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patriciogl1016 December 2018
I expected fun and laughs and that's exactly what I got. Everyone played their parts alright, especially Kate McKinnon who is hilarious and Sam Heughan who I'm a big fan of.

As far as the plot goes, well it's a bit far-fetched but that's expected in comedies nowadays, these odd plots somehow work. It's nowhere near great, but it's a decent watch on an afternoon. I'm accustomed to watching these type of comedies so I judge them according to what they are, essentially. I just went along with it.
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Funny, Relatable, Not To Be Taken Too Seriously
msand179319 January 2019
I didn't expect much from this movie, I decided to watch because of a couple funny gifs I saw on Tumblr. I haven't seen much of McKinnon's work but after watching TSWDM I would gladly watch everything she stars in. I love her style of humor - quick, raunchy at times, honest. Maybe shes "a bit much" to some, but I really enjoy her silliness and the chemistry she and Kunis share. Two beautiful, funny, smart and completely relatable best friends getting into secret spy shenanigans in Europe? Sign me tf up. I've watched it twice and I'll more than likely watch again. In conclusion, this film obviously isnt going to be everybody's cup of tea. But I personally laughed my a** off. To the low reviewers: watch without taking it so seriously and you might enjoy it too.
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Very entertaining
magus-422 December 2018
Don't expect deep charater studies, layered storylines, plot twists like apparently some of the reviewers do. Frankly I find it absurd to rate a solid, entertaining, popcorn movie with 1 or 2 stars. Maybe you don't like this genre. But rating a Bach concert with one star because you hate classical music or Bach doesn't make any sense. Within its genre I would have rated it with at least 7 or 8 IMDB stars. I gave it 9 to balance out some of the super negative reviews. There are plenty of chuckle moments some good laughs, good and even great action, a simple but effective storyline, good acting, nice build up. Kate McKinnon gets better throughout the movie. I wonder if they actually shot the second part later than the first part, or if the script just suited her better in the second half. I was entertained throughout. And would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a lighthearted, action/comedy movie.
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A Crazy Dumb Exciting Spy Action Comedy inspired by Snowden Incident
hilaryswank201126 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This film is based on the Snowden incident of 2013, and it is a action comedy distortion of it in pro-Snowden way. Kate McKinnon(1984-)'s outstanding comedy performance is this film's core value. And this is clearly a pro-Snowden film. A turning point in public view about Snowden incident.

The story is CIA agent Drew Thayer steals the Prism information in USB to sell it to a terrorist organisation 'High Land', and he asks his girl friend Audrey Stockton to get it delivered to his contact in Vienna. After they are assaulted by CIA and MI6 (UK) at her room, Audrey gets her best friend Morgan Freeman ( the name is the same with the famous actor) to go to Europe for the promise. On the road, they must face MI6's retrieving operation which led by Wendy, conducted by Sebastian Henshaw, and assassination attempts by the killing machine Nadedja and her High Land terrorists. In this film, MacGuffin is the USB data in a trophy.

First of all, in reality of political contexts, CIA and MI6 staffs do not directly undertake any dirty works like in this film. In stead, assassination attempts are done by their recruited agents who are expendable in any case. Thus, this kind of fictional reality should be seemed as 007-like reality in film. It is fiction anyway.

Surprisingly it is seemed as quite impossible that US films Snowden as a hero however this film actually depicted Snowden as a supporter of the protagonists when Morgan, Sebastian and Audrey need decrypting the USB data from NSA. We can say this is a pro Snowden film even though getting Snowden involved in this story is a weak point in plotting of this story structure. A miracle device is used in this Snowden involvement.

For Kate McKinnon, her comedian talent is fully used in this film. Her gags are well edited by rhythmical reverse cutting in a cinematically comfortable way. For instance, the car chase sequence in Prague is the best one in the entire film. And Hong Kong audiences' emotional responses to it are also quite positive. Her quality performance can also be seen in Ghostbusters (2016) as Jillian Holtzmann. I personally prefer her acting and buying a movie ticket just to enjoy her comedian talent.

Besides Snowden involvement, other weak points in this film are 1) 'One Year Ago' flush back which is completely unable to recognise the division between the past and the present in the action progress; 2) Nadedja is too weak as an antagonist, and Ivanna Sakhno is look like Chloë Grace Moretz in Let Me In (2010); 3) Typage between Sebastian Henshaw and Drew Thayer is a failure. It should cast completely different types of actors.

In spite of pros and cons, The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) is a well made spy comedy action film as a whole. Kate McKinnon's comedian talent saved the film's fortune in box office globally. In political point of view, it is a turning point of public view of American people about Snowden. Hollywood is now standing with Snowden. Snowden gets positive role in Hollywood blockbuster. It is a social signal and CIA also gave the message through this film to him. I believe real Snowden will enjoy this film in Russia.
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Ignore bad reveiws
lukehasenfus31 December 2018
Just ignore the bad reviews. If you are wanting to enjoy comedy movies just give this one a try what is it gonna do to you? I really enjoyed the comedy in this and Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon really brought joy and laughter to me. This is definitely not a family movie but I do recommend watching it with someone to see the reaction because this movie had me and my friends laughing from beginning to end. Like I said just give it a chance because everyoneHas their own opinion on what's good and what's bad
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Women Buddy Comedy
kosmasp20 November 2018
What has worked for men (mostly in the 80s and 90s) in the Buddy Cop movie "genre" (it's not really a genre, but you catch my drift). Now some may feel this is a blast from the past and that either works in favor of the movie or against it. One thing is for sure: It is quite raunchy, as are many other comedies of the same ilk/blueprint.

