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It's all a tad too serious for a movie that's essentially a tawdry pulp thriller. Still, anyone who comes to Acts of Violence looking for colorfully sleazy characters and shootouts — as opposed to nuanced public policy briefs — should find enough reasons to stick around.
This dopey action thriller harks back to grindhouse pictures of the ’70s and ’80s, although it’s too tasteful, if that’s the word, to consistently exploit the more lurid implications of its sensationalist scenario.
The script has been written compactly if without great imagination by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto, and directed likewise by actor-turned-helmer Donowho, whose work here reps an uptick from his prior, mostly B-grade horror features.
The title Acts of Violence has less to do with the storyline of the movie it graces and more about what’s perpetrated against the audience watching it.
Acts of Violence evaporates from your mind while you're watching it.
The film may be completely worthless from an artistic standpoint but it certainly can’t be beat from a convenience standpoint.

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