The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) Poster

Kate McKinnon: Morgan



  • Morgan : Mother, did you get the two dick pics I sent you?

  • Audrey : I killed someone! I killed someone!

    Morgan : Stop yelling!

  • Morgan : Nice boobs.

    Sebastian : Thanks.

  • Morgan : [upon seeing Agent Wendy]  We have a real-life Judi Dench in our midst. You are the boss and yet you have not sacrificed one ounce of femininity.

  • Morgan : [Whisper/shouts from across restaurant]  That's... not... Verne!

    Audrey : What?

    Morgan : [Screams]  That's not Verne!

    [Everyone starts shooting at them] 

  • [Jumping into an open car] 

    Audrey : Oh my God, it's a stick shift! Do you know how to drive a stick shift?

    Morgan : No!

    Audrey : How do you change gear?

    Morgan : What's a gear?

    Audrey : Abort! Abort Mission! Go!

    [Run away from the car] 

  • Audrey : My boyfriend dumped me in a text

    Morgan : Let's burn his shit

  • Morgan : Thumbs up.

  • Morgan : WHY are you using the turn signal? You're literally telling them where we're going.

  • Morgan : [slightly buzzed]  You know, I was going to drive home. But now I think I just might drive into a wall.

  • Audrey : I don't trust anyone anymore.

    Morgan : You trust me though, right?

    Audrey : Yes, of course. I trust you. You don't count.

  • Morgan : [with Audrey, on the phone to Drew]  Are your ears burning? Because you shit is!

  • Audrey : Get this. Two guys show up at my work from the CIA. They wanted to talk about Drew... They said he's a spy.

    Morgan : What do you mean a spy?

  • Morgan : [to Audrey]  Okay. Someone that you loved just died and asked you to do one last thing. I think you gotta do it. I'll go with you.

  • Audrey : [in the cafe]  This is really fancy.

    Morgan : We belong here.

  • Audrey : [as they're running down the street]  Oh my god! I killed someone! I killed someone!

    Morgan : Stop yelling that!

  • Morgan : [to Audrey]  What you did in the cafe with the gun was insane. You killed a man.

  • Morgan : I thought that the international intelligence office would be fancier.

    Sebastian : It's a temporary space. We don't wanna call attention to ourselves.

  • Morgan : Call the CIA guys!

    Audrey : No! Drew said that we can't trust anyone and he's right, 'cause he's dead. Probably because I talked to them.

    Morgan : No, it's because I let the assassin into the apartment.

    Audrey : Okay, fair enough. It's both our faults.

  • Audrey : My boyfriend dumped me in a text message. How do you explain that?

    Morgan : I know, I know. There's a simple solution. It's called spying.

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