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So much much confusion.
thejilliebean1621 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I liked the movie a lot. I thought it was very well shot and very well acted, and I can appreciate Peele's subtle homages to previous horror films throughout. However, the story itself is very weak and a bit of a mess.

A big concern for the main characters, as well as for the viewers, is why these doppelgängers (known in the movie as The Tethered) are attacking. So we are lead from almost the beginning, to want those answers, and when they're actually delivered, it's pretty unsatisfying.

The logic (or lackthereof) of The Tethered's existence and motivation is very messy and ultimately ruins the final conclusion of the film, because it leaves too many holes in the story that need to be answered.

If Peele had removed the explanation element as to the Tethered's existence, functionality etc. it would have made it a better story in my opinion. It becomes then a survival horror film, and leaves more to the viewer's imagination and thoughts as to the how and why, and that could even leave some good opportunities for symbolism etc. which Peele is known for. Not to mention it would have made the final conclusion even more shocking, compelling and thought provoking, and viewers would be talking about it for a long time, in all the best ways. Instead we're left talking about the many plot holes in the explanation.

All in all, as a standalone movie, it's really good and I can appreciate it for what it is, despite some of it's plot points I'd like further explanation on.

Also, I don't really think it can or should be compared to Get Out in any way because they're two completely different films, in genre and the overall tone. Us is a horror film and Get Out is a social thriller. So it's unfair to pit them against each other, or put them in the same league, even though they share the same director. I feel like people looking to do that are going to end up disappointed with this movie no matter what.
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Great idea, questionable execution...
The_Film_Auditor23 March 2019
I am torn on whether or not I like the story of Us. Part of me really likes the originality of the idea and the subtle social commentary the film delivers; however, I felt that despite Us having an interesting idea, the execution led to a disjointed story that felt a bit scatterbrained. There were definitely parts of the film that were suspenseful and horrifying, but at the same time, other parts felt too over-explained or tropey. This leads to me having many unanswered questions about certain aspects and feeling like other aspects shouldn't have been explained at all to keep the mystery. I think the story is hard to talk about without spoiling it, but overall, I expected more from Jordan Peele's writing but did enjoy some of it.

Despite my indecisive feelings of the film's story, many pieces of the film were exceptionally well done. One aspect that stood out in Us was the soundtrack and the usage of music. I think the original soundtrack was memorable and used appropriately to accentuate the feeling of horror at some points in the film. On the flip side, the soundtrack was used to perfectly contrast what was going on onscreen. This led to some great sequences (the Beach Boys scene) that utilized the soundtrack in an interesting way. Another part of the film that I really enjoyed was Lupita Nyong'o and the child actors' performances. Nyong'o in particular is the most terrifying part of the film. She plays both a horrific monster and a badass mother, making it easy to forget that the same actor plays them.

As a whole, I think Us is an enjoyable horror film that has some missteps with its story elements and structure. I would recommend this film to horror fans, but don't go into the film expecting anything like Get Out.
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coopde-8868422 March 2019
Trailer was better than the movie. To me this movie just never takes off. It's a shame because there is some fantastic imagery and a wonderful theme lying underneath but in the end it can not overcome its plot holes and failed delivery of the message its trying to speak. It truly believes it's deeper than it is, but left me unfulfilled. Kind of lazy/rushed writing in my opinion. Kind of just throws a bunch of mediocre stuff at you without any real substance and expects the audience to give it purpose and deeper meaning in there own heads. Which is fine to do but to me this movie wasn't worthy of that merit of thought. You keep waiting for it to evolve but it just never does. Honestly can't believe critics are putting this on such a pedestal giving it such rave reviews.
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The plot ruins this film
edwardjsmith-0209022 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I understand what was trying to be achieved but it fell flat.

This movie reminded me of movies like the mist or cloverfield. There is this underlying plot of "sci-fi experiment gone wrong" that doesn't get explained. However in this film we get a small but lazy explanation. This came in the form of a text card at the beginning of the film that basically reads "There thousands of tunnels in the world. Who knows what's in them". This was the movies only explanation and setup for a civilization of 6 million clones of people living in an underground tunnel. When the movie ended and it pieced together to be this it made for an overarching plot that was just stupid.

Now these clones did refer to themselves as shadows because they were sometimes forced to mimic the movements of the person they are cloned after. It was weird how selective that was and is very inconsistent in a way that hurt a couple scenes in the movie.

