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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman comes on to another woman and begins feeling her up but is interrupted.
  • A woman is forced to strip in front of other women. Full frontal nudity is seen including breasts and vagina.
  • A promiscuous woman comes on to a lot of women, talking sexually to them.
  • Women are seen in a shower room. With full frontal and rear nudity visible.
  • A woman is seen masturbating in front of a camera, with full frontal nudity visible along with her hand in her crotch.
  • A woman is seen naked from the side sitting on the ground. The female lead is once again forced to strip in this scene, showing everything.
  • Immediately afterwards she is sent into the showers fully nude for an extended period of time and is then sent to a prison room with other full nude women.
  • Two women have sex with each other leaning against a wall. They remove their clothes with full frontal and rear nudity visible. They then lay down on a weight lifting device. The woman on top performs oral sex on the other while she writhes in pleasure. They then sit and talk fully naked for a while.
  • A woman is naked throughout the film. Her butt is visible including her vagina.
  • A woman attempts to hang herself while she was fully naked in the shower.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman punches another woman. Her nose is seen bleeding. The other woman hits back with a pipe.
  • A woman punches another woman.
  • A guard slugs a woman with his baton.
  • A woman slaps another woman.
  • A woman kills herself and stabs herself in the neck. Some blood is seen.
  • Two women get in a catfight, with punching and kicking.
  • A woman eats a rat out of desperation. Some blood is seen.
  • There's another catfight between two women.
  • A woman stabs another woman in the legs.
  • A woman is beaten by a group of inmates.
  • The lead character is tied to a truss and anally gang raped.
  • A woman stands on a bucket in the shower and fashions a makeshift noose out of her clothes to hang herself. She kicked the bucket away and starts kicking her bare feet as she chokes on the noose. Eventually the shower handle breaks and she survives.


  • Lots of heavy language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drug usage and drinking. A girl tries to overdose on drugs but survives.
  • A woman is administered a shot, presumably steroids, right before a fight.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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