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Family friendly
waqassaleem-852014 July 2021
Fun film for kids. Definitely not as good as the first film. A lot of irrational things that don't make sense but worth the watch.
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Sugar rush followed by a headache
trinaboice5 July 2021
IN A NUTSHELL: In this DreamWorks Animation's sequel to The Boss Baby, the Templeton brothers have become adults and drifted away from each other, but a new boss baby with a cutting-edge approach is about to bring them together again - and inspire a new family business. The sequel is directed by Tom McGrath.

The first The Boss Baby was fresh and fun. It actually became a 4-season series on Netflix. This second edition in the franchise feels like a sugar rush - a burst of energy that leaves you with a headache. That being said, kids love it.

THINGS I LIKED: The pompous, overly confident character of The Boss Baby is basically the same as Alec Baldwin's role on the popular TV show 30 Rock. They're both hilarious and super entertaining.

James Marsden replaces Tobey Maguire for the voice of Adult Tim in this sequel. He does a great job and I loved being able to hear him sing again. He's so talented. Parents will definitely be able to relate to his character, Timothy, the dad in the story, who asks, "Where has time gone?" Ariana Greenblatt is one of the hardest-working child actors these days. She has been pumping out a ton of movies lately! She's adorable in all of them. Check out my reviews in her recent films AWAKE on Netflix and LOVE AND MONSTERS. She's even seen briefly in the new movie musical IN THE HEIGHTS.

Who doesn't adore Jeff Goldblum? He and his character are awesome. All of the sugar consumed by Dr. Armstrong made me laugh out loud, especially when he started pouring an actual bag of sugar into his mouth.

There are some sweet musical numbers.

A lot of funny visual humor.

There's a creepy-girl character that is super...creepy and funny.

The lessons for children come through loud and clear.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: It's been 4 years since the original The Boss Baby hit theaters, so the beginning of the film gives you a quick update on where the characters are now. The problem is that you're not completely clued in because if you haven't seen the Netflix series, you're going to be left out on many of the story details.

In this age of female empowerment, the characters with the brains in the movie are all female. I'm all for empowering women, but it really bothers me when men are portrayed as bumbling idiots. One of the girls says, "Men, am I right?" As a mom of 4 sons, I don't appreciate belittling men in order to make girls feel better about themselves.

Sooo much exposition.

Almost every scene is extremely chaotic.

The sibling rivalry got really old.

I understand that the pandemic has messed up the timing of a lot of movie releases, but this movie should have come out during November or December, which is the season represented in the movie.

Tina had blonde hair at the end of the first movie but now has brown hair. Why the change?

A lot of the humor doesn't land.

The soundtrack often conflicts with the dialogue.

I like Amy Sedaris, but I didn't like her voice for the young Boss Baby. She's supposed to be a baby but seems much older. Christine Baranski or even Julia Louis-Dreyfus could have been a much better choice for this role.

The entire movie feels frenzied and feels like they just tried to squeeze too much into it.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: You see the naked rear end of a baby boy.

Lots of destruction Bullying TONS of cultural, musical, and movie references that young kids simply won't understand.

You can see my full review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel!
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What Else Can I Say Other Then... It's Passable?
Clank_Zoka3 July 2021
Usually my reviews are quite long in detail, but this it'll be short since there isn't much to say about it, so..., this is a sequel that didn't need to exist, even though I like the first Boss Baby fine, Tobey McGuire got replaced by James Marsden and erm.., yeah, the trailers didn't grab me at all and my expectations were low, so I watched it yesterday and erm.., it was actually not terrible, not good but pretty split in the middle.

I like the animation overall, it's nice and simple and colourful with nice use of Cartoon slapstick, it's pretty good, it has a few funny lines and moments sprinkled across, I like Tina she was a pretty fun and expressive character, Tabitha was cute and relatable I suppose, the voice acting was... fine, but the cast did do the most of what they can with Alec Baldwin and Amy Sadaris being the big standouts!, I liked the ending and the film's nice heart and tone, it's quite nice and gives you a nice warm feel and finally the chases and fights are quite amusing and fun to watch, along with a really lovely song "Together We Stand" and a decent score by Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro.

