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Sex & Nudity

  • Two women are having sex in the room, moaning can be heard behind the door
  • In the first episode, around 25 minutes in, a woman is seen climaxing in bed, and then another woman appears in the shot and lies down next to the first woman. Nothing explicit, but obvious implication.
  • A woman is shown sleeping, wearing a white tank top. her nipples are erect, with their outline clearly visible
  • Moaning is heard through a door at a wedding, nothing shown.

Violence & Gore

  • The series showcases disturbing imagery of decaying ghosts, most particularly a female ghost whose neck is grisly bent and another whose face is grisly mauled. It occasionally pops up throughout to unsettle viewers.
  • A character accidentally inserts his hand into a rotating fan; it gets a bloody gash afterwards with dripping blood. A decaying corpse is shown. Several frightening scenes involve ghosts with charred skin.
  • We see a coroner doing a make-up session with two dead people. The first one is very respectful, the second one a bit bloody and gory. Both scenes are very intens and emotional. Not for the faint hearted.


  • Every episode of the season contains uses of strong profanity, such as "fuck" and "shit". Early episodes contain sparse uses, but it becomes more frequent as the series progresses.
  • Every episode has uses of strong profanity throughout, such as "f**k" and "s**t" (mostly spoken by Shirley and Theo), and other uses of language, such as "godd**n", "a**hole", "b**ch" and et cetera.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman lights up what looks like to be a marijuana joint after sex.
  • Adults drink one gets drunk a man at rehab and his friend smoke a cigarette and a girl smokes marijuana. A charecter is a recovering heroin addict. Heroin buying and using shown but not extremely graphic

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • All though each episode can be slow at times, the feel of each one has very dark tones and can make anyone feel uneasy. The show overall also has an incredibly sad and depressing tone
  • Some of the ghosts can be very frightening
  • Extremely disturbing scenes portraying a very graphic suicide. The act is spoken about throughout starting with the very first episode, but the actual scene can terribly upsetting for some viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A kid drank tea tainted with rat poison and choked on it. We see her as she spasms and foam comes out of her mouth. We see her corpse later on. Sensitive for viewers who are parents of little children.
  • There are dead kittens shown in episode 2.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Luke grows up to be a drug addict, mostly heroin. We see him buying it and using it. He eventually goes into rehab.
  • Adult Luke is a drug user and smokes a cigarette with someone else who is in rehab with him
  • Luke emotionally blackmails Nell into buying him a wrap of Heroin before she takes him to rehab. He guilt's her into this and is shown preparing it once she brings it back to the car presumably ready to inject.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one episode, there are many dead kittens which may be distressful for any cat lovers.
  • Two characters converse inside a car & has perhaps the strongest, most unexpected jump scare throughout the series.
  • A woman suffers from a serious depression. She commits suicide by hanging, the aftermath shows bone protruding from her neck for several seconds. More upsetting/disturbing than graphic.
  • A woman experiences an unseen rape, hinting at the abuse of a child.
  • Season 1: You see one of the characters committing suicide by hanging

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