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Thailand is SouthEast Asia's Hollywood! The Most Talented Asian Film!
hilaryswank201120 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This Thailand film is better than other Asian countries!

Cheating tests, this material of story telling is successfully developed into the most impressive and exciting feature film ever made in Asia! The Three Act Structure is perfectly applied into this Thailand film!

Act 1 is that Lynn and her friend Grace establishing cheating test business among her classmates.

Act 2 is failure of the cheating test business due to exposure of Tong's suspected action on the paper test. That was caused by another test genius Bang who reported the chancellor of their school. At this moment, the entire conflict was established and easily grabbed. Point of No Return(Mid Point) is Pat's parent suggest Grace and their son, Pat to go to study abroad at Boston University. Then, they need to pass SAT. Lynn and Bang are involved by their business partners/clients Grace and Pat. At the end of Act 2, Bang fails at Australian university when he sends the answers of SAT back to Thailand for their clients to be ready for the test.

Act 3 is that Lynn escapes from Australia but Bang is punished. Now Bang threatens her to join the next cheating test business. However, Lynn rejects it and confront the karma.

Perfect! The most common and ordinary material is turned into the most cinematic narrative structure of genre film!

Thailand film is rising and is going to be South East Asia's Hollywood! I did not even see this quality of film in Taiwan ever before. Thailand filmmakers did more prestigious work!
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Excellent film
hitomi6918 October 2017
The story is not that complicated.

But the execution is very good. I was glued to my seat throughout and only breathed with relief (from pressure) when the roller credit came out. It proved that a good movie does not necessarily mean investing huge amount in computer graphics or famous (and costly) stars. All it takes is a good script, talented direction and good acting.

Bravo for Thai film industry!
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Entertainment movie - Rebirth
haitrantdn199915 September 2017
The movie defies opinion and stereotypes. Although originated from what can be known as a "B-rated" market - Thailand, the product - what may have been seen as a typical teenager movie - stands out in its own field with brilliant production and composing. I came in the cinema with almost zero hope for what could be the next definition of modern entertainment movie, yet the show proved that it got all the elements ready. The casts, while still in their early years, depicts the characters as-what-they-are, with enough depth and individuality. Next,the surprisingly excellent screenplay, cinematic sound and effects took every single breath away. In short, what's here is a play inside a play, a concert inside a movie. The photography skill here was taken to the next level. The sound team was truly praiseworthy. No one expected how intriguing a simple exam scene could be until they see the pencils were dropped while Mozart notes are stepping in the beautifully shot frames. No second was left out or wasted, scene after scene followed one another like the flow of water, with all the intensity a film this kind needed. What's next? What's there left behind? - The viewers are left with the question thorough the play and were not disappointed. Could this be the all time classic for generations? Hardly, but could this piece of art here linger in your thoughts, days after days? Certainly. It was all too simple at first look, until the drama started: the thought-consuming piano flow kicked in and the clock started moving, seconds by seconds.
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Good combination on every aspect
stevenclayalcander7 September 2017
I thought the film that only tells you a story about student, school life, and cheating on exam is boring and cliché. I was wrong, because when i finished watch this movie, i can tell that every aspect of this movie is good. It has good story, good meaning of friendship, family and it offer you good humour too. The director makes this film which tell about the cheating on exam is so intense, brilliant, and stylish. Its not just focusing on main actor, but the supporting actor too. They can make the connection between character and the character building is perfect too. This movie gives you everything !
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Enormously exciting at every moment
themadmovieman28 October 2017
This is such a good film. Not only is it a fantastically exciting thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, but it's also just a really good exercise in properly entertaining storytelling. With slick and dynamic directing from Nattawut Poonpiriya, strong performances across the board from a young cast, and a genuinely unpredictable and often risky story, Bad Genius is an exhilarating watch, and one you mustn't miss out on.

Let's start off with the story, something that continued to surprise me regularly over the course of 130 minutes. Firstly, it's a very well-paced and intelligently laid-out plot, managing to effectively bind together major character development with the advent of this underground ring of students cheating on exams, and that means it's a thoroughly interesting watch right from the beginning, never getting bogged down at any point.

What's more is that it's full of some fantastic twists and turns that help keep the intensity at incredible levels throughout. Its first act does very well to establish the character's reasons for cheating on the exams, but after the early conflict is dealt with, it briefly seems like there's nowhere else for the movie to go.

