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You need to be a fan to enjoy this and I am
martimusross3 November 2018
A new outing by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg and the team.

If you like their work you will enjoy this, it had a tight script and whole cast got behind the material.

I enjoyed it from start to finish not so many belly laughs but plenty of lighthearted humour. I agree it's not everyone's cup of tea but what is!
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Unfortunately Disappointing
carlo_simone1831 October 2018
This was a real mixed-bag of a film. Tries to be a horror-comedy without being particularly scary or funny and uses elements we've seen from stories set at boarding schools like this many times before.

My main issue is the film's first half which does a rather sloppy job setting up the overall story, characters and elements that lead to later payoffs. It also treats the audience like they're stupid at points, showing flashbacks of scenes that literally occurred five minutes beforehand as if we've already forgotten them. This combined with awful dialogue and an odd structure make the first 45 minutes an extremely tedious watch.

When the second half kicks in with the proper introduction of the creatures it becomes a lot more enjoyable, as it truly embraces the gore-fest it becomes. On a production side it's all fairly competent with decent direction and visual effects for the most part. All the acting is fine, with the ever-charming Simon Pegg and Asa Butterfield putting in the best performances.

Overall, if the film had a better script with some more interesting characters who don't all have surface-level motivations then this may have turned out to be a enjoyable experience. Alas, it feels like a wasted opportunity.
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Homage to the cornetto trio and so much more
Padreviews2 November 2018
Whereas this misses the vital team members of the cornetto team namely Nira Park and the combined writing efforts of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright it still produces the goods.

In a way I wish I hadn't read the other reviews - sure people must've seen a different film!? But here goes mine ....

So basically this film is a combination of the style and horror rom com of Shaun of the Dead and the 1960s dark rebellious movies such as IF , Unman Wittering and Zigo , Goodbye Mr Chips . If you've seen those films you'll get the comedy cues . If you haven't you might struggle . It also has more than a little parody of Harry Potter.

What was good about the movie ? Casting - casting a female lead who's actual name is Harmoine was genius ! Simon Pegg and Margot Robbie's failing romance . The matron was a great casting real St Trinians styling .

What was not so good ? Martin Sheen and Simon Peggs characters seem to merge into one the scripting could have been better here . It couldn't be described as horror the creatures weren't at all horrific . At times it laboured and you felt you wanted the film to end quicker .

The themes were reluctant aspiration , good over evil ,failing and seemingly unobtainable romance . Bullying . Deceit . Parental pressure . Isolation and abandonment. Tradition vs contemporary and changing times and accepting of LGBTQ's etc

It was a story of symbolism and the changing landscape of the economics of the country , whereas public schools were originally for the male elite to be shoehorned into their roles of leading the country the Slaughterhouse school ( looking a lot like Stowe ) has to reluctantly adapt itself to accepting girls and foreign students to prop up its finances .

Then there's the more sinister side of the headmaster's dealings with unethical corporations and the final retribution of triumph of good over evil.

Horror fans might be disappointed by the lack of actual horror - it certainly wasn't a movie where you'd jump out of your skin but it wasn't a bad movie and is an enjoyable watch if you go there with the right expectations . The comedy propped it up .

Pad.A 8/10 Padreviews
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Slaughterhouse Rulez
cinemawithcj1 December 2018
Slaughterhouse Rulez makes you feel so disappointed after going into a film not expecting much and hoping to be pleasantly surprised. It's a feeling you'd get from say, the St Trinian's movies. Which aren't very good, but they are watchable and fun enough to keep you away from the feeling that you've wasted your time.

Slaughterhouse Rulez tries to marry St Trinian's with Shaun of the Dead, which feels like the germ of a potentially fun romp, but in reality misses so many marks you just want either of those influences on the screen instead. Which isn't hard when one of those intended apes is a five-star classic.

What you get here, however, is a film that tries to capture the ridiculousness of British comedy and context with the energy of better and more ingenious filmmakers. Tries is the keyword throughout all of this film. It tries to be funny, it tries to be scary, it tries to foreshadow, it tries to have fun splatter, it tries to have meaningful characters and engaging villains.

