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Nick Cage would have liked to be in this movie.
ThomDerd13 June 2021
You can tell that this script was taken from a book and was pressed into a 1h 45min runtime for Hollywood.

Result: Unintelligent plot without enough character development, over the top acting, silly one-liners and too much bang-bang to cover up the plot holes and the inconsistencies.

Some good things: A few of the actors seem to have tried to take the material seriously. Also, the photography is up to par here with great sets and beautiful visuals.

And most of the action sequences are impressive.

So these are a few reasons to watch if you want to switch off and just kill some time with this mindless flick. I personally didn't hate it but...the plot...can't be saved.

Maybe if it was 2,5h long it could have been a bit better...? We will never know.

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A very intriguing concept...
steveo12210 June 2021
A very intriguing concept turned into a big slick shiny MarkieW look-at-me object requiring constant 'juvenile fiction' level narrative exposition and incessant suspension of disbelief to the point of disassociation with reality, One of those scripts that won't even obey the parameters of the physics set by the world they created thus making 'stupid' the subtext of what would otherwise be really cool action and ideas.

I wrote that a half hour in and didn't need to change it by the end.
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Good enough entertainment for what it was...
paul_haakonsen1 August 2021
I stumbled upon the 2021 movie "Infinite" and actually hadn't even heard about it prior to getting to sit down to watch it. Weird, I know, right?

But I must admit that the movie's synopsis sounded interesting enough, and usually Mark Wahlberg tends to provide adequate entertainment, so of course I gave "Infinite" a watch.

And I will say that writers Ian Shorr and Todd Stein definitely managed to churn out a story that provided with solid entertainment for the course of the movie. And it was a storyline that actually had a lot of interesting aspects to it. So yeah, I was definitely well entertained while watching "Infinite".

This movie is driven by a good combination of action and storytelling. Sure, this wasn't a tongue in cheek narrative that required all that much attention from the viewers, but the writers managed to make the storyline deep enough to actually involve the audience a bit more than just popcorn munching.

And yeah, the storyline does come off as being rather predictable, which it also is at times.

There were some moments in the movie where the laws of physics were simply and blatantly just disregarded, which made me curl my toes. But it was just a minor thing, because the movie proved to be entertaining.

Sure, this is essentially your average run-of-the-mill action movie with Mark Wahlberg, and a lot of things could be said for his acting. But I was entertained for the action ride that it was.

I am rating "Infinite" a six out of ten stars. The movie is worth a watch, as it combines action and story well enough.
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As it is, Infinite is nothing more than an inoffensively entertaining flick that could have been much, much better.
msbreviews10 June 2021
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog :)

I really appreciate Antoine Fuqua's career as a director. From the beloved classic Training Day to the highly entertaining The Equalizer films, Fuqua has demonstrated skillful handling of action sequences. As expected, Infinite delivers several fighting scenes and car chases, mostly riveting and quite enjoyable. The third act gets extremely over-the-top concerning the action set pieces, which are only tolerable due to a special yet underdeveloped character trait that ultimately justifies the more absurd moments. Mauro Fiore's camera work and Conrad Buff IV's editing are decent enough, but the last act features too much shaky cam and excessive cuts for my taste.

Story-wise, that's where things get tricky. Ian Shorr's screenplay boasts a genuinely interesting premise with exciting world-building to support it. However, the tiresome voice-over from Mark Wahlberg - who offers a good performance just as the rest of the cast - holds heavy exposition that's then repeated in dialogues across the movie, stretching the runtime unnecessarily. This narration rarely adds anything relevant to the story or impacts the viewer's opinion about the protagonist.

In addition to this, it's one of those films that carries tremendous storytelling potential but never reaches it. Personally, I truly find the concept intriguing, but its development doesn't leave the base of its premise. In fact, just by watching the main trailer, most of the world-building is given to the audience in those few minutes. Honestly, in better hands, this movie could have been the beginning of a new franchise with infinite - no pun intended- possibilities to make sequels, prequels, spin-offs, or even trigger the start of a TV show.

As it is, Infinite is nothing more than an inoffensively entertaining flick that could have been much, much better.