However, from then on, it upgrades itself to a huge-scale thriller, almost playing out like a heist movie as the students try to pull off a daring coup by beating an international exam, leading to what can only be described as one of the most intensely exciting movie finales I've ever seen, to the point that I wasn't only on the edge of my seat, but genuinely breaking out into a sweat.

Of course, it's not just the screenplay that makes Bad Genius such a thrilling watch, because director Nattawut Poonpiriya does an amazing job here too. Above all, the film is beautifully shot from start to finish, with all the confidence and production quality of a big Hollywood movie, but it's also the way in which Poonpiriya styles the movie as what is effectively a heist thriller that makes it so memorable.

Whilst its finale is undoubtedly the pièce de resistance, the film has the intensity of a heist thriller right from the very start, as Poonpiriya uses very dynamic directing to bring the sense of risk right home, with various combinations of slow-mo and fast cuts in some of the exam sequences, all of which give the film even more confidence as a real thriller.

However, don't think that Bad Genius is just a wall-to-wall intense thriller, because it's actually really funny too. Again, Poonpiriya plays a big part in this, managing to expertly weave some of the story's lighter moments appropriately into the midst of something more thrilling, but it's also the fact that the whole thing seems so serious and intense that plays into another level of humour.

For one, the mimicking of classic heist and crime movies like Heat, Trainspotting, Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and more through its visuals, and yet the fact that it's centring around high school students cheating on tests, is a lot of fun to watch throughout. Also, the film is fully self-aware when it comes to delivering good comedy, meaning that in the middle of an incredibly intense sequence, it still feels perfectly appropriate to have a short burst of comedy to keep the mood light and playful, something that really impressed me.

But as well as the comedy and the thrills, Bad Genius also manages to hit another mark, telling a slightly more dramatic and moral story along the way. While the main bulk of the film is undoubtedly its endlessly entertaining thrills, it's the little moments where we see our characters realise what they're getting themselves into, and begin to question whether it's really morally acceptable to continue on their way. It's by no means preachy, and feels perfectly at home in the film, but if there were ever a film to show kids to not cheat on their exams, this is the one, because it really manages to show the deeper effects and consequences of doing so beyond simply getting disqualified or slapped on the wrist.

Finally, the performances here are pretty fantastic too. In the lead role, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying does a great job as the eponymous 'bad genius', proving a hugely entertaining and likable lead for the thriller side of the story, while still managing to keep her performance in check to allow the film's comedy and moral drama to have a good effect as well.

Meanwhile, a lot of her co-stars impress in some very energetic and memorable performances, with the leading quartet featuring a fantastically exciting dynamic that allows them to play off one another, and keep the tension and excitement of their characters' relationships bubbling throughout the movie, yet another level that engrossed me deeper into the story here.

Overall, I absolutely loved Bad Genius. First and foremost, it's a thriller of epic proportions, and it does an amazing job at keeping you fully on the edge of your seat over the course of a genuinely unpredictable 130 minutes. However, it proves more impressive yet with its brilliantly slick directing, excellent comedy, intriguing drama and strong performances, all of which come together to make a mighty entertaining movie.
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This is one dynamite of a film
ctowyi15 June 2017
This being a Thai movie, I was pleasantly surprised to notice there are no ghosts or cheesy romantic couplings. Bad Genius is essentially a caper thriller and it is as suspenseful as they come.

Brilliant student Lynn (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying – that's quite a mouthful) makes money by helping her classmates cheat on school tests. Her friends Grace (Eisaya Hosuwan) and Pat (Teeradon Supapunpinyo) then propose a million-Baht idea – to help students cheat on the STIC, an important standardized test used to gain placements in prestigious universities in the US. Lynn agrees to do it, but she can't do it without Bank's (Chanon Santinatornkul) help.

Bad Genius is one dynamite of a film. Who would have thought a simple idea of cheating in a test can go supernova. The narrative structure employed to tell the story is brilliant and assured. The twists and turns just keep on piling up, and not one time did I fall out of the story. The plot may be crazily far-fetched, but writer-director Nattawut Poonpiriya keeps it plausible and on the pulse. By that I mean it is instantly relatable, especially when we come up through the pressure-cooker education system.