The film tries to pack so much into it it never quite hits the mark. In its 103 minute run-time, Slaughterhouse Rulez tries to juggle multiple plot-lines that are never quite fleshed out enough, which in turn mean we never quite care enough. There are many a reference to the world building and history of what's come before the film going in, but it doesn't give us enough to really connect or think or feel.

It all just feels hollow and half-baked. Between the few good throwaway jokes and visual gags and embracing some practical horror effects (amongst boring ugly monster design), not to mention a supporting cast that sometimes shines (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the same film rock, but Michael Sheen once again is the scene-stealer), Slaughterhouse Rulez is otherwise another cheap attempt at British film-making unfortunately cast in the shadow of its great predecessors. It was never going to be a Shaun of the Dead, but it's so tragic that it's not even a St Trinian's.
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Takes Too Long to get Going
Slarkshark20 January 2021
As one who loves 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz' this was a bit disappointing. Pegg, Frost, and Sheen play supporting characters more or less, while the students are the main cast. They unfortunately don't bring enough comedy or drama to make you feel invested in them. And it feels as though two thirds of the movie goes by until something actually happens and it gets going.

Wasn't terrible or anything, but as a comedy/horror it just doesn't have enough of either.
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Disappointing Film
claudio_carvalho5 May 2020
"Slaughterhouse Rulez" is a disappointing film for fans of comedy, black-humor, drama, romance and horror. The silly plot does not satisfy any of the foregoing genres. The comedy is silly and not funny; the black humor is poor; the drama and the romance are shallow, almost inexistent; and the horror is ridiculous and not scary, with terrible special effects. The great cast is wasted and cannot save the film. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Escola da Morte" ("Death School")
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I'm sorry, but you're going to be disappointed
GoldenBlunderbuss3 November 2018
Just come out of watching what was billed as a horror comedy. What I saw was so little of either that even Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Michael Sheen couldn't salvage a comprehensive description of what this film is meant to be.

Expectations were always going to be high with the talent involved - a film in this genre with Pegg and Frost of course makes you think you might be about to witness a new instalment in the Cornetto trilogy - but even the performances from all involved (including Neil's dad from The Inbetweeners and a few glimpses of Margot Robbie) couldn't forge an enjoyable film.

There seems to be nothing that connects the story together. Plot threads go nowhere or end as abruptly as they were introduced. Sequences are edited to point of inducing nausea.

I'm really sorry, but I'm so disappointed by this film. My expectations weren't high going in, but it successfully limboed underneath even my lowest of expectations.

Best quote: "I don't want to die unfulfilled." - "I don't want to die a virgin." - "I don't want to die wearing Greek sandals!"
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Good Horror Comedy
Pairic7 November 2018
Slaughterhouse Rulez: This is the exclusive Public School from Hell, bullying at epic scales, mad sadistic prefects, especially Clegg (Tom Rhys-Harries), as Blake (Asa Butterfield) tells newcomer Wallace (Finn Cole): "Clegg comes from a long line of war criminals". Yes, Slaughterhouse provides the Nation with it's politicians, generals, captains of industry, spies and weirdos. Wallace is smitten by Clemsie (Hermione Corfield) but the gulf of noth class and school ranking separate them.

Fracking is taking place in the woods adjoining the school, facilitated by the links between the Headmaster "The Bat" (Michael Sheen) and Terrafrack boss (Alex Macqueen). A tribe of eco-warriors led by deranged ex-pupil Woody (Nick Frost) are out to sabotage this development. The drilling results earthquakes, sinkholes and methane gas leaks. But more than just that - monsters emerge from beneath the Earth.

A good Horror -Comedy enlivened by the totally crazy performances of the cast especially "The Bat" with his terrier Mr Chips. The fracking rig resembles Barad-dûr. Decapitations, dismemberment and people being eaten alive by the creatures are done for laughs but do provide a certain horror element. Some of the bullying is more disturbing, especially that of the younger pupils. 7/10.
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Perfectly Funny Little movie
jwscott-home8 July 2020
Perfectly Funny Little movie Full of laughs and chuckles. It's not meant to be an award nominee... but definitely worth a watch! Pegg is funny as always...
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Needed work
lusciousmuffins26 May 2021
This film seemed to be running in a lot of directions at once without getting anywhere.