Rating: C.
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Enjoyable sci-fi with plot holes.
deloudelouvain10 August 2021
After finishing watching a movie I always ask myself if I was entertained. In the case of Infinite I would be lying if I said no. It was entertaining, even with some severe plot holes, and scenes that didn't make much sense. It's just an interesting concept for a plot, maybe not perfectly executed, but still it was pleasant to watch. The cast was good, no complaining about that, so honestly I don't get all the extreme negative reviews. What do you expect from a sci-fi movie? It to be realistic? I don't. I just want to sit down, relax, and enjoy the show. That's what I did. Is Infinite going to be remembered? Probably not. Do I care? Certainly not.
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bobcobb30111 June 2021
I had low expectations for this movie, but it didn't even meet them. I suppose there were worse action movies out there, but just not worth the time.
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Interesting concept, lacklustre execution.
TheUrbanIntrovert11 June 2021
I don't really have much to say so I'll keep it short & simple, the opening with Dylan O'brien was energetic & amazing. It got me hooked instantly but as soon as Mark Wahlberg entered the picture, it got boring & became a by the numbers action movie. What a waste of such an potential & interesting story. Mark Wahlberg was a terrible choice, he looked so uninterested. They should've just made Dylan O'brien the headliner instead of Mark Wahlberg, he was obviously the better choice between the two. Man, what a letdown.

P. S. - Chiwetel Ejiofor was awesome as always & a delight to watch as an menacing antagonist even though the script let's him down. Dude always brings his A Game.
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Pure toilet
drunken_munki10 June 2021
Awful music; terrible editing; noisy garbage film.

Antoine Fuqua has lost his way.

1/10 unwatchable crap.
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Just chill, sit back, and enjoy the fun ride smh.
Top_Dawg_Critic11 June 2021
You'd think with the lack of choice in blockbuster films over this pandemic, people would be more appreciative one comes out that is packed with action and fun, and has an A-list cast. But no, instead everyone is comparing this film to other movies in disappointment.

Who cares, just turn your brain down, grab some popcorn and a bevy, and sit back and enjoy the ride. Sure some CGI wasn't great, but when a film has a budget (Wahlberg's salary?), I'm sure some cuts were needed to stay within it.

The 106 min runtime flew by with the perfect pacing. Cinematography was on point. The writing/story was fun and refreshing with decent action. How can anyone say they couldn't understand it, or that there were many plot holes. I understood it perfectly, and saw zero issues with the plot. In fact, I thought the story was very cohesive with great continuity, and flowed smoothly and effectively.

Contrary to what the critics said, Antoine Fuqua's directing was spot on. Casting was decent and Wahlberg with all other cast performed great and were convincing. Whichever film you plop Jason Mantzoukas in, he does not disappoint, and his role as the Artisan will certainly draw some smiles.

I wasn't impressed with the score, and it sounded very B-film-like, and I was getting annoyed at that constant very distinct Transformers sound effect. It wasn't necessary and very out of place.

Nevertheless, it was a fun and entertaining film, and I certainly will recommend it for a one time watch. It's a well deserved 7.5 rounded up to an 8/10 from me.
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The Matrix made by the Kardashians
peostoyanov11 June 2021
Out of context and misunderstood ideas chopped from the eastern philosophy and patched together in utterly ridiculous and boring mess. It's a shallow people's "deep" movie.
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Crazy story...
Thanos_Alfie13 October 2021
"Infinite" is an Action - Sci-Fi movie in which we watch a man starting to figure out that his hallucinations are visions from his past lives while he has to deal with a serious danger threatening human kind.

I have to admit that after reading the description of the movie I did not have high hopes or expectations from it so, I was not disappointed. It has an interesting plot but not something that we have not watched before. I believe that the general idea was lost somewhere in the middle of the movie. The interpretations of both Mark Wahlberg who played as Evan McCauley and Chiwetel Ejiofor who played as Bathurst (2020) were good but nothing special and even with their interpretations they could not save the movie. To sum p, I have to say that "Infinite" is a nice action movie to spend your time and nothing more. I suggest you to lower your standards before watching it otherwise I am sure you will be disappointed by it.
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Hollywood is lost & mindless
edgarkaz11 June 2021
Great concept but very horrid execution. Wtf is up with all these movies who just pour money into stupid mindless action scenes. Why can't Hollywood take a note from movies like Raid & Man from no where when it comes to action scenes. This mindless fast and the furious illogical fantasy crap is pure trash that appeases the lowest IQ of people or people who want to turn their mind off.
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Ridiculous story, too many boring CGI effects. What's left? Nothing.
imseeg14 August 2021
I am usually a fan of straight forward Mark Wahlberg action movies, but this movie is about reincarnations and schizophrenia. This may sound mysterious but this story is incredibly RIDICULOUS. Sooo ridiculous and silly that is really too much too handle for me personally..

