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A scene between an intelligent raccoon, a rabbit with artificial legs, a walrus with wheels and an otter with metal arms made me cry
poseyfan10 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is chaotic, weird and oftentimes ridiculous, but it is also full of heart, emotion and great themes.

I must say that it's the best Marvel movie since Endgame. That's not necessarily too hard though. It just needed to surpass No Way Home; which had some amazing high moments, but it was lazy in others. Marvel was in desperate need of a hit, and they've finally got it.


Every member of the crew got their time to shine. Rocket was definitely the one who stood out though. When he sees his friend die, then wail in pain from grief? That made me ball. And when the High Evolutionary mocks him? Man. Heavy stuff. He proceeds to rip off his face, but the other two of his friends are shot as well. Thus, Rocket's traumatic pastime is revealed.

Chukwudi Iwuji was fantastic as the villain. At certain points he was downright terrifying. I really liked this line: "There is no God, that's why I took his place." He was a convincing villain.

The moment when Star-lord screams in agony for Rocket to live, is the moment that resonated with me the most. He has lost many people close to him and he can't stand to lose anyone else.

Gamora 2 gets a lot of character development and I'm glad she didn't kiss Quill at the end. That would have felt a little cheap.

Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Adam Warlock and others also got their own moments as well. I'm surprised nobody died to be honest.

One of the only problems I had with the movie was the humor. A lot of the time it was good or passable, but other times it undercut really emotional scenes.

I could say a lot more, but this review is already very long.

9/10 for me.
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One of the Best MCU Trilogies
jace_the_film_guy8 May 2023
Up to this point, there has been one trilogy in the MCU that has been excellent from start to finish. It's time to add another one to that list. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" is a more than fitting conclusion to the narrative of these characters. James Gunn (writer/director) took his time creating connections and depth to each of the individual story-arcs.

While recent films in the MCU have felt like "filler episodes" whose purpose is solely to set up a future entry in the franchise, this film stands on its own. The story is isolated, which gives the illusion of finality. In more ways than one, "Guardians 3" is a unique entry in an otherwise convoluted extended film universe.

The filmmakers were not afraid to take their time telling this story, which caused the film to drag at times. Though it felt lengthy at 2 hours and 30 minutes, I do not know what they could have cut out. In typical superhero movie fashion, the climactic battle had plenty of explosions to go around.

Between the villains and the bickering within the Guardians, there was an excessive amount of yelling in this movie. A headache was imminent, as much of the third act was screaming match after screaming match. While these scenes were emotionally heavy, the yelling distracted a bit from the strong acting.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" is one of the better entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since "Avengers: Endgame". Though more chaotic than the other two films in the trilogy, it is a beautiful conclusion to the Guardians' story. Boasting stellar set pieces, an excellent soundtrack and perfect chemistry between cast members, this is a film that I am eager to re-watch.

Best Character: Drax Best Quote: "She is to us." Best Scene: Infiltrating Orgocorp Best Piece of Score: "I Love You Guys"
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A Fitting and Heartfelt End to the Trilogy
ta-982514 May 2023
Having sat through some phase 4 films that failed to inspire... Guardians feels like a breath of fresh air. It's less a run of the mill superhero film and more a out of world space adventure handled with care by James Gunn.

At its heart, Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 is a story about family, loss and technology all of which are prominent in today's zeitgeist. These themes sometimes cause you to forget that you are watching a Marvel movie. The movie's backstory is dark but it helps to hammer home the themes and the villain.

The universe is full of characters that are both weird (sometimes very weird) and unique when compared to the rest of the MCU. That's mostly a good thing. Despite the movie being dark at times, there is also a lot of humour which fits especially well with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise when compared to other Marvel franchises. The action and of course the music was up to level we now expect from Guardians of the Galaxy movies. This is one of the better Post Endgame movies and a fitting end to the trilogy.
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This is one of the best MCU movies, hands down
gcsman7 May 2023
"There is no God. That's why I stepped in." I have to admit, this is one of THE best lines ever spoken by a supervillain - it concisely captures their whole reason for being. (Seems like that would have been a perfect thing for Thanos to say.) Oddly though, for once there's no real backstory for the High Evolutionary, as there usually is for Marvel villains, but that might have been just too much material. Quite appropriately, all the attention is really on our scruffy, argumentative, and lovable heros, the Guardians.

