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Brash, slick entertainment
Leofwine_draca20 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
A typical modern action comedy: brash, noisy, crude, seemingly directed by a hyperactive child. This makes the frequent action difficult to enjoy although there's something to be said for the slickness of it all and the pop culture references which count for something. Daniel Radcliffe plays the lead as a kind of geeky character while Samara Weaving gets a lot more interesting femme fatale role. The plot and characters are paper thin while the rest is hyper stylised and completely over the top. I rather liked the colour scheme and comic book feel which reminded me of POLAR for instance, but the rest isn't really my cup of tea.
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fun for awhile
SnoopyStyle22 May 2020
Slacker coder Miles Lee Harris (Daniel Radcliffe) is trying to get back with his ex Nova. He likes to troll other online trolls. He makes the wrong enemy in Skizm, an underground killing-for-entertainment society. They follow their leader Riktor in breaking into his apartment and knocking him out. He wakes up with two guns bolted to his hands. He receives texts telling him that he has 24 hours to kill expert player Nix (Samara Weaving).

The premise is fun but it can get repetitive and tiresome. It reminds me a lot of Crank which is a bit better than this. Radcliffe has this adorable personality which keeps the movie going for the first half. At some point, the concept wears thin and the movie loses the thread. I'm not sure if it's Nix's convoluted story or the unrelenting action grind. It stops mattering. So it's fun for a good while and then it's not.
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Never bring a spork to a gunfight
nogodnomasters15 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
For fans who loved the grindhouse action-comedy style of "Smokin' Aces," we have "Guns Akimbo." Miles (Daniel Radcliffe ) is a mild-mannered pacifist who trolls the trolls. He gets flagged by a web page called "Skizm." "Skizm" operates an illegal operation of having criminals and psychos kill each other. The top killer is a psycho named Nix (Samara Weaving) who has a Harley Quinn quality to her, without the silly garb. Her last kill is to be Miles who recently has undergone a body enhancement by having guns nailed to his hands. He is not happy about the situation but is coerced into the competition run by "The Starbucks of Murder."

Miles's use of an inhaler added a little something to his character. The action is inane by design. It uses cover songs of older music.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity
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Glued in
kosmasp18 July 2020
The poster is quite great and I still didn't notice the thing about the hands and the guns. I reckon those who watched closely and/or watched the trailer know or knew beforehand what was going to happen. Nice thing to do, if you can call this a nice thing.

What isn't a nice thing, is what the German distribution company did to this. For some reason they believed they should release this in a cut form (around a minute of footage is gone for a 16 rating in cinemas). At least those who were lucky enough to watch it in Sneak Previews or special screenings. Anyone else who watched this without knowing: I feel for you. I almost would have been trapped too ... not a good thing at all.

And speaking of not good things, this is not all fun and games. Well it mostly is, but it has a darker side to it, that you may or may not like. "Keeping it real" sort of thing. It does not always appeal or appease and please the audience the way some might have wanted. Good or bad? Up to you - but overall very well done
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Great brain-in-neutral over the top action
Tweekums17 July 2021
Miles Lee Harris is a computer programmer... a drone working for a company he hates. His life is not great but it is about to get worse; much worse. After trolling those who watch 'Skizm', a live streamed death match, he has a visit from those who run the game. They drug him and when he wakes up he literally has a gun bolted to each hand. He is told that he has twenty four hours to kill Nix, a crazed gunslinger girl who is the games top killer. Surviving won't be easy... he can't even put on his own trousers anymore! What follows is almost non-stop action as our unlikely protagonist struggles to survive and turn the tables on those who put him in this predicament.

