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Sex & Nudity

  • In the beginning lots of women in skimpy clothes. Seem like strip clubs

Violence & Gore

  • There's a long car chase in the streets of London in which several men chase Hobbs, Shaw, and Hattie. Hobbs grabs one man off of a motorcycle as they drive by, and he is slammed into a brick wall, and several other cars and motorcycles crash.
  • There's a long scene where Shaw has a brutal fight with several men in an apartment while Hobbs fights Hattie.
  • There's a brutal but funny fight scene in which Hobbs and Shaw fight bad guys in two neighboring rooms with windows so they can see each other. Hobbs punches one big man and knocks him out, and Shaw fights many men at once.
  • There's a long battle sequence in which the Samoans and Brixton's men fight each other. Hobbs, Shaw, and Hattie all people during this scene. Brutal and intense.
  • There's a raid in the beginning in which Hattie and a group of men raid a building and take down attackers. Brixton arrives and kills everyone but Hattie.
  • Brixton tortures Hobbs and Shaw by zapping them with a device while they're tied to chairs.
  • Hattie takes down a man in a building, and then fights with Hobbs, but a group of men come in and raid the building, and the three fight them off.
  • There's a long and large-scale chase sequence in which and guys in cars, trucks, and drones chase Hobbs and Shaw who ar also in vehicles. Lots of shooting, crashing, and destruction is present. Hobbs and Shaw engage in a brutal fight on a truck with Brixton in this same scene, and brixton is knocked off the vehicle.
  • Hobbs jumps out of a window and lands on a bad guy repelling down the side, and he then jumps off and lands on another man on the ground.
  • There are two brutal fights that are shown simultaneously, in which Hobbs fights a group of men at a club, and Shaw fights a group of men at another club.
  • There's a large, chaotic scene where Hobbs, Shaw, and Hattie escape from the base, and many bad guys are shot and beaten, and vehicles crash into each other.
  • A man punches Hobbs in the face on a porch and he falls down the steps.
  • Hattie grabs a glass bottle and strikes it against Hobbs' face.
  • A man gets shot in the face by Brixton from a distance but it's not graphic but quite intense


  • "Shit", "Damn", "Ass", "Asshole", "Wanker", "Dick", and all of their various forms are used. 3 uses of "fuck."
  • One use of "fucking" by both Hobbs and Shaw simultaneously. "No fucking way!"
  • One gag involving the name "Mike Oxmall" It sounds like "My cock's small."
  • A use of the word, "anus," in the form of a funny name (Hugh Janus).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Couple bar scenes with beers, also champagne, Hobbs ask for a small drink and gets a full glass which he drinks.
  • Shaw says I'm what you call a champagne problem

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The zapping torture scene is intense.
  • the truck chase/fight is intense and brutal.
  • The battle and chase in Samoa are very intense.
  • The final fight is very long, brutal, and intense.
  • The street fight and chase in London are intense.
  • Dark humour in which after Shaw knocks out a bunch of guys, he picks up their unconscious bodies and uses them to try to open a door with a facial recognition lock on. Until he finds the right man, he treats all the over unconscious bodies like objects.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • There's a little kiss scene between Hobbs and Hattie Shaw. The scene only last couple of seconds.
  • Madame M kisses Shaw. Very brief, two other characters ogle at and comment on this interaction.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a brief but brutal fight in a street in which Hobbs and Shaw fight Brixton and some other men. Hobbs attacks Brixton first, and he brutally punches him back into a car, and Shaw attacks next and is defeated.
  • There's a long chase near the end in which Hobbs latches a chain onto a helicopter hill on a truck, and holds the chain, and several other Samoans connect their cars to each other while one of them connects to Hobbs and Shaw's car. The helicopter pulls several of the cars off the road and they almost crash, and several mines explode. The sequence ends when the helicopter violently crashes in a small ravine.
  • There is a long and brutal final fight in a ravine in which Hobbs and Shaw take on Brixton. Slo-mo sequences of people getting hit in the face occur. Hobbs and Shaw are brutally beaten, until they work together and beat Brixton. Hobbs smashes a piece of metal against Brixton's head, Shaw hits him in the head several times, and Hobbs finally grabs him and slams his head against a rock.

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