However, there are things that hold this back, like a very recycled and predictable plot, the villain here isn't as good as the first movie's villain, Tim and Ted are kinda annoying and not that interesting, same can be said with everyone else who are very one dimensional with one trope/goal, not to mention about 80% of the humour isn't funny and just drags on, so kinda basic DreamWorks humour and even the animation gets rather too much with how bland their characters look (despite how well designed they are).

So yeah, it's not good, or bad, it's kinda passable, Boss Baby 2: Family Business is just a step down from the first movie, not awful, but.., nothing wowing or leaps off the screen to amaze you, y'know?, it does have a good message and heart to it, along with nice animation and few funny gags, however it's insanely predictable and all over the way and expect for Tina and maybe Tabitha, every other character is just forgettable with mostly tiresome humour and sometimes phones in acting, (especially Jeff Goldblum), so it's a totally fine kids film, I know people will trash the heck of this film for sure, but it's really not bad, there are FAR worse animated films out there believe me I know, so if you like the first film, you'll like this probably or if you are vice verse then you'll LOATHE this movie, kids will enjoy and parents will get something out of it, but other then that, it's just a mediocrely average film for DreamWorks, but hey, looks better then the next film I'll be seeing from THEM!.

I'm going to give Boss Baby 2: Family Business a 6.3/10.
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leighslysy3 July 2021
I actually never expected another Boss Baby after watching the first one but this one caught me by surprise!! When getting the ticket I didn't just know what to expect. Then again Tim is all grown up and actually even has a family so I was like...ok, we have ourselves new characters here!! I lobe how the story is adult but executed through a child's mind. I would watch a third installment, without any question.
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atractiveeyes3 July 2021
Unfortunately it is way less interesting than the first movie. It's a total mess and it rushes annoyingly. It's not funny at all as well. It's boring and too childish for adults, and messy and confusing for kids. See it anyways only if you've seen the previous one.
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Good family movie
ilovefoodcoma2 July 2021
This will be a perfect family movie night! Great message in this movie.... family is the most important in life!! Love this animation, the facial expressions are so funny & creative!
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Colourful, cute and adventurous
Gordon-113 July 2021
This film is quite a fun experience. It is colourful, cute and adventurous. It also has a deeper message about childhood innocence and brotherhood. I enjoyed it a lot.
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Not good enough but the kids loved it.
kenzibit3 July 2021
Could hardly focus on this one, was not interesting as the first one with conflicting dialogues and soundtracks... this takes your attention away seriously. Found less funny moments and I think this movie fails to justify itself. Just put it on for the kids and do some chores.
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Family is Important! Great Concept and meaningful message
semmonjourney1232 July 2021
I don't know why are people giving bad reviews! This movie is great. It bears the most beautiful message in the WHOLE WORLD!

YES, FAMILY is Important.. Every one of us should love being a part of our family.
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Boring + Not Funny
GoodErsatz3 July 2021
Was looking forward to watching this with the kids but unfortunately we turned it off after about half an hour. The story line was boring but sometimes that's okay - if the movie is funny but this one is... hmm how you say in English? A stinker!
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Soundtrack overlays every dialogue scene!
vaughanstarr2 July 2021
What lunatic thought it a good idea to overlay every single dialogue scene with distracting soundtrack? Were they getting paid for each second it was included? It made it impossible to focus upon what was being said a number of times, especially when the "new" Boss baby is speaking at a mile a minute. The rest of the time it diminished the scene. When used judiciously the right soundtrack passes right by conscious awareness and just seizes your emotions. When you are aware of it constantly though, so that the brief periods of its absence (and they are oh so brief) are greeted as merciful respite, then it has not only failed its purpose but is actively working against the movie!
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It's really bad
sdot87876 July 2021
I don't do full reviews too often but I feel obligated to do one for this awful movie. It's not funny, it's not interesting, it's just bad. I understand I'm an adult and it's a kid movie but I usually tolerate kids movies and sometimes really enjoy them. I would compare this to the emoji movie at best. Trust me when I say once again, IT IS BAD.
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Terrible storyline
ashley-922794 July 2021
This movie was all over the place. Nowhere near as good as the first one. I became so uninterested pretty quick.
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Ask your kid the Rating Before you rate it.
pjfernando743 July 2021
My kids give a 10 when I thought it is a 6. But isn't this a kids movie. Oh Yes. So I listned to my kids and rated this.
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Cute Endearing Sequel That Is Just Fun and Simplistic
rgkarim3 July 2021

  • No surprise, the animation studios know what to do with the animation software when they invest in their work. Boss baby's dive into the realm of BabyCorp still has the flair that made it so much fun in, with interesting, big eyed design and a colorful setting that grabs attentions. Seeing the kids do surprisingly adult like moves, and capturing the anatomical function of the body is still done super well. No glitchy frame shifts, no dropped frame rates or obvious cuts to skip, and they don't take the lazy pathway and avoid doing things because it might take too much to do it.