It oscillated constantly between trying to be a farce, a horror flick, a comedy, a romance, a social commentary, and an environmental movie.

The problem is while it was bouncing around trying to condemn fracking, homophobia, teen suicide, classicism, British imperialism, private education, capitalism, and a bunch of other stuff, it gave short shrift to character and plot development.

The saddest part of all this is they had some stellar actors to work with, including: Michael Sheen, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Margot Robbie.

With that kind of star power this should have been a slam dunk, but it simply wasn't.

Instead of a hilarious horror comedy; this ended up being a big tangled mess of missed opportunities.

Between the plethora of plot points and the massive cast of characters, there was simply too much going on for the audience to get much out of the film.

When you're asked to care about everything and everyone all at once, the sad reality is you end up caring about none of it because Slaughterhouse Rulez never gives you a chance to get invested in any of the storylines beyond the surface level.

It's too bad someone with a stronger vision who understands that less is sometimes more had not gotten ahold of this script.

If someone had simply paired it down to a more streamline concept, this could have been spectacular.

Instead, it mostly ended up being a slightly frustrating and therefore largely forgettable mess.
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Form-Prefect of the Dead
bob-the-movie-man8 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Meredith Houseman (Simon Pegg) is housemaster of Sparta house in Slaughterhouse school: an ancient public school establishment steering England's future greats to greatness (which probably explains a lot about the current Brexit mess!). Houseman is not in a happy place, given that his girlfriend is now in deepest darkest African doing "good works" with handsome French doctors, and particularly that she is played by Margot Robbie: I would be also be sad... #punching!

New school starter Don Wallace (Finn Cole) is equally unhappy as he is a northern teen dragooned into attending the school by his well-meaning Mum (Jo Hartley). His strange room-mate Willoughby (Asa Butterfield) seems to be a chronic depressive; he is being picked on by the prefect-bully Clegg (Tom Rhys Harries); and his bed was previously occupied by a Viscount, since deceased under unpleasant circumstances that no-one wants to talk about. At least he has the distraction of the upper-sixth school goddess Clemsie Lawrence (Hermione Corfield) to take his mind off his woes.

All this washes over "The Bat" - the school's headmaster (Michael Sheen) - since he is engrossed in some shady deal with an evil corporation doing fracking in the school grounds. The fracking though seems to be doing more than just causing a few minor earth tremors, as ancient forces are unleashed.

The movie is positioned as a "comedy/horror", along the lines of "Shaun of the Dead". The film also has Frost and Pegg as executive producers and they also have starring roles in the film. But there the similarities really end: this is a "Cornetto film" without a cone of solid chocolate lurking at the bottom to enjoy.

The script (by director Crispian Mills and first-time screenwriter Henry Fitzherbert) is nowhere near as sharp as the Frost/Pegg scripts or their famous collaborations. The story overall makes precious little sense: it's a hodge-podge of elements from many Harry Potter films (especially "The Chamber of Secrets"), Lindsay Anderson's "If..."; and Roy Boulting's "The Guinea Pig"; with also a sprinkling of the anarchic essence of Michael Palin's classic "Tomkinson's Schooldays". The whole thing never manages to gel into a cohesive whole.

After the second reel, the film completely loses sight of the plot: there's a whole lot of running, screaming and dying going on but there's little logic behind any of it that I could fathom. What didn't help my comprehension of what was going on were some 'Cornetto-esque' sequences of manic editing. Images were thrown onto the screen so subliminally that any clever nuance was lost. I'm sure at one point there was a droll (if gross) segue at a "Roman orgy" of a girl receiving oral sex before being 'eaten out' in an entirely different way. But you would need a Blu-ray and a frame-by-frame pause function to get the joke.

That's not to say that I didn't laugh a few times along the way. There are some sight gags - for example, Wooten (Kit Connor) as the lad at the bottom of the bullying pecking order, chained to a U-bend - that made me laugh, and some running jokes - for example, Frost as the head of the anti-fracking camp offering the kids drugs at every encounter - that mildly amuse. But once again here's a British comedy that, like the atrocious "The Brits are Coming", thinks that "funny" largely revolves around swearing a lot - how useful that "frack" sounds so similar to another word - with added bodily dismemberment.

