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They can hear you.
nogodnomasters14 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The Earth is apparently invaded by blind lanky aliens who kill anything that makes sound. How did they build a ship? Once you get past the inane plot, the film isn't half bad. A farm family with a hearing impaired girl communicates by sign and don't make a sound. The creatures have armor, but can be killed with gun fire so I am not sure how they still exist. Just drive around in a tank. They will come to you. There is a lot to this story that is not being told. We basically watch the family go through their daily routine trying not to make a sound and get killed.

The film was an interesting concept and fairly well performed, but for me I really needed those gaping plot holes filled.
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Don't chew loud.
ThomDerd15 April 2018
In a few words: smart, entertaining, novel and intense thriller movie. Beautiful cinematography and excellent acting from the kids and Emily Blunt. Nice one for John Krasinksi directing and writing.

Overall, throughout the film there's excellent timing in deploying tropes. All the tropes are classic 101 cinematic thriller tropes, so there's nothing really new or anything you haven't seen before BUT the build up to each of these scenes, which gets supported greatly by the combination of the sound editing and the camera work, creates excellent tension.

Its predictable and unpredictable at the same time. And I guess that's the novelty in this film.

Add to all that great photography, cinematography and good acting and you can have an amazing cinematic experience.

Try eating popcorn while watching this...

The hype was right, this is a thrilling film.

10/10 for the fun.
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A great concept with frustrating choices
CharlesAncelle10 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Anyone who lives in the world and follows movies has a pretty good idea of the main concept behind a quiet place: there are beings that will kill you if you make a noise. The film does very little to try to explain where these beings come from, all we know is how long they've been there for and that they have change the face of the planet in a pretty radical way.

We follow the Abbot family, who lives in a remote country house with an elaborate system to keep each other safe, but the main thing is that they have become very skilled at being very quiet.

The incredible result of that premise is that the film has very little dialogue and instead, makes great use of visuals and sound. And there are truly stunning set pieces in this film, and without spoiling anything, Emily Blunt gives a stellar performance, as usual.

Frustratingly, because the film chooses to concentrate on the action and the premise, it failed to give real substance to its characters and their relationships. A very artificial conflict is created between the dad and his daughter, and it truly feels like it was added into a later version of the script to give some sort of emotional arc to the characters, but the result is clumsy at best, a bit ridiculous at worst.

Additionally, the film fails to create very clear rules on what the creatures can and cannot hear, how they function, how they are able to detect obstacles in their path, how many there are, or how fast they move, are all animals dead, and the list probably goes on. The result is that whatever is established at one point inevitably changes later on to fit the dramatic needs of the story, but it undermines our ability to suspend disbelief. Repeatedly, it feels like the film is doing its best to thrill, even if that means going against the film's internal logic.

On a similar note, around the middle of the film John Krasinski takes his son hunting. At some point, they stop by a waterfall, next to which Krasinski starts yelling, casually explaining to his son that as long as there is a louder sound next to them, they are absolutely safe. I was thinking the same thing during the first half of the film, namely - if these creatures follow sounds, then, wouldn't it be simple to constantly distract them with sounds everywhere? We certainly have the technology to do that. Also, shouldn't there be sound proof shelters? Couldn't all humanity focus on sound proofing all of their homes??

But even if we accept for one second that these solutions are impossible, then, why not move next to a waterfall or any other natural place that is always very loud?? Plus, it doesn't look like they are able to shower at all, a waterfall would make a lot of sense hygiene wise.

I understand that this is a movie and sometimes internal logic needs to be sacrificed, but this became a tough sell after that moment and it felt like the film did very little to address that glaring problem.
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Well, at least they tried...
paul_haakonsen8 August 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I finally got around to watch the 2018 movie "A Quiet Place" here in 2021, since a lot of people have been telling me that the movie was oh so good and that I had been missing out on a great movie experience. Yeah, so I caved in and opted to sit down to watch director John Krasinski's 2018 movie.

Sure, "A Quiet Place" was watchable, but it wasn't an outstanding movie experience for me. Why? Well, for several reasons actually.

First of all, the movie's storyline and concept was just not overly impressive, nor something new or particularly innovative. It felt like something that had been done and seen before already.

Then there was the thing with just too little was happening for about 55 minutes of the movie. And when things started to pick up, it was just not sufficient to make up for almost an hour wasted on essentially a heap of nothing filmed and showed in almost utter silence. Yeah, that was a swing and a miss for me.

And then there were all the inconsistencies and flaws in the movie. I mean, if these creatures were attracted to sound, why wouldn't they be swarming at the creek where that sound was constantly being made from the running water, or congregating at the waterfall with all the noise that made. Or why would other creatures not be lured in by the noise of the one creature in the movie made, for example when it was assaulting the pickup truck or bursting through the corn silo? It just didn't make much of any sense. Or why would the family not have removed that nail in the wooden board or covered it up with something so no one would step on it? Seriously? And I suppose there were no condoms around in this kind of apocalyptic event. Seriously? You have established that the monsters are drawn to sound, heck, it was even shown in a newspaper in the movie, and still they opted to fornicate and bring a baby into that world. A baby! Babies cry and scream, if no one had bothered to inform them, despite the fact they had 3 kids before that newborn. And they also opted to grow a corn field, don't they know that a corn field is about as noisy as it gets when you move through it?

Ugh, the movie was just not cutting it. And I seriously wanted to enjoy it and get into it, especially since a lot of my friends praised the movie to high heavens. I guess we just have very different tastes in movies and in what constitutes good entertainment.