The cast only has one recognizable veteran actor in Thaneth Warakulnukroh (Pop Aye) who plays Lynn's father. The rest of the cast are newbies, led by Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, a 21-year-old model making her acting debut. Their rawness shines through and it makes the characters compelling and believable. The writing is a mark of genius in that it comes up with ingenious methods to beat the school system; the trailer will give you a glimpse of that.

One of the things I always teach my kids in my writing class is to make sure the journey of the main character is never be too easy. Using a "two steps forward one step back" approach, there must be setbacks for the character to negotiate along the way and the narrative of Bad Genius exemplifies this to a T. When done well, you will be so caught up in the proceedings and wouldn't be able to see the gears moving behind the seams. For this to work, the ground work of laying down all the characters' myriad of motivations must be established well. Poonpiriya has done a superb job here, so much so that when the eventual comeuppance arrives it will hit you with a jolt to the jugular.

On top of that the movie has loads of heart and it puts the relentless pressure to succeed in the school system under the microscope. Bad Genius also works as a cautionary tale in that the end does not justify the means. Perhaps where the film could have done better is to examine certain issues that were brought up but weren't handled in depth, like how the school is in itself "cheating" by requesting the parents pay for school maintenance and how exams are not the only measure to determine a student's aptitude. But all this does not matter because the film clearly scores full marks in where it matters – a superb piece of entertainment.
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A thrilling, touching and heartwarming journey
Gordon-118 September 2017
This film tells the story of a very bright teenage girl, who aces in all her tests. She soon finds a way to make a fortune by selling answers of tests in schools. She and her team comes up with the ultimate cheat - the university entrance exam that takes place in Sydney.

"Bad Genius" is a really fun film to watch. Viewers can easily relate to the story because everyone has taken exam and everyone wanted to score the maximum marks. The things people would do to get a good result in Asia is astonishing, so I actually think the plot is believable! The cheats are really thrilling, and time after time there are events that make your heart race. There is a lot of comedy, friendship, loyalty and morality in the film as well, making it a very good plot. The lead actress, Lynn, does her role very well. I am so glad that I had a chance to watch this thrilling, touching and heartwarming journey.
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Social Network meets Ocean's Eleven in the best Thai film ever made
kamenhaven19 November 2017
This is possibly the most surprising movie of 2017 for me. It's about a straight-A high school student who forms an exam-cheating syndicate in exchange for money, and soon finds herself orchestrating very complex but clever schemes to overcome exams that become increasing more high stakes and difficult. What makes this film absolutely brilliant is that the exams are presented as a series of heist-like set pieces that are very intense, nail-biting and suspenseful, with the kind of edge-of-your-seat thrills befitting a Mission Impossible movie. From the camera movements to the pulse-pounding music, the film uses the cinematic language of bank-heist capers to frame its exam scenes, turning the mundane act of high schoolers cheating at exams into a completely enthralling high stakes set piece. It also features an incredibly talented and likable cast of young actors, but the breakout star of this movie is Chutimon, in her acting debut. She is the heart of the film and an unstoppable force, delivering scene after scene of phenomenal acting. As much as it's a thriller, the movie is also a very funny teen comedy, with many wonderful moments of levity. The script is really clever and there were lotsa creative ideas in the exam sequences. The music is also really good, very much Atticus Ross Social Network inspired.

Overall, I had an absolutely wonderful time watching this film, and cannot recommend it highly enough. It's an absolute crowd-pleaser, but also one of the most intelligent movies of the year. The movie completely earns the moniker of "genius" in its title. I'm not surprised that this is the highest grossing Thai movie of all-time, beating Tony Jaa's Ong Bak. It's one of the best Thai films ever made. It has a really clever and unique premise that's just begging for a Hollywood remake.
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Good Movie
khanhlinh-3032922 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Awesome. good storyline, good characters, very true story of smart students from developing countries. The music added is so good that it makes the movie much more intense. I am considering watching it again!! but I dun like the ending for Bank specifically, really sad and pity for him :(
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Fun for all: humour, human connection, conniving and all
christian9430 August 2017
Bad Genius is based on a true story, but takes many liberties to create compelling storytelling. The movie is about taking entrance exams which may be relatively important in Europe and the Americas but extremely important in the Asian academic performance cultural frenzy. Nonetheless, the power of the film and Nattawut Poonpiriya directing is that is makes exam cheating and everything around it fun and exciting. He is able to make a teenager's dilemma feel like a life and death situation with style, intrigue and humour.

Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying shines as the lead, but all the characters and actors serve justice to the material. Even the supporting roles and extras all add to the well played chess game. The movie is smart and has "swag". Interesting take on the school teenager world up the stakes and mistakes, looking at morality and the subtleties of human ambitions, abilities and interactions.

A hit in Thailand and it has all the elements to be an international success to the attentive audience.

Thailand 2017 | 130 mins | FANTASIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL | Thai (English subtitles)
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A commendable movie
hanhhth17 September 2017
Bad Genius is well-balanced between entertaining and educational purposes, but still manages to be restrained and realistic. You can fell related to the characters if you used to be an Asian student. The young cast's performances are persuasive. It is a film made with sincere and intimacy. Some people don't like the ending but I find it satisfying.
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100% thrilling, exciting, creative, intelligent, educational, family values and morality.
stmalaysia14 August 2017
Usually I won't watch a movie if I have read any spoiler or if I don't expect to see any surprise but its box office success in Thailand and Taiwan makes me curious what is good about it and what's common between these 2 countries that so many people liked it ? My title described all. Never have I seen a film that have everything mentioned in my title to such a maximum, from the first scene to the last minute, no chance for toilet break. I believe only Thailand, because of their culture could come out with such a great message. Initially, I think the script should be better without giving the ending away so soon but later I realize it's highly intelligent as it keeps the viewer more suspenseful and curious later. The acting is good too. The female lead don't have the usual pretty face like most Thai movie but she carried the scenes so well I don't think anyone else can replace her role. The male lead has everything that's needed to assure his popularity with this role and the 2 others are great potentials too. The ending song will be a hit. Do not miss. I give it a 10 although it will not win a best film award.
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interesting protagonists and fun and thrilling exam-taking experience
gercs19 November 2017
Focusing your film on a generally considered boring activity such as exam-taking is on the surface a somewhat misguided notion of entertainment. But then, couple it up with cheating schemes usually makes it a potentially thrilling movie; after all, it really depends on how you execute it. The good thing is that in this film it somehow showed quite clever schemes, but what was really clever is how witty the film gets in order to deliver its weighty message about exam-taking and the so-called success in life in general.

The cheating schemes, especially in the latter part of the film, were delivered with Argo-ish thrill (speaking of the film "Argo") wherein it feels contrived, and of course flawed and inconsistent when it comes to the details; but in contrast to the Argo experience, I find this more enjoyable in a sense that it doesn't have those glaring historical inaccuracies that Argo had (well, this is not a film adapting a specific real-life event from the past unlike Argo).

This film doesn't try hard to be relevant and doesn't convince you to the notion that "hey, I have intelligent characters, and I am showing you exceptional schemes; so you should be amazed" but you can rather sense the good time that they had making this. What's compelling however is that they were able to entertainingly deliver (developing odd characters with awkwardly good chemistry and showing an engaging take on outrageous schemes) their message about what really matters despite the achievements without that self-righteous take. Although the ending feels like a "quick fix" to the meticulously presented moral murkiness and interesting characters, the experience was already fun and memorable.
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Good movie
kltfalcon22 September 2017
Watch the movie with my friends.It's really good movie. When you are a genius what can you do. You are poor and you want to make a living by your talent. But your talent are good learning then how you can make a living by that.

Let's watch
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Bad Film!
timucin_savas26 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am a big fan of Asian cinema, mainly Korean, Hong Kong and Japanese. I am excited whenever a new country in Asia joins this group as my expectations are high from a story perspective. I am not worried about the cinematic techniques a lot at this stage. However Bad Genius was really disappointing.

What was the objective of the film? The story was a bit lame indeed, I expected for a twist, game-changer until the end of the film, unfortunately there was no such thing. The characters were a bit one-dimensional, making it hard for the audience to empathize with them. The character changes were forced at best, there was no natural flow. So the story is about cheating, however I felt that the film was cheating instead. This was not an Asian film, it was almost a Hollywood script with the action superseding characters most of the time. It felt like the main motive of the characters, to go to US or Australia to study and work was actually the motive of the director as well: How to make it to Hollywood.

