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Dreamy: Chemistry A
MIssM1923 April 2017
First of all. DREAM BIG. Take risks. That's what this movie is about. (Besides love, right?)

One might think that because this is a Hallmark movie it'll just like all movies they have ever made. But every once in a while there are a few that are above average. This is one of those for me.

Two weeks ago I discover that Andrew W. Walker and Nikki Deloach were having another movie together, and after watching "A Dream of Christmas", who wouldn't want to see them working together again? Personally, the chemistry between the actors, in any movie, is one of the most important things for me. In the first the chemistry was there, and in here? Oh boy it is there too. I started smiling like a fool ever since their first scene together.

Nikki Deloach, aka Jessica, seems to be one of those people whose smile brightens the room when she steps in, and Andrew W. Walker aka Chase (appart from being one of my favorite Hallmark guys) seems like a pretty charming guy. Put them together and you have this movie. Both characters were great, they both have a back story and i'm glad we got to see more of Andrew's character this time.

The script was amazing, original - the theme was something I haven't seen before from Hallmark - I was waiting for the moment they would screw up the plot, but fortunately it didn't come. Predictable? Maybe, but in this case it's what made me enjoy the story. I knew there was a problem coming up or that they were about to have a scene alone.

If there is something missing in this movie it's probably that scene between the characters in which the girl falls on top of the guy, or they are stuck together, those clumsy yet adorable moments. And maybe a line that would make me laugh out-loud.

I swear the movie lasted 30 minutes, not an hour and a half, I loved it. It's rare to see two leads working together again, three seems pretty impossible, but I really hope they get to do another movie together.
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Another Good One
mstiechick21 May 2017
Sweet movie about a man who realizes what's important in the world. The child actor brings a lot of personality and character to this film. This is a feel good movie about a star baseball player that comes home and finds himself. In a time with so much craziness, it's nice to have movies that take you away and make you feel good about good people helping others.
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Andrew Walker shines....
ccmiller149229 March 2018
It's very refreshing to see a quiet film with likeable leads who seem to inhabit their characters effortlessly. The baseball connection was what drew me in, and the fact that Walker reminded me so much of Elroy Hirsch aka "Crazylegs" who actually played himself in a bio-pic back in 1953 When you get tired of the constant overdone cgi, speed, explosions, and gratuitous violence in much of today's screen fare it pays off to check out the Hallmark films. I've caught a few others with Andrew Walker and he always gives a believable, sincere performance which overrides the sometimes contrived cuteness of the plots. This is the one that left the first and lasting impression...understated, but sweet and memorable. .
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Worth a watch
Lew7771 March 2019
Nikki Deloach takes the plaudits for this small-town tale of a single Mum trying to make her Grandpa's diner business work, whilst juggling he role as Mum, having a no-risk taker of a boyfriend and finally having Chase, an old flame Baseball star, walk back into her life. She has such transparent ,emotional & photogenic features that takes you into her story. Good job ! I also loved Andrew Walker's struggle to get a good relationship with his Dad, which will resonate with many men out there. A cute film & the chemistry between the 2 leads works well.
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Love This movie
wolfamy-5973216 January 2019
I love the chemistry between Nikki and Andrew sparks fly immediately. She never looks at Brett once like she does Chase. Wesley does a great job as Jessica's son.
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My 2 Fave "Hallmark" Actors!
janeu-3890810 January 2020
I love these 2 together. Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker have such CHEMISTRY between them. I watched a great Christmas movie with the 2 of them. While checking I saw that they were in this movie together. Even better this was showing this week! I recorded it due to work but got to come home, put my feet up & watch. Cute movie !! I hope they make more movies together!!
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No wonder Andrew Walker's character was unsigned!!!
daustin-4355031 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a nice Hallmark production that features quite a few traditional plots: former couple "reuniting"; woman's business is bad so it might close; ex-boyfriend relates well to the woman's son; a possible broken promise; both father and son work together to overcome their emotional chasm; etc. The chemistry between the two leads works fine and the reunion of the couple seems inevitable. The denouement comes together quite nicely. Having seen all of Andrew Walker's Hallmark films, he has previously shown himself to be a good athlete - e.g. skating in a couple of movies. However, he cannot play baseball at all. He can't hit fungoes, swings like a rusty gate, and most definitely, cannot even resemble a major league pitcher, which is what he was supposed to be. I guess that is what you get when a northern Canadian athlete prolific at hockey tries to act as a baseball player.
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A Cute Love Story
wolfamy-5973227 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The main characters Chase Taynor and Jessica Parker are a couple you root for. Even though they lives are different than when they were high school sweethearts. Deep down they never stopped loving each other. You can tell when they see each other for the first time.
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another Hallmark movie
SnoopyStyle16 September 2018
Jessica (Nikki Deloach) is a single mom running her late grandpa's small town restaurant while facing new competition. She's dating insurance salesman Brett. Her old flame Chase Taynor (Andrew W. Walker) is back home visiting his parents. He can't find a new team after allowing a grand slam to lose the World Series in game 7. He starts teaching her son Wesley to play baseball.