If you want realism or something deep and meaningful you will hate this; however if you just want to relax with some mindless action it is a delight. From start to finish the action barely lets up. There are chases; shootouts and general mayhem! In the few moments when people aren't trying to kill Miles we get laughs as he struggles to cope, unable to hold anything, and gets help from a homeless crack addict. It must be said the action is very violent and the language is robust, which may put off some viewers and means it is definitely unsuitable for younger viewers. Daniel Radcliffe impresses as Miles and Samara Weaving is a lot of fun as Nix; the rest of the cast are decent enough; clearly having fun hamming it up with the deliberately over the top story. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to fans of films like 'John Wick' and 'Shoot 'em Up'... it delivers crazy, over-the-top violent action while never taking itself too seriously.
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Painfully bad.
BA_Harrison17 March 2020
I didn't realise that it was Samara Weaving playing gun-toting kick-ass chick Nix in Guns Akimbo until she screamed... that horrible, grating, warbling sound that has ground my gears in several of her previous movies. Of course, Weaving's scream alone isn't enough to warrant a 1/10 rating, so what else about this film made my blood boil?

The basic premise is sound enough, and Daniel Radcliffe isn't quite as unbearable as I figured he might be (based on what little I have seen of him in those Potter movies), but Jason Lei Howden's script is utterly diabolical and his direction even worse. Imagine that films can procreate: if Neveldine and Taylor's Crank got freaky with Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the result would be a lot like Guns Akimbo, which features the worst aspects of the aforementioned movies (both of which I found fairly intolerable). There's ADHD editing, naff camera trickery, and irritating graphics that routinely pop up on the screen-a noisy profusion of horrible modern movie-making gimmickry masquerading as style.

The acting is terrible: the cast are clearly going for excess, but nothing can excuse the godawful over-the-top performance from Ned Dennehy as tattooed bad-guy Riktor, who is more comical than comic-book. Weaving aims for badassery, but is just bad. The less said about the guy playing the bum in the alleyway the better. Still, working from Howden's script can't have been easy: the dialogue the actors are forced to spout is truly awful and not nearly as cool or as quotable or as funny as intended ("Never bring a spork to a gunfight." - oh how I laughed!). The pathetic pop culture references just add to the annoyance.

Howden actually impressed me with his previous film, the tongue-in-cheek heavy metal horror Deathgasm: it wasn't perfect, but it was enjoyable. Guns Akimbo is about as much fun as stepping on a three pin plug barefoot.

1.5/10, rounded down to 1/10 for the trite 'bullet-proof vest' plan explained to us at length in a rewound flashback, as though we're too dumb to figure it out for ourselves.
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Sets an example for this genre
Gordon-1129 February 2020
This film is so cool! The idea is fresh, the moves are cool and the visuals are stylish. Daniel Radcliffe delivers a great performance is a non killer that does the job! This film sets an example for this genre of film. I love it.
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A Blast From Fade-In to Fadeout
zardoz-133 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Daniel Radcliffe has been struggling since the "Harry Potter" franchise ended with "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" (2011) to distance himself from J.K. Rowling's adolescent warlock and prove his chops as an actor. Just about every movie he has appeared in since "Harry Potter" bears little resemblance to "Harry Potter," with the unforgettable "Swiss Army Man" (2016) topping the list. Indeed, Radcliffe has taken roles not only like "Swiss Army Man" where he played a corpse, but also other bizarre co-starring roles like Igor in "Victor Frankenstein" (2015) with James McAvoy as Mary Shelley's mad scientist. In the biographical "Kill Your Darlings" (2013), Radcliffe played Allen Ginsburg, one of the germinal poets of the Beat Generation. Ginsburg and fellow writers William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac rose to prominence during this post-World War II literary movement. Flatly rejecting status quo social values, these writers fooled around non-Christian religions and fiddled with psychedelic drugs, sexual freedom, while shunning materialism. Radcliffe followed "Kill Your Darlings" with the supernatural saga "Horns" (2013) where a pair of satanic horns erupted from his forehead after his girlfriend died under mysterious circumstances. In "Imperium," he portrayed a clean-cut FBI agent who infiltrated a terrorist group and thwarted their goal to build a dirty bomb. Before he starred in the 'anything goes' histrionics of "Guns Akimbo," he played real-life, anti-apartheid protester Tim Jenkin who broke out of a South African slammer in "Escape from Pretoria." Mind you, for the moviegoers weaned on the runaway success of the "Harry Potter" franchise, Radcliffe will always be the perennially youthful magician apprentice.

