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  • After narrowly escaping the clutches of a deadly stalker, a young woman flees to a remote town where she rebuilds her life and finds the man of her dreams...until the man of her nightmares tracks her down.

  • Based on the novel The Purple Rose by Christi R. Walsh. After narrowly escaping the clutches of a deadly stalker, a beautiful young woman flees to a remote anonymous town where she rebuilds her life and finds the man of her dreams -- until the man of her nightmares tracks her down.


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  • Based on the book The Purple Rose by Christi Walsh. Kate Riley a beautiful young lone-wolf raised in the foster system is stalked by a merciless killer who singles her out as his "own", true love. Befriended by a team of Detectives determined to protect her, Kate is guarded day and night for a year. Eventually they must abandon the hunt and just as they do the stalker re-emerges and attacks Kate marking her viciously for life. She flees to an unknown location where even the Detectives can't find her. Rebuilding her life, she finally finds true love and then the stalker finds her again...

    When Kate came home from work and found a purple rose on her doorstep, she immediately knew someone had been watching her. She had been reading the book, The Purple Rose for the last couple of days and knew the rose wasn't a coincidence. The next night, the mysterious man who brought Kate the rose attacked her. The man wanted Kate to "notice him." Concerned by this, the police assigned four detectives to her, whom she became very close friends with.

    Over the next few months, Kate's attacker never made an effort to contact her, so the protective detail was called off. The next day, the man attacked Kate. The man was enraged by the protective detail she had and threatened to kill them if Kate went back to them. The man wanted Kate all to himself. He slashed her across the chest multiple times "marking" her as his. Afraid for her new friends, Kate left town and went into hiding and landed in Greenbluff, Wyoming where she met, Jack. Kate knows she can't have a relationship, but she can't resist Jack. She decides to throw caution to the wind and let herself fall in love, but her actions have consequences. Kate's stalker has been taking his anger out on other women, murdering them in a desperate attempt to get Kate back. Now Kate has to decide if she lets herself have a happy ending, or if she goes back to her stalker in order to stop the murders.

    I'll Be Watching aka The Purple Rose is the first book in a four book series called, The Chroma Series. The series follows the four detectives assigned to protect Kate in The Purple Rose. Each book focuses on one of the detectives, giving the reader a better insight to each person as well as all of the detective's daily job. New heroines and plots enter each book, keeping the stories exciting and passionate.

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