I liked that all of them, this time around, get their well deserved fair share of screen time, and if doing that means sitting through a pretty long movie, then fine. Mantis and Nebula in particular are better characters than they were before, Quill and Gamora and Drax are as good as ever, and the choice to make Rocket and his very extended backstory the mainspring of the plot was clever -- and by the end, it carried real weight. Rocket is now elevated to a tragic, substantial figure at practically the same level as Spider-Man, and that's saying a lot.

The whole Guardians series owes director James Gunn bigtime, and it's a shame to see him move on (but I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll be able to do over at DC). He set in motion a group of characters that really worked, and this 3rd instalment builds very effectively on top of its predecessors. Going in to the theater I knew what I expected out of them, but we got more than that. That's a big compliment.

At the same time, what was done with Warlock and High Evolutionary was kind of odd, in the end. I was disappointed that Warlock especially was kind of trivialized. He's capable of becoming a major character if they would just follow the path set out in the original comics. That one criticism aside, this is still one of the MCU's best and we can thank them for letting James Gunn do what he had in mind.
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I am groot
AfricanBro3 May 2023
Firstly Adam warlock's intro was marvelous, which made me hate Kang's depiction in Quantumania even more because Adam seems way more hardcore than Kang was shown(shown, not talked about). Same with the high evolutionary, they delivered on their reputation.

Now the movie as a whole, I loved even more. It's lively and emotional, alternates between the two and some times blends them. Serving as a farewell to a beloved band of misfits who became family, and I don't recall ever feeling this connected to their characters before. Rocket takes the spotlight but everybody else is great as well, both antagonist and protagonist.

Second half is chaotic, but I loved it. The movie in general is very emotional but packed with great action as well, with most of it in the last third of the movie. Adam warlock felt like a waste, he's portrayed as a really strong character yet felt like he's in the sidelines for the whole movie; just popping up here and there then disappears. He deserved a better character arc after his introduction, but hopefully we'll be seeing more of him. I thought the third act was predictable though, especially his and mantis's role in it, like "oh mantis/warlock would be very convenient for this scenario" and a few moments later he/she pops up.

I think the best quality is that it's one of the few superhero movies I felt invested in the characters in a while. The movie focuses on the emotional aspect of it more instead of the plot and looking cool, even though that's a prevalent theme of the movie. I wasn't expecting it to enjoy it as much despite looking forward to it, thought it'd be another case of superhero burnout. It's sad and well made farewell to the guardians of the galaxy... as we know them. Oh and I forgot to mention it's pretty funny.
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A Beautifully Dark and Goofy Goodbye
breneff3 May 2023
This. This is what I've wanted. Yeah some of the jokes are a bit too silly and the tone is a bit confusing at times. But the end result for me is probably the most heartfelt emotional reaction from me to a comic book movie since Endgame. It's not a perfect film, I am conflicted with what the did with Adam Warlock. And the main villain is a little hammy. But the personal relationship between the guardians and where they take them is dark, heartbreaking, and also beautiful. This is also the best performance from Chris Pratt probably his entire time playing this character. But the person who steals the show is Rocket. I don't know how but they need to change the rules degree voice acting performances can be nominated for Oscars because it was incredible. This is the most emotionally satisfying experience I've had with the MCU in a very long time. And every critic who is saying that the movie is too schmaltzy or sappy... doesn't understand how much these characters not only mean to people but also James Gunn. This isn't just a final chapter of a story, it's a goodbye to a set of characters and films that changed the landscape of not only the tone and vibe of superhero movies but also changed the fact that weird unknown characters who have strange stories can be highlighted in these films.
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Finally, Marvel start to return to its roots
Mysterygeneration11 May 2023
The most unlikely hit of Marvel's string of hits, in retrospect, focused on the most unusual of families. With a rowdy and frequently emotional sequel that seems very much like a proper finale, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" makes that point with great effect. This is mostly due to writer-director James Gunn moving his skills to competitor DC.

Marvel's "GOTG Vol. 3" combines visual excitement, recognizable characters, songs, and silliness with a darker thread that explores Rocket's origins and promotes animal rights.

