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I wanted to hate it.
danhoughton2 October 2019
... But I just couldn't. It was so obviously refusing to take itself seriously that you couldnt help but be swept up in the fun. Yes, it's over the top, unsubtle and about as deep as a politicians sense of honesty, but I found myself enjoying the banter. It's a movie you can watch with half an eye and chuckle at. Just watch it with no preconceptions and enjoy the ride.
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Not a masterpiece, but entertaining AF!
cherrysunday3 October 2019
Like I said, it's not a masterpiece, and it certainly has some problems, but the movie knew exactly what it needed to be and what it needed to do and it did it well. Statham, Johnson, Ilba and the rest of the cast all did a pretty good. The action is over the top but entertaining and exiting. The movie was also pretty self aware and wasn't as arrogant as the other F&F movies. And I loved the choice to make a F&F movie with such a bizarre and over the top plot. At some points the movie got a little to repetitive and cliche for me, and some of the jokes and skits were a little bit weaker than others, but like I said this movie is not the one made to be a masterpiece, or to be analysed for messages or deeper meaning, its just a dumb summer movie but a really good one at that.
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aseem-kc2012 August 2019
Hobbs and shaw..a spin off from FAF does true justice to its franchise..for some moment you will even think it has surpass standarization of FAF series..yes there are some ridiculous scenes but they will surely fascinate you in many ways..i admit there is no solid plot but whi cares when Johnson and Statham kick ass of antagonist together ..strongly recommended for action flick lover
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Venessa Kirby is gorgeous and so worth seeing along with the other goofballs
UniqueParticle14 August 2019
Action filled and perfect summer banter movie! Definitely one of the best Fast and Furious adaptations since the first 2 films, David Leitch is an incredible director and I love his style! I'm shocked their was only 1 other person the theater and he didn't even stay for the ending. I laughed a lot too; also it was in IMAX which is always great! I definitely would recommend this to anyone a fan of the series or not, it's still very entertaining.

Edit since this review is doing so well my name is Alex Nolan and I'd like to become very well known like Roger Ebert!!
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Action Packed
gandhibrar5 October 2019
Great movie with alot of good action and nice story. Worth a watch if u like action movies.
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It's exactly what you want from an action film
simo158810 August 2019
Saw this film with no previous knowledge of past fast films. It was enjoyable to watch and the on screen chemistry of Hobbs and Shaw make for an enjoyable experience. A couple of 'continuity' issues in regards to time but it's an action film. If you get too hung up on that you will miss the action. Definitely a must see if you want to switch off and be entertained for two hours.
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What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
kosmasp21 October 2019
That is a bit what the two stars are supposed to be. Though don't ask me who is who - if you insist I'd say Statham is the unstoppable force and Dwayne the immovable object. Which would make sense, since he is the Rock ... Ok kidding aside now, we know this unlikely team made waves in the last Fast and Furious movie andwas the best thing about it. At least the funniest thing about it.

So if you liked that and you came for more of the same, you will be treated that way. And you should not expect anything other than just silly action and all that accompanies that. Idris Elba has quite the appearance early on, but cannot add to that after that. He is just a stepping stone - I'm being a bit unfair. He has quite a few moments. Still overall you might be a bit disappointed in his character - but an obvious continuation of Hobbs and Shaw might shed some light on that (who am I kidding it made enough money for them to continue with this)
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Some scenes too long but ... Fun action movie!!
GDovW3 October 2019
3 points. 1. I am surprised by the large gap between scores. It looks like the fans of Fast and Furious were the most disappointed ... but the title of the movie says it: "F&F *presents* Hobbs and Shaw" and not "F&F: Hobbs and Shaw" ... so of course the style is different !! It is Hobbs and Shaw's styles !!! They are not drivers, they are not over-complicated-often-going-wrong thieves !! ... they are ACTION men !! One is a bulldozer, the other one a lets-get-to-it-then guy ! That is what the movie is giving = you KNOW what you get ! (that is why i like it) 2. It is good that they do say it is an F&F movie ... so you know at some point, it is going to be a mess, too much, out of logic, and getting too long. And because you know it ... you are NOT surprised when at some point - Helicopter Vs. Cars - it is exactly LIKE THAT: too much, out of logic, and too long (that is why i prefer to watch such movies at home => you can fast forward !!! :D ) 3. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham (2 very famous action actors) provide us a movie with funny moments (pick yours), lots of action, a view of Samoa, and very diverse environments to let go of the adrenaline ... and doing so with some actor friends in it! What else do the 1 to 5 stars voters want ???

