Truth or Dare (2018) Poster

(I) (2018)

Tyler Posey: Lucas Moreno



  • Lucas : [from trailer to Olivia and Markie]  It dared me to choose which one of you to kill.

  • Markie Cameron : [from trailer tearily]  So what do we do?

    Lucas : Only choose truth.

  • Brad : I just had my turn. It made me come out... to my father.

    Olivia : Are you okay?

    Brad : Yeah, yeah for once I stood up to him, I told him how I felt and I feel awesome.

    Lucas : Okay your father didn't know you were gay? Your ringtone is Beyonce.

    Brad : Everybody loves Beyonce.

  • Olivia : [Gun pointed to Sam's back]  We're not ending it! You are!

    Carter : Me? I tried, look how that turned out.

    Lucas : [punching Sam in the stomach]  Stay down.

  • Lucas : [to the now unpossessed Olivia following sex and his question]  I care about you. I'm in love with Markie.

  • Lucas : Yes Markie is nothing if not persistent.

  • Actor : I've got this one. Markie. Truth or Dare?

    Markie Cameron : Um, Truth.

    Actor : Are you aware that Olivia is in love with your boyfriend?

    Markie Cameron : [Rolls eyes and glances at Olivia who returns look]  Um, no she's not.

    Actor : Oh come on, it's so obvious.

    Olivia : Will you stop being such an arsewhole?

    Actor : What, I'm just being truthful.

    Lucas : Tyson shut up.

    Actor : Don't tell me to shut up.

    Lucas : Why are you always starting shit?

    Actor : We're hear, because she's trying to make you jealous obviously.

  • Brad : Okay!

    [Claps hands] 

    Brad : Aliens! Invade Mexico, and they give you a choice. They kill of us and leave peacefully, or they kill half the population of Mexico and we escape, unscathed... choose.

    Actor : What kind of ridiculous question is that?

    Lucas : It's a moral dilemma.

    Markie Cameron : Well obviously she's going to choose to us.

    Olivia : Sorry guys.

    Brad : [Exaggerated shock voice]  You're going to let aliens kill us.

    Olivia : I love you guys, but between us and an entire population of people come on.

    Carter : You have to tell the truth.

    Olivia : I am. There is no other right answer.

  • Lucas : The game dared me which one of you to kill.

  • Lucas : It's kind of hard to believe someone after they've been lying to you for so long.

  • Lucas : Do we have everything?

    Markie Cameron : Yeah,

    [Turns to backseat and smiles at Olivia] 

    Markie Cameron : now we do.

  • Lucas : [from trailer]  You okay?

    Olivia : Yeah.

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