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Season 2

1 Jul. 2019
Dream Waiver
Brent recruits Wanda to help him puzzle out recurring nightmares about being attacked by Michael J. Fox. When Oscar gets hurt in The Ruby, Lacey must convince him and Emma not to sue. Meanwhile, Hank starts faking injuries to expose Davis and Karen's poor First Aid skills. Guest-starring Michael J. Fox.
1 Jul. 2019
Drone and Dumber
When laser eye surgery improves Karen's aim, she and Davis plan to scam the town at the annual Turkey Shoot. Meanwhile, Wanda and Emma set out to test a turkey's intelligence and Brent gets a new drone that he terrorizes Oscar with.
8 Jul. 2019
One Flu Over My Dead Body
Karen and Davis discover a mannequin dumped in the woods and set out to solve this freaky, heinous crime. Back at Corner Gas, Brent surprises Wanda with a scanner, while over in The Ruby, Lacey, Oscar, Hank, and Emma get drawn into an unusual bet about hand sanitizer when Hank shows up with a bad cold.
8 Jul. 2019
Hedge Your Debts
Emma mistakes some hedge trimming Hank does for art, and his abstract works of foliage start to gain a fan base around town. Meanwhile, Oscar discovers that Brent's IOU sheet has gotten long and helps him collect on the debts, while a power outage has Karen and Davis working in The Ruby which has Lacey a little TOO excited.
15 Jul. 2019
Paper Sashay
When the gang discovers the Wullerton Newspaper is going out of business, they become worried about the future of the Dog River Howler. Wanda and Emma set out to save The Howler by recruiting (intimidating) new advertisers, and Brent helps Oscar start a digital online version that raises eyebrows. Karen befriends the crow that's been tormenting her, and Davis helps Lacey turn her "city walk" into a "prairie shuffle." Cameo by The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada.
15 Jul. 2019
Oedipux Hex
Lacey holds a bachelor auction to help raise money for Ike's burned down barn, but has to convince some unwilling donors (Hank) that she can lift the curse that's been causing Ike problems before they'll toss her a few bucks. At the bachelor auction, a "mystery woman" buys Brent in a phone bid, and he ends up spending a lot of quality time with her, leaving the town dying to know who the mystery woman is. Cameo by Chris Hadfield.
22 Jul. 2019
Pioneer and Deer
It's Pioneer Days in Dog River and Brent, David, Hank, and Karen head out on their version of a deer hunt, which looks a lot like a deer viewing expedition, but this year, Hank has other ideas. Meanwhile, Wanda researches the real history of Jane T. Wright, one of Dog River's founding pioneer women, and discovers something shocking. Oscar tries to sneak into the festivities after being banned.
22 Jul. 2019
Bush League
Brent and Hank get lost in the woods while everyone else is at The Hotel Bar for the town's Darts League. Wanda gets ousted from her Darts Team and desperately tries to get back in the game, while Oscar ruminates about "the incident" that made him walk away from darts for good. Cameo by Russell Peters.
29 Jul. 2019
Tag You're I.T.
Brent, Hank and Emma compete to make the best viral video, while Karen and Davis set out to secretly GPS tag everyone in town to make their jobs easier. At the Ruby, Lacey discovers everyone in town has been using her WiFi, and recruits Wanda to help her password protect.
29 Jul. 2019
Anger Games
When Brent and Hank discover Wanda's been building a video game, they convince her to let them beta test it - then have quite a few notes about how she could improve it. Lacey and Karen realize that Davis never gets angry and set out to help him release all that pent-up stress for health reasons. Meanwhile, Oscar and Emma dust off the old crokinole board, but can't remember exactly how it's played, or why they used to have so much fun playing it.
5 Aug. 2019
Doctors Without Boarders
Wanda's new PhD in Philosophy confuses locals, who come to her for advice on their gory medical problems. Teenagers in town mistake Lacey for a 'cool adult' and Brent enjoys her attempts to stay 'down with the kids.' Meanwhile, Oscar discovers something sinister about Davis and Karen. Cameo by Jann Arden.

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