Nevertheless, "Guardians" feels like a return to form on both fronts following some doubting about Marvel's invulnerability due to the underwhelming (creatively as well as monetarily) performances for "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania" and to a lesser extent the "Black Panther" sequel. Give Gunn credit for bidding a loving farewell with both barrels blazing, even if it does close the books on this series, at least temporarily.
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Best Marvel film this year
josephbannister4 May 2023
It all leads back to where we once started off as all great trilogies have indicated from the past. But GOTG surpasses expectations with what is nothing short of phenomenal performances by the cast and truly well written and does not shy away from what could only be understood from what requires a sense of maturity to understand. Rockets back story alone is on occasion dark and incredibly sad it had me in tears at a few instances during the film. Honestly I did not expect this, James Gunn yet again provides an absolutely beautiful piece of cinematography and I have to say I really hope in the future they dive back into the story of the colony . With Adam warlock finally in the MCU it's most likely there will be some cameos. But it does deliver in the traditional guardians humor but this film is meant about more for the mature audience of marvel. Trust me this is a great film.
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A perfect send off for the Guardians
georgewhittingham13 May 2023
A near perfect end to an incredible Marvel trilogy.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is one of the best Marvel movies ever produced, and on par if not succeeding the first installment. (I personally didn't think number 2 was good at all)

The humour is brilliant, the storyline perfectly paced, each character gets their time on screen, the world building was wonderful, the action fantastic, and the CGI far better than some of the more recent Marvel additions. As always, the music was excellent.

This entry focuses heavily on our beloved Rocket, and being the final piece of the Guardians Galaxy trilogy, pulls a lot of character arcs almost full circle.

Our bad guy, an actor I'm unfamilar with, was the perfect villain, and from a quick search on imdb he is finally being recognised and is cast in a number of popular TV shows. This is also a tear jerker of a movie, so don't be surprised if you find yourself weeping throughout several points of the film.

You won't be dissapointed with this final addition to the Guardians, but you may feel a little sad that it has now come to an end.
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"Ain't no thing like me, except me!" (No, James Gunn, there really isn't). :)
Her-Excellency10 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
This film was A LOT darker than I ever thought a Marvel comic-book film would, or could be. It was also so much better - and the bar for GOTG was already set high in light of its past installments.

Instead of repeating all the positives which other reviewers have already pointed out, I wanted to say that I am a strong proponent for animals and animal welfare and normally steer away from watching films with animal brutality or cruelty in them. In this case, I am torn, in that while this is of course a fictional tale, how far is it from the reality of the lives of so many animals even in this day and age? Then again, the fact that the creators of what is normally considered to be "family fare", chose to go this deep and cuttingly into the subject, is something which bears recognition, be it whether they meant it for the sake of good, or for recognition's sake itself. Either way, what is depicted, cuts deeply.

Even with its flaws - and it DOES have flaws (such as going over the top with all the in-fighting) - this GOTG is, in my opinion, the best of the trilogy ... and yet ... I cannot see myself rewatching it with the frequency which I did the first two installments. You see, for all its worthy action, excellent (although toned-down) humor, its seamless arc and overall brilliance, at its core, it is a difficult watch in parts ... full of heartache and heartbreak.

In the end, all that's left to say, at least for this viewer, is: THANK YOU James Gunn, for the creative miracle that is your brain and for the dedication with which you have served the Guardians and all GOTG fans everywhere. Also, I would be remiss not to include a big shout-out to Will Poulter who SO magnificently plays Adam Warlock, that he seamlessly captures and delivers the essence of both hero and villain, and gives us hope in second chances and redemption. More importantly, a big I "heart" you to the tremendous actors who portrayed our heroes, and thank you for HOURS and HOURS of laughter, and now tears.
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A poignant and heartfelt finale
cardsrock10 May 2023
This truly feels like the end of the Golden Age of the MCU. We're saying goodbye to characters we've been with for nearly 10 years. I had faith in James Gunn to pull off a fitting farewell, and that faith was rewarded. Vol. 3 is a heartbreaking, emotional departure for these beloved characters. Rocket takes most of the spotlight in this threequel, but every character manages to get their shine and receives a suitable sendoff. I'm honestly impressed that Gunn found a perfect way to close each character's chapter and did so without resorting to cop out deaths.

In true Gunn fashion, the production design and worlds are weirder than ever. The visuals and colors are always a highlight of these films. The soundtrack is no different. Awesome Mix Vol. 3 has plenty of bangers, with one Beastie Boys scene as the highlight of the film for sure. I was prepared for an emotional story, but man, I wasn't prepared for all of the feels from the animals. Contrasted with that is the truly terrifying villain. The High Evolutionary is a real standout amongst the long list of MCU villains for being genuinely repulsive, yet simultaneously compelling.

