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Worst Horor Movie but GOOD Comedy Movie
joydeeproxy2 March 2018
Hindi version of Insidious and Lights Out 's Ghost... Bad Acting and poor story line.. Don't waste your time to watch this movie..
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1921 is a routine horror drama that offers nothing new
fillerruth13 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
1921 deals with a couple's battle with extreme paranormal activities created by a ruthless and cursed spirit. Ayush (Karan Kundra) is from Mumbai (then Bombay) who plays the piano really well. The kind hearted and rich Wadia (Vikram Bhatt) tells him to go to the city of York in United Kingdom to learn music. He offers to sponsor Ayush's fees and in return he has to be the caretaker of Wadia Manor in York. Ayush hence goes to UK. In the mansion, he starts having piano sessions where listeners are asked to pay him if they wish. Wadia's niece Mehar finds out about it and confronts Ayush. A scared Ayush begs her for forgiveness. She asks for a private piano session and attempts to seduce him. In the ensuing madness, Mehar is accidentally killed. Ayush is petrified as an evil spirit starts to haunt him. At this point, he learns about Rose (Zareen Khan) who can communicate with the dead. He asks for her help and Rose readily agrees as Ayush's music has helped her heal old wounds. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

1921 comes at a time when audiences have in a way seen it all when it comes to stereotypical horror films. Vikram Bhatt himself has made several such flicks and in that aspect, 1921 doesn't offer anything new. Few sequences do give a scare but that's about it. The romantic track is lackluster and sans any sizzle. There comes a point in the first half when Ayush reveals the truth to Rose by writing a letter and Rose too shares things about her life to Karan in a letter. This bit is quite nice and also the intermission point that raises curiosity. But things go downhill in the second half.

Vikram Bhatt's story is intriguing till the point that all the cards are not laid out on the table. Once that happens, it turns out to be disappointing as it gets too complex after a point. Vikram Bhatt, Tanya Pathak and Esha Desai's screenplay is routine and nothing extraordinary. Vikram Bhatt's dialogues are filmy as always. Vikram Bhatt's direction is ordinary and doesn't bring any novel value. The horror bit is underwhelming. Even the masses, for whom the film is primarily targeted, will give it thumbs down as even they have been watching Hollywood horror films in dubbed versions and they are much ahead than a film like 1921.

Zareen Khan gives a fine performance and gets a chance to display her acting prowess. She is in much better form here than in her last release, AKSAR 2. Karan Kundrra gets a bit over the top but has a good screen presence. The actor playing Nafisa leaves a mark. The actor playing Vasudha and Dina Shaw do a good job. Vikram Bhatt is strictly okay in the cameo.

Harish Sagane's music is disappointing. Music plays an important part in the film as Ayush is shown as a reputed performer. Also his music heals Rose. But the songs don't do justice to this aspect. 'Sunn Le Zara' and 'Aanewale Kal' are a bit memorable. The rest - 'Kuch Iss Tarah', 'Yaara' and 'Tere Bin' are forgettable. Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur's background score is dramatic.

Prakash Kutty's cinematography is alright. Kuldip Mehan's editing is tacky. Iain Andrews's production design brings alive the bygone era. The film is shot in some beautiful locales but using the same location again and again takes away the sheen and brings to the fore the low budget element of the film.

On the whole, 1921 is a routine horror drama that offers nothing new. At the box office, it may find some audience during the weekend but later on, it will find it difficult to sustain.
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Interesting story supplied with poor acting
samyaksambuddha6 September 2018
The story cannot work alone to make a movie worth watching. This movie has content and given good actors and execution this could have been good movie overall. The film making is really poor. The acting and direction are severely compromised like unconnected scenes. Vikram Bhatt needs to jump out of the set-up stories and try to give us something new.
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Lights Out itself was a mediocre film n now u plagiarise the ghost from that film n the product is a cheap horror film.
Takethispunch14 January 2018
Ayush, a pianist, moves to London from India to learn music. The mansion he stays in has a haunted past, and soon enough strange events start happening around him, threatening to engulf his entire life. That's when Rose enters, a ghost whisperer, hell-bent on saving Ayush from whatever evil lurks around him. Meanwhile, Rose and Ayush fall for each other.
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Complete nonsense.
haroonoptimist18 June 2018
The only attraction was zarine khan who tried her best to save this movie from falling apart but couldn't. An utter disappointment. Foolish storyline, pathetic plot, confused twists, bad dialogues, waste of money, waste of time. Throughout the movie we waited for something scary to happen. I'm giving it 1/10 because of one and only twist in the whole movie where zarine found that her beloved ayush was a soul and his body was on a hospital bed all the time.
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jetkot27 April 2018
When i watch a horror movie. I am not looking for logic. This film has a lot of twists in the story. Karan Kundra gives a decent performance and Zarine Khan is easy to the eyes. She looks voluptuous. Vikram Bhatt in a cameo looks funny. There a few places in the movie where you will feel that they are really testing your patience. The songs are fine. He has tried to make like a gothic romance. The climax has a huge twist and the story is narrated in non-linear format. A good effort at the horror genre. The ghost should not be shown as it is laughable
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Revamp the horror style ASAP
kinshuk-gaur4 February 2018
Vikram Bhatt's affinity with colonialism continues with 1921, depiction of huge vintage mansions of UK, scenic locations, Exorcism which has been highlights of the 1920 franchise. 1921 has nothing new to offer, rarely any scary ticks. The writers of the movie Vikram Bhatt and Esha Desai as an associate fails miserably. Vikram Bhatt it seems is taking inspiration from Ram Gopal Verma by churning out insipid horror movies. Vikram Bhatt's horror movie graph is on a downslide, 1920 and Haunted are a few successful movies that Bhatt have in is repertoire in the past decade. The plot of the movie revolves around Ayush ( Karan Kundra) who goes to York (UK) to excel in playing Piano. The sponsor is Wadia (Vikram Bhatt) and is the owner of a mansion Wadia Manor . Ayush serve as the concierge of this mansion to recompense his sponsorship. After a few day stay in the Wadia Manor Ayush experience paranormal situations and is being haunted by a spirit in a short stay. Ayush seeks help to counter the spirit from Rose ( Zarine Khan) who could see spirits and interact with them . Rose conveys Ayush to remember some unfortunate instance that might have happened with him in the last couple of days. Intially Ayush denies but later through a letter explains Rose about her interaction with Meher Wadia co owner of Wadia Manor. Meher tries to threat Ayush by giving her a warning about a revelation to her uncle Wadia ( Vikram Bhatt) about so many unwanted people visiting the mansion to listen Ayush play piano. The same night Meher accidentally gets killed and Ayush blames himself of killing her. Rest of the story needs to be resolved by Rose . How she gets all the details about Meher to identify the evil spirit. The rest of the story is about discovering the dark secret which haunts the past of both Rose and Ayush. I'll not be a spoiler to discuss the entire movie.

