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Unexplained Reappearances
Portal to the Unknown looks at a number of mysterious cases included the 1919 disappearance of Canadian theater magnate Ambrose Small and examines whether it is connected to a haunting in the Grand Theater. It also looks at the case of a young woman in Amherst, Nova Scotia, that was plagued by evil spirits and a cause of poltergeist activity in Ontario.
History or Fabulous Legend
Portal to the Unknown looks at several cases including the massacre of the Donnelly family in 1880 Ontario and how the modern farm located there might be haunted. It also looks at the case of Albert Ostman who claims that he was abducted Sasquatch and examines the case of the Lost Creek Mine.
Talking with Dead People
Portal to the Unknown looks at a number of mysterious cases involves ghosts and mediums. It examines the work of Thomas Glendenning Hamilton a Canadian spiritualist who was known for photographing ectoplasm in seances. It also looks at politician William Lyon Mackenzie King's fascination with spiritualism and examines a 1970s experiment where researchers created an imaginary ghost named 'Philip'. Finally, it looks at a 1989 Quebec poltergeist case that was caught on film.
Fringe Science
There are more geniuses in the fields of science and technology than just the famous ones we've heard about. In this episode, we'll be introducing you to Arthur Matthews, an electrical engineer who has come up with some amazing inventions, and John Hutchinson, who defies all laws of physics in his laboratory built in a ship that used to belong to the Canadian Marines.
Poltergeists' Fury
Portal to the Unknown looks at stories centering on ghosts and poltergeists including the 1889 case of the Dagg family in Shawville, Quebec, who are at the center of some malevolent poltergeist activity. It also examines at the 1969 case of the St-Onge family where a priest was summoned to deal with a poltergeist. It looks at a haunted McKay school in Alberta and the Vogue Theater in Vancouver.
Murder by a Devil
Portal to the Unknown looks at several cases of diabolic murders including the death of Johnathon Thimpsen who was killed in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, by Sandy Charles who was attempting to recreate a magic spell from a movie. It also looks at the murder of Mark Kilroy in Mexico by a group of drug dealers cultists. It also looks at theory that Canadian doctor Thomas Neill Cream was Jack the Ripper.
Lost Treasures
Portal to the Unknown looks at several mysterious cases of lost treasure including the lost mine of Frank Lemon in Alberta and the mystery of the Money Pot of Oak Island. It also examines the story of a 1953 Canadian Air Force Mitchell B-25 crash that may have been carrying Nazi treasure. It also looks at how a vivid dream led Marcel Robillard to a sunken treasure off Nova Scotia.
Possessed Bodies
Portal to the Unknown looks at stories of strange creatures and possession including a couple who claim to have encountered a werewolf of a dark road near Ottawa and the mysterious Beast of Bray Road sightings in Wisconsin. It also examines a 1968 case in Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine, Quebec, where a group of children witness a mysterious scaled creature near a cave. It also looks at the tragic story of Maurice Theriault a victim of possession.
Lights in the Sky
Portal to the Unknown looks at cases of UFO related phenomena including stories about mysterious Men in Black who harass UFO witnesses. It looks at the Falcon Lake Incident where a man claimed to see a UFO land and a 1990 sighting of a mysterious craft in the sky over Montreal. It also examines the Shag Harbour incident in Nova Scotia where a UFO is reported to have crashed.
Mysteries from the Past
Portal to the Unknown looks at stories about mysteries from the past including a mysterious crystal skull discovered in Belize. It also looks at efforts to discover Samuel de Champlain burial site and examines the fate of a the two French aviators that attempted the first transatlantic crossing on the This is a good article. Follow the link for more information L'Oiseau Blanc. It also looks at the mystery of the Mary Celeste.
From the Deep
Portal to the Unknown looks at stores that have to do with mysteries from the ocean including the 1937 Naden Harbour discovery of strange eel-like remains, possibly of a Cadborosaurus, inside a sperm whale. It also examines the legend of the Kraken and stories that there is a sea serpent Manipogo in Lake Manitoba. It also looks at the legend of of Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan.
Larger Than Life
Portal to the Unknown looks at stories revolving around large mysterious creatures including a 1941 encounter with the legendary Sasquatch in Ruby Creek that caused people to flee their farm. It also examines cattle mutilations and sightings of Memphre a creature lurking in Lake Memphremagog. It also looks at the sightings of the mythical Thunderbird.
Unclassified Files
Portal to the Unknown looks at stories of mysterious people including the 1932 case in the Yukon of the Mad Trapper of Rat River. It also examines the Michelle Smith satanic ritual abuse case from Vancouver that was discovered through regressive psychotherapy. It also looks at case where a tip from a psychic helped to identify murderer Vernon Booher. It also looks at the 1970 October Crisis and how American psychic Irene Hughes was accurate in her predictions about the kidnappings.

 Season 1 

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