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Big names don't guarantee a big achievement
Warning: Spoilers
"Beastie Boys: Make Some Noise" does not only rhyme, but it is a Beastie Boys music video directed by the late band member Adam Yauch back in 2011, so it is already over five years old. It runs for 5 minutes only and is basically a short version of the more famous "Fight for Your Right Revisited". Back to this one here, the cast list, if you can call it like that for a music video, includes a gigantic amount of actors from the comedy genre mostly. You know where to find the names. But it is all a bit of style over substance for me I must say. This refers mostly to what I see in here, even if the idea behind it and the concept aren't bad really. But it is also a work that is highly unlikely to turn listeners into Beastie fans if they weren't before already. At least, for me that's the case and I would not call myself remotely a fan. The song did not do a whole lot for me either, so yeah I give it a thumbs-down all in all and the only ones who may want to check this one out are those uncertain if they should go for the half-hour video I mentioned earlier. Even fans of the cast members here shouldn't really because their favorites will only be seen for 5 seconds or so and not be heard either. Skip this one.
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