Excluding No Way Home, GOTG 3 is my favorite Marvel film since Endgame. It did everything it needed to do and more. I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come for Marvel, and is not solely due to the immense passion and talent of now studio rival James Gunn.
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Rocket and Love
ossie853 May 2023
This is a fun and exciting space adventure that's elevated by the great heart and humor of its characters, especially Rocket. Throughout the movie, Rocket's character is at the core of the story, and his journey is one of the most interesting and impactful elements of the film.

The film features plenty of action and explosions, but at times it feels like there are too many of them. The plot also has a few flaws, with some of the storylines feeling rushed or underdeveloped. However, these issues are overshadowed by the film's strengths - and surprisingly dark themes.

This is a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, delivering plenty of entertainment. While the film has a few flaws, it's still a fun and engaging, with Rocket standing out as the heart and soul of the movie.
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Emotional and energetic!
cthirlby3 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably my favourite of the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies. James Gunn toned it down in the comedy department with this one to give us a more complex, intriguing and serious story. The film kept all the charm of the crew in it and still had the unique style that the guardians movies have. Mostly to do with the music, always look forward to music in these movies and the soundtrack was fantastic! Emotional and energetic! I loved it! It managed to give us a really emotional story for Rocket whilst having time for everyone else in the film, it was very well written to do that with so many cast members involved. The Rocket storyline is absolutely tragic, and it was really upsetting to hear and watch, even made me cry. The things they did and hearing him cry and squeal as he was ripped apart was really sad and to have what happened to his friends too was the bit that made me cry, the pain of rocket is really heartbreaking as all he wanted to do was free his friends and live with them. There was a lot of shock in the film as things happened that I wouldn't expect and that was great too. Drax who we have had glimpses of has been fully fleshed out in this one with talking about his daughter again which is a big part of the character and him being told he was made to be a dad. Star Lord got more of his Earth story being told and going back to see his grandpa was really cool. Everyone else was really cool too and more Cosmo was awesome! Adam Warlock was good and I can't wait to see more of him but he was a side character for now. It was quite dark for a marvel film with bloody scenes and even the F word was in there! Really enjoyed a more gritty tone in marvel. It was an emotional journey with our characters for one last time and it was one that was awesome but made me cry. Can't wait to see the new guardians of the galaxy at play as they have really cool characters in that roster. Fantastic movie! Loved it to bits!
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I Cried Four Times
coasteraddict-1679610 May 2023
I'm not one to cry at movies often, but this one broke me. Four is merely an estimate. I spent the entire last hour of the film in and out of tears. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is an unexpected masterpiece, and a work of art that absolutely broke me.

From the soundtrack, to the writing, to the characters, to the use of flashbacks, this movie is about as close to perfection as it gets. Having already established all of the characters, it managed to be heart-wrenching all the way through. This movie leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth, and with so much to think about. It manages to make 2 and 1/2 hours feel ten times as short. I never expected to fall in love with this movie, but it got to me in such a visceral way that I'll never forget the experience of seeing it.

The best marvel film, ever. 10/10.
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Warning: Will Shed Tears
nlgthunder20 May 2023
I am not ashamed to say this: I cried multiple times during this movie. And you know what? After far too many heartless, dull, pointless MCU projects that followed End Game, it was so nice to FEEL SOMETHING again while watching a Marvel movie. To feel the emotion behind the characters and the purpose of the story.

Guardians rounds out as the strongest overall trilogy of the MCU. The ending was beautiful and poignant, capping off an amazing run for the protectors of outer space.

This movie was able to be visually dazzling with CGI and effects, but avoid th recent pitfall of letting those things be the bulk of a movie. They're merely background; a means to tell a great story. The way, I feel, it should be.

Thank you, James Gunn (and crew)!
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Best MCU experience in a while, a long while
donz-820 May 2023
I'll keep this review short and simple. Aside from some awkwardly silly jokes and (only sometimes) slightly confusing pace, this was the best installment from the GOTG series. For the first time in a very long while, I really got 'pulled' in to the movie emotionally, something that hasn't happened since "Infinity War" and "Endgame". Since this review requires more "characters" I'll just add that GOTG 3 was a perfect finale to the series and I'm looking forward to the "New Guardians" (or whatever name they'll be referred to). With all of that being said, Guardians Vol. 3 is, without a doubt, one of the best MCU movies, definitely in the top 5 and well worth the price of admission.
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All heroes start somewhere
rexmatthewj3 May 2023
"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" is the third and final installment in the popular Marvel franchise, which follows the adventures of a ragtag team of cosmic heroes. It serves as a fitting farewell to one of the most beloved and distinctive franchises in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Writer-director James Gunn delivers a thrilling, hilarious, and emotional conclusion to his trilogy, as the Guardians face their biggest challenge yet: saving one of their own from a mad scientist who created him.

