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Loved it.
fehtoc20 October 2017
Liked it, made me happy because it ended the way I like to see series end

Wish I could get it on Amizon. Watch the other 4 movies everyday. (Thats really hooked) LOl But wish I could get "just Desserts" movie. Wouldn't mind more movies in this series. Love those actors.
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Loved it!
mtishagayle2 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My favorite so far. Love that Hannah and Mike are together and will move forward in hopefully many more installments. While I enjoyed the triangle with Norman, I always felt Hannah's heart was with Mike. I am glad the triangle is resolved as it was unrealistic for it to continue --- especially in such a small town. I love the casting and always look forward to this series. Great job!
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I love this movie
trisha-2823417 March 2018
Sorry, I'm not much of a writer. It was so good all the way through. This series of movies is my favorite.

Why can't I find the dvd to buy? I have the other 4, but need this one.
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Best Murder, She Baked, Yet!
sonicgeekette4 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely loved this latest installment of the 'Murder, She Baked' mystery movies series! Alison Sweeney has come a long way from her younger years as the bratty teen you loved to hate, Sammy Brady, on Days; and has gotten more beautiful with age. Her co-star, Cameron Mathison is yummier than ever, so I was so happy to see the two of them end up together.

I knew the movie was going to be good when it started with Hannah and Mike on a date and talking about how they each needed to take a vacation. It seemed like they were hinting at taking a vacation together. So sweet! (I've been rooting for those two to get together since the series started, and there was the whole Mike, Hannah, and Norman triangle.) I'm glad to see Hannah and Norman remained close friends, and Norman is still able to tag along and help Hannah out on some her own investigating. They are fun as pals, but I always thought that Mike was more for Hannah, as she always loved being rescued by him. (Who wouldn't?) It was very apparent, though, right from the start of this movie that Hannah and Mike were meant to be together, especially with Norman accepting defeat and dating other women. The chemistry between Sweeney and Mathison is magical. When Hannah teared up after Mike turned her down for lunch, it broke my heart. And when Mike showed up as Hannah was running late to go into the Bake-off, and told her how he felt, I almost couldn't contain my happiness.

I read that Alison Sweeney was injured on a skiing trip just before this movie went into production, and her injury was written in so that she could be on a crutch. This worked out so well and seemed like it was really part of the story line of her being injured as one of the judges in the Bake-off.

My only complaint about the movie is casting David Lewis as the "bad guy". This is type casting, and I knew it was him right away. He's played the bad guy in several movies, including other Hallmark mysteries. But like the other Hannah Swenson mysteries, his character and motive was complicated, and he wasn't all bad.

The ending was the best and I certainly hope they continue to make more Murder, She Baked mysteries with Hannah and Mike. They are so sweet together.
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Baking Contest, HS Basketball hero, and a DEAD COACH
ringeraghty15 April 2017
Your posted synopsis GIVES AWAY the plot, people, Way to ruin a MYSTERY!!! someone want to fix that?? How 'bout "HS coach found dead, many suspects, twists and turns" or "Hanna is having a baking contest at the HS, while the Basketball hero playing in his big game. THen coach found dead." REALLY UPSET WITH THIS LISTING. GREAT MOVIE RUINED BY PLOT EXPOSURE
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Disappointing to Say the Least
tindalrich28 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have really enjoyed the other Murder She Baked movies but this one not so. The writing was weak and it was very easy to figure out the murderer of the coach. Granted most of these you can determine who it is but there are some nuances throughout. Not this time.

There is less baking and more murder investigation as well as another crime to do with a baking contest. There is no character development with any of the high school basketball players, the coach's wife, TV individuals or contestants. The coach is shown as an unpleasant bully - someone not sympathetic whatsoever which made one not care he was killed off.

Previously Hannah was torn between Mike and Norman which was not only unique but also kept it light and enjoyable. The last Murder She Baked still had that going for it, but in this one Norman was already dating others because it appears Hannah had dumped him for Mike. While I loved Cameron Mathison in All My Children, his character in this series could use some improvement.

Now Hannah and Mike end up engaged and she will help him with all his cases. This is just too unbelievable and lacking any realism.

