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Promising premise...annoying characters that don't deserve to live.
trulahn15 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have patiently watched seasons 1 & 2 of the show before making my judgment. Frankly, none of the characters deserve to survive.

*Spoiler alert*

Simone & Rasmus: In the very first episode, the two defied their mother and opened the bunker door insisting the possibility that the pounding on the door was made by their father, who just few minutes ago saved their lives by opening the bunker door and let them in before the deadly rain started. These two little brats led to the death of their mother from their stupidity. Both of them constantly risk the safety of the group for very selfish reasons. Rasmus, being trapped for 6 years in a bunker with his sister, falls in love with just about every girl he meets. And when they die or get hurt, he looses all reason to live. WTF!?

Martin: He had one job and one job only, shoot anyone attempting to enter the restricted area. Not only did he allow an infected woman and her infant through. He didn't even bother to radio his colleagues to give them a heads up that someone is coming their way. He is the sentry, that's the job. His whole platoon died and their death is on him.

Patrick: Actually, this formerly useless looser who couldn't hold a job is the most deserving to survive. But his group constantly disagrees with his very logical choices of actions in a post-apocalyptic world. He actually deserve to live. I am rooting for him.

Lea: Took her just a few hours to fully drank the Coolaid of a cannibal cult.

Jean: Betrays his whole group because his girl died.

Put this group of people in any other post-apocalyptic world they would have become instant zombie food. How they had survived 2 seasons is beyond belief.
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First episode is bad, but it really gets much better after that!
fabiocarvalho77727 May 2018
After I watched the first episode I got very mad and frustrated. Plot and dialogues were terrible, it is almost like they wanted to make sure we really disliked the main characters for all the silly things they did.

However, my girlfriend convinced me to give it another try, then we watched the second episode. The second episode also had some really dumb moments, but it was much less than the first. Same for the third, until you get to a point when you feel very into it, and surprised, considering how terrible the first episode was.

Long story short, I don't blame all the 1 star reviewers here who didn't make past first episode. However, trust me, this is one of those rare cases where IT IS WORTH IT to be patient, and keep watching.

Like happened to, I bet you will be surprised how much you like it after just a few episodes.
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What's with the bad reviews?!
sscholte037 May 2018
Ok this isn't the best thing I've watched this year but wow..

This series is pretty good. I'm not sure why people are complaining about the acting so vehemently. There are a lot of seasoned actors in this and they bring a presence and realism. Around eps 4-6 there are some touching and poignant moments. And they are created by the actors.

The script Is mildly loose at times. And the pace is at times recklessly fast. I would like to see characters develop more slowly and stay for longer.

I would recommend this to a friend with the above caveats. The hyperbolic vitriole on this site, in hand with senselessly low scores are confusing and not well supported. Save that rubbish for Facebook.
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tallpaul16124 May 2019
Rasmus? Rasmus? Never have I seen a series where one name is half of the dialogue. A fast paced and enjoyable series though with some surprisingly good acting.
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Watchable post apocalyptic drama
derekvs12 May 2018
Seems a little strange that a lot of reviewers seem frustrated that 2 people locked up in a bunker for 6 years lack the skills to maximise their survival and make some stupid decisions. I felt the storyline was OK through most of the series though was a little disappointed with the ending. I felt the flashbacks added to your understanding of the characters and gave them a little depth. The acting probably was a little wooden in parts and I didn't like that Netflix dubbed it rather than use subtitles. It probably would have been better as a movie than a miniseries, some episodes definitely didn't add to the story arc and were a waste of time. Overall though, it was enjoyable to watch and reasonably well executed for the genre.
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Not the best but not horrible
savindri26 May 2019
Let me start off by saying this is a very flawed tv show. Season 1 was bearable but season 2 really stepped up it's game. However from an overall perspective, this show left more plot holes than it did solve them. A lot of the content in this show didn't make sense. Not just the virus and the cure, but how it didn't affect any of the characters when they were around him or the environment. I couldn't wrap my head around most of this show's logic. But season 2 delivered with better acting and more intense scenes which allowed me to binge watch it. The last episode of season 2 was what earned this show a 7/10 from me. Nevertheless I'm excited to see where they take season 3 if it's renewed.
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Characters are too stupid to live.
moviemonki13 May 2018
The plot is forwarded by the stupidity of its characters who are just as dumb as they need to be in any given scene. And the tone keeps bouncing back and forth between post-apocalyptic nightmare and fun teen drama. Other than that, it's probably fine.
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Let it rain,,,,,
s32761696 May 2018
In spite of the fact its not aimed at my age demographic The Rain really is inherently watchable. I've read some rather stupid reviews of this series and my advice is, ignore them.