The main characters had the cinematic aura however acting was mediocre overall. The film does not deserve an average rating of 8, not at all.

Some background story to Lynn and Grace could have made the story better. Given the 130 minutes length the audience deserved some more details. And the last scene, such a waste, the script meandered here and there and ended like this, such a gross disappointment.

And then what happened to Lynn's glasses? She removed them during the photo shoot-out never to put them back again. Strange!

This was my first Thai cinema experience except for a couple of Tony Jaa movies. I am looking forward to better films from Thailand.
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Amazing Film
mumaijesol294 October 2018
Im am amazed with the story and plot, sound effects are perfect and makes the movie more thrilling and fun. stunning camera angles. at first I thought just a boring film.

I suggest to watch this at cinemas or have a nice surround sound at your house.

Overall for me this is a 10/10
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Exciting, yet quite cringy
azurezhahir23 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Definitely a great slice of life movie, as expected from Thailand.

The story revolves around Lynn, a genius who strays from the path of a model student. She uses her brilliant head to help "clients" getting a good score. Her cheating progresses quite fast since it started with a school exam to cross-country STIC (SAT). While it's really enjoyable to watch, the movie suffer from a few drawbacks.

First of would be the awkward acting. Some of them were so awkward to be taken seriously. I suspect its intended to suit the characters, but then it just going to produce a snicker when it supposedly making the audience grit their teeth or shed a tear. Though, in a way this makes the characters have quite the depth, like a smug, egoistic rich boy who always wear this annoying expression on his face. But the big drop in character delivered late in the movie, where a particular character have a 180 degree turnaround on their behavior, without a particular lead or a strong trigger. No, its not Lynn, its the other genius. This really disappoints me.

Characters aside, this movie got some really nice blood-pumping scenes, forcing you to hold tight on your seat while pondering what might happen next. A few of it got overdone though. While most of the scores matched perfectly, too many unnecessary posing makes my eyes rolled around more than once. I know they're supposed to be cool, but too much honey and you'll vomit, dear.

All in all, it's a really enjoyable movie to watch, especially for students approaching their exams, for some I-can-relate-with-that feeling. It's fresh, pretty fulfilling, and most likely you wont be disappointed having spent two hours watching this.
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Fake review fake reviews
fejsbuk_cancar16 June 2018
I really expected a lot of this movie, instead I got wasted almost two hours of my life. Half of movie is unnecessary slow-mo, plot is empty, acting is terrible. All in all I advice you to skip this one.
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Laugh out loud bad
andrew-811-63978323 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am surprised I didn't see negative reviews as the film is surprisingly bad. The storyline is like an Asian teenager's nightmare. You spend minutes of your life watching teens stressing out over multiple choice tests and filling in A B C D. This is maybe 15-20 minutes of the movie right there. Characters are one dimensional, the ending is stupid (granted I did not finish the movie but my wife told me how it ends)

There is a point at which what could have worked as a movie simply falls apart and never comes back together. It happens when Lynn flies to Australia to take an exam and the guy who welcomes her to the "test center" is a Russian with the most obvious Russian accent ever. He takes a rather prominent role from there on and its impossible to watch him without laughing. At this point the acting and the plot turn so bad that only The Room by Tommy Wasseu matches it.

Actual dialogue: Russian Terminator: Are you OK? Lynn: No I'm sick Russian Terminator: Doesn't matter. You must come with me to the exam center.

Just two plot holes: 1) Lynn is a math genius who hardly speaks any English at all. How does she manage to even pass an English exam when she yells for the doors of the Australian Subway to open in Thailandese?

2) She charged 3000 baht per exam at the school which suddenly rises to 600 000 to pass the English University entrance test. That's 200 times higher.

3) Passing an entrance exam via cheating means absolutely nothing if you're going to fail University because you speak no English.
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A Breathtaking movie!
aoichihiro23 November 2017
I honestly have low expectation on this one but that was change while watching the movie. The acting is top-notch on this one, very character execute there role perfectly from being like/hate or being hated. The pressure is in there, I need to hold my breathing on some point. It's also because the movie got a well-picked soundtrack.