I do not like most of the F&F movies because of the "too much too stupid" parts, but i knew what to expect from this one (no Dominic and his team, some car chases, some over the top scenes) and i knew it was going to be too long some times ... that's why i don't go to the cinema to watch such movie - i know i would be disappointed by lonnnngggiiiinnnnngggg scenes and the "Oh come on!" moments - and i choose my wide screen computer instead where i can jump up the scenes i don't like ... suddenly the movie gets so much better !! And really, Hobbs and Shaw did not disappoint !! ... actually hoping to watch another one in the near future ;)
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Good Guys, villains, chases and explosions
Figgy66-915-59847012 August 2019
12 August 2019 First Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw. Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) form a dysfunctional partnership to save the world. What's not to like? Eye candy for the girls (and no doubt some of the boys) action for the boys (and the girls), a frankly ridiculous plot, nothing really new.....our heroes on a tight time schedule to save the world ...... but the whole thing works. Admit it, we love car chases, explosions, good guys, bad guys, the whole caboodle, it began with cowboys and Indians, took us into space fighting aliens and as long as there are writers to reinvent the whole time , our film industries around the world will continue to flourish and draw the audiences to the cinemas. This film was very watchable, and although directed by David Leitch the producers numbered one Statham and one Johnson. Idris Elba made an outstanding bad guy (I personally think he'd made a great Bond). Did the Fast and Furious title make me watch it.....probably, but it was a film on its own, not as compelling as the rest of the genre but a good watch nonetheless.
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Stupidly unrealistic, funny and awesome
kfilippopoulou12 September 2019
There are things that can't be done no matter what, there is the sound of the transformers every time we see the bike, a mad max vibe but it is really funny, a lot of action and guys.. When u have Johnson, Elba and Statham... U got watch it and u have to like the movie 🤙
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Wow tons of fun
radszabat16 August 2019
Just seen it with my Gf and we both loved, tons of car chases, fighting, shooting great fun I really recommend it. There's real chemistry between main characters and you get few surprises like.... No spoilers here. There's few flaws of course but it's not important this is not this kind of movie. Go take popcorn and drinks and enjoy.
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prairiewalker15 August 2019
Simply fun, and worth your time. A nice addition to the F&F genre.
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Like expected,superb action flick!
tchitouniaram10 August 2019
Like expected,superb action flick! Any of the Rock or Statham movies never disappoint! For a die hard traditional action fans-a must see!
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Best spin off thriller !
saptesh78622 October 2019
This spin off is enjoyable ride and alike from previous Fast & Furious franchise. Casting is perfect all main four characters are well fitted in their roles. Action scenes are highlighted part of the movie. Climax action sequence of Helicopter with car and tractors is brilliantly created. It is worth to watch. Jason Statham is as he was always. Dwayne Johnson is also rocking Hobbs. Surprise is Vanessa Kirby she looks beautiful with stunning performance of dangerous kick ass sister of Shaw. Whereas Idris Elba played machine ghost perfectly. His bike trailing under long truck is just watchable sequence while chasing. As me movie is worth to watch for two sequence one chasing and another last climax. Recommended to watch for every action lovers and F&F fan that will get a new taste of this franchise.
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Should be labeled as a comedy
joshw179617 August 2019
So funny and will be Sequel. Totally not what I expected
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" D Y N A M I T E 💥 💥❗"
To the Wonderful, Open-Minded, F U N - L O v I N G  B50;❕movie-Goers Among You : I Hope My Impassioned Review Incentivizes You to Go See This " Crazy, Frivolous, Veritable P O W D E R - K E G  F4 A5; " of A Film, You Won't Regret It. { & 'f Y I' : I Am Not Beholden to Any Film-Studio or Production Whatsoever, I Do This P U R E L Y out Of My " Undying Love :P " for What I Like to Call : " #themagicofmovies  F320; " } .

from The Very Second that The W a R M , Dulcet Tones of Jim Croce's " Time in A Bottle  B50; " Wafted Into the Theatre { in Perfect Sync with The Franchise's Trademark Giant-Lettered Heralding of The Film Title }.... I Just Knew that I Was in Great- E;-Hands. ( " and Pssst . . . Dear Marvel  F320; & Spiderman : Far from Home , in Terms of Kicking-Off Contemporary Summer Blockbusters with A Delectably Soft Little Ditty ~ Instead of Merely "more of The Usual" ; You've Really Started Something Here  F609;❗" ) .