The plot of the film revolves around the Guardians' quest to save Rocket (Cooper), who is revealed to be a genetically engineered experiment by the High Evolutionary (Iwuji), a mad scientist who wants to create a perfect society through eugenics. Along the way, they also have to deal with Adam Warlock (Poulter), a powerful being created by Ayesha (Debicki), the leader of the Sovereign race who seeks revenge on the Guardians for stealing her batteries The film also explores the aftermath of Gamora's (Saldana) death and resurrection and how it affects her relationship with Peter Quill (Pratt).

"The action scenes are well-choreographed and thrilling. The movie skillfully balances action, comedy, and drama while maintaining focus on the characters and their relationships. The cast delivers excellent performances, with Pratt and Cooper delivering heartfelt portrayals of Quill and Rocket, who struggle with their identities and purposes. Saldana and Karen Gillan shine as Gamora and Nebula, whose complicated sisterhood evolves throughout the film. Drax, played by Dave Bautista, delivers some of the funniest lines while Pom Klementieff adds sweetness and charm as Mantis. Vin Diesel and Sean Gunn are also great as Groot and Kraglin, respectively."

The movie also introduces some new characters who fit well into the Guardians' world. Poulter is impressive as Adam Warlock, who has a conflicted arc that sets him up for future stories. Iwuji is menacing as the High Evolutionary, who serves as a formidable villain and a personal nemesis for Rocket. Maria Bakalova steals every scene she's in as Cosmo the Spacedog, a telepathic Soviet canine who helps the Guardians. Sylvester Stallone also returns as Stakar Ogord, who leads a team of Ravagers that includes Michael Rosenbaum as Martinex and Daniela Melchior as Ura.

The movie is visually stunning, with vibrant colors and imaginative designs that bring Counter-Earth and other cosmic locations to life. The cinematography by Henry Braham is dynamic and inventive, capturing the action and emotion with flair. The editing by Fred Raskin and Greg D'Auria is tight and smooth, keeping the pace brisk and engaging. The music by John Murphy is epic and catchy, blending orchestral cues with classic rock songs that fit the tone and mood of each scene.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is a satisfying end to an amazing saga that has entertained and moved millions of fans around the world. It is a testament to Gunn's vision and talent, as well as to the chemistry and charisma of the cast. It is also a celebration of the themes that have defined the Guardians: family, friendship, redemption, and heroism. It is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and dance along with these lovable misfits who have become legends in their own right.
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Much better than most of the recent Marvel projects but not as strong as the previous Guardians of the Galaxy instalments
Chance_Boudreaux195 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
So first of all, everything to do with Rocket in this movie is absolutely incredible and heartfelt. I'd even argue that his flashbacks are some of the best scenes we've seen in any Marvel film to date. On top of that, I really appreciated just how much this whole movie pushes the boundaries of its PG13 rating. We get the first Marvel f-bomb as well as some pretty gory moments by MCU standards. It can clearly be seen that James Gunn was given a lot of leeway to make the movie he wanted and so he was able to get away with a lot more and make callbacks to his horror roots. Additionally, the whole Guardians team has great chemistry together as always and it's great to just be able to see them interact with each other again. I liked the way the movie dealt with Gamora returning and her relationship with Peter Quill. On top of that, I loved the moment when the movie jokingly hinted that we might get something between Star Lord and Nebula which oddly enough I wish we did get, it would've been a great subversion of expectations.

Now onto the stuff I liked less and I'll start with the comedy. This was already beginning to be an issue for me with the 2nd movie and it's a problem that all modern Marvel movies have. The comedy in GOTG 3 often felt forced and the jokes were drawn out for too long. I realize that this series is known for being very comedic but maybe the jokes just needed to be placed more naturally, instead of being forced in so much. However, it's just my opinion though and I at least appreciate that there weren't any jokes in the moments that were supposed to be serious. Furthermore, the soundtrack was less appealing to me this time around but it might just be due to my preference for 70s soft rock and this entry expanding into a different musical era. On top of that, it does what all Marvel projects do which is have a massive CGI battle at the end. And yes, some moments are great in this battle like the one-take corridor sequence but I was still left switching off and thinking about something else when the bloated action sequences were happening. What did keep me engaged for the most part however was the genuine tension that I felt as I was sure that one or more of the Guardians will be dead by the end. The tension however was unwarranted as no characters died and this was a major disappointment.