The chemistry is there and while you may find some things annoying (or Kate's character to be specific), I'd argue all works in favor of the movie. And it is heighten reality, even if it sometimes grounds and stays in reality. So it is a mix of both, a really good one. And some of the stuff is just hillarious. Comedy is alway in the eye of the beholder, so it may differ from your taste - it's still more than well done
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Worst movie of the summer
knightinplaidpjs12 August 2018
I only went to see this because my MoviePass blocked out Mission Impossible. I paid nothing to see this, and still feel robbed.
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Funnier than expected
jwwalrath-227-854872 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Legitimately funny movie, but be prepared to watch it more for the jokes than the plot.

In the first ten minutes, I had my doubts. The characters and jokes appeared obvious and tired. (Plus, the movie has one of those relationships where you have two attractive actors, but somehow Justin Theroux's character is considered out of Mila Kunis' character's league.) However, when the spy stuff starts and Kunis and Kate McKinnon are whisked out of their everyday lives, things get really funny.

There is a lot of great comedy to be mined here from having the characters go from one insane situation to the next. There is some shockingly, surprising stuff in here. The theater audience laughed quite a lot. The action is delightfully violent and over-the-top.

Good cast overall, but the MVPs are Hasan Minhaj and Ivanna Sakhno. Minhaj is delightfully douchey as a CIA agent who can't stop mentioning that he went to Harvard. Sakhno is the assassin trailing them and she kills it, no pun intended. She plays the role entirely seriously as she plays the kind-of-odd and completely dangerous pursuer.

As much as I liked this movie, it could have been a little shorter. It tries to be an over-the-top R-rated comedy and a BFF-road trip of discovery, and it never quite balances perfectly. It's not that I disagree with the character work, plus Kunis and McKinnon have great chemistry together, but they didn't need to spend so much time on it. Those scenes just slow things down. Plus, the film also gives McKinnon's character more comic screen time than needed, and it feels too indulgent.
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Terrible movie
lwatson-873195 August 2018
This was a major disappointment. Poor acting by Kate M. The plot was so ridiculous. It was a waste of time and money.
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Funny buddy pic
harwooddm2 August 2018
My wife and I both enjoyed this movie and so did the entire theatre. Lots of audience laughter throughout the film. Kate McKinnon is great. No, this movie won't change your life, but it's a fun movie for a night out.
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admitchell2-927-3262211 August 2018
This is going down on my list of top five worst movies I've ever seen. The script is unbelievably bad, all of the "jokes" fall flat, Kate McKinnon tries to make up for the bad dialogue by being overdramatic and she fails, and Mila Kunis once again proves that she can only play one character. It felt like it would never end. In closing, my wife and I were surprised when we arrived and we were the only ones in the theater. On the way out, we understood.
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This movie has balls
douglasmiller-847934 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
For one brief moment it was a raunchy comedy. Then it was a spy thriller. Then it was a buddy flick. Then it became apparent that it wasn't funny, thrilling, suspenseful, or even interesting.

Amazingly lazy writing was the capstone of this cinematic turd. A turd wrapped in toilet paper. For lazy see the following:
  • Edward Snowdon just happens to be available and able to crack a password
  • Passports happen to be in glovebox of car
  • Authorities are seemingly unable to locate 2 idiotic Americans in Austria who don't speak German
  • international travel is nearly instantaneous and doesn't involve jet lag
  • etc

Kate Mckinnon shows us the same one-dimensional (over the top) character that dominates everything she does. Mila Kunis gives us a rehash of the same slightly dumb, but mostly good hearted character that she does over and over again.

The best thing about the story is when they took what would normally be an inexcusable shortcut. Every time they did they probably managed to cut 5 to 10 minutes of garbage out of a 2 hour dumpster fire.
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Really a bad movie
jhs3-134-20107622 October 2018
Most of the reviews say this. Believe them. It really is a terrible movie.
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Walked Out
darrenfox1-49-30832020 August 2018
I gave it 30 mins, was 28 mins too long, no one in the cinema laughed, some good action scenes but largely very unfunny... just tried too hard with a poor script.
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Can't recommend :(
malaniyanino11 August 2018
I love Mila but this movie is a waste of time. I would not recommend it. The plot is boring and the jokes are not all that funny. Eventually we were just waiting for the movie to end. Sad
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The usual
scandinavianmail4 August 2018
The usual recycling of the female empowerment storyline with Kunis and McKinnon reliably playing the same roles they always do starts with a few good gags early on but gradually falls apart into a complete mess. McKinnon seems to improvise as much as she can to make up for the writers' diminishing interest in their own story which occasionally keeps the audience more invested than it should.

