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Come As You Are has a wonderful way of making even the most obvious situations seem fresh and funny and original.
Imperfect, but delightful for much of its journey, Come As You Are packages an important human rights message in a comedy for the bros.
This is a funny and moving crowd-pleaser — a South by Southwest and Sundance selection, it won the audience award at the Napa Valley Film Festival and was an opening night film at S.F. IndieFest — and it goes down easy.
Come As You Are tells its story through empathy, compassion and what feels like winsome insider-y humor.
It softens the cruder edges of the original, but the candor with which Erik Linthorst’s script regards the characters’ sexual desires — coupled with the winning performances of the actors — leavens any sentimentalism.
At once frank, tender and unapologetically funny, Come as You Are is a sweet surprise.
There’s a relaxed yet energetic comic rapport between players that suggests a good time was had by all.
Yeah, it’s on-the-nose and plenty of the laughs are low-hanging fruit. But for guys with limited reach, this crew makes those easy laughs come easily, and unlike the film’s title, no pun intended.
Come as You Are hits most of the familiar road-movie beats, and telegraphs its surprises pretty shamelessly. It's not the most subtle disability comedy you've seen, nor is it at all concerned with exploring the ethical issues surrounding sex work. But its lightness is a virtue in the film's rare sentimental moments, which might've been too corny to bear in other contexts.
Come As You Are is best when it’s not trying so hard to be the next great sex comedy and actually focuses on building the relationships among the male friends and their own existential crises, which gives the film so much pathos as it explores their vulnerabilities and frustrations.

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