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This is an English Comment I know, but I did watch the English version of this movie.
zinnilu19 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Mediocre at best, it didn't shine as bright as the.. Sun, in the box office but it was charming and quaint, it wasn't made by larger animation co. Like Disney ,DreamWorks, or Universal but by a smaller Spain located studio. And for such a smaller studio, had nice designs, animation, and the textures were surprisingly high quality.

Also it had a slight darkish undertone to it and the adult jokes made me chuckle more than once.

I saw it in English , But I recommend watching it in Spanish with English Subs (If you don't understand Spanish.) Since the Eng. Voice acting wasn't good. The English voices don't match the corresponding characters personalities at all and have no real emotion to them and react blandly , it was annoying but the story is alright, your basic detective story. Its also set in the "The Bugs" Universe from that old animated bug movie so that was very interesting to see.

Really wish they would have touched ground on Inspector Sun's backstory a bit more, His wife was also a detective but was killed during a job, He also apparently lost one of his legs to the same person who killed her but these are only mentioned in small sentences and aren't brought up a lot at all and aren't to about, so the viewer is left slightly confused How did he become World Famous?

Why do his police buddies hate him so much and don't want him around?

What did the Red Locust do in the first place that caused Sun to hunt him down?

Ah, and finally. The killer who did it in the first place- Was NOT shown at all before they found out about them, they were a mere background character standing around and didn't even seem to care for the case at all, nobody even tried talking to them in the first place to get more info out UNTIL THE VERY END OF THE MOVIE

The point of detective and mysteries is having to guess which person the detective spoke to that may have killed the victim, and use what little info they scrape from that sourcing to build a ground around the other suspects making the viewer need to put evidence and evidence together from each corresponding suspect and compare what each suspect that was spoken to was doing on the night of the death, why they were doing that and "Hey isn't that a little.. Suspicious?" Not "Okay you all clearly didn't do it." Before realizing they never even met the real culprit in the first place and they're just now meeting the culprit during the last 20ish minutes of movie. That's not how mysteries work.

Also holy crap I wanted to punch Sun when he was interrupting his sidekick when she was trying to ask serious questions and would ignore her completely if she brought up actually good points. Like.



TALKING. Let her TALK this time dude?? She wants to prove herself but you're doing everything in your power to stop her from trying to impress you. Its because of HER in the first place that they caught this culprit since he's so stupid and ignorant.

Frankly unimpressed but impressed at the same time.

I'm sure this studio can go very far if they can produce better storied animated movies. Just do some work and read through your scripts and plot before making the final product and you'll be fine.

For now, I hope the small amount they made back from it didn't kill them off right away as a company. I want to see them make more of these.
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A classic animation that almost pleases everyone, but ends up trapped in its own web!
The_Koalator24 February 2023
Warning: Spoilers
An unexpected encounter introduced me to Inspector Sun y la maldición de la viuda negra, an animation that promised a classic investigative adventure. However, the film soon revealed a major problem that permeated the entire work: the lack of a clear identity.

Not knowing if it was aimed at a child or adult audience, Inspector Sun y la maldición de la viuda negra tries to please both, following the Shrek model. But, unlike Dreamworks' success, the film fails to deliver sharp and intelligent humor, becoming a hybrid of entertainment without really being pleasant to any of the audiences.

The construction of the villain is another negative point. His lack of astuteness is evident, easily surrendering to the protagonist, the bumbling Inspector Sun. And the main character, in turn, becomes annoying by being ignorant of the help of his sidekick, a cliché already worn out in other works "Old dogs can learn new tricks".

But I cannot fail to mention the surprisingly positive points. The animation is impressive, bringing textures and fluidity that resemble the quality of Disney / Pixar art. In addition, there are intelligent references to classic films, such as the scene in which the bedbug uses a giant gong as a shield, alluding to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

In the end, even with its flaws, Inspector Sun y la maldición de la viuda negra leaves a hook for a possible continuation, this time in Egypt. And if the responsible studio manages to hit the script, an incredible work can be expected. After all, everyone deserves a second chance to excel, and the potential for something better is present.
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