There is a tired attempt at the end to setup a sequel of sorts so anyone spending money to see this should know it might not be over when the credits roll.
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Too long and too dumb!
thodge-506-2057724 August 2018
I know it was a satire on spy movies but it was really over the top. Some funny jokes and a lot of tasteless ones. It should have been shorter. Must have been a record for "F" bombs. Wait and watch it for free somewhere.
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Fun movie
ecmac-490043 August 2018
Don't compare this movie to Mission Impossible or Jason Bourne. TSWDM is fun, exciting, and charming. There are great action sequences and nice scenery. Kate McKinnon knocks it out of the park! She leads the humor and Mila Kunis is the lady we wish we could be. The co-stars Justin Theroux and Sam Heughan keep you guessing and Hasan Minhaj gets great laughs. I loved the role that Kev Adams played as well. I had a great time with my hubby for date night at an advance screening on July 27 2018.
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runjimmycook18 November 2018
Very funny movie. Highly recommend. I hope they make a part 2.
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Honestly it's just not good
bilal-501625 August 2018
It's just not a good movie. Supposed to be funny, but isn't. It's cool that you get to see some people getting shot, some cracked necks, which isn't expected in a comedy, but it's just a bad story. Wouldn't have cared if it was funny, but it really was boring.

We saw this movie because there was nothing else to watch, and because we were out without the baby for the night. Should have just gone to the bar instead.
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This ruined my evening
juliafacebook7 September 2018
I wasn't expecting too much from this movie but wow it was even worse. There were actually people laughing in the cinema so it might be funny for some type of people, who haven't seen any real funny movies yet (or they're not really the brightest). Really basic action-comedy movie but really predictable and not worth it's money. Only 2 stars because of mila kunis.
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Terrible cliche
garrettjoseph3 August 2018
This movie is a terrible cliche spy movie. Bad acting followed by jokes that left stillness in the air. Do not recommend.
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A Hilarious Action Comedy Movie
MichaelNontonMulu3 August 2018
Well this movie was a lot more fun that I anticipated. First I thought that the comedy would be just so so or only glimpses of them. But apparently the film was filled with so many hilarious moments. The comedic and rather absurd situations they were in and sometimes because of themselves were always fun to watch. Sometimes the fun stuff also came from the conversation they had or the comments Morgan (Kate McKinnon) made on Audrey (Mila Kunis) which was really spot on. There were so many hilarious scenes in the movie but my most favorite one was the chasing sequence in the roads of Vienna and also the library scene (which made my wife could not stop laughing). And most of the audience in our studio were really enjoying themselves as we were laughing throughout the whole movie.

The film also had some unexpectedly good action sequence, particularly the fight & car chase scenes which I thought was done nicely and professionally. The movie was quite old school in the action part and did not use too much computer for their special effects. While the sound effects were pretty decent for such movie.

The main attraction for this movie was definitely the 2 lead stars Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon who had good chemistry & quite convincing as two best friends. While Mila's character Audrey was what you could expect from her, but Kate I think truly excelled in her role. She looked really natural as the person who does not seem to think ahead and just go with her heart.

This movie should not be compared to the serious spy movie like James Bond or the more recent one like Mission: Impossible series. I actually felt that the movie had some similarities with another very funny 2015 action comedy movie titled Spy starring Melissa McCarthy. This film may not have the most original story/plot but it certainly gave me & my wife a bunch of laughter, making us feeling very happy after leaving the theater.

With a duration of almost 2 hours, the movie did not feel too long. In fact I think it's just nice as the story did not feel rushed to complete and we were given plenty of hilarious scenes with some nice action sequence. During the end credit scene, there were few funny scenes that you could enjoy but there was no such scene at all after it was complete.

So if you are looking just pure fun without overthinking of the plot, then this one would do nicely. But if you are looking for some serious spy stuff or prefer the full action movie, then better find some other movies to fill your time.

For my complete review, please see
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Lame, Predictable, Bad Acting Don't waste your time nor money!
dmk-042055 August 2018
This movie was saved by Kate Mc Kinnon...she was the best part of this movie with little comedy (save for those parts where McKinnon was allowed to express herself) a lot of gunfire, weak attempt at emulating Bond movies and others. I almost walked becuase it had cheesy dialogue, predictable plot, lame scenes, lack of substance to sustain any genre. I was bored save for the funny lines from Mc Kinnon.. Don't waste your time nor money on this lame film. Best part was towards the end. I was anxious for it to end...Too long to withstand such blah, lackluster, non intriguing film. Mila was ...Meh! Looks pathetic in pants. Certain dresses fare her better. She is no big deal. Mc Kinnon onthe other hand, can be hilarious, very attractive, smart, on the road to being an excellent actor!
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Cheesy writing with lame humor but still fun only because of Kunis
TheTopDawgCritic16 October 2018
Mila Kunis saved this film as best as she could and was way more funnier and entertaining (also not a comic) than comedian Kate McKinnon who was stale, annoying and "a little too much". The writing and humor were lame but some fairly decent action scenes. Enjoyable if you're bored and have nothing else to watch. 6/10 from me.
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