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Cant believe this good film is from Bollywood.
Takethispunch24 August 2017
Two professional assassins are drinking on a bridge over railway tracks, sharing their life stories and reminiscing how they entered into the business of killing people. One of them considers the other his teacher. The junior has so much admiration for the senior that he has renamed himself Banke Bihari (Jatin Goswami) out of respect for his guru, Babu Bihari (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

A weird self realization takes over Banke when he learns that Babu gets paid Rs 25,000 for each murder while he gets only Rs 8,000. That turns their conversation towards inflation and how it has become difficult for hired guns to operate with honesty. In an inebriated state, they challenge each other to murder three people. Whosoever will eliminate the three first will win and the other will have to leave the business of contract killing.
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High Expectations, Big Disappointment.
adidpr27 August 2017
Just because dark is trending, doesn't mean everyone has to make it. Dark cinema is an art and it's not just about violence, blood, gore, and sex. It might be a demand of the cinema but bigger demand is a better script. It is to be realized and that realization has to come from within. Kushan Nandy tries his hand on this part thriller-part revenge drama which he probably wanted to look like 'Gangs of Wasseypur', but couldn't make it happen.

Set in some fictional part of UP where politics is power and laws are to be played with, where living is hard but killing is easy, lies the central character of Babu Bihari – who is a contract killer. He is killing people and is happy until one day when he finds out Banke, a new age contract killer who is a fan and a self- proclaimed student of Babu. They share an unusual bond on the screen as friends, guru- chela, and competitors, which leads to various twists and turns in the story.

The problem with this movie is that it tries to do many things in little time, but at the same time, it forgets that a movie can be good with a simple storyline too. It tries to feed a forced realism to viewers and in the process introduces so many unnecessary twists that even Abbas-Mastan will question their existence.

The plot is so weak that actors leave their characters halfway through the movie. Just hurling abuses can never make a character powerful, you have to impart that fear too. Divya Dutta fails to do that in her negative role and so does Anil George. Lead characters are nothing extraordinary too; be it Bidita Bag or Jatin Goswami. Even Nawazuddin, he isn't bad though but he has set the bar so high for himself that it wasn't even half of his potential. His dialogue delivery is good but it does not at any point lift the mood of the film. He is an actor par excellence but he should know that Indian audience is ruthless, it's just a matter of one more movie and he can be stereotyped. The only actor who somehow leaves his impact is Bhagwan Tiwari as the cop. Although he has played a similar role in Masaan, but rising above a bad story is hard and he does that here.

The only good scene in the movie is when Babu and Banke discuss inflation and their fees of killing people, just like people with a perfectly normal job would do. Another good thing about the movie is its music.

I'm quite open to cinema which has violence and abuses but it should be tied tight with the thread of a powerful story. You cannot just throw around abuses and call it black humour. Just adopting the language and law(-lessness) of land doesn't make a movie authentic or realistic, it just makes it a rich man's Gunda and a poor man's GoW. I know I don't want to say this but if only the movie was half as good as its first poster design, it would have worked. Unfortunately, it was so dull that even Nawazuddin couldn't save it; for me at least.
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Nawazuddin Siddiqui needs to words to explain how he can make any film work despite film not making itself any great...
Iamthemovieaddict26 August 2017
Nawazuddin Siddiqui needs to words to explain how he can make any film work despite film not making itself any great...

So is this Babumoshai Bandookbaaz.

No words i have for Nawaz sir and his dedication to acting which indirectly saves the stewed, plot holed and incoherent story and direction.

This looks like a distant and malnourished cousin of Gangs of Wasseypur. Got the idea?

At last, other than the Nawaz saab, Bidita Bag truly shines and makes herself look not only a bomb shell but also a noticeable actor around.