The lack of character deaths prevented this film from feeling like the finale it was intended to be. If one or two Guardians bit the bullet in a definitive way I would've probably raised my rating to an 8. If Rocket wasn't laid out for most of the film and instead was kidnapped, he could've died during the final battle. The heaven scene could've then actually ended with him following Lylla and thus maximizing the emotional impact. Additionally, I feel like Star Lord perishing would've really been a great way to end it all but maybe in a better manner than with him trying to save his Zune. Also, the Guardians splitting up doesn't feel satisfying at all to me. It's the classic trope of a group of people splitting up only to realize they were the happiest when they were together. This is all just my opinion but the lack of finality and the setup for all of these characters returning in future Marvel movies lessened the supposed impact of this being the last time we see the Guardians together. We might not get Guardians of the Galaxy 4, although I wouldn't be surprised if we do but I bet we will see them team up again together in Avengers or another project, even if briefly. It all just doesn't feel like the epic conclusion that we were promised but rather a setup for how these characters will feature in the MCU going forward. I guess comic book movies can never have proper endings and even something great like Logan proves it with Hugh Jackman set to return for Deadpool 3. Maybe I shouldn't expect these films to provide conclusions because the studios will always try to get more from these characters and actors if there is money to be made. However, overall, even though a lot of this review might've seemed negative I did very much enjoy the movie but it just didn't wow me like it seemed to do most people and it simply lacked the finality that I personally desired from it.
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Each Hero has a story
GusherPop4 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
James Gunn is one of the few filmmakers who has operated in the massive system of the biggest movie money-making factory in the world without sacrificing his voice. Watching his "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" is to see a director who knows how to balance corporate needs with personal blockbuster filmmaking. This sci-fi/action/comedy still succumbs to a few of the MCU issues of late, but there's a creativity to the filmmaking, dialogue, and performances that modern superhero movies often lack. Gunn is like that kid who is not only playing with his action figures; he's pulling them apart and smashing them back together to make them into new creations. He doesn't just love these losers, he wants to see them save the universe again. Rocket Racoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) listens to "Creep" by Radiohead, a tone-setter that teaches him that he is special. The movie is filled with clever needle drops, making it a tone-setter. The Adam Warlock (Will Poulter) and Rocket (Chukwudi Iwuji) are attacked by the High Evolutionary (Chukwudi Iwuji). Rocket takes the worst beating and hovers near death for most of the movie, putting the film on two tracks: a flashback to Rocket's origin story and the present-day tale of the Guardians trying to save him. The mission leads them to the High Evolutionary, a mad scientist who created Rocket years ago. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" is most appealing when it defies a "product over art" aesthetic by being clunky and weird. It's thrilling to see Gunn push through some of his unsettling creature designs or settings that feel like they're taking place in actual physical spaces instead of the bland CGI that makes superhero movies look like watching someone else playing a video game. There's a version of "Vol. 3" that's even more chaotic and personal, but every time this blockbuster felt like it was edging more to content than art, it won me back. The flashback/mission structure of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" sometimes drains the film of momentum, but it does so with Gunn's personality intact. It is a reminder that the best blockbusters don't just sing along to a well-known tune like "Creep"; they make the song their own. Gunn would say that this makes us all special too. The flashback/mission structure of "Vol. 3" sometimes drains the film of momentum, but it does so with Gunn's personality intact.
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Best of the Guardians series?
brandonmckay84 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
I just left the cinema & my immediate thoughts was that was quite possibly the best of the Guardians of the Galaxy series & the best MCU film since No Way Home (or possibly endgame) it's definitely one I'll be seeing again! It's a beautifully written film with so much great action sequences, comedic scenes & some really heart touching moments. The backstory for Rocket really messes you up seeing what he went through & how he had to witness all his friends being slaughtered. Although it makes you believe it at times thankfully none of the Guardians actually pass but they do split in an emotional finale. Star-Lord finally decides to stop running & returns home to Earth to see his grand father! The final dance scene was so enjoyable. There are two post credit scenes so make sure to say to the end!
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Thank you James Gunn. Warning: Spoilers
SCORE: 10/10

