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MPAA Rated PG for action and mild violence.

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Depictions of characters being punched, kicked, scratched and attacked using supernatural abilities.
  • A dog is trying to attack Mario and Luigi, and they manage to stop him by trapping him in the shower
  • Mild slapstick. Characters get punched, slapped, tossed around and fall from heights (mostly for laughs.)
  • Fantasy animated action violence includes missiles being shot, fingers being crushed in a piano,and chases in which characters are in peril.
  • There's a scene where Luigi gets chased by DryBones (living turtle skeletons) and it can be very tense.
  • There's a fight between Mario and Donkey Kong. Both get punched, slapped, and Donkey Kong gets scratched by (Cat) Mario. All violence in this scene is supposed to be played for laughs. This is most likely the scene where the "mild violence" description in the MPAA rating comes from, as the majority of the "violence" in the movie happens in this scene.
  • Mild slapstick and fantasy violence throughout, but overall, not violent at all.
  • Mario does a training obstacle course and fails miserably.
  • Bowser repeatedly threatens to "kill" various characters throughout the movie.
  • Bowser breathes fire on a Koopa Troopa, and all that is left is bones and eyes.


  • Luigi refers a dog as a "hellhound"
  • Nothing really just mild name calling

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are many scenes in which the main characters are in peril including chases. Mild scares and thrill but not over the top though.
  • It deals with theme include mean, bullying behaviors.
  • "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is a bit edgier than the games when it comes to cartoon violence, scares, name calling, and bullying. It's also surprising that the movie used to be bright, colorful, and funny or lighthearted.
  • Much darker than the games it's based on, though not to the extent to "Super Paper Mario".
  • Luigi in the dark forest is very intense and scary, there are creepy creatures, flashing lights and jump scares but is nothing bad.
  • Nothing really scary. Poltergeist and Coraline was scarier for a PG movie than what this movie has.
  • The scene where Luigi is captured by Bowser and tortured with pulling hair out of his mustache then getting locked in a cage with a fiery ball below them and other characters who say that there is no escape and that the only way to escape is to die may frighten some.
  • Bowser's castle spaceship has horns and glowing red eyes to make it have a scary design.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Mario and Peach flirt with each other.
  • DK teases Mario for flirting with Peach.

Violence & Gore

  • Mario faces Donkey Kong and gets beat up by him.
  • Mario gets beat up by Bowser during the final fight of this movie. Eventually him and Luigi power up with the star and save Brooklyn.
  • Bowser rips off a piece of Luigi's moustache and Luigi screams.
  • Near the end, Mario is later seen bruises on his face. Mild but not gory and it's brief.
  • Bowser jams Kameks fingers between the piano lid
  • Bowser grabs Donkey Kong's neck and almost kills him with his claws, but he is interrupted by Mario.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Luigi finds himself in a dark forest and gets chased by an army of Dry Bones into a castle. He is then confronted with Shy Guys where lighting flashes.
  • Lumalee is the voice of doom, making dark comments with the voice of a young child.
  • The whole plot is Mario trying to save Luigi from Bowser and at times Luigi finds it hard without his brother.
  • King Boo is referenced in the background of the Wedding Scene who is the main antagonist of the Luigi's Mansion series. And he's know to be very frightening and intimidating.
  • Luigi almost fall into the lava, but he is saved by Mario.
  • In flashback scene, a Baby Luigi get bullying by mean kid, but Baby Mario stop him.
  • After they all characters gets stuck in the huge pipe that destroyed by Banzai Bill, everything got out of the pipe unexpected and crash Brooklyn.
  • Bowser is very angry with Mario because he thinks Mario is steel her to marry Peach. During the final fight, Bowser beats up Mario and crashes into Pizza place.

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