  • Babies are cute, babies are adorable and babies can be trouble. Boss Baby proved just that in the presentation for the first installment, but to the level that did not annoy or make us want to walk out. Well, the sequel manages to do that once again, and perhaps to a better level than the first. The adorable baby calls of the new junior exec Tina make will melt the hearts of parents at that familiar call that brings joy. Not your cup of tea? Well don't worry, the family business extends to so many other cute factors to make this a family friendly adventure that will have many saying awwww. The new babies are cute, the family aspects are touching, and even the real life practical lessons have these elements of adorable nature to them and though a bit annoying at times, is mostly used to elevate the movie. Even the main villain is adorable in his own right, and though a bit odd for his intro, I loved how they embedded cuteness into him.

The Morals:
  • It would not be an animated feature without some life lessons being doled out to the young audience members and their parents. Family values are the core theme of the movie and it takes multiple facets during the course of the adventure. Reconnecting with family members as the trailers have shown gives adults a good lesson in the importance of work to not drift apart. The ideas of growing up too fast and yet refusing to grow up are well represented in this film, helping show how a balance is really the key to not losing the joy in life. Even more, the relative concept of family love and the stress of school are big elements in this theme and though they do trudge into preachy, in your face moments, it's still not the worst thing like the 90's sitcoms used to be.

The Story:
  • Simplistic? Yeah, it's the boss baby and so the complexity is not the most surprising or eye opening that we've seen in other studio works. However, the story is indeed fun, and works on so many levels to ingrain the morals into the movie without swallowing it whole. It's a sweet tale that hits on many levels, making sure to balance the adult and kid elements in a manner that never leans one way or the other. The simple layout also allows for the gimmicks they want to neatly arrange themselves into an adventure that makes sense, and not throwing too many convenience factors in that we sometimes get. Throw in just how much fun it is in regards to the pacing and entertainment components, and for once I felt I was watching a movie with little to no political agenda at all. It was a well-rounded tale that certainly was not groundbreaking, but also not too limited either so that's a victory to me.

The Voice Acting:
  • A choice of voice cast is essential for bringing these characters fully to life, and Boss baby's ensemble is certainly an ace in my book. James Marsden does well in the role, being the lame dad, nerd voice, but lacing it with the care and compassion of a loving father layered the character well and maximized the emotional moments. Amy Sedaris as the new baby, was funny, if a bit annoying/over the top, which worked given Tina's character. That nasally voice pitch and energy worked as sort of a parody to the normal chief of operations, and managed to remain limited enough to not over shadow the other aspects of the movie. Jeff Goldblum as the head of the school/professor, was perfect, an almost smarter, less bohemian version of the grandmaster that we saw in Thor. He was fun, witty, and that voice of his delivering his character's thoughts and insights was again arranged quite well to truly enjoy. As for Alec Baldwin, man was he on fire again. That snide, snooty, arrogant persona he radiates comes through in spades for the Boss Baby once more, adding that level of intelligence and confidence that made the character so much fun in the first film. He elevates the performance more in this movie, the direction of the character allowing him to do more with the character than the previous installment and I really liked it.

Clever/Comedy Fun:
  • the best element of the movie though, comes in the clever writing of the film and the comedy styles that followed. Boss Baby 2 thrives in the fact of poking fun at things, and even more so challenging the modern trends with the classics for what styles work in a movie. Without revealing too much, the movie manages to utilize the morals as not only learning points, but also laugh sources as the error of certain ways of thinking is poked at by our group. The famous toy Wizzie hits comedic goals with pointing out the character flaws, all the while falling into his own limitations is just one example of what I'm talking about. Yet other sources of comedy are thrown in that left me in stitches due to how well timed they were. You want babies showing obsessions that only adults should have? Done. You want well timed one-liners utilizing future merchandise? Done. Need to see babies crafting works that are way above their caliber? That's there too. Along with so many pokes at things like how ridiculous school competitions have become, or how Enya's music can potentially cause insanity. It's well balanced, it's got a variety, and even more it's not the pure focus of the film and forced into our faces.