Imagine Daniel Radcliffe replacing Keanu Reeves as sharp-shooting assassin John Wick, and you'll have a clue what occurs in this driven, punk-rock rehash of "The Tenth Victim" (1965) meets "Hard Target" (1993). "Deathgasm" writer & director Jason Lei Howden's second film "Guns Akimbo" qualifies as a slam-bang, high-octane, adrenaline-laced, action-comedy that neither squanders a second nor wears out its welcome. Not only will Howden's film hypnotize you with its giddy, gymnastic, action choreography, but it will also horrify you with its gratuitous gunplay and exploding, splatter-gore headshots. Our inconspicuous hero, Miles Lee Harris (Daniel Radcliffe of "Jungle"), lives and works in Shrapnel City as a computer game code monkey. An adolescent hero worshipper in mind and heart, he clutters the shelves of his man cave with action-figures galore and papers his walls with movie posters like "Rambo: First Blood, Part 2" and "Commando." Of course, he shares nothing in common with John Wick, but he will find himself dodging almost as many bullets from a relentless opponent.

Somehow, Miles has managed to maintain the curiosity of his ex-girlfriend, Nova (Natasha Liu Bordizzo of "Hotel Mumbai"), despite their break-up. If two can tango, you wonder what Nova still sees in Miles. Perhaps, Harry Potter! Radcliffe takes full advantage of his little, lost, puppy dog looks. Naturally, as the lowest man on the totem pole Miles must suck up to his abusive boss, Zander (Richard Knowles of "Out of the Blue") who stops at nothing to bully him at work. Happily, Howden introduces these colorful characters and their complications in the first ten minutes and then devotes the remaining 87 minutes earning the MPAA's R-rating "for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language, drug use, sexual references and brief graphic nudity" as they collide with each other in a hail of gunfire. Our harmless hero gets himself in trouble when he slights the wrong message board trolls. Bursting into his apartment, they rough him up and smash his laptop. When he doesn't succumb to a poke in the face, they shoot a tranquilizer dart into his neck. In a grimy surgical suite, automatic pistols are bolted into each of his hands, with traction pins sunk into his fingers, so his hands are wrapped around the handles of the two pistols. Each of the ammo magazines that feed his guns bristles with fifty rounds. A digit counter on each automatic tallies the ammo remaining. No, Miles cannot physically remove the firearms from his hands. Opening doors, using his cell phone, gobbling the occasional snack, and even urinating pose supreme challenges. One of the funniest scenes finds Miles sharing an alley with a crackhead, Glenjamin (Rhys Darby of "Pirate Radio) who convinces him suicide is never a viable option.

The man behind the maniacs who abducted Miles is a wicked-looking, skin-head with a heavily tattooed face who doesn't suffer fools gladly. Richter (Ned Dennehy of "Child 44") presides over a no-holds-barred, underground, on-line, murder game called SKISM. Richter broadcasts real-world death grudge matches, with no rules except the winner survives while the loser dies. This scaled-down version of the venerable "Battle Royale" (2000) finds our vegetarian protagonist ill-prepared for the gauntlet that awaits him. Before this manhunt ends, Miles has to add the police to his list of adversaries. When the cop stuns him with a Taser, our hero accidentally shoots the cop as a reaction to the Tasing. Meantime, this death-defying showdown is nothing compared to the bloodthirsty foe that Richter dispatches to blast Miles into mincemeat. Earlier, Nix (Samara Weaving of "Mayhem") escaped from prison, and she is described as "armed and extremely dangerous." She has no qualms against killing, and she packs some pretty heavy artillery to each firefight. Nix destroys an illegal cocaine factory and wipes all 26 hoodlums inside without running out of bullets. Nothing Miles pleads with Nix to call a truce. According to Nix, SKISM has promised to wipe her criminal record clean once she ices Miles. Daniel Radcliffe never misses a chance to make a laughingstock of himself. He cuts quite a woebegone figure scrambling desperately around town in his bathrobe, shorts, and striped tiger slippers with SKISM drones hovering on his heels. Every character here displays more depth than you would imagine, especially Miles' trigger-happy foe Nix who still suffers from some bizarre family memories. Whether you enjoy it or not, you won't forget "Guns Akimbo."
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Violent and funny
neil-47624 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Miles is an ineffectual computer drone, picked on at work, and recently dumped by his surprisingly hot (ex-)girlfriend. He relieves some of his pent-up frustration by trolling his (honest) negative opinions on streaming site Skysm, on which drones and CCTV follow combatants as they try to kill each other, current reigning champion being the murderous young woman Nix. Riktor, the man behind Skism, doesn't take kindly to this and, after a period of unconsciousness, Miles wakes up to find a pair of pistols surgically attached to his hands and Nix on his trail.

