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The most appealing theory yet
cface-866967 June 2020
The movies opening suggestion: 2pac would be fatally injured in an assassination attempt on Suge Knight is still a little questionable for me, but the repeated assassination attempts on Suge Knight since (shot six time is 2014, and running over a man in 2015 in "self defense") do make an appealing case.

His actual ex-wife is made suspect, the man in charge of Wright Way Security company, the Caucasian Death Row attorney, and the LAPD.

The accusations of corruption against the LAPD and former Compton PD are on the level of murder. There is one example of an LAPD officer implicated in the shooting of Biggie, who was charged with an unrelated felony (threatening his ex and her man with a weapon). Well, a week later the man and the woman are found shot dead, and the coroner calls it a murder-suicide. If that does not stink to high heaven then I dont know what does.

Mopreme Shakur answered; when asked who murdered his brother: "the streets know". With that in mind mr Mopreme was probably thinking of the LAPD. All the former-police, and LA Times journalists who claim they solved the case are characterized in this film as selling a narrative. It is mysterious why they dont include the self-damning facts that are touched on in this doc'o.

A final claim: Christopher Wallace was killed by LAPD/Death Row to create a story that both rappers where victims of a gang war, and blame Suge for retaliating for 2pac (by having BIG killed). If there is *any* truth to that then the second of the two greatest hip hop stars in history was shot for nothing. The attempt to blame Suge for Biggie's killing never stuck. That is the greatest waste of potential and talent that anyones ever heard of, and who would rationalize such a thing?

Dirty cops.
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