Kudos to everyone who make this movie

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Bad Genius is a Thai film about an intelligent student who runs a cheating business.
liatanchen29 October 2017
The plot is unpredictable, well-written, there are almost no loopholes, it is very emotional. Everyone who has cheated at school can relate to this movie. Comedy, thriller, drama, almost every genre is already here in this movie. The characters act well. I would recommend this to all my friends. I'm glad that this movie has won a lot of awards, the cast and production staff deserve the recognition. This is probably one of the best Thai films I've watched.
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Who Cheated?
ashineee16 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Actually, it is my first time to write movie review in English. I think it will have many mistakes, therefore, I need some suggestions. As a matter of fact, the movie's theme is normal. It is just about youth.The movie told us a story about a girl who had genius and studied well,but her family was needy. In order to earn money, she began to do other wealthy students' a favor to cheat by virtue of having piano class ostensibly. She obtained an army of money by this method. Unfortunately, she was accused by a righteous boy who was the second of the grade. She lost the opportunity to study abroad. Due to he was fought by the wealthy students and missed the exam time, he also lost the opportunity.

Subsequently, two students told the girl that they want her to do them a favor to treat in the STIC text. To realize her dream that study abroad, she agreed. Afterwards, she persuaded the boy who accused her to take part in their projects. Their four orchestrated a plan which across time zones. Provided their plans are extremely detailed, the boy was caught up and expelled by school eventually. Nevertheless, he was cognizant of money was the most important business in this world after getting an army of money. He wanted to collaborate with the girl and earned money. The girl refused. Nevertheless the boy menaced her that he would whistle-blowing provided that she did not collaborate with him. The girl was distressed when she saw the boy's change. At the end of the movie, she confessed herself.

One of the factors that it became so hot in China is its theme, cheat. From children to adult, we took a great number of examinations. Almost everyone had cheated in our examination. Consequently, when we saw them pass the notes otherwise pass the answer by the phone, we would suddenly be cognizant of it is ourselves.

But did it just tell us a story about treats? Obviously not. The girl treated firstly to do her friend a favor. But subsequently, she treated for money due to she knew that the headmaster of school exacted 2 million from her father. She was angry, therefore, when she was suspected, she shouted that the school treated more than her! This movie let us see the class differentiation and social injustice. At the end of this movie, the boy and the girl went on a different way. After being hit and thrown to landfill by his classmates and being caught up by school, he was defeated by realization. He realized that life was unfair and he was no longer virtuous and upright. His conviction was shaken under this kind of inequity. It was distressing.

The girl once said that life will still cheat you even you are honest. Provided it is a world that everyone in pursuit of desire, nevertheless, do yourself and not to be confused by the world. That is what we should do, don't we?
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All you're missing is Matt Damon
dokrauss2 March 2018
Outstanding effin' movie. Edge-of-your-seat tension along the lines of The Talented Mr. Ripley or Rounders, but much lighter. A genius high school girl, along with a genius high school boy, plan to cheat on an international exam. But, as you know, no plan survives first contact.
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Gripping but anticlimactic
Snootz23 January 2018
This film has everything going for it: directing, acting, as well as having a moral-story which forms the primary theme of the film. It will have the viewer cringing on the edge of their seat in certain parts-- purely due to drama. Even to the very end one doesn't know where the film is going.

But the story seems to fizzle out, with the audience well-knowing what is going on, but not sure whether it's wise and proper or not. This is presented as a morality play but at the end, we're not sure what plateau those morals should take. I can't discuss it further without spoiling, so all I'll say is this film is well worth watching, but don't expect a clear-cut, black and white message. While the message is very direct, it does seem to leave other issues in its wake.

One of the most interesting such films I've seen. It has been compared to Oceans 11 and similar films, and rightly so. But whereas Oceans 11 never questioned the morality of what they were doing, this film is all about morality from beginning to end. It raises the age-old question: it is right to cheat in a world full of cheaters (from the top down)? I think for some, it may leave that question unanswered... but does so skillfully.

It's not written so well that I can put it in my high-star category, but it deserves at least a solid 7 for the writing, directing and acting. It fails however in my bottom line test: would I want to see this film again? In this case my personal answer is no. But it was certainly worth watching at least once.
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anshuagrawal-237227 April 2018
Cut the long pauses, the overly drawn out sentiments, the beating about the bush and this becomes a fine movie that will keep you guessing till the end.
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