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Season 1

2 Apr. 2018
Bone Dry
There's a food shortage at Corner Gas, causing a panic in Dog River; Lacey takes advantage of the situation by offering locals "exotic" recipes at The Ruby.
9 Apr. 2018
Sasquatch Your Language
Wanda and Hank play a joke on Brent. Emma and Davis dress up as their favorite TV fantasy characters. Karen learns to be more like Oscar. Lacey shares a memory.
16 Apr. 2018
None of Your Beef Wax
Lacey upsets the residents of Dog River by offering locally sourced foods. Davis turns his hand to beekeeping to make locally sourced honey. Wanda carves locally sourced, wax dinosaurs to sell at Corner Gas.
23 Apr. 2018
Bait and Click
Wanda used to be the source of knowledge in Dog River, but feels the Internet is cramping her style. Wanda and Lacey entice the residents of Dog River with click bait texts. Lacey and Emma compete to see whose potato special at the Ruby is better. Oscar sets up bait shop across from Corner Gas to teach Brent a lesson. Davis and Karen use Hank in their training exercise that leads to chaotic results.
30 Apr. 2018
Flush Photography
The town sewer system breaks down which creates a public inconvenience. Emma and Oscar decide to have their portrait done.
7 May 2018
Shelter Skelter
Hank and Oscar team up to build a shelter for the apocalypse and Davis, Karen and Wanda argue over who would be the best leader; Emma traps Brent and Lacey in the cellar so they can hash things out.
14 May 2018
A Scary Cat Graffiti
Hank and Brent restore an old car, Karen takes care of a stray cat, Emma and Lacey deal with graffiti.
21 May 2018
Rum Punch
Hank accidentally punches Brent and the answer is to let Brent return the favor.
28 May 2018
Spy Me to the Moon
Lacey wants to take pictures of a Blue Moon rising over Dog River, but things get awkward when she and Brent realize just how romantic moon-gazing can be. Hank is suspicious when Oscar is nice to Emma. Meanwhile, Wanda is jealous when Davis wins an advance copy of the Max Braylorn Spy Trilogy and sets out to "borrow" the book before Davis can take his time with it.
4 Jun. 2018
Retro Grade
Wanda convinces Brent and Hank into re-taking their high school exams to see who is smarter while the Citizens of Dog River plan a 70s party at the bar. Lacey, who is used to being in control, is perturbed by the party planning committee and their lack of direction. Davis and Karen argue about their costumes for the big event while Oscar's sexy getup throws Emma into a tizzy.
11 Jun. 2018
Hank hosts a girls night out - a winning scratch off ticket tests a friendship - The Commander Cola promotion inspires Wanda and Brent.
18 Jun. 2018
Sunny and Share
Corner Gas embraces the summer: Wanda writes about it and 'The Ruby' capitalises on it. Davis tries policing without his gun. Hank sells home-made 'Mom-sicles'.
25 Jun. 2018
Lacey and Brent help Hank build a zip-line downtown; Davis and Karen crack down on the free corner; Oscar and Emma win a free robot vacuum.

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