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Not just another day on the road
sugarmoma7 July 2018
About a month ago I had the opportunity to see PUNK BAND at a screening in Ct. and fell in love with it. You don't have to love punk or the band to enjoy this movie but it'll help! And there's some great music on this soundtrack.

From the start it takes you in and doesn't let go until the bitter end. It follows the journey of 3 band mates trying to find their way through a month of touring while trying to navigate themselves and each other and everything along the way. You'll hear intimate thoughts and rash outbursts that let you know it's simply raw. The pain and anguish and love is real.

Don't miss a chance to see this movie. And if you don't love it, you'll love to hate it and it'll have done what it was meant to...
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So you want to be a rock star?
stiffman11 June 2018
I had the pleasure of attending an advance screening of PUNK BAND at a festival in CT.

This is not your average music documentary, but more of a snippet in time of a band, trying to make it on the road. The movie gives a vivid, real life perspective on what its really like to live hard on the road, and the effect it has on the relationships between members of a band.

The director seemed intimate with the subject matter, so I felt what was being presented was honest.

The movie contains excellent live footage of Voice of Addiction, whose often political lyrics, seem to fit todays climate. In addition to the subject band, there are some great songs from other Chicago bands to round out the soundtrack.

If you are a fan of music in any genre, or just like a gritty real life story, I highly recommend this movie. I am curious to see what the director has for us in the future.
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One of the Best Music Documentaries I've Seen in Ages!
aimeeworley197926 July 2018
If you're a fan of punk rock or just a fan of music in general, this is a MUST SEE!!! This documentary was so well done and with so much finesse, I'd expect that the director will be the next big thing very soon or I'd hope so! And as for Voice of Addiction, absolutely amazing band that should also be bigger than they are! I can't say enough good things about this film, except that I hold it in high regard, up there with Decline of the Western Civilization. It's one that I could watch over and over again and never get sick of! BRAVO and hat's off to all of you gentleman for making such a superb piece of what will go down in punk rock history!
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Great From Start To End!
heshdaddy21 August 2018
About Three months before this documentary released a friend of mine told me about this record called "The Lost Art of Empathy" by a band called V.O.A. after about half way through the record me & some other friends had already decided that this was a great punk album, probably top 5 of 2018 so far, wasn't until the last song, Are We Even Human Anymore, that we heard V.O.A. give a shout out to not only my hometown, but my friends band as well,, A Shiddy Reunion in Omaha!! Anyway fast forward 3 months later & I start seeing ads for This documentary called Punk Band starring Voice of Addiction. I was instantly intrigued and made it a point to see this right when it comes out on digital download. From beginning to end it grabs you And doesn't let go, it's almost like your on the tour with these guys & you get a glimpse of the harsh yet honest reality of what it's like to sacrifice & grind for your beloved craft. The live performance scenes with the scrolling lyrics are the highlight for me because it made me fully understand the songs that I have had stuck in my head and had been singing out loud months prior. After watching this documentary on digital format I was lucky enough to acquire the blu ray with the 5.1 audio and was blown away by the sound quality! I highly suggest you watch this documentary in blu ray format, but either way, Watch This Documentary!! You won't be disappointed!!
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Too Real!!!
blickjagger21 July 2018
If you've ever been in a band and played on the road for a few weeks, this is going to hit home with you. Being away from home changes people and this is a raw look into that.

Every day is a dice roll, this film shows just that. A must watch for anyone interested in punk rock and the dynamics of being in a touring band! Great music, great band, great film!
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A ton of fun!
kubrickfluffer19 July 2018
From the advice of my daughter I rented this film on Vimeo and I've gotta say, nice job. I'm a punk from back in the day and this was a great trip back in time for me. We had this same band. Total Deja Vu. So weird.
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