate. The real Defeo had mental issues and did drugs, he didn't see demons. There's no such thing as hauntings or demons making people kill. This hurts the victims who died from the real tragic events. This movie isn't even entertaining as a fictional story... and the fake accents are painful.
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based on true events
SnoopyStyle14 July 2019
It's 1974, three weeks before the infamous murders. Ronnie DeFeo (Paul Ben-Victor) and Louise DeFeo (Diane Franklin) have five children; college-age Butch (John Robinson), Dawn (Chelsea Ricketts), Allison, Marc, and Jody. Butch and Dawn are calling upon the spirits in the red room. Ronnie has nefarious dealings and brutally beats his family. Butch has nightmarish visions and continues to deteriorate. Butch is sick and alone at home on Halloween. The house is ransacked and Ronnie's money is stolen from his safe.

This is based on true events. As always, one has to take it with a good helping of salt. It comes with the supernatural anyways so the pretense is pretty thin. At least, it's trying to fit the true story in and around the spirit world. The most compelling part may be the return of Diane Franklin. This really should be the story of Dawn. She's the 'normal' character and the story could be seen through her eyes. The supernatural part should be in question for the majority of the movie. The drama isn't there. As a horror, it could be much better. There is potential but it's concentrating on the wrong character.
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The Amityville Murders is a work of art
shaac-9418316 February 2019
The Amityville Murders is probably the BEST telling of the Defeo Murders that took place in November of 1974. The story is a close look inside the life of the Defeo's before that fateful night. Diane Franklin (Amityville 2:The Possession) is back to don the character of Mrs. Defeo, once portraying Dawn Defeo's offset character in Amityville 2 in1982. Watching this film was like a work of art, seeing Diane do a complete 180 from playing the daughter to playing the mother 38 years later, something you do not see everyday and is a REAL treat if you have followed the series. The whole of the cast plays their parts in perfect sync to the real life family as if your almost stepping back in time to1974. Now, experience the terror of that unforgotten night that is still in the minds of much of America as one of the most evil and terrifying events to ever happen to a family involving evil spirits and murder. What made Ron Defeo kill his whole entire family? Was it witchcraft? drug addiction? Was it the cursed Indian Burial Ground that sat on the Defeo's property? What did he see? Did voices tell him to commit murder? Several events lead up to the final night for Ron Defeo, from interactions with his abusive father whom himself has a shady backdoor business with ties to the mafia, to drug abuse, to Ron becoming a family murdering shell of his former self. With a special appearence by Burt Young (Amityville 2:The Possession, Rocky) who also portrayed the offset character of Mr. Defeo in Amityville 2, he to comes back 38 years later to portray Rons grandfather. In short, this is a FANTASTIC installment to the Amityville Franchise and one not to miss. Director Daniel Farrands, the director of The Haunting in Connecticut knocks another home run out of the park and was a beautifully and crafted take on the haunting of the Defeo Family, the tragic and terrifying, unforgettable true story that took place in the infamous Amityville Horror House 44 years ago. The cast for this film was purely brilliant!! Honestly couldn't believe I was finally watching a movie about the Defeo's, the very first full length film ever made of the true story. The amazing thing about this that comes to mind is the actors in this film have made history as the first ever to portray the Defeo's in cinematic form. This is definitely one not to miss, but it is also not for the faint of heart either, so be warned as you enter the most famous haunted house in America and witness the Defeo's terrible and beautiful end. 10/10 Stars
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The Amityville Murders is perhaps the best movie of the series !
alohaboxing-4878915 February 2019
The Amityville Murders movie was absolutely outstanding! Very dark, disturbing and creepy just like Amityville Horror 2 The Possession. I own TAM on Vudu. I didn't look away from the screen once. Many legitimate scares in this one. Of course, Diane Franklin, who played Patricia Montelli in AH2, returns and delivers a sterling performance as mother Louise DeFeo. The entire cast was extraordinary! There is violence, sex, and sheer terror in this perhaps difficult to watch edition of the series. To fully enjoy this film, it may help to be a fan of at least AH 1&2. I get the sense that like myself, many people preferred AH 2 over 1. If that is the case for you, then The Amityville Murders will exceed all your expectations. I love this!!
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Amityville murders
blairwarnerkiller7815 February 2019
This is an amazing addition to the series! Try keeping an open mind and forget all the sequels! The ending is so twisted and interesting! I loved it! And, am happy to purchase it!
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Nice add to the series
timetopooptoday3 December 2018
But definitely not the real Defeos. I had looked forward to seeing this but was quickly disappointed in casting and a lot of other details because for a film that supposedly tells at least some of the Defeo story, this couldn'thave been more horrible. First of all, casting. Who did this!? Louise & Ronnie Sr were in their early 40's, not nearly 60. Dawn's best high school girlfriends were NOT in their mid to late 30s (what was THAT about?) And, Butch was 23 so why make his girlfriend nearly 40? He dated 2 older women but they were not 36 years-old! The young son had a broken leg, not arm...the youngest Defeo was certainly not named Jodie; that was the fat pet cat that lived up the street. And, there is a whole other long list including Allison being 13 years-old, petite with short hair and definitely not 6 feet tall. I hate to say it but these are details that make anyone who is from Amityville laugh and anyone who knows anything about the Defeo family cringe. Whoever cast this made it EXTREMELY distracting from the plot. The whole time I'm watching I'm thinking "Why is Dawn's friend clearly decades older? Why is Butch making out with a woman nearly his mother's age of 42 when she died? Why do the parents look like they're nearly 60? Why is the decor & window treatments from 1992? Whoever cast / designed this is "time or era blind." Did I like the movie? Definitely because I like the series but wow this was distracting.
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Another worst horror film! Too many boring talking and overuse scene! Barely a killing scene show to us! Avoid at all freaking cost!
kwenchow6 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with a footage of the birthday celebration of a brother and sister(Butch and Dawn), and their grandfather give both of them a car as a present scene! As turnout, this film is about Butch allegedly murder his entire family by the manipulation of the ghost in his house, but instead he kill his entire family because the influence of his abusive father "Ronnie"! Entire film full of boring overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the casting spell scene, overuse of the watching news and movie on the TV scene, overuse of the close up facial expression scene, overuse of the door annoying at the background scene and overuse of the lightning sound scene! All the killing scene in the film never show to us, just hear the sound and the blood after the killing! Barely intense scene is, a bird hit itself at the door and died! At the end, Butch kill his entire family and capture by the police! Several years later, another family move into the house and eventually move out again because the house allegedly haunted by ghost! At the very end, a fly stick at the window of the house! That's it! Completely wasting time to watch!
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