As for 'the turns', Pegg and Frost ham it up with their usual comedy schtick well enough, and it was quite fun to see Sheen try a comedy role for a change as the conniving and supercilious headmaster. Elsewhere all the young cast put their hearts into it, but it's again Asa Butterfield that your eyes gravitate to, due to his striking features. I last saw Asa in the excellent if harrowing WW1 drama "Journey's End", and he here proves again that he is a One Mann's Movies 'name to watch for the future'.

Overall, there's a lot to irritate in this film. From the "z" in the title to... well... about 80% of the film. There is no nuance or subtlety to either the writing or the direction. I think that's a great shame. The film has a good premise hidden in there. An adult comedy set around the ridiculous rules and rites of public schools (away from the light nonsense of "St Trinians") is overdue. And the whole subject of fracking, and the conflicts surrounding the controversial techniques, hasn't yet - to my knowledge - been explored in a fictional movie. The film does have a few very funny moments. But as a whole I left the cinema with that "wasted two hours" feeling. Not recommended.

(For the full graphical review please check out One Mann's Movies on Facebook. Thanks).
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Hey Dude - that sucked!
BA_Harrison24 February 2019
Pupils at an exclusive boarding school find themselves fighting for their lives when a fracking company accidentally releases subterranean monsters from the labyrinthine tunnels beneath the school grounds.

The trailer for Slaughterhouse Rulez was pretty terrible, but nothing could have adequately prepared me for just how abysmal the film actually is. A horror/comedy produced by and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, it's an embarrassment to the British film industry, the complete antithesis of Shaun of the Dead, neither scary nor funny.

Writer/director Crispian Mills' storytelling is sloppy, to say the least, and he's not helped by his cast: Pegg, Frost and Michael Sheen (as the school's headmaster) give what must be the worst performances of their careers, and the younger actors and actresses follow suit. The film is so bad that I'm actually surprised it got a release of any sort, never mind a brief stint at the cinema.

In the future, I will be keeping an eye out for new films from Mills (frontman of '90s indie band Kula Shaker) - so that I can stay the hell away. My advice: stick to making music Mills... you're better at it (then again, you're probably a better brain surgeon than you are a director!).
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All slaughter, no rule
TheLittleSongbird4 November 2018
Actually really wanted to like 'Slaughterhouse Rulez'. There have been many great horror/comedy films, the cast and premise sounded promising and the advertising was attention-grabbing. Have also liked to love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's previous collaborations, especially 'Shaun of the Dead', and think they work great together and really shine individually when the material is good.

'Slaughterhouse Rulez' turned out to be a bitter disappointment. Not one of the very worst films of 2018 (miles away from being one of the best though) but one of the most underwhelming ones. And in a way that's really frustrating because it had so much potential and had all the ingredients to work, more so than quite a lot of films this year. This was an example of a film that should not have gone wrong with the amount of things it had going for it, but did so relatively big time with severely wanting execution in most areas.

There is not an awful lot sadly that's good. Actually thought that the film briefly started off reasonably well, there is a little foreboding mixed with a little amusement and angst. The momentum does pick up a little towards the end, after having to wait too long to get there with the rest of the film being as flawed as it is.

Found too there was the odd amusing moment, like the "I don't want to die..." lines and some early foreboding. The school is a nice atmospheric setting, some of the film is well shot and the cast do try gamely.

However, there is too much that works against 'Slaughterhouse Rulez'. The story is just all over the place, with a very disjointed structure and mixture of tones and gets increasingly muddled and disconnected. Too many threads come out of the blue, resolve too easily and hastily and nothing really is done with them, there are some one questions why they are even there. The orgy scene was very strange, random and very out of place. The cast do try their best but the material, Crispian Mills' inexperienced-feeling (and this was actually his second film) direction and shallow characters work against them. Pegg and Frost's chemistry has been far more natural in their other collaborations and likewise with their performances, while Michael Sheen is wasted. Asa Butterfield (who doesn't come off too badly) fares best here.