This is an excellent, inherently honest series that has an emotional and intellectual maturity you do not often see in series of this kind. The characters are real people, not the juvenile, shallow card board cut outs, you find in many US series cast in a similar vein.

The key characters have flaws, they make mistakes and sometimes they die. Indeed this series does not shy away from harming or killing off pivotal characters and its all the more interesting for it.

The pacing is fast and it never really slows. Indeed I raced through the first short season in two sittings and I really, really hope a second season is in the offing. The action is well done too and its balanced nicely by the human stories, that evolve as we get to know more about the key characters.

All in all a really polished, highly entertaining, post apocalyptic drama pitched at twenty somethings but also accessible by the rest of us. 8/10 from me.
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Prepare To Get Angry In The First Episode At Child Characters Doing Stupid Things
AMZCali5 May 2018
I'm only just now finishing up the first episode and I came to read the reviews to see if I should bother watching more.

Everything starts off just fine and the big event takes place in the first few minutes. Then we have one young boy do something stupid, followed by an adult reacting by doing something even more stupid. A few minutes later, the young boy and his sister, both make yet another really stupid move.

It's as if the writers couldn't figure out how to advance the story without stupid moves needing to happen. You'll know what I'm talking about, right away. After said stupid moves, we're left with the characters wanting to urgently do something that any real human being would know not to do. Again, the writers urge the characters to try and do something even though, we the viewers, know good and well, that the right course of action, would be to not do anything and just stay where they are. But of course, that wouldn't make for a very interesting story to have the characters do the right thing, the smart thing and the safe thing, even though they know it.

I'll give it through episode two to see if things continue along the same lines.
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Off to a rough start... But worth sticking with
WakeyBakey4 May 2018
I'm a couple of episodes in... And it's pretty good.

The first episode isn't very good but sets the scene alright. The few extras we see in the first couple of minutes seems to have been pulled straight from a school play. Their acting is cringy at best. But the two main characters does a good job with what they have. That is, the writing is terrible at times. In the first episode, "show, don't tell" is thrown completely out door. The female lead talks to herself (Disguised as talking to her missing father) and explains what is going on and how she feels. Something that is very easy to figure out for yourself without an explanation. Something terrible happens but doesn't seem to have any impact on the characters other than a short scene later on. Also, and I'm sure this isn't a big problem for people using subtitles, but at times they talk in a very proper way. Which is VERY strange for young people. Like any other language, Danish words have been spelled the same way for a long time... But the way words are pronounced change over time. It's feels forced, out of character and pulls you out of the moment.

Episode two and onwards gets a lot better though. It reminds me of the first season of The Walking Dead. With the two main characters trying to navigate this new world. With very different obstacles. The new group of diverse (If not a bit one dimensional) characters helps the story move along and makes for some interesting interactions. It would seem they could learn from each other. The main characters, how to survive in a new world. And many from the group, how to remain humane and not become full blown baddies.

All in all, I'll give it a 7/10. A rocky start but gets better. I'll be watching the few remaining episodes over the next couple of days.
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Try a different perspective and you will enjoy this series. Warning: Spoilers
This series has had mixed reviews, mostly bad. But this may be more due to the misplaced expectations of some viewers than faults in the series.

At first sight this's a standard post apocalyptic horror series, a genre so beaten to death by both U.S and British producers that it seems as if each new offering is just a mishmash of previous efforts.

But there are several key elements that make this series innovative and refreshing: for a start there are no zombies, people just become ill and die, andt here are very few shock cuts, creepy POV etc. This is because the focus of the series is not so much on its crude impact as on the moral issues raised by the endless balance in human life between the way that trying to help may be a weakness, that makes things worse or the only way that a problem can be solved. Many turning points in the plot depend on human error, fussing about your son's seatbelt, rushing to open a door to the only source of safety etc, but other key points come when doing what you believe to be right even at peril to yourself is the only way forward.

This series is aimed at young people. The most frightening sequences are those designed to show them that human beings are often shortsighted, that the world may contain almost unbearable horrors: being locked up for years, being left to starve to death, or shot abruptly to protect others and so on, but also that there is a way to meet these challenges if you are true to yourself. And that's a rare and valuable perspective.