The rest of the movie is just those 6 million clones coming out of the tunnel and killing the person they are cloned after. Once they accomplish that they hold hands and form a line stretching across the United States. And no I'm not kidding, this is exactly how the movie ends.

The only redeeming qualities was good acting, good music, and decent humor. However, none of that can fix a terrible plot that ended with an nonsensical twist. Like a sour cherry ontop.
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most overhyped movie
nikosxen22 March 2019
I am sure that this review is going to get a ton of down votes and I am pretty sure that all those 10/10 reviews are bot accounts (if you dont believe me check the profiles) so I wont spent much time analyzing the film. Many many plot holes,little substance and ultimately you have a movie with a weak script based on a good idea that takes itself way to seriously without achieving even half of what it promises. Get out worked that well because it didn't take itself that seriously and there was always an underlying tone of dark comedy to it. It gets a 5 because I liked the cinematography and I thought that the performances where actually quite good!
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WTF, biggest hype ever
snorrig115 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely one of the most boring films I have seen in a loooong time. It's trying to be smart and original, but totally fails. It is not enough for movies to be original, they also have to be entertaining. This movie is definitely not scary, it is just silly and not in a good way.
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Did I watch the same movie as the people that are giving this a 10/10???
Lancaster1621 March 2019
Was excited to watch this movie with all the hype surrounding it. The first 20 mins or so was on par with my expectations and then it just fell flat on its face. Not nearly as good as Get Out. Way to many plot holes and un answered questions. Acting was decent and writing was average. Some funny parts and the soundtrack are the only thing that really saves this movie from being a 3 or a 4.
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Sooo disappointing!
blackchex23 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Like other reviewers, first 20-30 minutes was good and then when the doppelgänger started speaking, it went downhill from there. It was slow, longer than it should have been, pretentious, and by the end boring. The dumb screeching from the doppelgängers, the lack of a good script (some parts made absolutely no sense), the attempt to be both funny and scary at the same time... My husband and I almost fell asleep at the end! Is that what a good horror/thriller should do to you? We had such high hopes for this film and both left disappointed. Not sure how people are rating it even close to a 10. I've never left a movie review before so imagine how disappointed I was to leave this. The only good thing is that the movie was free because we had a gift card.
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A lot of hype, but not fully satisfying.
ksmart7321 March 2019
I hate saying this, but this film is the product of when you've got incredible everything and an underdeveloped script. The concepts are great, but lose their value and appreciation because there is so much with so little explanation, leaving me with the impression that they were not completely thought-out. Acting was incredible, cinematography, lighting, set design, and sound track were wonderful too! It's just that the script and story does not fully deliver. It's so conceptual that it loses horror, yet so rushed in execution that it loses coherence.
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"Get Out" of the mindset that this is a straight-forward horror film
pere-2536622 March 2019
People thinking this will be a straight-forward horror film will be disappointed; Us (2019) is a complex, mind bending experience that tests the limitations of what a horror film can be. What's great about the film is how differently people will interpret what they've witnessed. I left the theater tonight to the sounds of people passionately discussing theories, different explanations and thoughts on it all - and that, to me, is one of the great joys in leaving a great film.
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Don't even bother
marinabaroudi9 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Aside from the poor, cheesy attempt at comedic relief, the irritating "demonic" voices of the enemy, and the elementary, pretentious soundtrack, the entire movie literally doesn't make any sense at all. If the enemy are "shadows" who are controlled by what their human counterparts do, then how were they able to construct all those suits and go up and kill everyone? Because the humans weren't doing that and aren't they unable to do whatever they want because they always do a copy of what their humans do? Plus the movie just ends with all the "shadows" standing in a huge line holding hands, if they wanted to kill everyone wouldn't they have just seen the original family and gone to kill them instead of just stood there? Because throughout different scenes in the movie the shadows weren't only trying to kill the one person who looks like them. Honestly the movie could have just been some kind of stupid political stunt, I mean there's little clues throughout the entire movie. The main villain complains about oppression and suppression and how "we are Americans". Honestly I don't even know what to say other than don't bother. It's such a cringey waste of time, I'd literally rather watch Thomas the Tank Engine.
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Just because you want it to be good, doesn't make it good.
Finfrosk8621 March 2019
Jordan Peele is at it again!

