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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • None. There are no nudity and sexual scenes contained in this movie. Some women are shown in their bras and underwear they work for a cartel making drugs, etc.

Violence & Gore

  • There are several explosions, one kills people, the other injures a woman.
  • Riley learns a boy has a sucky dad so she puts her gun in his dad's mouth and says that if he doesn't give his son the father he deserves she'll kill him, she does this while memorizing his address so she can attack him if necessary.
  • Much blood is present when people are wounded or killed.
  • A man looks at a man and a child's dead body.
  • A woman threatens to blow a liquor store up if they sell a man anymore drinks.
  • Many gunshots are seen and heard and much blood is shown because of them.
  • A woman has a knife fight with a man. She's later is seen stapling her wounds. This is graphically shown.
  • A man brutally punches a woman.
  • Three dead men are found hung upside down from a Ferris wheel.
  • A woman is seen on a security camera robbing a gun store.
  • The judge that ruled in favor of the cartelle is brutally murdered, this happens when Riley ties and explosive cord around him and hooks his phone up to a detonator. She is on the bus and she calls him this triggers an explosion.
  • A character steals two cars.
  • A mans head is cut off. His severed head is not shown but blood is shown splattering across the room.
  • A cop explains why he shouldn't mess with a cartelle to another cop he then shows that they found an agent's badge with a bullet hole in it inside his locker (meaning a dirty cop put it there)
  • A man's neck is slashed but it is not shown on screen. All we see is blood splatter


  • There are many uses of the f-word, with several following "mother"; a few b---h, a--, etc.
  • There are about 35 uses of f***, b**** is used several times almost always directed at Riley.
  • 2 abuses of "Jesus" and 1 of "Christ."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The plot line focuses on a cartel that has killed a characters family.
  • A cartelle is seen distributing drugs.
  • A cartelle's place of work is shown.
  • A man is shown intending to buy alcohol but a woman stops him.
  • A woman chugs vodka.
  • A cop drinks alcohol in his coffee while investigating a case.
  • Men try to rip off a drug cartelle.
  • The cartelle is shown making their drugs.
  • The members of the cartelle drink heavily.
  • Many drug influences are present.
  • The cartelle is seen making drugs.
  • Several people are shown take drugs/pills.
  • Drugs are a key focus in this movie, and are heavily referenced.
  • A woman uses a number of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • A large illegal rug factory and its products are clearly shown.
  • Many people drink some heavily.
  • A woman pours a drink for a man and he drinks it.
  • A man is shown making himself a drink, he drinks it.
  • Many references to drugs, cocaine, weed, etc.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman has two stand-offs with the same guy. She ends up killing him. Blood is shown.
  • A man and child are killed. Blood is present.
  • A child is used as bait to lure a woman out of hiding.
  • A character massacres a group on men. This is very bloody, violent and intense.
  • A man's head is cut off (not shown).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man and his daughter are brutally killed after he said he would rip off a cartel. Riley is also in this attack injured and her head is bloody.
  • The story follows a woman killing an entire cartelle to avenge her family's murder.
  • A dirty cop kills an innocent cop that he is partnered with.
  • Riley puts a blanket over her head to hide who she is, and invades a place of work for the drug cartelle, this scene is very violent and contains blood.
  • A woman stands in front of Garcia the leader of the cartelle ready to shoot while a cop presses her not to. She does so the cops shoot at her, but one calls for a suede fire. When she shoots the man she shoots him in his face and you can see the blood behind his head spatter on a wall.
  • As Riley North is invading this cartelle work place she holds a gun to a young man in his 20-30's until he tells her what she wants to know.
  • After this happens the leader finds out, and threatens him, the man is never seen again in the movie it is implied he is dead.
  • Riley holds a gun up to a man and gives him money in exchange for his car.
  • Riley finds the cell phone of the dead cop, and her body in a dumpster she uses this to broadcast on national news where she is her head is full of blood as is her arms.
  • An innocent child is used to lore Riley out of hiding it seems as though she will be killed but she is not.
  • Riley invades the cartelle leader's house and has a stand off with him, she is armed he is not, his daughter witnesses this. His daughter distracts Riley and she doesn't kill Garcia. Previous to this she finds his daughter and tells her to run away.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Riley is seen torturing a corrupt judge telling him exactly how he was going to die. She gives a very slow and drawn out speech to him and says that if he can remember her name, he can live. However, she had taped his mouth, so he was not able to tell her name, and she then remotely blows him up.
  • Riley punches a woman, ties her up, and puts a gun to the woman's head. Riley says she will burn the house down with this woman still tied up inside. As she walks away, and the woman is screaming, she says that she is just kidding.

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