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Season 1

Episode #1.1
Hosted by Grant Denyer and Chrissie Swan, prepare to be spellbound as 52 of Australia's top spellers aged between 8 - 13 years showcase their extraordinary smarts on The Great Australian Spelling Bee.
Episode #1.2
The top 26 spellers have made it through to the next round of challenges, including the intimidating SpellGate, where spellers must excel against the clock and each other.
Episode #1.3
With a slight twist, the spellers must battle it out in teams. Groups of six will go head-to-head in an effort to gain immunity from tomorrow's elimination.
Episode #1.4
The first challenge for the remaining contestants is the dreaded Speed Spell: 45 seconds to spell as many words correctly as possible.
Episode #1.5
In teams of five, spellers compete in three challenges to determine the winning team for immunity. However as viewers have come to expect, there is a twist to surprise both spellers and the audience.
Episode #1.6
Speed Spell, Flashcards and Spelling Bee are the three challenges the remaining spellers must master if they are to be crowned champion of the inaugural Great Australian Spelling Bee.
Episode #1.7
It is team immunity day on The Great Australian Spelling Bee as the remaining spellers battle it out to go straight through to the Final 12.
Episode #1.8
Hosts Grant Denyer and Chrissie Swan watch on as the remaining members of the Top 16 battle it out to progress through to the Final 12 - and one step closer to the Championship trophy.
Episode #1.9
The last of the team challenges on The Great Australian Spelling Bee takes place and there is a massive advantage in winning aside from the usual immunity: success means a spot in the finals.
Episode #1.10
The last episode before finals week on The Great Australian Spelling Bee and the remaining 10 spellers who failed to win immunity the previous night will battle it out for just six places.
Episode #1.11
Three challenges will take place and two winners from each are going into the Grand Final. Show and Spell, Letter By Letter and the Individual Spelling Bee will decide the grand finalists.
3 Aug. 2015
Episode #1.12
After six weeks and more than 3,000 applicants tonight is the Grand Final of The Great Australian Spelling Bee, featuring the top six young spellers in the country aged between 8 - 13 years.

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