James beautiful, beautiful man. Thank you. You inspire me to want to act, you inspire me to want to write and direct, and you inspire me to embrace my creativity and the artist within me. My eyes were glued to the IMAX screen from start to finish, even after having watched the entirety of the first 2 movies as part of a Guardians Marathon in theaters. The stakes were unbelievably high and they just kept increasing in severity. Right off rip we are thrust into a life threatening circumstance with the arrival of Adam Warlock and Rocket's imminent death. Peter is seen drowning his sadness of losing Gamora with alcohol, a parallel to how his buddy Thor was handling his awful life situation. Things were not looking good for the Guardians at all.

On top of all of that, quite possibly the MCU's most ruthless, hate-able villain was about to be introduced. If you had any plan of withholding tears during the movie, bring the box of tissues. You're going to need it. Through exploring Rocket's past, we are exposed to how awful he and the other animals were treated during the High Evolutionary's dangerous experiments. We have to sit there and watch all of Rocket's friends, Lylla, Teefs, and Floor be gunned down right in front of him as he attempts to break them out. Everything from hearing his younger voice to seeing him as a baby set the perfect stage for emotional connection to one of the Guardians' most important members.

How did they manage to make the rating for this movie PG-13? They did abide by the 1 F-word rule, but the violence was intensely gruesome, which I loved. Heads being chopped off, faces being ripped off, and action sequences that were some of the best the MCU has ever seen. With how some projects have been leaning into the "Marvel fatigue" that people talk about, this film is by far one of the most ambitious with its choices. It dares to be different, but also gives us that true Guardians of the Galaxy vibe that we all love, something that Quantumania failed to do.

The one small thing that I will say that bothered me was Gamora's character and how I wish they would've gone just a little bit further with some of the emotional moments. Gamora stopping to tell Peter that she "bets they were fun" had me about to be a complete wreck, but then it felt like they took the foot off that gas. She stays stubborn til the end, which I can respect, but maybe just had wishfully thinking that she would come around. I'm just happy that no one of great significance dies, and that the LEGENDARY STAR LORD WILL RETURN! One of my favorite characters in the MCU for sure. Thank you James Gunn.

Amendment: My score needs an amendment. This was a perfect movie. Better than the original Guardians? I'm at least open to that idea, but for now I'm going to say no. The way they used Gamora's character grew on me and her "I bet we were fun" successfully broke me. They handled her character arc so meticulously and, as I said in my original review, maybe it was just wishful thinking that they would've had her come around fully at the end in some way. I think the first time around I was dealing with the fact that it was the 3rd movie of the night of a 7 and 1/2 marathon that ended at 2:30 AM, I was preparing myself for the biggest presentation of my corporate career, and I was still trying to emotionally recover from having to experience Yondu's death again.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
FKDZ19 May 2023
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is fitting and strong finale for a trilogy that managed to steal my heart. Putting on GoTG on a whim one day spiraled me into the next, and accompanying essential viewing namely Avengers Infinity war and Endgame. But none of them viewed on the big screen, until today, to top off the journey. This is adventure filled, funny and at times emotional and dark movie. There's something for everyone here. And I dare say it's even watchable for someone who hasn't seen a single marvel movie, because there are some short tit bits of info drops to either remind if you forgot, or to get you up to speed.

Directing was fantastic. If I can describe it with one word it's: Dynamic. Maybe at times to a fault, with being to chaotic. I suffered only in one action scene from that but others complained a bit more. Personal taste. But there's so much creativity, not afraid to play with angles. One of the final fights (one take scene) is a joy to watch both in choreography and directing. I do have some gripes, I felt that the music and action scenes felt stronger in previous movies, not by much but it carried the music for longer and made the scene so much more fun. Here they tend to cut the music quickly. And moments just end a little too fast and don't get time to breathe.

Story and characters, this isn't a useless trilogy, there's again real expansion on backstory and character progression. I love that the characters get a purpose, or find it. And we leave satisfied. The new side-villain teased in Vol.2 is alright, some good moments. But ultimately didn't live up that much to expectations. The main villain though, firstly, really well acted and a good villain overall. Also driven by his own madness, not just ''I want to take over the world'. No huge plot, but a plot that involved a important character. All characters are fantastic I just have no complaints really. Star Lord puts in the work, Drax is fun, Rocket is amazing. Groot is groot. The finale reminded me of Return of the Jedi, just how celebratory it was. It's a great way to really end a movie experience.