This is a Hallmark channel movie. It's better than most of its kind. Grading on a curve, this deserves a passing grade. The leads are long time solid actors. Neither really got to be stars but both have worked consistently. They fit the characters and have solid chemistry together. They are photogenic with some depths of lost. The story is basically good looking middle age people finding their way back to each other again. It doesn't get much simpler than this.
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Not so perfect
krichter-247247 November 2019
I love Andrew walker, he always does a good job. Believable in his acting. I am tired of watching Nikki DeLoach, she over does it in a lot of her roles. Too stuck on herself. She looks older then a lot off her male leads.
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A potential cure for insomnia
GirlRebuilt16 February 2021
I've got to say it: I am absolutely shocked at the high ratings I'm seeing here, but everyone is of course entitled to their own opinions. Here are mine. The acting was terrible, but to be fair the actors weren't given much to work with with a script that weak. The characters for one dimensional and poorly developed. Even the musical score was completely along the same lines that we have heard again and again and a cane in low budget family-friendly romcoms. The plot was completely predictable, from the main story in and of itself right down to small details, even the lines at times. . If you're having a lot of difficulty sleeping and want something to turn on for white noise, a little inane distraction from your own thoughts that will not hold your attention nor interest you enough to keep you awake, then I would definitely recommend this film. Otherwise there are hundreds of thousands of better options out there. Only gave it 3 stars as I was not offended by anything in it, there was no gratuitous violence which is some thing that I personally can't tolerate due to PTSD issues, no harm came to any animals which also triggers me., and I did somehow manage to get through to the end. But those alone are hardly redeeming enough qualities to make me recommend this film to anyone or subject myself to it a second time. In fact, I'd even take a sleepless night over this.
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The restaurant was probably going out of business because the 'open/closed' sign was facing the wrong way.
montez-1413411 August 2018
Although not a bad movie, the plot was pretty well identical to many other Hallmark style movies. I just about fell over laughing though, when the restaurant reopened and people were lined up to get in, as that must have been the point where the director realized the 'open' sign was facing the wrong way and turned it around; if only they had turned it around sooner, maybe those potential customers would have already stopped in, and the renovations wouldn't have been necessary. The idea that a used car lot would have a dirty vehicle for sale is ridiculous and anyone who knows anything about cars would have groaned when the lead actor remarked "the struts need work". It killed some time and had a happy ending though, so that was what was really important. If you are willing to overlook the shortcomings, this is a pleasant enough movie to watch with your mother.
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a sunday movie
paulwattriley3 November 2019
The easiest and simple method would have been getting the stewards to make an announcement instead of a pregnant woman dropping down a 12ft wall and running across a field being chased by stewards
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An Oscar worthy Movie.
rexriver-5478916 May 2018
Had this movie been directed properly. Nikki DeLoach, would have won the Oscar, for Best Actress. Her supporting cast, was the best you could ask for.

The 3 things, that prevented Mrs DeLoach. From achieving Oscar status..

The tears, and anger, scene . "I'm going to lose Grandpa's business!." A Scene, where she should have throwin plates cussing and cursing in tears.. Was missing.

Who ever the F, was Mrs Deloach's makeup and hair stylists... Needs to be black listed for ever...

The pound cake makeup, on Mrs Deloach's face almost diluted her most excellent performances, however her brilliant acting skills shined Through all her excessive makeup, and her weird hair styles...

This movie was, a serious tear jerkier movie for, Everyone, who's past 40 yrs of age.

In the future may Mrs DeLoach,receive a proper Oscar role...Where her true Acting ability's may shine...

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