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the forgettable one..
Arth_Joshi30 September 2018
The Big Bang Theory

Almost a cultural hub and a dream project for the nerd and movie goers out there, The Big Bang Theory lift off from the first episode in '07 possibly breaking many records on broadcasting and awards shows; this is another one of Chuck Lorre's production as it too resembles with the others on its hardcore and counter argumentative humor. And unlike others, its witty and sharp humor doesn't walk on 'mundane sitcom rituals' which they carried off till the mid series quite nicely after which the plot grew thin and the humor got petty and childish to a point where the viewers have started to feel like a homework that doesn't end.

On performance level, Parsons is never reliable on his co-stars, he is literally a one man army and the reason behind it is not that he is given the range and content to flaunt his skills but even when the writing goes frizzy in its latter season, he delivers unflinchingly. On the other hand, Galecki is convincing throughout the series along with Helberg supporting him decently.

The narrative that was once fluid, gripping and thought-provoking has now turned into this misconceived mixture of rotted out ideas, that ought not to draw even a chuckle, let along be intriguing enough to keep the audience tangled in these undercooked characters' mundane life.

Another main reason, why the ideas narrowed down as it aged on screen was because of too many lead actors sharing the screen and the writers being restricted on offering and dividing the work or humor to each and everyone resulting into low quality of the final product. Even though the series have somehow found itself in the 12th season it still hasn't offered much on character development (their work on Sheldon is appreciative but not worth the effort).

Season 12

With an attempt of attaining a closure to a higher ideal, the last season is sculpted to justify and culminate the entire series and as much as the hopes are higher, the maturity on writing is equally lower where the offered final product is of a daily soap quality.

The Wedding Gift Wormhole

The conversations sounds like a stand up act, but not a good one, in fact it over chews its somewhat fresher concept and to top it all off the first act is spent on merely plotting the sequences through lazy writing that is corny and cheap.
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The Wedding Gift Wormhole
bobcobb30129 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
You lose mean when you start introducing spray tans for laughs.

The A storyline here was not so bad with Amy and Sheldon trying to decipher a gift meant to baffle them, only to end up getting enjoyment from it. The payoff with them doing the same to Leonard and Penny was well-crafted.

Even though Stuart has improved in past seasons, this was a bad episode for him. Bernadette and Howard did not help matters either.
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Me 2nd favourite episode
david-paynton4 October 2018
Apart from Sheldon mental breakdown episode that ended with him in a ball put BAZINGA..

This episode made me laugh constantly throughout.. highly enjoyable
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