The Cowboy Way: Alabama Poster

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16 Jul. 2016
Bubba, Cody and Booger
It's another busy week for the Alabama cowboys as Bubba races to get his house ready for his fiancée, Cody tries to carry on after selling his prized rodeo horse, and Booger mulls over a job offer in Texas that might be too good to refuse.
10 Aug. 2017
An American Tradition
In this episode, the cowboys are called in to rustle up some calves in a very unusual location. Booger mentors a young boy. Cody is outgrowing his house. And Bubba is offered a job.
17 Aug. 2017
Midnight Cowboys
Wayward yearlings end up on a baseball field, and the guys are called in to rope them. Bubba's father-in-law offers him an office job, Cody considers a new house for his growing family, and Booger teaches a boy about the cowboy way of life.
24 Aug. 2017
The Friend Zone
A cattle delivery is in jeopardy when the truck gets stuck in a ditch. Bubba builds a custom grill in hopes of launching a new business, Cody must sell a horse to fund his dream home, and Booger goes on a date with his best friend Ashley.
31 Aug. 2017
Is It a Boy or a Girl?
After a colt goes missing, the guys search for the young horse before it is injured. Booger ventures into the world of internet dating, Bubba's horse gets sick and is rushed to the vet, and Cody finds out if he's having a boy or a girl.
7 Sep. 2017
Misty Makes a Match
Bubba and the guys are in for a busy week when they're called upon to capture a wild hog that has been getting into a neighbor's garden. Cody and Misty get serious about baby names, and Booger goes on a blind date that Misty arranges.
14 Sep. 2017
Frost Moves In
The guys need a bigger tractor to plant winter grass, so Bubba builds a horse stall for a neighbor in exchange for the use of his tractor. Booger's relationship with Jaclyn gets serious, and Cody moves forward with plans for his dream home.
21 Sep. 2017
An Extra Hand
The guys search for a new ranch hand that can help out when Bubba takes time off to be with his baby. Bubba and Kaley take a trip to Mississippi to visit her family, and Booger makes a last-ditch effort to save some of his family's land.
28 Sep. 2017
New Beginnings
Bubba and Kaley welcome their baby girl into the world, Cody is given a week to complete a big contracting job for a local rancher, and Booger introduces his new girlfriend to his grandma. Finally, the whole gang gets to meet baby Andie.

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