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Awesome and brilliant acting by nawaz.An awesome film with romance action a nd revenge.
DG_Boy31 August 2017
Awesome movie.And one thing for sure Nawaz is a brilliant actor and his acting is very good and awesome in his every movie.He gets into the skin of the character in his every movie of whatever role he gets.This movie is good with romance actiona and revenue in it.The direction and screenplay was good.The story was good.The editing was OK.The dialogues were good and good to hear from Nawaz.Now comes to the acting as I have said Just brilliant and awesome acting by nawaz and the female lead after good.So overall a good and nice film from bollywood.Watch this to enjoy for weakened.Already a one time watch for Nawazuddin Sidiqqui and for his acting.My ratings 8 out of 10.
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Nawazuddin and Jatin's on-screen pairing hits the target
binducherungath27 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Babumoshai Bandookbaaz is a dark film by Kushan Nandy. This film covers love, lust, violence, sex, gunshots, politics, and its power fights, betrayals, manipulations, vengeance, killings etc. The challenge with films of this genre is to keep the audience glued to the screen and make the film intriguing. This challenge is met by the cast of the film, be it Nawazuddin Siddique, Jatin Goswami, Bidita Bag, Divya Dutta, Bhagwan Tiwari, Murli Sharma. Their acts have certainly given new dimensions to the film. But sadly we have seen Nawazuddin Siddique in films of this genre – Gangs of Wasseypur, Badlapur, Raman Raghav 2.2 etc. Although he seems a bit repetitive in this film, one cannot deny the effortlessness with which he essays these roles and also how he adds his own exclusive flavour to various scenes. The backdrop of the story is set in the hinterlands of UP. Babumoshai Bandookbaaj, as the title suggests, is about a sharp shooter Babu Bihari (Nawazuddin Siddique), who works for Sumitra Jiji (Diya Dutta) and kills people. But a fall out between Babu Bihari and Jiji happens when Babu decides to pick up high-paying contract killings offered by her rival Dubey (Anil George). When he was on this mission, that is where his encounter happens with Banke Bihari (Jatin Goswami). Banke considers Babu as his role model. Babu is known in the criminal underworld for his effective and efficient shooting and killing. Banke is also on the same mission of killing three people for whom Babu has got the contract. Banke is ambitious and believes that he would one day be more 'famous' than Babu. Regarding the three contract killings which they both have got, they enter into a deal that whoever kills more would be a winner. Whenever Banke and Babu are on screen together, it is interesting to watch their banter. Babu and Banke have a kind of mentor-protégé relationship as well. Some predictable twists and turns lead to certain happenings which take a different course of the path for both Banke and Babu. And in this twists and turns Sumitra Jiji, her rival Dubey, Babu's lady love Phulwa (Bidita Bag), a cobbler and Banke's work-manager cum girl friend Yasmin, a young aspiring actress (Shraddha Das) are also involved. Phulwa's character has learnt it hard way how to survive in this world and Babu falls for her due to her rough and blunt mannerisms.

One cannot expect any specific message attached with such dark thrillers. But yes, in this film, it is certainly conveyed that 'What goes around, come around'. Surprisingly, here is a film, in which one character Tarashankar (Bhagwan Tiwari), a policeman, fathers more and more boys expecting the next one to be a girl. Generally, we see this to be the other way round, a welcome change in the script.

This dark film has its few moments of laughter. When Babu sees Phulwa for the first time, she was repairing some shoes, he tries to forcefully damage his footwear.

Certain moments, though generate laughter, are very disturbing as well. A moment, where Babu and Banke both are arguing in front of their target that who can take the credit of the target's killing shows how these murders are so routine for them. Banke's assigning celebrity status to Babu is also funny. It is strange to see both Babu and Banke taking their contract killing job as any other profession. Tarashankar receiving call from his wife reminding him of some household chores when he is in midst of shoot-outs probably shows that how these manipulations and killings have become a mundane thing. Phulwa, a rape victim, offers to be Babu's mistress if he is able to kill the men who raped her, is very much disturbing. Dead body after the killing is brought to butchers' shop is another disturbing scene.

It is difficult to believe that how one after getting a shot at forehead survives the death.

If we talk about the cast, Nawazuddin, as mentioned earlier, we have seen him in such roles, but as always, he does add his own flavours. Jatin Goswami as Banke does give superlative performance. Bidita Bag is very natural in her performance and she gives an bsolutely uninhibited sensuous performance. Divya Dutta plays the local politician's role very nicely, who is hungry for power and she also displays her lust effortlessly. Rest of the cast Bhagwan Tiwari, Anil George, Shraddha Das, Murli Sharma have less of screen time but have given noticeable performances.

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz is a dark crime-thriller film about love, lust, violence, sex, gunshots, politics and its power fights, betrayals, manipulations, vengeance, killings etc. This film is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. But as far as the specific genre of the film is concerned, we have seen films, even more, darker than Babumoshai Bandookbaazi in the past. What works in the favour of the film is Nawazuddin and Jatin's pairing on the screen which hits the target. Please watch this film only if you can enjoy dark films and also a fan of Nawazuddin's acting.
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Disturbance of peace of mind.
muvi-fan-7329 August 2017
I don't like horror, crime and war genre in that same order in general. A place where killing people is easy and eventually getting away with that without any difficulty seem unrealistic. Everybody in world of crime seems exposed and eventually meets the fate that should be that as shown.

Acting was average.

Music was below average.

I would rate it 6/10.
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Excellent delivery from Nawazuddin Siddiqui
theshimul26 December 2018
This is really a excellent delivery from Nawazuddin Siddiqui, I like the story and also the acting, though I feel the end will be different. Overall, simply excellent.
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Nawaz at his best!!
sonalkumar-2332324 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wore a lungi and gun in his hand, Nawaz is absolutely fabulous in all the roles that he ever did. He is the one of the best mafia on screen that any actors ever imagined to play. He is tremendous, phenomenal, remarkable and exceptional actor and the way he played any role is marvelous. We all talk about his roots being on the ground but I'll speak of the heights he has touched with his powerful performances which literally show his acting skills and power.
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Subpar second half makes it just watchable
Jithindurden20 January 2018
A fantastic first half followed by a subpar second half. The script fails in every level in the second half. The quirky dialogues of the first half and the details to create authenticity of the locale makes it watchable. The background reminds of Gangs of Wasseypur but without much of anything that made it good except the always terrific Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
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with gun in his hands and dhoti on his butts, Nawaz at his best....
nishchaybhargava9529 August 2017
Hand him a gun and with his dhoti pulled up, Nawaz can give all the bakchods a perfectly relatable character.