Best of all it's not American, there are very few horrible images. It's Danish, and anyone who has spent time in the Scandinavian countries knows that the rhythms and themes in their culture are not at all like those expressed though conventional outputs from the big media producers. ( hence the success, for example, of ' Scandinoir').

So have a look at this series with these issues in mind and despite its shortcomings I believe you will enjoy it.
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Just finished the last episode
charattha_jam23 May 2018
For me I would rate this show 75-80% of satisfaction because some characters are a bit annoying and in some scenes are so slow without a proper reason but overall is quite entertaining. I'm looking forward for Season 2
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If you want a show with antismart characters, this one is for you...
aarongnr14 June 2019
In literally EVERY SINGLE episode the main protagonists makd stupid decisions after stupid decisions. And when they're not making stupid decisions they are having stupid conversations.

Funny thing is: It's still somehow enjoyable xd
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Watch all episodes before rating
dittebi5 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched all episodes. It's a ok (not so scary) might-going-to-happen-soon story and good entertainment with somewhat descreet amoral detours. As a dane, I'm often not very comfortable watching danish films/series/acting, as I feel there's generally a bit of overacting or not so believable characters - but they'll kind of grow on you in this one (and the swedes!). I was especially very impressed with the cinematography and the over all story - everything was shot and cut beautifully, production design great and characters developed nicely along the episodes. Just enjoy the ride (and don't think too much about medicine, vira and watercontamination), or there might be a few things you'll end up wondering about - like me.
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Decent Mash-up of All Things Post-Apocalyptic
spookdier5 May 2018
Entertaining, but not very original. It is heavily influenced by other post apocalyptic productions, and it shows. 28 days later, The Road, The Walking Dead, Children of Men, The Last of Us, Half-Life 2. Elements of all these movies and games are in The Rain. Of course, this doesn't have to be a problem, but I repeatedly found myself thinking: "Ah, they took this concept from Half-Life 2" and "This setting is a combination of The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later". Entertaining, but because of the blatant (sometimes on actual shot level) copying of other productions, The Rain will probably go down in history as something good, but not great.
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First season GREAT, Second season eh...
mmaakk-2516824 May 2019
I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for the second season to be just as spectacular as the first, but I was highly incorrect. The second season seems like a drop off, which sucks because my fiance and I LOVED the story line and dialogue in the first season. The actors are so awesome regardless, I just think the writers went the WRONG direction. Also really confusing, I get what they are trying to do, but personally I just don't think they hit the bullseye.
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very good slow burner.
yourma-1428220 May 2019
This develops into a much better show than the reviews give it credit for.
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burchfieldbree8 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I will start with the positives: it's beautiful with awesome camera work and the soundtrack is basically perfect. And... it picks up and gets a hell of a lot better after the pilot.

I was hyped on this plot and wanted so badly to have enjoyed this show - but at first, the acting was terrible and the writing was ...bad, resulting in an annoying and predictable plot.

The first episode or two sets up the story well, but it could have been done better. The characters keep doing one idiotic thing after another and of course everything is ridiculous in terms of how things unfold; with one unrealistically chaotic thing happening immediately after the other. I was getting annoyed, and by the end of episode one wasn't sure if it would change. But it did!!!

The acting gets so much better. Some of the writing is a little ridiculous, but I became totally addicted to this show. Definitely would recommend!
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Infuriating Characters and A Virus That Makes No Sense
dmonbman22 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Dumb Characters: Believe the other reviewers when they say the characters do stupid things and are annoying as all hell. I just want the characters to die, and then new intelligent characters take over so actions make some sense. The number of incidents is beyond count and this is by episode 3. So reviewers who suggest "give it a chance" are lying.

Water Is Deadly: This virus is spread by water. Immediately I think about the movie 'Signs' (2002) where the aliens are defeated by water (poor writing). The rules of this virus are not set out well. Initially all the audience knows is that if you get rained on you will die. So we wait for more information as viewers. Then we find out that stepping in a stream of water is also bad, and that this virus also kills animals. So essentially all animal life will be dead because they wouln't adapt fast enough to avoid water. In the show humans can distill water for drinking (seems flimsy, but ok). The animals certainly cannot distill water. Then in a later scene a weasel is seen on top of a car. Does this animal know how to distill water? Has it figured out how to seek shelter from the rain and avoid streams? The question now arises, how much water equals infection? A drop? A puddle? Other humans that have this virus are apparently highly infectious, suggesting that it shouldn't take much water. Is morning dew a danger? How about evaporation or humidity?