Not any good? For those who only want popcorn and dont mind an utterly stupid story about Mark Wahlberg being reincarnated, enjoy the ride...
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A horrible sci-fi with an even worse Mark Wahlberg performance
eddie_baggins24 June 2021
A film with (please forgive me) infinite possibilities on what it could provide in a thrilling sci-fi action romp sense, the first collaboration between director Antoine Fuqua and star Mark Wahlberg since their hit 2007 film Shooter is instead a DOA big-budget affair that its backer Paramount Plus must surely be questioning its investment in.

Based on D. Eric Maikranz book The Reincarnationist Papers, Infinite harbors deep down within itself an intriguing set-up of warring factions of whom have the rare ability to be reincarnated upon death and reborn with past memories to do life all over again on a constant loop but as has been the case in recent times of both the career of the once good Antoine Fuqua (Training Day seems like lifetimes ago now) and the phoning it in Wahlberg, Infinite is a by the numbers affair without a single ounce of originality or creativity, squandering any chance it had of being something worthwhile from the moment it begins.

Perhaps too consumed with the thought of opening more gyms/burger joints (an oxymoron if there ever was one), buying his kids basketball cards or renting himself out to betting ads, Wahlberg in particular here brings the film down to the doldrums with a robotic performance where it appears as though his in a constant state of shock and awe, mouth a gasp and eyes wide opened with final confirmation that gone are the days where Wahlberg's services in these type of mid-tier but watchable thrillers was a good thing, with the one-time Hollywood heavyweight in dire need of doing something better with his time.

In this instance however Wahlberg isn't alone with the likes of Dylan O'Brien, Rupert Friend and in a genuinely can't believe it existed cameo Toby Jones all badly lowering their colours in Fuqua's bland exercise in wannabe sci-fi spectacle, with the only joy found in this cast centred around a running with it Chiwetel Ejiofor as the films egg-hunting bad guy Bathurst 2020, who runs rampant in any of the screen time he is given in what's probably a future Razzie nominated performance that at least provides us with some type of enthusiasm and effort.

With everything falling a part in a cast sense and with a plot line that will lose most viewers very early on with a range of daft and bizarre movements; SPOILER ALERT - in particular a whole story revolving around the fact Bathurst 2020 wants to stop being reincarnated by destroying the world when he holds a specialised de-carnation gun in his very hands? Infinite is far from enjoyable in any aspect with all the fun from this amateurish production stemming from witnessing how a film like this could see the light of day.

If Paramount Plus is going to release original content like this, its highly likely it won't be sticking around too much longer in the public realm.

Final Say -

As a car crash in motion Infinite provides some mild entertainment but in any other sense this overblown, undercooked and bland offering is a dumpster fire of epic proportions. A new low in the quickly sinking career of both its leading man and director.

1 jar of honey out of 5.
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Confusing and falls flat
Floated218 August 2021
Infinite is apparently based upon a series novels and now adapted into a big budget film. With a relatively interesting premise and concept, the end result isn't great. This film lacks suspense, mystery and good writing. Mark Wahlberg doesn't seem to fit the character.

This feels like a film which takes parts from other past greater films. And what we have is something quite confusing and not that engaging or entertaining. Quite disappointing.

The signs that this film wasn't going to be anything special was it being rescheduled from a theatrical release to a straight to streaming release (and only a few months notice in advance). It was set up for a sequel and to kick start a franchise, though due to the struggles and criticism of this film, we highly doubt a sequel will be made.
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A dull and inert rehash of The Matrix and Highlander.
IonicBreezeMachine30 September 2021
Set in a world where certain people, known as Infinites, possess the ability to tap into the knowledge and abilities from their past lives, a war is being waged between two factions of Infinites. The "Believers" think this power is a gift used for the betterment of mankind, while the "Nihilists" take the power as a curse and seek to end their re-incarnation by any means necessary, including at the expense of all mankind. Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg), diagnosed with schizophrenia from adolescence, self-medicates with off the books deals with low level drug traders to keep himself stocked in anti-psychotics. When a deal goes bad Evan is soon arrested and is confronted by an enigmatic man named Bathurst (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who claims to be someone from Evan's past and carries ill intent towards him. Evan is rescued by Nora (Sophie Cookson), a fighter for the Believers, who rescues Evan, tells him he is an Infinite and brings him back to the believers so he can recall his past life as Heinrich Treadway (Dylan O'Brien) and locate a hidden one of a kind weapon to prevent Bathurst and the Nihilists from destroying all life on Earth to end their reincarnation cycle.

