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Trolley Good Family Camp

The Cleary family recently acquired one of the original six cabins at the Lakeside Marina, which neighbors the legendary Island Park in Manchester, Maine. Rumor has it their cabin was built on one of the trolley cars ...

Season 1

2 Jan. 2017
The Daggett Camp
A family from Maine works together to rehab a historic cabin from the 1930s in just six weeks. Can Chase and his team save the camp in time? Or will a hidden surprise underneath the cabin derail the whole project?
9 Jan. 2017
Dilapidated Island Cabin
Chase and his team tackle a 1930s island cabin with major rot issues. With a budget of $30,000 and six weeks to complete the project, will the team be able to transform the cabin while maintaining all of the original rustic charm?
16 Jan. 2017
City Slickers Off the Grid
Chase Morrill and his team transform an off-the-grid eyesore into a beautiful Maine vacation home.
23 Jan. 2017
Dated Cabin Turned Retreat
Chase and his team take on a dated and dysfunctional cabin in Belgrade Lakes. With a budget of $40,000 and six weeks to finish the project, will they be able to turn it into the perfect family retreat?
30 Jan. 2017
Rebuilding the Old Schoolhouse
Chase and his team travel to Dedham, ME, to restore a dilapidated camp that was once an old schoolhouse. When a serious case of rot threatens to shut down the project, Chase and Ryan are forced to make an expensive decision.
6 Feb. 2017
Not-so-Pleasant Camp on Pleasant Pond
Chase and his team are called in to renovate a neglected camp for a growing family. But they are challenged with overcoming an unusual blueprint and a steep outdoor slope in time for the family's end-of-summer party.
13 Feb. 2017
A Cabin for the Bride
Chase and the team want to dismantle, move and restore a log cabin before Lance's wedding. With the event quickly approaching and Lance busy building outhouses and goose pens for his fiance, the team must work fast to finish.
20 Feb. 2017
130-Year-Old Island Cabin
Chase Morrill and his team tackle the renovation of a 130-year-old cabin on an island. With a budget of $40,000 and six weeks, can they overcome the challenges of building on an island to ensure the cabin lasts another 100 years?
27 Feb. 2017
Off-the-Grid Renovation
Chase Morrill and his team renovate an off-the-grid hunting cabin deep in the woods of Oxford, ME. They have a budget of $20,000 and a time frame of six weeks, but can they get the cabin done before winter comes?
6 Mar. 2017
A Camp on Two Ponds
Chase and his team have been called to renovate a camp uniquely situated on two ponds. With winter weather right around the corner, the team needs to hustle in order to complete the renovation before Thanksgiving.
13 Mar. 2017
Six Weeks for Two-A-Frames
Chase and his team are called to renovate two A-Frames in Maine's Sugarloaf Valley. With only six weeks to finish both renovations, Chase divides the team in half, and the winning team gets to dress the losing team for dinner.

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