Hard to say too much about this one without spoiling, but here goes. The acting is good, especially considering many of the actors plays two roles. They all do a bang up job in that regard. So no trouble so far. The movie looks good. I have no complains here either. It's technically very well made. We always see what's going on, no shaky cam or anything like that. Some nice shots too. The humor works pretty well, the dialogue comes off as natural. I like the beginning of the movie, the family is pretty likable. The movie is sort of a mystery, and when the mystery unravels is when we get to some slight problems. The scrips seems to be based on a pretty good idea, that was never thoroughly worked out. It just isn't thought all the way through. I am left with several questions, and not in a good way. This is spoiler terriroty, so I won't go into detail, but it didn't sit well with me. Doesn't seem to make sense. The plot has more holes than a swizz cheese. (that almost no critics talk about this is very strange)

Now, in the movies defence, the sub-genre it turne out to be is very far from my favorite, so others might like it better. I've seen a lot of horror movies, and this is just not one of the best ones. It is mediocre. Not a weak movie, but definitely no classic. Will not be watching it again.
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I pretty much laughed the entire movie...and not in a good way.
hackfox27 March 2019
All I can say is cringe cringe cringe. The "demonic voices" and terrible plot made me laugh (and die a little inside) the entire movie...that's all I have to say. Way over rated film...
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Actually Bad
billybacktown27 March 2019
All this movie wants you to do is go on the internet afterwards and read the 75 million different theories people have about it.

Also to call this a "horror movie" is comical. Dumbest movie I've seen in a while.
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Save your money and skip this one
dandez8822 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I start with this review? This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life, and I have watched a lot of movies. I came into this movie excited, and wanting to be scared which isn't hard to do. The first 20 minutes or so were great. The sets and wardrobe were full of vibrant colors, the soundtrack was good (only in the beginning, more on that later), the acting was great and the jokes seemed organic. The buildup in the beginning was very suspenseful, not relying on cheap jump scares at all. And then things to a turn for the worse.... way worse!

The shadowy figures finally made their appearance in the movie, everything is still suspenseful and the action scenes are playing out beautifully, and then the shadows start talking. I'm thinking what the hell is going on? Is this supposed to be scary? What they're saying makes no sense and isn't relevant in the slightest. Scene after scene is happening with no direction, no explanation, and no real purpose. The suspense is gone, and it is replaced with mindless screaming and action scenes which are not scary at all, it's just feels stupid. Kind of like the action scenes from "The Purge", a lot of things happening and people screaming, but at the same time nothing is happening, nothing is moving the story along.

It seems like the villains in the movie can't make up their mind on what they're trying to accomplish. Do they want the family dead or not? And then the jokes in which everyone was laughing at in the first 20 minutes in the movie disappeared, and was replaced with dialogue that just kept getting cheesier and cheesier. I just didn't know what they were trying to do with this movie. I kept waiting for it to get better but it just kept getting worse and worse. The plot was non existent.

The villains would corner their victims, and not kill them when they had the opportunity, they would just act like they're trying to hurt them, make a few creepy faces and stupid noises and then just let them go. This happened over and over until it got soo tiresome that you just wanted something, anything significant to happen. When people died, you could care less because they felt like expendable characters. And the whole time your watching the film, your waiting for the film to give you a clue as to what is happening and why. And then the soundtrack started sounding weird, not scary, just weird. As if they just asked a random five year old off the street to pick what they would think of as creepy music to go with the movie.

Then there were symbols that not only had no meaning but felt stupid, think bunnies and weird wanna be scary but still childish music. You'll see. The ending of the film reminded me of some of M. Night Shyamalan's not so good endings. There was a twist, but it just leaves you scratching your head in confusion, and feeling anger because it makes zero sense and doesn't explain anything about the previous 2 hours you just witnessed. Then we go back to this game of "I wanna kill you, but I don't wanna kill you!, I just wanna freak you out a little and carelessly give you the upper hand when I didn't need to". During these final scenes there were so many WTF moments, that reminded you that you were watching a movie because it was not believable at all.

My conclusion, the beginning was an awesome buildup to what could've been a great movie. Action scenes were happening that kept you interested to see what happens next. Then what happens next is the same tireless cat and mouse game over and over. In the midst of all this you're still waiting for an explanation that never comes, and witness a twist that doesn't make sense. The movie is over and you come to the realization that you just wasted 2 hours of your life and that the best thing about the movie was the trailer.

Horror fans won't like this, drama fan's won't like this, and the casual movie goer will definitely not like this.

So should you Watch it or skip it? I say save your money and skip this movie. You couldn't pay me to watch this movie again. Final Score: 3/10
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Let's Be Honest
One_slice_of_pizza28 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If the name wasn't Jordan Peele, you would have walked out of that theater. Most of the audience went to see US because of the amazing experience they had with the successful movie Get Out.