There is zero chemistry amongst the lead pair. Zarine acknowledged to appear sexy busty bosom looks beautiful and manages to showcase some acting skills in a few scenes. May be, primarily as she has not been given an opportunity to shed her clothes which is surprising. Karan Kundra as Ayush his debut as a lead actor in a hindi movie earler was seen in Mubarkaan. He looks jaded, lack luster without any screen presence clear indications that he cannot act.

The girl playing Rose's friend does a decent job and the Character named Vasudha is ok. Rest of the cast is all English players playing their respective characters. Vikram Bhatt as Wadia is passable. The main protagonist is Zarine in the film and can be said is her finest performance till date of whatever she has done earlier has been a flesh show. The positives of the movie are Cinematography, VFX are good Vikram Bhatt utilizes the modern technology but does not have a good script. Zarine who satisfies your eyes when she is on screen rest all is in sorry state. The Victorian era has been depicted with ease on the screen.

Areas of opportunity - The movie has been stretched like a chewing gum and there are too many twist and turn in a simple story that the viewers want to pull their hair. The direction of the movie is ok but the letdown is the script, screenplay bonded by age old techniques in horror that Bhatt showcase. Editing is also shoddy. Thankfully we have been spared of any exorcism in this movie. The songs sounded outdated and considering the lead being depicted as an inspiring musician more effort was needed in the music score. On the contrary Bhatt movies are known for excellent music scores. Background score is too loud and is a cacophony for ears. The movie is quite disappointing as we never get a scary moment. You might get one or two surprise indifferent faces to show some cheap thrills. Though I am cognizant of the fact that a monster or reformed faces does not necessarily fright you. Mr. Bhatt though has refrained from showing somebody possessed and the person flying and walking on the roofs. He had tried to create a fearful environment by flickering lights and dark ambience with the spirit suddenly appearing or passing. Overall 1921 is fourth installment of the 1920 franchise and is the weakest of the lot. Even 1920 London had a better ghost. Vikram need to quickly revamp his style of horror or else he will also fade like the Ramsays in 90's and RGV in the modern era.
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Zero attention to detail and factuality from a veteran director
Surreptitious_Vin12 February 2018
Yes, you heard that one right. 1920 was not without its flaws, however the storytelling was gripping enough for many to overlook the discrepancies. Fast-forward to 1921. Story-line IS weak. There's nothing in this film that hasn't been seen in a Bollywood film. Core story: Boy meets girl. Love is in the offing. Boy/girl will do anything to save the other..... There is NO complexity in the plot. There is no development of characters and tons of flaws. Side slit dresses of the extras in 1920? Shower? Ballpoint pen? Lamp shades? "Mumbai(really?)"? Printed photographs on the newspapers? I was watching Knights of the Damned the other day which is an average b-grade flick produced in the UK. One would be in awe of the meticulous detail the producers have striven to achieve for a less-than mediocre film. Viram bhat a veteran, should be ashamed.
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A horror in film making!
BubbleBollywood29 January 2018
The horror scenes are constrained and unsurprising and even inspire chuckling numerous times. You realize that something spooky anticipates you in the following scene and you're altogether prepared for it and more than getting frightened, it influences you to roar with laughter. The boisterous and spooky ambient melodies on consistently scene simply doesn't help the monstrously exhausting plot which tries its level best to drive you away from your seats.

We've seen emotions in different movies, however when the lead performing artists break into a song after every few scenes, that is what really frightens you.

What's more, to add to all the desolation, the end of the movie will leave you wincing intensely in light of the fact that you wouldn't generally realize what simply happened.
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Actor actress performance
anillahre8 August 2019
Zarine Khan and Karan Kundra have done a very good horror thriller movie. They have performed very well
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unintentionally funny
beevenkat17 January 2019
#1921Movie is a horror film, minus the horror part. Of course, u have the standard ingredients, like doors opening n shutting for no reason, bulbs flickering, scary whispers, haunted havelis n bad aatmas. The locations r excellent. Performances r decent. Some scenes r unintentionally funny. The lead couple, Kundra n Khan, is sheer eye candy. Rating 2/5.
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One-Line Review: 1921 (1 Star)
nairtejas6 October 2018
Vikram Bhatt's 1921 is so extraordinarily bad despite being lavishly produced that even the actors find it difficult to enact their characters, which is very much evident from their dull faces and duller dialogue delivery. TN.
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Worst Movie
rubensagar-7085031 July 2018
We really need to understand that you can potray ghost like Villan. They are ghost, they really not require any dialogue or explanation. Above all when they see ghost in the movie like one in hotel, they were reacting perfectly normal. Pathetic
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