We all talk about his roots being on the ground but I'll speak of the heights he has touched with his powerful performances which literally show power and bhaukaal.

This film has every element twisted in a dark way. Speak of the swag, chill-out-personality, hatred, vengeance, love, regret, loyalty, and every other element that exists, this movie has it.

Be it the dialogues , the bloodshed, the intimate scenes everything is top-notch.

If you are reading this you are totally wasting your time. I'll save you the trouble and straight away suggest you to go watch this movie.
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Every shot on dot in first half, shockingly didn't achieve a single target in second half
dineshprakash25 August 2017
Director Mr Kushan Nandy's work in first half is worth clapping. Every details are taken care but in second half it seems that smart spider has entangled in his own wave, like stupid prey. Dialogues by Ghalib Asadbhopali, are just brilliant. Screenplay wise, first half is full of fresh quirkiness. Even its being a crime drama you can't help to laugh throughout which makes it fresh and entertaining. Opening scene of a shrewd person indirectly pushing a masseur to give massage to his wife while a sharp shooter (Babu) is killing a person on his instruction clearly portrays both character. Then montages with song with perfect lyrics do the rest. In montage, killer is shown living very common person life, like listening old song on radio, going for open defecation while brushing teeth and listening radio. Every detail is there but quirkiness comes when they show his typical collection of goggles, hanged on a cloth hanger. Just superb. His love affair begins with a cobbler girl in very quirky style too. He tries to break his sandal so he can go to her for repair. His effort for doing it is just hilarious. Girl charges extra for being stared so next day killer goes directly without any excuse and pays her fees only to stare. Why that girl became impressed with that killer is also established. Then another killer Banke joins the drama and adds the fun quotient while shooting and killing going on. Every character is established in very smart way but interval point gives hint that they are going to smash every character in second half. Yes they try to justify the out of the box interval, stuffed just for shock value. In second only half few details are handled in good way, like betel shop owner handling the Beedi without even looking at person. For enhancing drama they keep inducing illogical and deliberate twists and turns, which spoiled the character graph and quirkiness established in first half. The female politician neck deep buried in scorpion and ant infected land!! Long chasing sequence on road and roof's culmination, which could have been summed without it. Inspector ring tone creates laughter in first half drama but irritates in second half due to scene intensity. Pre climax brothel shooting and climax happenings are all clear cut example of crossing line. Performance wise Nawazudin Sidiqi as Babu is mind blowing. Jatin Goswami as Banke is first rate. Bidita Bag as Fulwa is impressing. Divya Datta is very good. Casting Director Sanjay Chouhan work is of first rate. This film is surprisingly lyrically (by Ghalib Asad Bhopali) and musically ( by Gaurav Dagoankar) rich.
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Run, Walk, or Crawl Away from this Film But Whatever You Do, Stay Away
DeadMan662 September 2017
I found this movie very boring. This movie is for people who want to watch slut and contract killer. Nothing new in this movie. No lesson/moral to learn. Waste of time. Does not have any great dialogue or song that I would say and sing.

This is not an example for anyone, not advice, not documentation of any reality, not the overall formula, not idea, not support, not friendship, or not about something good, it's only the violence, a lot of blood, lot of meaningless frames.

I wish I could give -ve 10 to this movie. Guys don't waste your valuable weekends for this shitty movie.
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gautam-moharil13 November 2018
A story of an assassin for hire set in Bihar. The story had potential but everything else concerning this film was a disaster. Poor screenplay, poor performances and indifferent music. Even the brilliant Nawazuddin Siddique could not save this. Making a good film on low budget is a skill which the team of this film did not possess.
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Not upto expectations. Less of everything that you expected.
amit17172 September 2017
Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of those actors who have made a name for themselves by delivering content-driven films. So, when you hear that he is starring in a movie, as the single lead, you obviously get excited for it and your expectations start soaring. But 'Babumoshai Bandookbaaz' couldn't deliver exactly what was expected.

The movie tells the story of a hit-man 'Babu', the rival politicians 'Jiji' and 'Dubey' and how Babu meets 'Fulwa' - his love interest, and 'Bakey' - a competitor, and how things fold and unfold thereafter.

The movie does have twists and turns and enough of action, but the main problem is the clichéd story, unnecessary scenes and loss of logic at several points in the movie. The movie also feels a little rushed at several points and given its runtime of 02:02 hrs, maybe they could've given some scenes more time and detail, without feeling like a 3-hour-long movie.

Nawaz is the whole and sole of this movie, and carries the entire load on his shoulders, and delivers brilliantly as always. But apart from him, there wasn't much left in the movie, with mediocre acting all over the place.

Overall the movie was disappointing, but if you love action movies that show reality from rural India you might like this one.
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