This bears more than a little similarity to the Crank movies, both in terms of plot and directorial stylistic devices (see also Scott Pilgrim). This doesn't mean it's not entertaining, because it is, albeit a lot of the action is John Wick-style blowing away faceless minions in a videogame (which, after all, is why people tune in to Skysm).

The reason for watching this is that it is often very funny and Daniel Radliffe, playing a character similar to Ig in Horns, turns out to be pretty good at physical comedy - it's tricky using a mobile phone when your hands are bolted to guns! (also carrying out certain other fairly personal tasks).

I enjoyed this.
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Good action scenes in a not flawless story, certainly worth watching.
deloudelouvain16 March 2020
I was going to rate this movie with seven stars but after thinking about it Guns Akimbo deserves an eight, especially in this genre of movie. The excellent cinematography makes this movie stand out from the rest. Jason Lei Howden did a good job directing and writing this movie. There are some flaws in the story but if you can just pass that then you should have a pleasant time watching this movie full of action scenes. Visually it's all quality shooting, the different angles, the fast pace and slow motions shots are all perfect, it's an unique and interesting style of filmmaking. Daniel Radcliffe isn't the little boy Harry Potter anymore, he's done plenty of good movies by now, he doesn't stick to one kind of character, on the contrary he played several of different characters since the Harry Potter saga and once again he showed us all that he's a good actor. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a sequel for this one, I would for sure watch it.
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All Style & No Substance Makes 'Guns Akimbo' A Dumb Delight
CinemaClown15 March 2020
From the writer-director of Deathgasm comes a frenetic & frantic action comedy that finds Daniel Radcliffe once again playing the role of a boy who becomes the chosen one, except this time it doesn't take place in a world of witchcraft & wizardry but one where a criminal organisation runs an underground fight club and streams death matches between criminals & psychos online.

Written & directed by Jason Lei Howden, his sophomore effort has the same wild, deranged energy of his debut feature but it is also a step down in every way. It's a ludicrous premise that is executed without agency, and goes total bonkers with its surface-level plot packed with over-the-top violence & awful attempts at humour. However, its manic quality can still appease some viewers.

Even if one takes the story & setting at face value, it doesn't really hit the sweet spot where you can just embrace & enjoy everything that the director throws at the screen, for there are moments of stupidity that ruin a potentially good sequence almost every time as Howden has no clue when n where to stop. Daniel Radcliffe is fine, Samara Weaving is badass but their characters are still terribly sketched.