US starts with introducing us the family. The visuals are stunning, great score puts you right into the mood and there's a significant effort spent to make the characters likeable, up until the bad guys show up.

Until here, everything is right and we feel like we're watching a Jordan Peele movie. Then, it takes a wrong turn and falls down flat on its face.

The bad guys show up and as soon as Lupita's doppelgänger opens her mouth, the movie finishes for me. All of a sudden, I feel like I'm in a ridiculous movie made by a 13 year old. Her raspy voice sounded really stupid and cheesy rather than creepy.

Although I liked some of the humor, I felt like some jokes straight up ruined the scene's ambiance:

Okay. There is a family that looks exactly like you, standing right in front of you holding scissors, everyone looks scared to death and then you just have to say "Please take the boat", really now?

Once I experienced these untimely jokes, it went downhill for me really fast. The chase and the combat scenes are far from being realistic and I started to feel like a Jordan Peele parody on YouTube rather than an original picture.

The movie gets worse and worse after that and once things are being overly explained you scream WHAT? Because nothing makes sense and immediately you notice a plot hole after a plot hole.

Like many revievers said before, this movie would have been much better if nothing was explained and left for our imagination. At least the plot would make some sort of sense.

As for the acting, Nyongo puts an amazing performance. Although she plays two characters, you could swear the actors are different. She's that good. You could see every single emotion there's to exist on her facial expressions. Creepy? You got it. Sweet and caring? You got that too.

However, the others were an epic fail. The dad was annoying with no mimics whatsoever, the girl overplayed the emotions almost every scene and the boy was too stiff.

Overall, if you want to see a movie with great visuals and musical score everyone's talking about, then go see this movie to form your own opinion.

But, if you say the movie you watch has to have a great story and should make sense, then wait for it to show up on a streaming network.

4/10 for the visuals, soundtrack and some acting.
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Like a Bad 80's Twilight Zone
mhowell-110183 April 2019
This movie had the potential to be good, but it was all over the place. Plot holes, confusing story line, and some corny characters made this movie mediocre at best. It was intended to be scary, but there were several people (including me) laughing at the "scary" scenes.
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Not good
timowens-8458122 March 2019
It seems as if the movie can't decide if it wasn't to be funny or serious. It tries both and fails at both.
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Good, not great
chase-9679223 March 2019
It's got some originality but it lacks the hook you want. The trailer is worth watching more than the movie in my opinion. I give it a 7 for the acting and comedy throughout. The main character is wonderful and her husband is the comedic relief in tense situations, even the kids played their roles well. The movie however, was all over the place. I don't think anyone in the theater really understood the premise until it was over and even then you're left shrugging. It's like the reverse of an early M. Night Shyamalan twist.
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So disappointing!
sergibarjuan124 April 2019
The scenario seems like have written by a 11 yo child from Beverly Hills. I couldn't find neither logic nor a decent fiction in it. In addition, the end was irrelevant. I'm not a fastidious person but the movie was simply bad! It doesn't deserve over 5!
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dawidmadar22 March 2019
This movie was terrible !! Lot of hype around this movie and jordan peele....... 👎🏽
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Pretty bad
pacman-8125 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I struggled to like much in this. Good cast but performed badly in large parts with over acting to try and be scary being the worst thing. The Plot started well and was intriguing but the more it went on on I actually found it laughable. By the time it hit a big a twist at the end I didn't care. Plus point of the film was the child actors were impressive.
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adomaitytevika22 March 2019
The beginning was alright. Great actors. But there were just too many WTF moments. Everyone's stabbing each other and I can't help but laugh, because the plot is that ridiculous. I'm suprised it has such a high score amongst critics. It's just a marketing strategy, making people want to see it.
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Not As Good As I Was Hoping ( Score 6.9/10 ⭐ )
ymyuseda21 March 2019
Not as good as i was hoping . I went into the cinema expecting a good horror movie of this year . I found the movie more of a comedy than a horror !! So , in the end it's another run-of-the-mill horror film despite having a great story !! So far , actress Lupita Nyong'o a.k.a Adelaide Wilson have a good acting performance in this movie !! So disappointed !!
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Can I please get that 2 hours 1 minute back?
Walter_Sobchak_28 March 2019
Stupid plot, mediocre acting. Was it meant to be a comedy or Horror? Waste of money and time.
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