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Insults One's Intelligence
larrys32 January 2019
I just found this movie to be quite awful, with terribly lame and stilted dialogue throughout.

Jimmy (David Arquette), Rachel (Allie Gonino), and Scott (Ryan Donowho) form a band called Hollow Body. Gonino is the lead singer and has an appealing voice, to go with her sultriness and charisma.

However, one night suffering from stage fright, she's struck by lightning in a car with her mother who had come to drive her home. Thereafter, Gonino becomes some type of a possessed electrically charged demon. Yes, it does sound ridiculous and it is.

I would say do yourself a favor and avoid this turkey, as it's seriously hokey and below even B-movie quality, in my opinion.

To note, there were no subtitles on my DVD copy.
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Fizzles More Than It Rocks
nebk23 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Lightning Strike also known as Hollow Body is a cheesy horror film in which Jimmy (David Arquette) a one-hit wonder musician and producer tries to restart his rock career by forming a new band with two young musicians Scott and Rachel (Ryan Donowho & Allie Gonino) who crashed his birthday party. Things go badly when their first show is a disaster with Rachel's stage fright. Things get worse when she is hit by lightning, killed and resurected as something else. Instead of a shy timid singer she becomes a extroverted rock godess and the band becomes successful. The only problem is she burns and sucks out energy out of her victims.

Overall the idea was promising but the movie goes nowhere and is ultimately slow and boring. The narration by Jimmy gets tedious after awhile. The role of Luke Wilson as a music promoter/producer brings nothing to the film and the music is bland and generic. Overall a poor effort that tries to be rock and roll cool but fizzles out.
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Couldn't even get halfway through
KiddNicole5239026 July 2020
Everything was terrible. The acting. The FX. There's nonstop narration that's just terrible. Don't waste your time.
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Bizarre mess with one fantastic asset
revellian28 April 2019
Disjointed story with a slight cornball factor but wasn't boring. It did offer one spectacular treasure and that's Allie Gonino's hypnotic hotness and presence. Hey I'm a male and she was stunning, ultra-sexy, and captivating. Her singing performance in the film was killer rock babe heaven with a great voice. She's one of the most devilishly delicious female actors I've seen and I hope she has better upcoming roles. Yes indeed...
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Low Wattage
JoeB13125 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has several titles, including "Hollow Body", "Lightening Strike" and "High Voltage". That's almost always a bad sign, that they are selling the thing to several streaming services trying to find the widest audience.

So a couple of party crashing musicians crash the party of a washed up rock star, when they all discover a young female talent who has something. So they form a band. However, after a gig goes badly, she goes home with her stage mom, when they are struck by lightening.

They shy girl suddenly takes on her mom's bad tendencies, where she proceeds to kill people by frying them. The rest of her band kind of knows what's going on, but they keep going along with it anyway. After some misadventures, they go to the big climax... which is resolved with a voice over.

Come to think, a lot of things involved voice overs where a scene would have been better. Important rule of story telling- Show, don't tell!

David Arquette is pretty good as the narrator/lead. The other actors are trying, I guess, but the action is slow.
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Desperation strikes again and again!
barrylanejr18 January 2019
High Voltage rocks harder than expected! Whether you long for retribution, youth or love you will find a world that responds to lust and greed in the most electrifying of ways. It may be a shock to realize what remains after the storm blows over. Should there be a time for reflection or do we rock on?
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Rock'n'roll is here to slay
Woodyanders1 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Burgeoning rock singer Rachel (a strong and smoldering portrayal by the gorgeous Allie Gonino) gets struck and killed by a bolt of lightning. Rachel returns to life as an insanely hot, confident, and desirable super rock babe with a mesmerizing stage presence. However, Rachel now also possesses deadly electrical powers and needs to drain energy from men on a regular basis to keep herself alive.

Writer/director Alex Keledjian relates the enjoyably loopy story at a constant pace, nicely captures the seedy decadence of the rock music world, maintains a generally serious tone throughout, and tops things off with an amusing sense of self-mocking humor. David Arquette has a ball with his juicy role as the faded and cynical 80's one hit wonder rock god who becomes the manager of Rachel's band, Ryan Donowho does well as nice guy guitarist and songwriter Scott, and Luke Wilson lends sturdy support as sleazy record company executive Rick. The songs are really catchy and tuneful. Dangerously seductive vampire-ish succubus Rachel manages to be both sexy and scary in equal measure. Cameron Duncan's sharp widescreen cinematography provides an impressive stylish look. A cool flick.
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