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I don't want to believe that a perfect horror series does exist. My first-ever review!
sxxn_hotmd12 October 2018
I have never written a review before. This series undoubtedly deserves my first. I have never watched a show that is perfectly written, cast, directed, and executed. This one will always be my favorite series of all time with companies like Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, and Black Mirror.

Thank you, every single person involved in the making of this phenomenal series, which I want to binge-watch and also don't want to finish it without taking the time to truly appreciate it!

I will definitely rewatch it soon. Can't wait for another season.
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This isn't just great horror
kay_rock14 October 2018
This isn't just great horror - it's brilliant filmmaking.

Everything from the writing to the cast to the cinematography to the editing is just amazing. I was immediately hooked in from the first episode and wasn't able to stop (thank goodness I started in the morning and have a cold... and therefor a good excuse to lounge in front of the TV all day!).

By episode 3 I was texting family members who texted me hours later to tell me what episode they were on.

It also scared the bejeezus out of me, and that's hard to do. I watch a lot of horror and am fairly jaded. It takes a lot to scare me. This isn't blood and guts and gore, and although there are several jump scares they aren't cheesy. Instead, they are well placed and appropriate and did the job. Mostly it is atmospheric and paced beautifully to make the most of every scary moment. It wasn't over-the-top with supernatural silliness, either (although it is definitely a supernatural story). They presented in a way that felt... well... possible, and the characters (for the most part) behaved in ways that made sense for their personalities. And those personalities evolve wonderfully. You really get a sense of what the family history has done to each person based on what they experienced. You can see how they developed their foibles and strengths. Such rich characters.

The editing was well-crafted. You are jumping around a lot in time. For the first few episodes it was a little confusing, but pretty soon you adjust to the "tells" which let you know where you are in the story, and I loved how bits and pieces were revealed in snips and dribbles, until a full picture emerged. You are in a constant state of both anticipation and curiosity, waiting for scenes to be expanded upon. Every answer raised questions.

I feel bad that people who don't enjoy horror will end up missing one of the finest new productions on the air right now. It's that good. It's horror, sure, but it's also a mystery, a family drama, and a psychological thriller.
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MadMadamMolly14 October 2018
I'm quite a horror junkie, and it's so rare to find such an engaging horror series. Fantastic atmosphere, the creepy bits weren't overdone so none of it seemed hokey, acting was spot on, and in the end I didn't feel cheated by the plot line (no holes or strings left dangling, I really hate when that happens). Usually I can tear apart horror movies because of inconsistencies or impractical things but I saw none when I binge watched this show. Just fantastic all around, and I really enjoyed the way it was told, the past and present and how it flowed so well. I recommend this 100%.
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Super creepy. Best horror I've seen in a long time.
ahmetkozan17 October 2018
So, Let me start by saying I would give this show an 8.5, however, I have bumped it to a 9 as I finished the show recently, and my impressions of the last two episodes may be negatively skewing it lower.

Let's begin with the premise of the show, to which I will be lovingly comparing it to the hit 2004 TV show "Lost" and an incredible tour de force recent film "Hereditary". We begin by being introduced to the show's main characters. A family of seven, five children and two parents. The show starts in 2018 and we are introduced to a grown up version of the family. We instantly make our snap judgements of the characters, usually negative in most cases. And then in the style of lost, we experience the story of each character (with one episode being allocated to one member) in a double flashback fashion. First we are told the story of the children whom lived at Hill House many years ago. And then we are told a more recent story of the character that leads them to present day.

I want to say that this version of story telling is not unique to "The Haunting of Hill House", however, it might be that it is the best implementation of it I have seen to date. Utterly gripping. I don't know if anyone reads the novel. I have had the opportunity to read years ago. I liked it. The show isn't exactly a novel. There are serious changes. Of course a good change. The show sells us this incredible multi-faceted mystery, that intertwines throughout the years, and where none of the family are on the same page. And it does a wonderful job of tying up all those narratives, all those moments that you just let go as a "glitch in the system" but then later it would call back to it and you would understand a mystery you didn't even know existed. With that, it is important to recognise the fantastic job the show did of revealing the "How" of the show. How everything tied together.