Much of the film doesn't look particularly appealing, with effects that look like they would even look out of date in the 50s and editing that is so chaotic and dizzying that it did make me physically ill. 'Slaughterhouse Rulez' doesn't work well as either a comedy or horror and don't work any better together. Apart from the odd amusing moment the comedy is predictable and often cheap with little signs of wit. Meanwhile the horror elements fall completely flat, again because of predictability but also because of a lack of suspense or creepiness, it also would have helped if the monsters actually looked good, had some kind of personality and were used less. 'Slaughterhouse Rulez' also tries to throw in some other elements, found the satirical elements nowhere near sharp enough and the social commentary and environmental awareness aspect heavy-handed and muddled the film further. The whole film felt disjointed, over-stuffed and tonally messy.

Overall, not a waste of time but it is one of the year's biggest potential wastes. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Fracking good fun
mark-34171 November 2018
This film has been pretty comprehensively savaged - I'm in the minority who actually enjoyed it. Okay it's disjointed, but as kitsch horror nonsense - with a splendid scenery gnawing turn from Michael Sheen it worked for me. Disengage brain, enjoy a romp. May have an afterlife as camp b-movie fun when it inevitably reaches Netflix. The young cast are also good.
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Good fun.
deloudelouvain14 March 2019
If you expect hilarious moments or suspenseful horror scenes that will make you look away than you will be disappointed. It hasn't hilarious humor but just some lighthearted subtle comedy moments and it's not hardcore scary but just entertaining horror. Slaughterhouse Rulez is just fun to watch once, just don't expect too much out of it. The acting wasn't bad at all so that's a good point because with horror comedies most of the times the acting is quite bad. It might not be a movie for everyone but to me it worked.
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It may play by the rules, but it always has fun while it does.
Pjtaylor-96-1380445 November 2018
Though it is always clear and forward-moving, the story is, especially in retrospection, a little messy. 'Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)' does feature some nice, if heavy-handed, themes and messages, but they ultimately don't amount to much more than "this is bad, isn't it?" The film also conforms quite heavily to the confines of its genre, hitting practically every cue and cliché it can while always seeming to be aware it is doing so, yet never going the extra step to satirise any of it. Still, the flick has a consistent style, several distinct characters and an excellent sense of tone, meaning that, even if it's never exactly funny (to the point of being 'laugh-out-loud', at least), it's always a lot of fun. It's an entertaining horror-comedy that works both before and after all hell breaks loose towards its final third, in which its horrors are all rendered with a wonderful, splattery practicality. The flick feels very much in the vein of the phenomenal 'Cornetto' trilogy, but, make no mistake, it doesn't come anywhere close to it in terms of quality. Despite this, it's still a very enjoyable, though pretty predictable, experience that remains engaging throughout. 7/10
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Daft horror spoof, daft but fun
neil-47610 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Nouveau riche north country working class lad Don gets sent to posh private school Slaughterhouse, where he is roomed with troubled Willoughby. The school has recently become co-ed, the posh old-boy head is determinedly trendy and has allowed fracking to take place in school grounds. And the fracking is disturbing aeons-old tunnels underground... Meanwhile teacher Meredith Houseman is having trouble coping with a girlfriend who has gone off to Africa, and anti-fracking campaigners are camping in the woods.

If I tell you that Simon Pegg plays Meredith and Nick Frost is leader of the drug-dealing anti-fracking hippies, you will gather that this isn't entirely serious. Indeed, Michael Sheen's deliriously silly headmaster sees him having more fun than he's had in ages. The young cast is also good, particularly Asa Butterfield as Willoughby and Tom Rhys Harries as Clegg, the Flashman equivalent.

There is a nod to Lindsay Anderson's If... but this is far broader and more comedic, albeit full of profanity and some fairly graphic violence. It is the only film I'm aware of which has an orgy scene in Latin with subtitles which, I think, is something to be treasured.

Oh, and don't be fooled by the top billing given to Margot Robbie on IMDB's listings. Yes, she's in it, but it's no more than a cameo.