Infinite is an adaptation of the 2009 self-published novel, The Reincarnationist Papers by D. Eric Maikranz. The book is noted for Maikranz unique approach is spreading awareness by encouraging his readers to act as agents for the book and offering an award of 10% of any advance given for the movie rights to anyone who could introduce the book to a Hollywood producer which was eventually paid to junior executive Rafi Crohn. The film rights were eventually picked up by Paramount as a producing vehicle for Lorenzo di Bonaventura whom the studio had success with on their lucrative Transformers series. Director Antoine Fuqua soon became attached to the film with Chris Evans stated to headline before Evans dropped out due to scheduling issues with Apple TV's Defending Jacob and was replaced with Mark Wahlberg. Positioned by Paramount as a major blockbuster and potential franchise kick-off for the 2020 Summer movie season, the movie was pulled from release due to the ongoing pandemic and pushed around the release calendar until Paramount decided to reposition the film as an "original" for their recently rebranded Paramount+ subscription service. The movie received generally negative reviews from critics and audiences, and rightly so because Infinite is probably one of the most unengaging and dull big budget action films of recent memory.

When the movie begins we're thrown into an elaborately produced car chase in Mexico City following three characters running from someone after having acquired "something". There's no lead up to this chase save for a very brief and quick opening narration telling us about Infinites, Believers, and Nihilists and because no character or stakes have been established this major action sequence that opens the film just feels boring because we have no idea what's happening or why. We then end the sequence cutting to Mark Wahlberg's Evan McCauley who's a troubled man dealing with schizophrenia and the stigma that comes with it (as seen with a painfully on the nose job interview seen that I think is trying to come off as comedic but just feels grating) and somehow McCauley can operate and maintain a forge smithing swords for low level drug dealers despite living in a rundown apartment with no identifiable source of income. Wahlberg is a major reason why this movie doesn't work, despite looking really good for his age he was pushing 50 when he made this film and he is beginning to show it. McCauley's journey of discovering he's an Infinite is very much inspired by Neo's journey of discovering the world is an illusion in The Matrix, but because of Wahlberg's age and more hardened approach, he really doesn't fit this "finding your true self" arc all that well. In my opinion Dylan O'Brien probably should have been Evan while Wahlberg should have been treadway because O'Brien is both young enough and strong enough as a leading man, as seen in his turn as Mitch Rapp in American Assassin, that he'd feel more at home in this type of role than Wahlberg who's really too confident and strong of a presence to fit a role like this (not as bad a miscasting as The Happening, but still pretty ill judged).

Of course beyond the miscast lead, the movie has other issues in its characters and world building. The Believers and Nihilists simply do not have engaging characters or personalities with most the information being heavy expository exchanges rather than actual character or world building moments. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Bathurst has a particularly embarrassing exchange with Toby Jones that becomes unintentionally funny when he explains his motivation for wanting out of re-incarnation as "humanity as a living obituary in a dying newspaper on the floor of a bird cage in the corner of an old hoarder lady's apartment" while Toby Jones has honey force poured into his mouth and screams about "love and friendship" which just left me agasp at how ill judged this sequence with TWO brilliant actors whom I'd seen do great work now spouting some of the most inane exchanges I'd seen outside of a Star Wars prequel. The rest of the cast is pretty much non-entities with Sophie Cookson's Nora barely even registering with her core of reuniting with a lost love carrying so little weight I routinely forgot she even had a "lost love". The one performance I thought kind of worked was with Jason Mantzoukas as a neutral Infinite known as The Artisan who uses his countless lives to indulge in hedonism and never ending partying and only allies himself with the believers because if the Nihilists succeed by his words ""the party's over", on occasion the character can become a little much, but he's really the only character I'd say leaves any sort of impression because he isn't directed to be overly stoic and reserved.

The action sequences are fine for the most part as typical for Antoine Fuqua but he does feel a little restrained by the PG-13 rating as Fuqua typically is more at home with an R. Not that Fuqua can't work with PG-13 material such as his better than expected Magnificent Seven remake, but Fuqua is best known for emphasizing grit and intensity, and it feels like he's not really allowed to go full force with that style here with many of the sequences feeling like they'll feel at home in something like Bulletproof Monk or G. I. Joe Retaliation. The action is serviceable, but it's in service of such a lifeless and passionless script it's really hard to care what's going on even if it's "technically" done well.