A fan of black and white horror movies I am well acquainted with Robert Wise's 1963 "The Haunting", which to this day stands out to me as a classic of the haunted house horror genre. Netflix's "The Haunting of Hill House" retains a lot of what makes that movie so great while also branching out on its own and introducing diverse and interesting characters. Also child players and adults really look like each other. Cast selection successful. While there is a definite difference of rating and the show opted to go into the realm of color tv I consider both to be entertaining and chilling in what makes classic horror effective. There's even familiar nods to the movie- the iconic spiral staircase, a scene where two people are scared out of there minds by the walls seemingly coming alive and starting to shake, etc. This series falls more in the suspense than in horror and evidently if you are one of those who thinks that horror means gallons of blood and deaths every 20 minutes, forget it.

The series focuses on the stories of different siblings in different episodes. And it shows the stunning points that individual stories touch. In fact, each time, we see that there are different points of events. We see the same event from other perspectives. Thus, the story of the family takes on a more intense dramatic structure, on the other hand it is becoming more and more complex thanks to the different details revealed. The funeral scene in episode 6 has a really good shooting technique. The camera enters the recording and the scene is shot in a single sequence. One of the most impressive scenes I've seen on TV. I mean, Mike Flanagan's giving a directing lecture.

Where the Netflix series really stands out to me is by tying all of the horror elements to PTSD, making you question whether these horrors are really just confined to the house, the people who lived in it, or both. The characters are somehow trying to live out their lives to the fullest and keep their sanity after the history and tragic memories of living in a haunted house. Each character believes different things about what happened there, and each is damaged in their own way. It feels somewhat reminiscent to TV shows like Lost in a way. This show goes pretty deep into this reality and for some it could possibly hit a little too close to home. 9/10
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Investment in the characters is an understatement
junenwaller13 October 2018
I don't usually invest my time in watching anything in the horror genre, as most are generally predictive and due to lack of music accompaniment I know when to cover my eyes so as not to end up on a defibrillator. The generic full of unnecessary gore and a lack of believability storyline was definitely missing from this well written and performed series. Nothing in this genre usually surprises me, but this was something very different. Looking at the reviews I thought I'd give the first episode at least a quick view to see if this was anything other than predictable. From the off, I was captivated at the beguiling and compelling storyline, something different with twists and turns, which totally sucked me in. As further episodes unfolded, the acting is so believable from all the cast, although did sit up and take particular notice of Kate Siegel, who plays one of the Crain siblings, that you cannot do anything but sit captivated and neck deep in this Netflix masterpiece. I jumped at times that I thought were safe, questioned parts that I thought I already had a handle on and sat shocked at the route of the already captivating story line. I have only given this an 9 as there is always room for perfection, but the investment I made in the characters of this nothing short of an original piece, was definitely a 10. Great dialogue, acting and unpredictable storyline.., this one has it all going on. Entertainment at its best.
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zack_gideon14 October 2018
This show is about life and death, the two conditions we all know. Personally watching this show made me cry many times. I'm a guy who never cries. This show is directed perfectly. Acting is also perfect. The mother's soul is acted in a way where I've never been so moved ever. Carla gugino is so incredible that it brought me to tears. She might be the best actress on the planet right now.

I feel different after watching this show. The child actors are amazing as well. Just watch it. Words can't really interpret it in a fair way. Feelings based on your own life experiences will let you experience it in your own way.

