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Nico Santucci's feature film "Sarogeto" is a story revealing the complicated and emotional struggle that Japanese American Grace / Minami Stanton faces and the controversial decision she makes on this unorthodox journey of a woman's search to find peace for her family and spiritual enlightenment. It's a film filled with relevant and thought provoking subjects including spirituality, mental illness, and depression. Sarogeto stars Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Eric Roberts, Winsor Harmon, Ruby Park, Koji Niiya, Aki Aleong, Angelica Bridges, Tyler Ghyzel, Derek Warburton, Pol Atteu and Nikki Nikita. The Sarogeto soundtrack was created by Jakob Balogh, Martin Tillman and Keaton Simons. Sarogeto is the first to be allowed to film in the Aokigahara Forest (Suicide Forest) in Japan and additional locations include Tokyo, Laguna Beach, Marina del Rey and Newport Beach. This film is partially subtitled in Japanese, with the majority in English.

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