The name of the school plays on Charterhouse, Porterhouse etc., other names calling out to English public schools. It could have done without the unnecessary and uncomfortably on-trend "z" and the end of Rulez, though.

Oh, by the way, as a horror spoof with fracking and English public school lampooning as the main setting, it is quite good fun.
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noelcorless31 October 2018
I only saw it through until the end, because I had nothing better to do. Nick Frost was wasted. Simon Pegg was better but I've had funnier trips to the dentist.
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Great movie!
Green-Bubble17 November 2019
I had this movie in my watchlist for months, but I avoided watching it, because of all the negative reviews. I have absolutely no idea why so many people have rated this movie so low, because it is awesome! I am a fan of horror comedies and this was a great one. Great storyline, great cast and great direction.
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No control
adamjohns-4257523 April 2021
I'm not saying that I was ever Pegg & Frost's biggest fan, I liked 'Hot Fuzz', but was disappointed by 'Shaun Of The Dead' and couldn't even bring myself to watch 'Paul' or 'World's End', however I feel that they have hit a really bum note with this one. It's like 'St Trinian's' meets 'Doctor Who' with a bit of 'Stranger Things' thrown in towards the end, but without any of the bits that make those shows good.

The premise itself could have been tweaked to make a relatively acceptable episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' or low budget horror film, but this films producers went off on a very weird tangent with it.

I was quite appalled to find that the usually outstanding Asa Butterfield would agree to be a part of this, but he does his best with a terrible script and direction.

Also, thank God for Finn Cole, who at least provided some eye-candy (He was 23 when the film was made so it's ok to fancy him!).

The veteran actors - Pegg, Frost and Sheen were all extremely over the top and farcical. Even Alistair Sim's headmistress wasn't that camp and ridiculous.

The special effects were awful as well, if you do watch it look out for the penis with teeth!

I should have trusted my instincts and removed this terrible thing from my screen when I had judged it to be awful after five minutes.

Maybe Simon and Nick should include this in their "Ice Cream Attacked By A Seagull And Dropped On The Floor" Trilogy?
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Wildly underrated
thomasjay-220112 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What a little surprise this was. I'd been aware of this when it was first released but missed it in cinemas when I had the chance however thanks to Sky Cinema it became quickly available to watch. This upfront is a VERY British film in itself featuring some fairly A list Brits known in our media industry and some rising stars and such has the same comedy, subtle but also quite physical and can be easily missed. Taking a stand on fracking it can be enjoyed in multiple levels and then some. Overall however it's a school based, pretty outlandish comedy splashed with elements of horror that for me did at least in some form manage to fill the gaping void of Pegg/Frost that many people share with myself, a decent little watch
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The Sinkhole!
kffiatek1 October 2020
This one is beyond limits, even for a Netflix low budget movie. Plot unfolds so slow, it almost makes you feel the pain of the entire film crew. Characters are exaggerated to the extent of war propaganda films. Everything is so obvious. Netflix feeds children with really cheap spam today. The only bright side of this miserable production is the role of Asa Butterfield, but I'd better watched Ender's Game again.
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Don't waste your time
joedante20 February 2019
The only reason anyone would watch this are Pegg and Frost, and both are completely wasted in this movie. The first tiny piece of action starts after 50 minutes into the film. Not funny, no gore, nothing new. A big disappointment.
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Not even close to any of the Cornetto movies
abisio21 February 2019
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost !!! Michael Sheen, Margot Robbie and Asa Butterfiled too !!!! Comedy and Horror !!!! . You could not go wrong; it basically seeem another addition to the Cornetto Trilogy. Sadly it does not even come close.

Simon's character is more annoying than funny; Nick Frost gets some better lines but not enough and following his speedy talk is not that easy. Sheen shows he can do comedy; but his character is underwritten. Robbie is basically a cameo. Asa Butterfield is perhaps the only one able to give an extra dimension to his character.

There is an obvious homage to older British cinema and could almost work if at least were funnier and a better written script.

In brief; see it in DVD
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Quite a challenge to get through.
benhume19724 March 2019
As the title says, this is quite a good challenge. Making it to the end you feel a sense of achievement, as if you have accomplished something great. Challenge yourself today.
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