I've watched many many tv series in my life and this one blew me away. Netflix is doing it, they're letting true artists control everything. This show makes me yearn for more seasons because every actor including the children make it so good. Enjoy. And be prepared to be jump scared one time really really good :).
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pretty overrated
AristotelesFotiadis3 January 2021
Don't get me wrong, its not so bad. However i don't get people rating this a 10. In most episodes i was feeling bored. In the LAST episode, I couldn't stop falling asleep and waking up again and again. When we talk about horror, the show didn't meet my expectations at all. I have heard from many people that these are the best horror series. However, I honestly never felt terrified even when some jump scares showed up. I only felt some vibes of creepiness sometimes. Even if you forget horror and just watch a drama tv show, I think that the plot is not that interesting. The only episode that i really liked was the 5th, all the other episodes were boring in my opinion. I felt very disappointed because i haven't watched any other show which is so overrated..
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More Poppy!!
slipkorn_samantha29 September 2020
I DESPERATELY want a story about Hill House's past to see Poppy's entire story
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Outstanding Beginning, Disappointing Finish
hlahorner17 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Creepy, gothic, atmospheric drama/horror story about a family who briefly lived in a haunted house and the far reaching effects it has on each of their lives.

There are a lot of really great elements to this show. The casting is excellent. The women all look like family to the point it takes a few episodes to keep them straight, The casting of Timothy Hutton as the elder Hugh was inspired. He easily passed as an older version of Henry Thomas . The acting was good and the character development was outstanding. Everyone was multidimensional and believable as real people. The story telling style of jumping between past and present is used very effectively and keeps you on your toes.

There are several very well placed jump scares, but the majority of the horror comes from the building of anticipation and dread . I watched more than one scene with my hands covering my face and peeking through my fingers. The writers also liberally employed the use of fleeting images that you aren't quite sure you saw, but add to the overall atmosphere,

This all hollds up rather well for the first eight episodes. Then the whole thing gets a little shakey, and finally collapses under the weight of itself in the final episode. Every character has a drawn out melodramatic monologue. The former restraint is abandoned and after 9 hours of detailed character development and story telling, all the storylines are neatly and happily wrapped up in the last 15 minutes.

The series is absolutely worth watching, but for me the ending is what keeps it from being a perfect 10.
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We need more horror like this!
zakkattackkkk15 October 2018
The Haunting of Hill House is HANDS DOWN the best horror series I've ever seen. It's a meditation on death, grief and trauma. It is equal parts scary and engaging. The best character development I've seen in a long time and a huge leap forward for horror. We need more horror like this. It has disturbed me and moved me. It's portrayal of the supernatural as more of a human experience and less of a "poltergeist" type is revolutionary. It, to me, makes more sense to believe in ghosts than I ever thought was possible
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Overhyped and overrated
geekgirl1014 November 2020
Like so many Netflix Originals this is just another overhyped series. The story is not in any chronological order with it flip-flopping between past and present from various perspectives and nightmares that drag the story on, so it is very difficult to follow and just feels like lazy writing. I found it far too frustrating after a couple of episodes.

As for the fear level there honestly wasn't much of it. A few jump scares here and there and a couple of creepy buildups that went nowhere. It was really lacking.
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Damn good Horror show.
pnathan2812 October 2018
Really well written and acted, with a good story and characters. Thos is everything AHS should have been.
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Mind blowing boredom
robert-dickson-262-9522014 October 2020
This series actually starts fairy well and I definitely enjoyed the first 4-5 episodes. Unfortunately after that the whole thing grinds to a halt as the makers desperately try to stretch a two hour plot to nearly five times that length. After the fifth episode you could comfortably fast forward huge swathes of episodes and miss absolutely nothing of note. The story is going nowhere and desperately needs to start wrapping up but instead you're presented with scene after scene of nothingness. Just tiresome rambling monologues.

I've no idea what people who have given this a 10/10 were watching and I'd be interested to know what exactly entertained them after episode six.

