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Never Judge A Film By Its Cover
thekingsdom1 June 2019
Every Friday, my local dvd store in London (yeah I know!) gets in new releases. I can get 3 films for £6 / $7.50 for 2 nights. Ooh I thought, this looks good (looking at the cover only!) I'll add it to my two other dvds for the £6 deal...and urm...meh! I found this film a bit 'arty farty' if I'm honest. It's low budget with flash backs, stills and good old cardboard dialogue in places. I also thought some of the acting wasn't great. Twas for me, but hey, you may like it. 5/10
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Not great
wanderer1570116 May 2019
A movie that reminds you that it's best not to meet your hero's in real life cause you'll be disappointed
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he was a super star then
ops-5253516 May 2019
This is an biographical take on patches of steve mcqueens life and spirits, and the makers have made a point of his frantic search for the favourite of his of all cars in the world, the one he drove in the film bullitt, and he didnt stop chasing after that car until his death in 1980,a car he really never obtained.

the chosen male actor in this kinda bundle of strained storie ,are a pretty nice spittin' image of mcqueen, and his voice and demeanors are very well matching the culprit.. the other main cast do a fine job too , and some of the dialouges are excellently done

its a low budget production, but it barely never shows, and thats mostly due to a great filmography and editing, and the choice of locations are marvelous and at times a breathtaker.

if you want to know the whole story about a tough actor the go to the documentary world, but this is a good addition to it all. recommende by the grumpy old man
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Andre Brooks caputures the essence of McQueen
rgl-614 March 2019
I am a huge McQueen fan and have read much about him so this was a must see for me. I am a bit skeptical of how that 9.7 rating got there so I will skip the negativity. Andre Brooks absolutely captured the essence of McQueen. A masterful impression that must have Tarantino regretting he did not cast Andre as McQueen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (although in fairness to Damien Lewis, who also resembles McQueen, we haven't seen what he's got yet).
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themobiledan27 April 2019
I'm not big on Hollywood icons, and I'd be so so at best with movie trivia, but one guy who's riveted into my head is Steve McQueen. So when I saw this movie offered on Hoopla, I had to check it out. It only took me a minute to get past my inherent objection to some actor pretending to be McQueen; the portrayal was good enough, and honest enough, that I quickly fell into accepting it as McQueen himself. I'm not familiar with any of the actors, or with the director, in this movie, but I think they all did a fine job. The plot, which no doubt is fiction, seems true enough to McQueen's character that I had to wonder to what extent it's based on reality. All in all, I started out not being sure, but ended up very appreciative and satisfied. I'd call this movie a real treat, and I'm very glad I watched it.
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Don Quxiote chasing his "Dragon"
HoosierBob17 May 2019
McQueen was sitting outside his hanger roughly the same time this story is told. He was unshaven, unkempt, and had shaggy hair. He had not worked in a while and one of his oldest California friends arrived. Seeing McQueen, the friend said "Steve, I never thought you would end up like this"! Reportedly McQueen responded saying "What makes you think this is how I will end up"?

Indeed, from that point, he went on to make several more movies, some considered to be his best works. McQueen did not "go out" a loser, nor broke, so let's not see this very good film thinking it to be the tale of a drifting loser. No, this is McQueen in an intentional lull in his life when he chose to take a step back, re-evaluate his own priorities and do something for himself for a change.

This story is very credible, and I became a McQueen fan in the 1950's when I first saw him on local television. I am writing this review in my home...three miles from his birthplace, which I consider "bragging rights" as someone who has studied the man for a long time.
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A real surprise
rrpauleyjr5 September 2019
This is a treat, a sleeper. The writer/director did his homework and obviously cares about McQueen but also stays honest. True to time period and dialogue is spot-on in that respect, and in how I understood McQueen to be. The actor is terrific -- not just an impersonation but an embodiment. Low budget but they made the most of it. Very much worth if you're a McQueen fan.
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Epic Acting in Search of an Epic Budget
bamora0519 April 2019
Here's a darn-good movie about the coolest actor in history.

The best element in the movie is the acting.

Andre Brooks did a better job capturing Steve McQueen than I thought is possible. His performance is captivating from start to finish. I give him ten stars!

Augie Duke's Neile McQueen is wonderful. Other characters (agent Freddie Fields, Beautiful Dancer, Cuban President Batista) are well-portrayed.

The script loves McQueen, with all his flaws, and digs deeply into his heart, soul, and psyche.

The film does not get more stars because it has a major flaw and a near-fatal flaw.

Major flaw - the music. I'll say no more.

Near-fatal flaw - the budget. This is a small movie about a mega-meta-epic Hollywood star.

When will a major studio make a big-budget docudrama depicting Steve's impossible adventure from poor, abandoned farm boy to highest-paid actor in the world? Soon, I hope.
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Great production on a shoestring budget!
cotk3522 October 2019
If you're a "King of Cool" fan, you'll love this biopic. I believe Marshall Terrill's book "Steve McQueen: The Life of a Hollywood Icon" is being made into a movie, and I can't see anyone playing Steve's part other than Andre Brooks.
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An Accurate Psychological Drama of the Real Steve McQueen
eric-5742431 August 2020
It's a shame this title doesn't represent the story being told. The Bullitt vehicle is not the centerpiece of this story nor does it have to do with anything related to what he's really after.