Overall, Guns Akimbo dives headfirst into camp, and offers an intermittently fun & gleefully violent extravaganza but it's so unfocused, unfleshed & uninteresting that it only manages to impress in bits n pieces. As forgettable as it is frenzied, it is a mediocre effort at best that's all style & no substance, and not in a good way. Dull, bland & a tad too smug, Howden's latest is as clueless & idiotic as his controversial tweets.
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Edvis-199713 June 2020
Sorry but why this movie is so overrated? Like come on... Acting was pretty bad from everyone in the cast. Plot was one huge misunderstanding... So many plot jumps and mistakes it was really very hard to watch because it's so cringe and annoying. Half of audience from cinema didn't even watch whole film they left in the middle. I can't even say anything good about it, it was too blank for me.
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Kill or Be Killed
westsideschl10 April 2021
Fairly high on the all time movie's kill list by one or two characters. From what the viewer sees it was ballpark Nix 73; Miles 34. Some cheap graphics used for some storyline explanations. Shootouts not at all realistic; most were incredulously humorous. Still another, seen before, script of an ordinary citizen (computer nerd in this case) being forced into a game of survival - kill or be killed.

A couple of twisty creative positives raised its score.
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tabuno29 April 2020
Daniel Radcliffe of lingering Harry Potter fame stars in this action thriller dark comedy. With a lot of guns, blood, and gore, this Kill Bill offshoot transforms killing into a reality television game show. Mostly bad people end up on the dead heap. Yet the movie continues its darker and darker turn until the end becomes one of whether the real ending was the real ending. It seems that Guns Akimbo ends up being a rather scattered "flung out widely or haphazardly" swerving movie. Trying to be different, it definitely flies in the face of the typical storyline and it has its creative moments, yet it also can't quite gel into a completely emotionally satisfying resolution in the way for example Keanu Reeves gets to in Constantine (2005). Comparable to Sucker Punch (2011).
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Good fun, for those with appetite for this sort of things
harry_tk_yung16 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
If I had not seen Daniel Radcliffe recently as a corpse, one, mind you, that refuses to shut up ("Swiss Army Man"), I would have thought his character, Miles, in "Guns Akimbo" weird. Miles has the hall mark of an ordinary nobody until something strange happens to him. At work, he is a galley slave in a software development outfit, wasting away at mundane coding. At home, his only friend is the Internet. Oh, he has an ex-girlfriend Nova (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) and they are still on friendly terms.

In his Internet world, there is universe called Skizm, which involves the real world. What Skizm does, under the mastermind of a villain called Riktor (Ned Dennehy), is to arrange one-on-one, end-in-death face offs between shady characters. The deadly activities are monitored by drones and streamed live online, with viewership in the millions. The ranking champion is Nix (Samara Weaving), a totally badass young women with unmatched talents for slaughter.

Somehow, Riktor's gang breaks into Miles's humble abode and knocks him out. When he wakes up, he finds that each of his hands has been fastened to a handgun. While becoming a deadly weapon himself, Miles now is in the predicament of needing help in simple things such as dressing himself. The only way to get out of this is to track down and kill Nix before she kills him. When he tries to hid, Riktor has Nova kidnapped to force his hand, eh, his gun, I mean. So much for the plot.

The moviemakers and actors have done a decent job in getting silly, gory, outrageous fun out of the material, for people with appetite for that sort of thing. As well, there is more story to the plot than what I described.
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So epic I'm surprised Guns Akimbo didn't have a wide theater release
UniqueParticle10 March 2020
I'm happy I rented this for $6.99, it's stylish and unique! Love the soundtrack and how wild it is. Shame it got hate especially for ridiculous reasons like to much violence no that's a good thing! Quite a glorious adventure with very weird characters that I appreciate.
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Thanos_Alfie28 June 2020
"Guns Akimbo" is a Comedy - Action movie in which we watch a young man getting into a crazy game and he has to save his ex-girlfriend from some kidnappers.

I found this movie interesting and funny in some moments. It also reminded me of the movies "Crank" of 2006 and "Crank: High Voltage" of 2009 regarding its concept and about the plot it reminded me the movie "Gamer" of 2009 with which I found many similarities. The interpretations of both Daniel Radcliffe who played as Miles and Samara Weaving who played as Nix were very good and they both did a great job. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to spend his / her free time laughing and having a good time.
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An ADHD action event that runs out of steam before the final boss fight
eddie_baggins22 March 2020
Similar in DNA to fellow Red Bull infused action/thrillers Crank, Hardcore Henry and Gamer, Guns Akimbo is the type of ADHD suffering offering that barely pauses for breath on its quest to mask the fact it's not actually as smart or funny as it thinks it is.

