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Sex & Nudity

  • A boy can be seen kissing a girl (not a makeout, very mild).
  • Many sex jokes as it is about a high school boy who wants to be a superhero
  • Multiple sexual jokes/references.
  • Some mild kissing in episode 4
  • There is no sex or nudity in this show so far.
  • A woman's undetailed nude silhouette is briefly seen as she showers.

Violence & Gore

  • Frequent gory violence involving superhuman characters. People are killed in all manner of violent ways, such as decapitations, disembowelment, explosions, crushing, etc.
  • Blood and guts are sprayed onscreen whenever characters are hit or killed.
  • A few bloody noses.
  • This is an extremely gory and very brutally violent animated show. Being a very faithful adaptation of the comic series of the same name, the violence is EXTREMELY graphic, gory and inordinate, with all displays of sorts of extreme gore, gruesome deaths and lots of very brutally and graphically extreme violence in a lot of the scenes.
  • MUCH more violent and more explicit than the already gory comic it's based on.
  • The entire show contains several scenes with gore, but it never lingers on the carnage for very long. Nonetheless, it's extremely brutal, and the gore itself is EXTREME, being comparable to that of "Hellsing Ultimate" and "Superjail!", but far more detailed and with more organs and intestines.
  • It's worth noting the gore is not done for comedy it all has a horrific tone to it to sell how powerful the blows in fight scenes are which makes it that much more impactful and disturbing.
  • The violence in the show is extremely graphic but isn't glorified. Instead, it is shown to highlight the consequences of the fights, and unlike The Boys (2019), where it was mostly played for laughs, this one is played seriously and still manages to be significantly more gory.
  • The show becomes more and more violent as it progresses, which is symbolized by the title card getting splashed in more blood throughout each episode.
  • As said before, there are constant fights filled with gore and blood, and lots of the deaths are very VERY brutal.
  • Insanely bloody, brutal, gory, gruesome, extremely vicious and messy violence throughout.
  • There is a scene involving a train that is insanely gory and disturbing
  • This is easily the most brutally violent cartoon ever made in recent years. It's far more violent than "The Walking Dead", and it goes on par with the likes of "Berserk" and "Elfen Lied" violence-wise.


  • Infrequent uses of "fuck" & "shit" in most episodes, coupled with some milder profanity, including "bitch", "dick", "ass", "damn" and "hell".
  • The uses of fuck get more frequent with each episode

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Various characters are seen drinking wine or beer, some of which are teenagers
  • A few scenes with characters smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The series closely follows the original source material with its excessive violence and dark subject matter. The colorful Saturday morning cartoon look doesn't help offset the gruesome moments.
  • Don't let the beginning fool you. It starts off light but at the end of the first episode it goes extremely dark and gruesome, completely out of nowhere.
  • Titan's backstory may be upsetting for some.
  • It's worth noting that "Invincible", despite being loaded with incredibly excessive amounts of extreme graphic violence, explicit gore and carnage, is surprisingly extremely mature and down-to-earth in its portrayal of violence, as it is crucial part to a complex commentary of the show's deconstructive-reconstructive nature of the superhero genre, all of which it's meant to show as realistically as possible how dangerous being a superhero can actually be.
  • The first 20 minutes of episode 8 are very intense.
  • The show has a very dark tone overall, despite a few moments of levity here and there.
  • There is one scene involving a train which is significantly more disturbing and gory than all the other scenes.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A teen guy gets out of a hospital bed revealing his butt crack in the opening of his hospital grown.
  • In Episode 3, a bathroom orgy is implied.
  • A man gets off a hospital bed and his butt is shown

Violence & Gore

  • Omni-Man kills the Guardians of the Globe in extremely gruesome ways. A skull crushed, a head smashed against the floor, a hand thrust through a head, a head caved in with a metal club, a face ripped off, a neck snapped, and a decapitation.
  • A Mauler Twin uses another Mauler Twin body as a guard against a laser weapon. The Mauler Twin whose body was used as guard was shown chopped and broken. His body is also shown being cut.
  • Red Rush gets his skull very brutally crushed by Omni-Man. It gets more intense by the millisecond; at first his goggles break, then his entire head. This is fully on-screen and extremely bloody and gory.
  • Monster Girl gets her head brutally crushed with two sharp rocks by Battle Beast. This is off-screen, but her corpse is seen later, and her head is extremely bloody with some skin coming off. Her body turns back into a girl, and Robot holds her corpse.
  • Battle Beast brutally beats Black Samson by smashing him against the floors and walls.
  • Invincible is hit in the chest with a metal club by Battle Beast. His chest bursts open with tons of blood.
  • Titan bursts into a warehouse and proceeds to kills nearly everyone in it. This is a brutal scene, the most gory death happening when he throws a pistol at a person's head, which caves in his skull.
  • The first half of season 1 episode 8 is non stop EXTREME levels of gore, heads crushed, people chopped to pieces, people exploding, ect. All with EXTREME levels of blood spray, guts, intestines, brains and what not. The most notable scene is when someone gets slammed through a speeding train obliterating everyone inside.
  • Omni-Man places his hand on an innocent person's head, causing it to explode into a mess of blood, brains, and bones. This sprays all over Invincible, shocking him.
  • Omni-man goes to an alien planet and proceeds to destroy and decimate the population. He zips through buildings, destroying them, and a shot shows city light as seen from outer space dissipating and a space station getting destroyed too.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a scene in the end of episode one where Omni-Man brutally murders seven superheroes (Also in Violence and Gore).
  • Episode 5 literally ends with Invincible presumed dead.
  • Titan chokes a mob boss while dangling him in the air. He tells him to deliver a message to his boss, and just as the audience thinks he is going to let him go, he snaps his neck. He then turns around and tells another person that the message was for him to deliver. The scene is very tense.
  • Season 1 episode 8 is EXTREMELY gory and disturbing with thousands of innocent men, women and children dying incredibly graphically on screen. This show pulls no punches, and the show's incredibly breathtaking animation only makes it even nastier.
  • The fact that Mark has to fight his dad will undoubtedly be upsetting to viewers.
  • Near the end of the first episode, Omni-man brutally murders every member of the guardians of the globe, a group of super heroes. It is very violent and intense, and the music stops after Omni-man kills red rush by crushing his skull, both of which just add to how disturbing this scene is.

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