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The Way Station – a film of sex, violence and dread of the strong.
phu_chan_troc12 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was a mix of poetry, violence, suspense, beautiful eroticism and emotional scenes, also comical and funny, so I think everyone loved it. I really enjoyed the English subtitle translation and the way things were filmed, showing contrasts and framing in a way that stimulates my poetic mind and shows the still actual Vietnamese daily life dreams and struggles, but in an original way with beautiful images and ideas and mostly filmed in this rustic old and somehow charming typical old quarter house and near the ocean. I loved the poetry of the lines in the subtitles, the sounds and the music in the background with the piano. The actors were touching and amazingly good
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moans and whispers
slammerhard23 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This low-key Vietnamese production will surely appeal to those who like films such as In the Mood for Love, Scent of the Green Papaya, Norwegian Wood, Lust Caution. It doesn't break any new ground and the lack of verbal communication between the main characters may be annoying to some viewers. The meditative nature of this film seems to contrast certain of its themes. We've got animal abuse-this film is certainly not for vegans-forbidden sex, domestic abuse, and the murder of a disabled girl. Despite these elements the director does not let his film slide to the levels of a Hong Kong Category 3 sleazefest. Some Western viewers will find unacceptable the way this film defends certain kinds of behaviors. There is no criticism against the questionable behavior of the male characters in this movie and the makers are not apologetic about this. A sense of calmness runs through this movie from the start to end. You don't feel upset by the things unfolding in front of your eyes. Maybe because the viewer-like the main protagonist-is unable to do anything to change this. You've just got to accept how things are.
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A hidden gem
phanthinga27 May 2019
The Way Station is a hard-hitting drama movie in 2017 from Vietnam that I never heard about until now and it a damn good one. The movie got the dark and unsettling tone that reminds me so much of Ki-duk Kim's The Bow (2005) when throughout the movie although you do feel unfair for some characters and want they got the ending they deserve in the end none of that matters because there no right and wrong in this movie only a bunch of people who already at the lowest point of their life from the start. It definitely thought-provoking and disturbing enough to make you remember without being too gratuitous on the sex and violence so check this one out if you can
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