and What's More... to Watch Dwayne the Rock Johnson Getting Lambasted & ( Basically ) Tossed Around Like a Rag Doll by Idris Elba's Ominous "cyber Genetically-Enhanced" Main-Villain Brixton, Was Indeed (❕) a Priceless Treat B50; Like No Other. Now Don't Get Me Wong, I'm a Massive Admirer of Genial-Giant Johnson's Cinematic Work a N D General Personality ; but To See Him Doing the Old "kicking Ass & Taking Names" with Aplomb in { a L M O S T❕} Every Single Film that He Appears in ; Does Tend to Get Tiresome Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Darn Fast .

the "energy-Saturated" Soundtrack Is Mind-Blowing ( to Say the Least ), & Surprise-Surprise . . . . . the Phenomenally Multi-Dimensional Idris Elba Even Has a Track of His Own in The Film; with Him... Get This : { R a P P I N G - O N - I T❗} .

the Performances Which Really Stood out For Me Came from The Following Cast Members .

1 : Vanessa Kirby / 'hattie Shaw' { Who Is Now Officially My Brand, Spanking-New " Hollywood Queen of Subtle Sophisticated Charm " , B.T.W } . 2 and 3 : Dwayne Johnson, " the Man of The Hour Himself " ( 'luke Hobbs' ) , & Cliff Curtis ( 'jonah' ) . 4 . Lori Penelise Tuisano ( Hobbs' Super-Adorable Mother, 'selfina' ) . 5 and 6 : Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Hart : By Way of Their Utterly Rip-Tickling (  F923; ) . . . . . " Extended " - Cameos .

and Finally.... { for Those of You Who Fancy a Nifty Little Serving of Some " Good, Old-Fashioned Brain Fodder  B50; " , on The Side of Your ( Otherwise ) 'traditional High Octane Adrenaline-Drenched Thrill-Rides' } ; the Writers Have Made It a Point to Show You Some " Serious Love❗" . and I Say This Because There Are Not only Several { Pointed } Observations on The State of " Humanity-In-Our-Time " in The Film, but Also a Righteous Smattering of Unexpected & 'delightfully-Surprising' Little Treats. Like the Funky Little "contest-Of-Quotes" ( ..Sort Of... ) Between Bruce Lee ❤ , & Yes, None Other than Renowned German Philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche❗.

so In a Nutshell, if Your'e Someone Who " Watches Movies Just to Nitpick, Hairsplit, Condemn, Rebuke, Compare &  F449; Most-Of-All  F448; ...... C R I T I C I Z E  F534; " , Then ( Kindly ) Move on . Nothing . to . See . Here " .

Final Summary : A Lovingly Dispensed, Beaming, Lustrous 10 / 10 , " Writ Large " .
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Brainless action movie with cheesy dialogue
jasonparkers23 December 2019
I like the rock but playing the same tough guy character in every movie is getting old. Story lacks memorable characters and dialogue
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A nice film for a quiet evening
lorenzofracasso-6511710 August 2019
This is a nice film, it contains a lot of funny parts and the story isn't trivial. There are a lot of action scenes.
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Over the top action and comedy - MY FAV
kailyntacy13 September 2019
I have been a Fast & Furious fan since I saw the first movie. I loved when Dwayne Johnson joined the team, and I absolutely praise Jason Statham! So I was pumped for this movie. Vanessa Kirby is a gem and though she says she is not an action actor, she has proven herself wrong because it was phenomenal.

The constant bickering between Hobbs and Shaw was wonderful and I found myself laughing out loud throughout. I know the action is over the top, but that is what I look for when I watch any action movie. I want to see the over-the-top. This movie was on point! I saw it twice already!

Though I will always love the original Furious crew and those movies, I do so hope they continue the story with these characters.
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Just do it!
ObviousCapitan2 September 2019
Man, don't trust the negative reviews. This film is full of action and it was a treat to watch in cinema. Some great laughs, cameos and epic stunts!
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Exactly what I expected.
sidhur-170196 October 2019
Don't take it so seriously and you'll enjoy the movie.
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Exciting, old-school and funny
yeolit21 October 2019
I guess this is what Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was trying to achieve if it focuses more on comedy. The plot is kinda overused, however, the execution and the focus on family ties makes this series heartwarming at some points.