Films like Crank and too a far lesser extent Gamer exist as enjoyable pieces of popcorn munching entertainment (or the perfect pizza and a movie double bill) because they're filled with wonderfully over the top characters, fun performances and thrilling direction and while Guns Akimbo does have these elements in some form, they never combine together in a way that makes us totally invested in Harry Potter's quest to survive a deadly underground real life video game.

Directed by New Zealand filmmaker Jason Lei Howden, whose virtually killed his career in the space of mere weeks after vile Twitter attacks aimed at film critics and industry writers, Guns Akimbo casts Daniel Radcliffe as bored office worker Miles, whose online trolling gets him in a spot of bother when he awakes one day to find his hands bolted to a pair of loaded pistols and tasked with killing Samara Weaving's Nix, all as a ploy as part of the murderous online game known as Skizm.

Clearly throughout, Howden is having a go at our online, gaming and sadistic human habits but you're not going to be coming out of this film feeling like you've learned something, as a majority of its run-time is taken up with Miles shouting expletives as he tries to escape the clutches of Nix's attacks across a crowded city-scape.

Howden struggles to land any really solid jokes in what is supposed to be a self-lampooning action/comedy hybrid, with even the usually sure fire bet Rhy's Darby as a creepy crack-smoking hobo failing to ignite proceedings and while Guns Akimbo's action at times is frenetic and neatly filmed, it lacks that real magic mojo that the best of the genre has to offer.

It's a shame, as Radcliffe's continual push to do pretty much everything to take him away from the wizarding world remains an intriguing thing to watch and he gives this performance a lot of energy, while Ready or Not break out star Samara Weaving looks the part but doesn't make much of a mark as Nix, as the two solid performers fail to get Guns Akimbo to the next level as it lumbers along its way.

Final Say -

There's some great ideas in Guns Akimbo but they're not executed well as Howden's film runs out of lives well before the final boss fight.

2 cold hot dogs out of 5
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Gamer + Suicide Squad = mindless fun entertainment with stunning visuals
Top_Dawg_Critic29 February 2020
This is VFX pro Jason Lei Howden's 2nd full length feature film as newb writer and director, and he delivered. Think Gamer meets Suicide Squad and you end up with mindless fun entertainment with stunning visuals, and I do mean stunning. The story was fun and the directing on point with excellent cinematography and VFX. I was pleasantly surprised that Daniel Radcliffe pulled off his character extremely well. For that matter, all cast performances were great. The score was very fitting and the 95 min runtime and pacing were just right. Sad to see the undeserving low ratings, this film has great qualities - especially considering it's from a new filmmaker, and it was really fun and funny! A well deserving 9/10 from me
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Kudos Harry Potter!
damianphelps14 March 2021
Well done Harry Potter for making such an OTT movie full of fun and surprises.

Guns Akimbo is a bombastic carnival of entertainment that visually keeps smacking you in the head making sure you are paying attention as the story unfolds.

Potter is brilliant in this (as he has been in some of his other recent films).

If you want to watch a fun movie akin to a fireworks show then this is for you!!!
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guns akimbo
marmar-6978029 February 2020
Guns akimbo is a movie that was made to switch your brain off and just to enjoy mindless fun,usually im not a big fan of films that are made in this type of way full of over acting,blood on all sides and texst appering on screen with flashy letters on it,but in this film it was good for me and i was able to have fun while watching it,good thing that guns akimbo is very fast moving and it doesnt slows down in any moment which is important for this kind of film,daniel was also fun to watch but he was maybe to likeable for my taste,also samara proved again that she has a lot of talent in her,guns akimbo is one fun movie to see and if you are prepared for it you will like it
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Mindless game
digitalbeachbum27 August 2020
It's no Scott Pilgrim.