Logic and stuff, well it's a fantasy movie so 99% of the unrealistic things I let slide. But if you are picky about that stuff you will notice. Personally I wasn't bothered.

Music was great once again, another strong role in making this movie work and the trilogy. All good picks. Though as I said I felt like it was cut short sometimes. Whereas in previous movies it would really carry a scene for much longer.

World design, production design. They went all out, from comedic designs to stunning interiors and areas. One of the reasons I love the GoTG trilogy so much is it's world. It feels classic, that kinda weird in-between of man with blue skin, woman with green skin. And full-on cgi monsters and weirdness. It also has that element of Star Wars and Star Trek in it. It just feels so good to watch a sci-fi world that is so creatively designed on a big screen.

Whats next, who knows, the credits do tell us but I think it will be a while, or a different movie entirely. All I know is this trilogy was great. I enjoyed it a ton. The grade is mainly for nailing a trilogy. I'd say all 3 are very close together, with Vol.2 being a personal favorite for now.
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A messy but enjoyable send-off
Jeremy_Urquhart3 May 2023
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is a bit of a tonal mess, and quite easily my least favourite of the three. That being said, it's entertaining and I had a good deal of fun watching it... but I can't call it a slam dunk. That puts it behind the original, which is hard to fault, or Vol. 2, which is a little easier to fault, but those faults don't mean too much when balanced with what works.

With Vol. 3, I think it's that imperfect balancing of the comedy, action, sentimentalism, and heartbreak that makes it stumble. The other two movies got the balance right by some screenwriting miracle, and while this could technically feel more unwieldy or unbalanced, it doesn't quite mesh together ideally.

There are some really violent scenes. There are some genuinely traumatic and honestly kind of disturbing moments. There are the jokes you'd expect (and they're largely funny). There are some very sad scenes. There are some really corny scenes. All these moments work in isolation, but Vol. 3 is a bit like the best orchestra in the world being led by a conductor who's just rolled out of bed and takes the better part of two and a half hours to wake up.

But all those individual elements? If you let them wash over you, they all work extremely well. This is 150 minutes long and doesn't feel it. The pacing largely works, and it's very entertaining. It looks better and is visually more inspired than anything from Phase 4. Maybe that's not saying much, but there is creativity there. And I like how violent, out there, and heavy it can get - I just don't think it combines seamlessly with the fun stuff and the jokes.

Still, I feel it's generally a success. Maybe tugs on the heartstrings a little too aggressively, but a lot of it works. I liked how they handled all the characters, besides maybe Gamora and newcomer Adam Warlock. The storyline is otherwise sound, as are the other character arcs, and it's a pretty good end to what's been a nice trilogy.
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Perfect finale to an incredible trilogy!
nickywinchesters4 May 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Really don't know how to express my emotions properly but wow what a perfect finale to an incredible trilogy!!! The movie was just so beautiful is so many ways!! All the characters shined and got equal screen time, really showed them all as an equal team! The story was touching and meaningful, the performance from the entire cast were phenomenal, a certain scene with Pratt broke my heart because he delivered an amazing nuanced performance, same with the rest of the cast, they all delivered amazing performances in regards to emotional scenes, action and comedy!! The cinematography and music were excellent!! So glad James Gunn returned to direct it. I'm going to miss the Guardians and this incredible cast so much!!!
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Guardians 3 is just amazing and ends in a high note.
cruise0116 May 2023
5 out of 5 stars.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is an awesome superhero film that is a perfect end to the trilogy with action, emotions, and a great direction arc that concludes to the characters we love.

The plot is great. It involves a bit of a backstory to rocket raccoon. And how he came to be. And a story involving the High Evolutionary played by Chukwudi Iwuji who is the villain. The film is big, fast paced, and action packed. It is filled with a bit of a emotional story which can be dark and concluding characters arcs. James Gunn script and direction does know how to handle the pacing, action and emotional story.

The visual effects are amazing. The music score and soundtrack is great. Great cast ensemble. Plus new additions like Will Poulter and Chukwudi Iwuji which they deliver. The action sequences are big and exciting.

Overall, this third Guardians film delivers it all. And i can not wait to see where it goes next.
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