The comedy resulting from two loggerheads helped to soften the serious atmosphere from the early scenes which reeks of Terminator.

To be honest, the stunts really amazed me, even though some of it is reminiscent of earlier F&F series. What amazed me was that this movie combines F&F with more spy-related themes such as Mission Impossible and 007, yet it is still quite refreshing, and that's saying a lot, given how stunts and plots are largely similar throughout these kinds of films.

In conclusion, lots of stunts and great family fun.
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My Review
twaissighazi7 September 2019
Hobbs and Shaw is a fun, funny, buddy cop movie. Its not as good the BIG Fast and Furious movies but I'm really happy that it exist. This movie looks like its setting up Fast and Furious 9 so its nice to have a small-ish movie before we get the big team up movie with Fast and Furious 9 and 10.
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Dwayne and Jason are the Upside of "Hobbs and Shaw"
jon.h.ochiai16 August 2019
Director David Leitch's "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw" stars Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as Agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham as 'reformed' bad guy Deckard Shaw from the "Fast & Furious" franchise. Hence, the expansive convoluted title. "Hobbs and Shaw" is a lot of fun, and miraculously stupid.

In Writers Chris Morgan and Drew Pearce's nearly incomprehensible story: MI-6 Operative Hattie Shaw, played by Vanessa Kirby, retrieves the deadly CT-17 virus on her mission. Powerful cyborg Brixton, played by Idris Elba, thwarts the operation seeking to obtain the virus, too. To keep the virus from Brixton, Hattie injects the CT-17 capsule into herself. Yeah, really.

Brixton, who rides this high-tech motorcycle, is super strong, bullet proof, and skilled in martial arts. Eteon Corporation created Brixton, who shares a past with Shaw. Basically, he's invincible. Yet somehow, Hattie uses her smarts to leverage her escape.

Eteon's cloaked Leader wants to create a new world order, by first erasing the 'weaker' elements of the human race.

Now it's up to Hobbs and Shaw to work together to retrieve the virus, before it goes active, and again save the world. As Dwayne's Hobbs reminds Jason's Shaw, "... which for the record, will be my fourth time."

Turns out: Hattie (Vanessa) is Shaw's little sister. Consequently, Hobbs finds the smart, beautiful, strong, kick ass Hattie attractive. According to Shaw, Hobbs ain't getting with his little Sis. No way. Chris and Drew's obvious narrative tension is hilarious.

The sheer upside of "Hobbs and Shaw" is its amazing cast. I love The Rock: He's awesome. Dude is handsome, ripped, funny, and raises an eye brow better than Mr. Spock. Well, almost. Jason Statham is a Baaaaad Man. In one scene Jason fights 4 dudes in close quarters. He gets hit from different angles, yet he's just thrashing the hell out of those guys with punches, kicks and joint locks. Vanessa Kirby, who also starred in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout", is the total bad ass as Hattie. She displays solid martial arts skills. Ironically, that propels the narrative when her Hattie battles Hobbs. Hobs distinguishes that she fought to escape, not to kill. Vanessa also has an ironic sense of humor. Idris Elba commands absolute cool as villainous, mostly machine Brixton. As he says, "I'm Black Superman".

Director David Leitch also directed "John Wick" (uncredited co-director), "Atomic Blonde", and "Deadpool 2". His art is electrifying cinematic action. In "Hobbs and Shaw" he gets to work with Jason Statham, who I think is an elite martial artist, and the absolute best in the movie game today. Their collaboration is often breathtaking.

Dwayne and Jason have palpable natural screen chemistry. No small feat given their individual undeniable charisma. Their trash talk is hysterical. Hobbs says of Shaw's voice: It's like dragging his privates "over shattered glass..." Well, Hobbs actually used another word for privates, among other things. Just saying.

The miraculously stupid occurs near the end, with the fight with Samoan tribal weapons, and the tow truck and helicopter. WTF? It's in the movie trailer, too.

That being all said, "Hobbs and Shaw" is very cool. The poignant recurring theme of the "Fast & Furious" movies is family. We always love, protect, and forgive our own.

So basically, see "Hobbs and Shaw". The Rock and Jason Statham are movie star swag. It's set up for "Hobbs and Shaw 2". And I would see that one, too. Just saying.
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Perfect for fast and furious fans
jonathanbekunda7 October 2019
Those who liked to see Hobbs do his thing as well as Shaw...this movie will definitely make them happy.
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