If I wanted to play a mindless game shooting up Nazi, Mafia or some other criminals I would load of GTA and play it. This movie is basically a video game merged with a movie.

The movie is to say the most, a waste of space and time. It really has no artistic value and is sad to see Daniel Radcliffe sink after his Harry Potter days but I'm sure he doesn't care. He got paid up front and will stay a millionaire provided he doesn't let any one rob him blind or blow it on drugs and hookers

The entire movie is nonsensical. It is a bunch of violent blood soaked scenes clipped together to make sure every one knows that violence and music make a good combination. They don't. The 80's sound track mixed with the violence is off. They took songs that had different meanings and then smashed them in to scenes which were not related.

It's like trying to mix Bach with a porno flick. It doesn't work. The script and direction stink. Nothing else about the movie is worthwhile to me.
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southdavid20 July 2021
Rather lost in the beginning of the Pandemic, "Guns Akimbo" another film from Daniel Radcliffe's increasingly varied career choices has finally arrived on Amazon Prime in the UK. Overall, I thought it was good enough, but lacking a bit in terms of wit to make it a real recommend.

Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) spends his days in a boring coding job he hates, and his nights online targeting trolls. One of his targets are the viewers of Skizm, an illegal and violent murder game show that has become popular. The gang that run the game decide on revenge, they kidnap and drug Miles, and literally screw a gun into each of his hands. Then he's enters the game, and must go up against the current champion, the psychotic Nix (Samara Weaving).

I, again, thought that the film was OK. For what is a modestly budgeted production, the violence is well done, though mostly slapstick style, rather than played for any real consequence. The story is solid enough, though lacking in any real surprises across the runtime. I don't think any of the actors in the film gave a bad performance, though almost all of their characters are a familiar and lacking in invention.

The problem is that it's just lacking that last element of true wit, or invention, to make it a truly worthwhile time investment. All the other films people in the reviews have said it's like are fair, "Birds of Prey", "John Wick", "Scott Pilgrim" - but it's not as good as any of the films it's aping, so why watch this when the better versions are out there?

I say again, it's alright. I was never bored with it, or considered not finishing - but neither am I ever going to bother watching it again.
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Not Bad
gwnightscream28 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving star in this 2019 action-comedy. Radcliffe (Harry Potter films) plays computer programmer, Miles who spends most of his time on the internet and is a fan of Skism, a live-streaming fight program. Soon, he's forced to participate where he must kill or be killed by the program's deadliest killer, Nix (Weaving). This isn't bad, there are a few cheesy moments, but it's nice to see Radcliffe in a different role and he & Weaving are good in this. The film is sort of a combination of "Scott Pilgrim," "John Wick" & "The Running Man." If you like or don't mind violence, blood & profanity mixed with a bit of humor, give this a try.
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jtindahouse4 March 2020
The concept for 'Guns Akimbo' sounds really fun, right? A man has guns bolted to his hands and is then hunted for his life across the city. That's a film I want to watch. Sadly the reality isn't quite as fun as that. The problem is that the person the guns are bolted to is a snivelling wuss, and every other character in the movie, barring one, is immensely annoying.

I actually had no idea going into 'Guns Akimbo' that it was filmed in New Zealand. I immediately recognised Auckland city though and also many New Zealand actors are sprinkled throughout the film. The most note-worthy and best performing of them all was Rhys Darby. The man is stone-cold hilarious. I'm not sure if he was ad-libbing his lines (I suspect so because he actually pauses before one of them to think for a moment) but either way they are hysterical. The movie continues to cut back to him after his scene so they obviously knew they had hit a gold mine.

I would summarise this as a very annoying movie. The characters are annoying (the main bad-guy with his drawn-on face tattoos is unbearably over the top and completely lacking in menace), the action is annoying (a woman is shown to be a lethal killer, and then conveniently can't hit a damn thing with a million shots after that), and the plot is annoying. I wanted to like this film, I really did, but it was just too hard. Lucky Darby is there to keep it from being a complete misfire.
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