Steve McQueen was an A type personality. But his personality was driven by his sheer contempt for society founded on his abandonment issues by his parents. This is something that should be brought to the forefront within our society - fatherless families.

The biggest issue was not with the content of the story, but the lingering scenes leading us towards little payoff. These scenes of him dealing with his angst were spot on, but ran longer than what a pace of a feature should be, especially when you're dealing with someone like Steve McQueen who is in constant motion.

Steve's demise was his inability to acknowledge that he lived his life with a Me Against The World mantra, then he mixed it with drugs. That ruined his marriage as he could never take responsibility for his own decisions and blamed everyone else for the results.

What Steve really needed was a good beating. He wanted a good beating. He wanted someone to care, and I think that was the missing element in this story and should have been emphasized with more cinematic annunciation than driving in the desert with a woman who exemplifies the image of someone who would love us and him for who he was instead of someone who was actually there wishing he would just grow up and lose the anger.

Nobody ever told him he was a good person. Nobody ever told him he was good enough and his life experiences at an early age should make him follow that lead into promoting responsibility in society for father's that care. Instead, McQueen led a self absorbed self loathing life.

This film failed to illustrate the last years of his life where he, in his old school ways, became a Christian, just in case there was a God, my humble opinion, but none the less a good gesture on his part. He truly wanted to be happy and the Father like nature of God I think provided him the role he always wanted in his life.

He was tragic, he was also very generous, which this film failed to illustrate. Too many people judge him even after his death, when they simply don't know a damn thing about him.

Steve McQueen was a survivor, but he never gave himself credit for being just that. It was a shame.

This story didn't really have the ending it needed because it missed these points,but its worth watching none the less. The photography was amazing, the actor was better than I thought, but the story just needed a better resolve and should have delved into the principle of fatherhood.
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Easy to watch
amunastra13 September 2019
The film went along at an okay pace,enough to keep you interested.Andre looked very much like Steve. It touches on his womanising with the back drop of looking for the car he drove in Bullitt.(my opinion).It showed that his love wasn't the movies but speed.I would have liked them to have shown,that he was somewhat fearless representing his country on his motorbike too in a dangerous country at the time.It showed he had a devil may care attitude to money.If I was to bet I would say first was motorbikes second was cars third was women and fourth was acting.
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Yikes! Terrible Acting,
pcampionz7 November 2020
Ever start watching a film and you can tell how it will be from the first scenes. The problem I have is this should have been an iconic film and should have been done with a teller acting a d directing. I wanted to like it! It's the bullitt Mustang dang it!!!
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Andre Brooks is convincing
valleyjohn23 June 2020
I'm all for any movie that celebrates the great Steve McQueen . In my eyes he is one of the top 3 movie actors of all time so it's a tough job to do the man justice but Chasing Bullitt does an admirable job.

The best thing about this film is Andre Brooks . He really does look like McQueen and he definitely catches his spirt . We all know McQueen was a complicated man and not always the nicest and I think Brooks captures him well.

It's just a shame the story telling is a little dull . McQueen was a mans , man and I don't really want to see him laid bare by talking to a shrink .

The story of Le Mans and Papillon are interesting and it's fascinating to see the process of how those films were made.

Chasing Bullitt is ok but I recommend watching the real think and picking something for the great mans catalogue instead.
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legends start somewhere
allanmichael3016 September 2019
This movie is a different take on the legend that we know Steve Mcqueen well written and interesting take on his struggles.
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Are You Kidding Me?
bmiller5926 August 2019
Before I start my review and for those whom are going to rip for turning this off after 8 minutes, go on and rip away. I did not watch this garbage past the 8 minute mark, and truth be told, I wanted to turn it off sooner.

I now digress. I first saw Bullitt in 1969. We (all of us were Mustang fans and my friends father was a GM at a Ford dealership in the Bay Area, we were 17 years of age) sat in the front row of hard uncomfortable wooden seats at San Jose States auditorium. We didn't know what we were getting into, but if Bullitt had shown again after this showing, we would have watched it again, and possibly again. I was new to the movie scene then. I didn't know anything about Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset, or Robert Duvall. They became staples in my movie enjoying journey though as I aged. I can still feel the on the screen shotgun blast, the incredible jolt in my seat as if I was in the car as McQueen bounced up and down in the Streets of San Francisco. And, which I save for last, the iconic ending of the car chase with the '68 Dodge Charger. Hopefully I haven't inserted any spoilers of this truly iconic, AND, the first real car chase in a movie for those of you who have not seen Bullitt. I used to own a car magazine that was written back then of how Peter Yates who directed this film and who was a professional race car driver filmed this movie from dune buggies. In fact, Steve McQueen requested that Yates direct him in this movie.

First off, I hope no one profited from this movie. To me it's sacrilegious and bottom line not fair that this movie that I am writing about even exists. This guy who "does" Steve McQueen, (and no one does McQueen) fails miserably. The cigarette, the lean, the looks...give me a break, are you kidding me? There's only one Steve McQueen.

Let me repeat myself, I only got 8 minutes into this movie, and knew beforehand I was not going to finish it.

I don't know if this movie delves into the "lost" Bullitt 'stang which was recently discovered but that's another great story all to itself.

IF you have to watch this, then you owe it to yourself and everything that is right to see the original movie first.

IF you have seen Bullitt and you want to watch this...Well, go ahead
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