To sum up, this could very easily have been compressed into about two hours but they've stretched it over nine and a half which makes for some of the most boring TV I've ever had the misfortune of watching.
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Oh, those monologues.
KlattMJessica13 October 2018
Monologues for days. Just so, so many "poignant" monologues. So, so many self-reflective, melodramatic monologues. Long speeches aside, the production value is great. The child actors are fantastic. The story is intriguing, though it tends to only creep along. Quite good, but not perfect, as it's high rating suggests.
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come on now
uysalerturul28 November 2020
Decent acting. Decent cinematography. Many things done well. But come on, this is such weak writing. You could have told the story of this family in a beach house, or a townhouse in Quincy, or anywhere else. There is almost no connection between the family and their problems and the hill house, except that they happened to live there. why is the house haunted? any meaningful connection between the hills and our family? Nada. Seriously, a nice family drama that would have been nicer if it was shot in a non-haunted house. And those comments giving 10/10's and saying this is masterful horror? I have no words for you, I hope you do see some decent horror shows and see the difference.
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It's not what you think it is
lanycera5 November 2018
In the first 3 episodes I was did this show get so many raving reviews and an overall rating of 9.0 on imdb? No doubt - it was good, a solid story and great acting but also many "cheap" jumpscares and content we have seen before. Or so I thought!

But then it turned into something else. It's definitely horror, and there are scary parts. But it's also dramatic. It's about relationships and friendships. It's the most clever storytelling I have seen in a long while, and I didn't expect a lot of the twists. At all.

I also think they wrapped it up perfectly in the end, which is not often the case nowadays with shows or movies which have great ambitions.
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vinzesiddharth29 July 2019
I'm not saying this show is bad. But best horror show in the history? Are you serious? First of all, it's not horror. It is pure family drama which unfortunately drags for too long. The cinematography is spot on but that's about it. The series blends well with the different timelines but fails to create the required tension. But the series could've finished easily within 6-7 episodes. The show starts off well, but after 5-6 episodes you'll be yawning half the time. Plus the ending is underwhelming.
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Average at best
srinaldi-3452713 October 2020
I love my horrors, this had potential but was so very slow. You get to episode 7 and all you want to do is finish the series so you can move on.

I wish someone would put together a brilliant horror series. I'm talking along the lines of conjuring but spread over series and twisting mystery.
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I almost cried at the end of episode one
khayatrony12 October 2018
This is what I've been waiting for. I am a huge horror fan and a huge fun of this show. I almost cried at the end of episode one because I've been waiting for a show like this for so long. Thank you!
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Strong start, weak finish.
ken-0144015 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I want two things after a horror movie/book/mini-series, some sort of closure and an uneasy feeling walking down a dark hallway.

The series started out strong with lots of scary potential, but starts to disappoint halfway thru. The drama overtakes the plot and the scares become few and far between.

The ending provides closure to the plot, but is extremely weak and throws a wet blanket on a potentially scary ending. Overall, the series is a mash-up of This Is Us and an edited-for-television version of The Shining.
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Drama not horror
panos000018 October 2018
Started of great but it fell apart after the sixth episode.Too much melodrama and too many monologues ruined it.
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The best taste of horror an intellectual can get!
omdhiraj5512 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I binged it! 1st few episodes are slow, but things soon built up and you start learning all the horrifying secrets. I like the fact the series doesn't solely depend on jump scares and is able to create an atmosphere that draws you in and scares you to the core. The story is told using the characters' personal experiences, almost every episode unfolds the perspective of a separate important character, adding bits and pieces to the story. The scenes are intelligently created and demand all your attention (lots happen in the background). Overall, a truly modern horrifyingly crazy experience which may leave you scarred for a while. PS: Beware for those statues, they turn heads randomly (creeped the hell out of me!)
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Monologue drama, not horror.
brownoff7 November 2018
It blows my mind that reviews call this "the perfect horror" or "scary" in any way. It's a family drama that happens to take place in a haunted house. Couple jump scares but 99% is over-acted monologues by mediocre actors. Nell's episode is the only one that was well acted, entertaining, and slightly creepy.
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Show is decent.
mtalhahafeez-1694019 October 2018
Show is decent but I am writing this review because of headlines saying "they had to release the trailer in day because of how scary it was". Another one saying " show is so scary that it's making people vomit and pass out" really ?

I am starting to think that Netflix is hyping the shows by buying out the reviews. Show had a decent storyline but it was not very scary. I just don't get the hype.
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Not good
alanlanewindsor24 December 2020
I give it 1 out of 10 I have got to episode 4 that's about 4 hours of absolute rubbish nothing happens I won't be watching anymore of this garbage
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