Some More Twists:
  • As I said, I enjoyed the movie for just the simplistic fun, but that does not mean I would have liked a little more challenge to be integrated into the film. Disney shows us how they push the envelope, sometimes too much, in their movies, but they at least get some surprises and depth that leave you bewildered. Not so much in this movie, and maybe a little more diving into those realms could have opened up a little more for the qualities I enjoyed in this movie.

Better Utilization of Characters:
  • Perhaps the second to worst thing about the movie, is that the characters are in need of a little more balance and integration into the film. The mom is one character that I felt kind of got the shaft given the involvement of just about every other member of the family. Used primarily for comedic purposes, there could have been more plot elements to integrate her into, or perhaps a side story involving primarily Tina trying to do her job while the mom tried to figure out more. Something needed to help take her involvement to the same level that the others were integrated in. However, there were other characters that really needed more elevation namely, the other classmates of Tabitha. The promo shows a baby who is into bad boys, who actually has a Dr. In front of her name, I would have liked to see more involvement with given the points. Was it just a clever name, or was there more? Don't know, but she could have been fun. And Tabitha's rivals were sort of one and done bullies that did little to muck up the gears and offer a way for some slight political agenda work depending on how you look at it. These characters may come back in the third sequel that can arise, but it would have been nice to see things from a new light.

Trailers ruin a lot:
  • I have a friend who states how much he avoids trailers due to how much they give away. While I think there are some trailers needed, Boss Baby's advertising got carried away with showing too much of the fun themes of the movie. Of the at least six combinations I have seen, many big parts and fun elements the movie holds and that further diluted the surprise away from me. In this case, my friend's style is right of not going too excessive with the trailers, or at least doing what he does and avoiding them to help maintain the surprise.

The songs:
  • A sweet component no doubt, but the Boss Baby was never known for being a soundtrack heavy component. So the fact they went out of their way for two original songs was kind of lost on me from an inclusion/logic point. They were fine, they are going to bring in cash, and they certainly accomplish the goals of moral driving and cute family themes. However, it could have been accomplished in other means and I think I would have liked focus on other characters over the attempt to induce tears with the melodies. A minor flaw for me, but hey we roll with it.


Boss Baby: Family Business, turned out to be a surprise by how much fun I had with the simplistic tale laid before me. It's linear plot works well to bring in the elements of fun, layering the tale with lots of moral lessons.
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could have been better
darrenjacobs-971028 July 2021
Its just boring my kids left the room leaving me to pick a better movie it teaches boys not to worry about school or college or work and that he can be a stay at home dad, such bull.
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wouldn't recommend :/
maxinehatt12 July 2021
I think the movie started off good, but after the 30 minute mark i was just confused. I found the movie to be super chaotic and i couldn't understand what was happening. About two thirds into the movie i got sensory overload and started to cry (i have sensory issues). I didn't enjoy the movie that much. I guess the ending was okay but i wouldn't recommend to anyone.
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adulthood problem
SnoopyStyle9 July 2021
Tim is now a father to two girls. He doesn't talk to his baby brother Ted who is very rich and successful. He's worried that he's losing his 7 year old Tabitha. He discovers that baby Tina is working for Babycorp. There is a problem and they need help from Ted. Babycorp has created a new formula to de-age people for 48 hours. They want Ted to return to his baby self despite not remembering being a baby agent. Tim insists on joining the mission and also drinks the formula.

It's a mistake to make Tim and Ted adults in this movie. It also pushes this world forward in time. There is no need to age up the characters. The original surprised me with its charm. Most of that charm has to do with the baby world being completely outside of the adults' understanding. It's a fun concept and there is no reason to change that. It's certainly unnecessary to attach this father-daughter emotional drama. Maybe the franchise runners are having some mid-life crisis. The franchise was fine with its original concept. This movie leaves the story rather a muddle. It should be simpler than this.
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Not as good as boss baby 2017.. but good
Story could be more thrilled.. but as a family related movie it's very good and motivational.
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Jsloan19734 July 2021
The people who wasted their lives making this should get out of the movie making business. So awful.
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Completely Entertaining, Exciting, Humorous and Fun to Watch
rannynm1 July 2021
The boss is back baby! The Boss Baby: The Family Business brings back the Templetons from the original movie, The Boss Baby, also created and directed by Tom McGrath. This movie brings the same energy, hilarious animation, fight scenes and secret missions we've come to love with The Boss Baby Franchise.