I would have much preferred to have Norman in the picture still. He's a great character/gentleman who loved Hannah as well as showed her respect.

If there is another Murder She Bakes (which there probably will be), hoping it can undo some of the mess this one made.
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Would have been OK if I hadn't read all the books...
kmcnitt6 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Am I the only one that has problems with the casting of Norman and Mike in these movies?? The 2 actors look so much alike to me, I have trouble following the story because I can't tell them apart.

Also - since I read the books, I know Hannah isn't supposed to end up with either Mike or Norman, so getting engaged to Mike at the end of this one is a great surprise.

It is probably like most things - you should never watch a movie after you've already read the book...
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Hallmark has a crowd-pleasing formula
blanche-26 October 2018
Two soap veterans, Allison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison, star in "Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts." This series follows the usual Hallmark mystery pattern: attractive people, idyllic town, murder. romance but no sex.

In this film, Hannah (Sweeney) hosts a TV baking show contest and investigates when the judges start being knocked off.

My problem with all of these Hallmark mysteries is that I usually spot the murderer five minutes in. This episode was no exception.

Pleasant enough for what it is.
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The Eden Falls Bake Off
bkoganbing18 June 2017
Some accidents befall some of the judges of the Eden Falls bake off contest, one of whom is Alison Sweeney. But it's the murder of the local high school basketball coach who was one of the judges that gets law enforcement involved.

Of course it's their detective Cameron Mattison who is officially assigned to the case, but there's no way he's going to stop Alison Sweeney from getting involved. Especially after she is victimized twice. The first time one of her basement stairs is sabotaged. The second however is when Mattison's break line on his vehicle is tampered with.

It turns out the coach definitely had an unsavory side to him as they investigate.

Sweeney with her investigative instincts is able to parse out the responsibility for who did what. In that way the murder is solved.

Mattison is in a dilemma. He's exasperated over Alison's interference, but at the same time, he's falling for her big time.

Will that last? Tune in to this Murder She Baked film and the next one to find out.
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The mother
Mliss4930 August 2018
Read one of the actual books - the mother is nothing like that crazy mess of a woman. She is awful. So hyperactive. She distracts from the movie and does not add anything to the movie.
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The weakest of the bunch
centava9927 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This one was a real letdown. The murder was pretty typical, but what really makes this series is the love triangle. Norman was honestly the most interesting of the bunch in this episode, half-jokingly talking about stepping in when Mike drops the ball in having Hannah's affections. You'd never know Mike and Hannah were even a couple; the entire movie was the case and the two of them not having time to get together even for a meal. Come on!

What's weird about this whole series is that there are clearly season changes, which means TIME IS PASSING and yet they expect us to believe that 3-6 months have passed between episodes and they've not once had a real date, yet are discussing going on vacation together? And then at the end they're engaged??!?!!? This makes zero sense when they've implied for 4.5 movies that they've only had a handful of dates, maybe 3 kissing sessions and that neither knows how the other feels about each other. The whole series would have made more sense (still minus the engagement) if it'd all been compressed into the span of maybe 1-2 months instead of what was at least 1.5 years (two winters and the gestation/birth/infancy of Andrea's baby as my time markers). I actually wanted to watch the first four episodes several times, but I deleted this one instantly after it was done, and was sad to not want to see it again. It just was a letdown.
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OK single but how is this a series?
SnoopyStyle21 October 2017
Bakery owner Hannah Swensen (Alison Sweeney) is a judge for the Eden Lake Bake Off at the local high school. Unbeknownst to her, someone caused her accident leaving her hobbling with a crutch. One of the other judges drop out and callous coach Leonard Bishop becomes the replacement. He's not all that happy and gets killed in a seemingly hit-and-run accident. Hannah investigates the incident for herself.

This is the first "Murder, She Baked" movie for me. I've avoided it so far for obvious reasons. I like Sweeney so I gave this a try. She pulls me through the entire movie but I have a question. How is this a series? Why does she keep encountering murders? At least, Angela Lansbury is a mystery writer. That's her in but where's Sweeney's in? She's a baker and crazy murders keep happening to people around her. I would make the final movie/book reveal that she's actually the killer. At least, that would make sense.
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