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Cute, and a little bit different
fandomfatale16 December 2019
There weren't any reviews yet so I wanted to take a minute to say a few nice things about this movie, which I enjoyed. This was cute and fun. After turning off a couple of Hallmark romances I was glad to watch a Christmas movie of a different kind. I think this is the first Christmas movie I've ever watched that takes place in the southern hemisphere, so that was different and interesting. The humor is pretty juvenile and there was an annoying conflict with a coast-guard type woman but everything else was much better. I enjoyed the romance between the two parents who are on the verge of divorce - there was great chemistry there and a story that can appeal to older viewers, though the movie is definitely geared towards kids. Grumpy Santa was fun. The graphics of the North Pole and the sleigh were pretty good, I thought. This is definitely not a universal recommendation, but if you're looking for something a little bit different, I definitely don't regret watching it.
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Great Wholesome Kids Movie
pixieplayspiano25 December 2019
Great to finally see a christmas movie that is down to earth, without the over-the-top glitz and glamour, unrealistic perfectionism, sickening romance, and soppiness of most. Is it perfect? No. Is the comedy sometimes too slapstick? Yes. But bear in mind - it is ultimately a home-grown kid's film, and really, compared to most of the US made ones this is no worse, in fact in many ways I think much better. I am 45yrs old and I enjoyed it. Good old fashioned realistic - no mansions or super model types in sight - un-commercial family fun. Good on little NZ for making this. More please.
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All the more reason not to trust ratings
pub-214 January 2021
This is a low budget, Kiwi made, kids movie and if I was a kid I would probably give it 9 or 10 stars. Well done to those involved in the making of this flick.
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