In this sequel, the Templeton brothers, Tim (James Marsden) and Theodore "Ted" (Alec Baldwin) are back as adults and have drifted away from each other over the years. We meet Tim's family, including his new toddler daughter, Tina (Amy Sedaris), who is now the new Boss Baby and is on a mission from Baby Corp. To bring them together. This launches a new family business.

The main characters are Tim's wife, Carol (Eva Longoria), daughters, Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt) and Tina, and, of course, his brother, Mr. Boss Baby himself, Ted. While the film has a lot of references to the first film, you can easily follow along in this sequel. Most of all the original main characters are back, and we even get a visit from Tim and Ted's parents. I really enjoyed that Tom McGrath stays true to the original concept, but adds a new storyline. One of my favorite scenes is when another baby group, "The Ninja Babies" are chasing Ted. He initially thinks they are cute until they start attacking him. It is pretty funny watching Ted run around screaming. Alec Baldwin nails Ted's sound effects. Even Amy Sedaris's squealing as Tina is hilarious and she actually uses this squeal in real life to get people's attention.

The message of this film is that it is important to focus on what matters most - love and family. Over the years, Ted always put his job and money ahead of his family, but realizes that he will always be lonely if he doesn't prioritize things. Parents should look out for bad habits some of the babies show and words that sound similar to profanity.

The Boss Baby: The Family Business is the perfect movie for families to bond over this summer. I rate this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 11 to 18, plus adults. The Boss Baby: The Family Business launches July 2, 2021 in theaters and on Peacock.

Reviewed by Tiana S., KIDS FIRST!
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Pretty skipable
jjburkekid4 July 2021
I never really liked the first film. I thought it was mean spirited and just dumb. Judging by the trailers, I thought this film could be an improvement on the first film. It was not. The whole movie just feels like the original boss baby, but with some different details. They basically used the same formula for this film. The main emotional focus of the film was Tim and Ted reconnecting after they've grown apart. It's a nice message, but drowned out by all the nonsense going on at the same time. The animation is fine, not great but not horrible. The new Boss Baby, Tina, doesn't add anything new to this film whatsoever. In all it was a pretty bad film with a heartwarming message lost in all the nonsense that is happening in this movie.
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Who thought this was a good idea?!
vicantmc14 July 2021
This film is about BABIES... TALKING BABIES. If the original movie was awfull, the sequel is two times more awfull.
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A slight improvement over a bad predecessor in my opinion.
CrazyCockatoo20033 July 2021
If you thought the original was bad, prepare yourselves, because this movie is, well, surprisingly a slight improvement over the original in my opinion.

What I still dislike about this movie is that unlike the first film this one focuses more on trying to be hip with the target audience with internet references, it retains the poor execution of such ideas from the first film including everything to do with Baby Corp, the toilet humor, the baby related scenes are still insufferable, it overuses tropes from a lot of movies despite being different ones, it relies a lot on pop culture references, an incredibly weak plot twist, some parts drag on for too long, this movie is as nonsensical as the previous movie in a bad way, a mediocre climax, weak villain, product placement for Mentos which feels very out of place for a DreamWorks movie, and everything feels very inconsistent.

I do still see some good qualities, including the fact that it does stay true enough to the 2017 movie by retaining all the elements that made it the movie it turned out to be, the characters are much more likable this time around, Tim is much more relatable considering the situation of adulthood, some jokes work, the animation and voice acting is still good, it has better morals than the first, okay musical numbers, decent soundtrack, and the ending is written a lot better than last time.

Overall, I thought this was only one step ahead of the original, despite it still not being that good of a film at all. I would not recommend you see this movie.
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fandomfatale13 July 2021
There are a lot of bad reviews here, and some rather unfair ones, I think. I just thought I would throw in that I was entertained from start to finish and it garnered quite a few chuckles out of me. I would watch it again some time in the future, which is not something I've been able to say about very many movies that have come out in the past year or so. It's lighthearted and there's not very much here to bother anyone. If you didn't like the first one, you probably won't like this one, but if you did like the first one, it's more of the same, which was fine by me.
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