Ultimately the writing is incredibly poor and they didn't think their world out very well, or the actions of their characters. 4 stars for some nice set design, ok costumes,and at least trying to make a post-apocalyptic (favorite genre) TV show.
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how to not survive an apocalypse and annoy all ppl around
bhaalsheir6 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I re-activated this account just to save u some of ur lifetime. like some others here i really tried to like this series, cuz i like this scenario. but it gets totally absurd due to the acting of the main characters. "why dont u help her" (screaming around, when the dead person isnt alive for several hours). this stupid nonsense acting keeps on in every series and gets worse to the point when they try to suicide and then decide "oh well, no we know whats happening, now let us infect the rest of the world, cuz we can"....

honestly..... save ur time. watch other series. or movies. or go out into the sun. or just lie on ur floor and do nothing
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I don't quite understand the hate...
scrich99996 May 2018
I have only watched the first two episodes but I am finding it reasonably engaging. The complaints about the acting are absurd. There is nothing wrong here in that department. Perhaps the haters should watch some other Danish television for perspective. Also, compare it to the crap SyFy was putting out during the aughts. This acting is just fine as far as I am concerned.

The other complaint seems to be that the characters do stupid things, but having suffered though the first six seasons of The Walking Dead before I gave up over the stupidity of the writing, (I only made it through one season of Fear the Walking Dead) I have so far seen nothing that is inconsistent with what kids, locked up when they were quite young, would do when they were released into a devastated world.

I plan on continuing watching. It is far better than much of what is currently available on TV or streaming, in the sci fi genre.
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Don't understand the bad reviews?!!
gemcheevers21 May 2019
I love this series, recently watched series 2 finished it in 2 days! What can I say ignore the bad reviews and just watch it you won't be disappointed!!!
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not bad at all
mat-fletcher5 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I will admit that I watched the dubbed version in english as I just did not feel like concentrating on subtitles. I was surprised to learn that the english audio track was pretty good, I don´t know for sure but i suspect that the original actors did the english track, they were definitley danes speaking english anyway.

Don´t let the Netflix logo at the start put you off, It´s a high quality production with stunning outdoor locations and a decent soundtrack.

Perhaps I did not pay close enough attention but I did not really ever feel like I fully understood what the problem really is with the rain or why it seemed to be no longer a problem towards the end. I think that the attention is supposed to be on the interaction between the characters rather than the surrounding environment.

It´s not the best show I have ever seen but I watched all 8 episodes back to back and genuinely cared what happened to the characters, i ended up liking most of them by the end too.

The acting is not the best but as I watched the english version some of that was probably down to the audio, to really judge them you would have to watch it in the original language and understand Danish well enough to get a feel for the nuanced language and non verbal communication. It´s entirely passable though and I have no concerns with this cast getting a second season.

My only real suggestions for improving it would be to give the story more depth by adding detail to the plot. I realise that this was not the intention and that they tried to keep it along the lines of a ¨fear of the unknown¨ but it was not scary at all really so they might as well flesh out the story with some detail instead as it is an interesting story.

I like shows about post apocalyptic scenario´s, wilderness expeditions and the many ¨what would I do here¨ questions that this show raises.

I will say that by the end of the season, all of the character should have been fully armed and kitted out but they seemed to continually fail to pick up weapons, ammo, equipment and vehicles as they encountered them which is unrealistic in this world that they are in where survival is so difficult. They made a big point of how only the strong survived and all of the weak people had been killed off so why are they comfortable with only one of them being armed and then when they take out a few strangers they don´t pick up their weapons?

I hope this gets more seasons, I want to know more about this story and I want to know what happens to Simone and her little group of survivors.
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I liked it! :)
Raluca-buznea25 May 2018
I don't really understand the bad reviews especially those where the people only watched 1 or 2 episodes. This movie kept me entertained and I look forward to the next season.
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A terrible mix
frukostrast5 May 2018
The storyline is a mish-mash of serveral good series/movies. They've taken a little bit from here and a little bit from there, mixed it together and tada! Expected a great story.

No. It's not great, it's not even ok. I've seen the whole first season and it's not getting any better. The younger actors are at least ok but the script is such a load of crap. The other actors with minor roles are just plain awful.

This series is too bad and the story is too unbelievable because it's so thin. A strange part of the story where all the backflashes, as a part of the story, but they didn't helpt explain anything, they were just stupid. I hoped it would get better but no, it got worse. The first episode was almost ok but after that it was crap. I wanted to like it but no, no, no. Not possible.
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