Infinite is just boring and lifeless. With a miscast lead and a mixture of being overly simple whilst overly convoluted, Infinite takes a promising concept of tapping into past lives and runs makes it dry and without energy. While on occasion some of the exchanges verge into unintentional hilarity, most of the deliveries of dialogue are so mechanical and exposition heavy there's nothing to latch onto for engagement so you just start noticing things you've seen before and point out where they came from because you're so bored. Infinite may have had its eyes on an expanded franchise, but this is likely a "one and done" deal.
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Infinite Shark Jumps
brandywreath12 June 2021
We got tricked by Walberg being in it and thinking it would be a great action flick. They had the actors. They had the budget. They unfortunately had.... Too much CGI and not enough people saying "bad idea".

Wow, wow, wow. Completely ridiculous CGI stunts where lesser would have been better. Use at least a few real stunts.

I almost threw my remote at one scene it ridiculous.

Save your minutes.
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Very realistic ... not
kosmasp5 October 2021
Anyone who thinks that Fast and Furious has gotten way over the top with stunts and what not ... well wait til you see this. Just the beginning alone takes the cake ... not the car chase per se ... but the stunt out of that ... scene. You'll know what I mean when you see the movie.

I guess it sets the tone. And then we get Mark Wahlberg. Depending on how you feel about him ... you will love the rest of the movie or loathe it. I was ok with it ... he has some really interesting over the top scenes and stunts. Well his character does. Add to that some really good actors ... or funny ones ... and you have an intriguing if flawed movie. Could be worse ...
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A bad, laughably dumb movie
Sir_AmirSyarif14 July 2021
Antoine Fuqua's 'Infinite' has a couple of bright spots but the film is unable to recover from the scattered setup of a half-baked storyline about reincarnation and feuding factions. Fuqua's direction is flat, Mark Wahlberg looks tired and barely present, and the film never becomes exciting even in its most action-packed moments.
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rockyshaefer10 June 2021
Started with an interesting concept, but revealed itself to be a Trojan horse of manure as it descended into a ludicrous suckfest with atrocious CGI.
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davidlisbon12 June 2021
It's an expensive amalgam of cliches.

Flat in many levels, especially acting and plot wise.

It's maybe a good "sunday afternoon" movie if you want to waste some time.
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Action borefest
Fast and the furious meets highlander, but more boring than the both.

I couldn't even sit through this, it just feel like an empty "thriller" that didn't have any thrill to it, a roller coaster that you've ridden 1000x before and might excite the kiddies but lets face it you've there is nothing unique here and if you've been around the block a few times you won't even turn your head to look at this one.

The movie would have been great if it explored the story in different ways, and spent more time in the "past lives" than in the present. This could have been an assassins' creed style movie that explored all the different periods of history and it should have spent way more time there instead of brief flashbacks.

That would have been way more interesting, but instead they spent the budget on driving cars through buildings or insane car chases with the typical "explosive endings"

I couldn't even finish this, I watched it because it had such a high rating, and honestly I'm giving this a 1 star just to even it out because it's a 3 at best... but it doesn't take much to please people who've probably never watched a movie in their life.
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johnny mnemonic for 2021
leemeldrum6 November 2021
It's rare I find a film so lack of even one good thing to say about it but this pile of dung had done it!

There is nothing I can complement, from the atrocious acting, the cinematography the effects, sound and lighting, this is all just a big mess! So bad I don't even think a James Bay fan could find it fun.

Some films are so bad they are actually quite good (johnny mnemonic) this isn't one!
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Noisy garbage!
khunkrumark11 June 2021
Good lord, what new hell is Hollywood planning for the post apocalyptic future after the Chinese virus? If this clichéd fairytale rubbish is an example, the answer is not looking good.

This is just a mosaic of car chases and explosions interspersed with child like dialogue from an old comic. An absolute disgrace to film making.
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The Matrix meets Dumb and Dumber
valeriorinaldi-3636123 June 2021
Some individuals on Earth are able to remember their previous lives. Among them there's a group of people that is tired of their consciousness jumping from one body to the other, who decides to end all life on the planet.

Mark plays Mark. The blonde plays Trinity and the Mad Scientist plays Dr. Frankenstein Junior (unfortunately deprived of any sense of humour).

They constantly and relentlessly destroy their surroundings using weapons or vehicles and it is uncertain if their main goal is really to preserve life on Earth.

The characters' lines seem to have been copied from Dumb and Dumber.

You've been warned.
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