The movie has a relatively small ensemble of casted actors and actresses, but they did manage to put on good enough performances, despite having not that much dialogue.

Visually then I will say that "A Quiet Place" was interesting. Why? Well, simply because of the creature design. I really liked that. So many nice details and an overall imposing and terrifying creature design. That definitely worked well in favor of the movie.

I have part II lined up to watch as well, as my wife wants to watch it, but I can't really claim that I am in much of any hurry to watch it, nor harboring much of any hopes or expectations to the 2021 sequel.

My rating of the 2018 "A Quiet Place" lands on a less than mediocre four out of ten stars. The movie was just too bland, and an hour in near silence just didn't entertain me.
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Not boring, but too many unanswered questions
Wizard-85 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As my subject heading states, I didn't find "A Quiet Place" to be dull. However, it has so many glaring unanswered questions that I was unable to enjoy what I was seeing. Here are just some of the unanswered questions I had (spoilers ahead): How did the aliens appear on Earth? What was their purpose of coming to Earth? (It couldn't have been just for running amok in the countryside? If the aliens rely on sound and not sight, how do they get around without bumping into things? Why aren't the aliens attracted to the sounds of crickets, rusty swings moving in the air, birds, or raging rivers and waterfalls? If the aliens can't detect noise from humans near raging rivers and waterfalls, why doesn't the family just live next to the rivers and waterfalls? If the aliens are indestructible (as seen on a blink-and-you'll-miss-it newspaper headline), why can they be killed by a shotgun? Why doesn't the family find shelter underground instead of out in the open?

Look, I can accept some mystery and unexplained details in a science fiction movie. But when there is so much mystery and unexplained details as in this movie, the whole package then becomes very frustrating to watch. As a result, I can't recommend the movie despite its original premise, good production values, and professional performances. They might be able to answer questions in the upcoming sequel, but given that sequels are usually worse than the original, I'm going to pass on the opportunity to see it.
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Just can't buy into the premise
phd_travel5 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The preposterous premise about these blind aliens killing anything that makes a sound is so hard to swallow that it just doesn't grip the viewer. Of course once you start watching you want to see how the 2 likeable stars and their kids fare in this absurd situation. The childbirth is ludicrous.

Silly movie.
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She gets pregnant????
teebear8174 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It's an interesting concept that's been done before in movies, so it's not unique... but it's interesting. If you make a noise you basically die... so they leave this kid roaming around in a store where he can be knocking everything over....then on the way home this child walking way behind everybody playing with a toy. Then after the kid gets killed the wife gets pregnant? Are you freaking kidding me? Pregnant with a screaming child to come in the future? That is insane. No way she would get pregnant. What Started out as slightly intriguing, quickly became irritating with no dialogue, just plenty of unnecessary mood music as usual. You never see any military or planes or people on radios. No way to know if there are other survivors or any hope for the future ....they deliberately keeping Bleak and claustrophobic. Basically you are watching a diologue free movie with subtitles for the sign language. Ludicrous beliefs that if you drop something on your floor, these creatures will come. With all the noise nature makes, wind, waterfalls, streams, birds, these creatures would go insane if the had such sensative hearing and they would never hear noises within a house. All in all....preposterous.
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Great movie - if you can just get passed the concept
thekarmicnomad6 July 2018
This is a tense scifi movie about a family trying to survive against sound tracking monsters.

The film feels quite high-brow there is quite a lot going on with the characters as they try to survive against a relentless foe and the monotony of an existence where you can't even shoot the breeze.

The acting, production, effects are all amazing!

The aliens are ferocious, scary and look feasible.

It really is a great film.

There is a but coming.

The concept is so out-there that it is hard to get passed it.

I watched this with my girlfriend, when we should have been concerned for the characters we found ourselves having discussions about how the aliens work:

Why don't the aliens run into the trees?

Why don't they spend all day chasing rabbits and pigeons around?

Couldn't you just throw a ringing phone in to a pit of spikes and watch them jump after it?

How, if they can't see, did they overcome the worlds' armies, navies and air forces?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Rather than entertaining all these questions were a bit distracting.

There are some clues laying around about the aliens in the back of some shots but they just made it more confusing if anything.

I recommend this, I think the concept is too strange to "work" but if you can get passed it then this is a great watch.
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A Quiet Place: As good as they say
Platypuschow12 November 2018
A Quiet Place was critically acclaimed and for some reason that tends to mean I won't like it. No idea why I just don't tend to follow the unwashed masses when it comes to movies, I am however mistaken sometimes.

Starring real life married couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, also directed by the latter this highly original horror got my attention from the get go and held it throughout.

It tells the story of a post apocalyptic world that has been torn apart by mysterious creatures that find their prey exclusively through sound. It follows one family as they try to survive in absolute silence.

The fact there is such little dialogue or really any form of audio is how A Quiet Place finds its identity. I'm not saying it hasn't been done before but it hasn't on quite this scale and it works considerably better than you'd imagine.

The cast are great, the cinematography is fantastic and the story is really well put together. To add to this I think A Quiet Place is genuinely one of the most tension filled movies I've ever seen, I squinted, I cringed, I clenched my fist, on sat on the edge of my seat multiple times throughout.

A Quiet Place deserves the critical acclaim, though it's not perfect it is however an absolute triumph and a real spectacle. Certainly one of those "Movies to see before you die" types.

If you haven't seen it yet, do something about that.

The Good:

Very engrossing

Well acted

Highly original

So incredibly tense in places

The Bad:

Just a couple of poorly thought out moments

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Kids are a liability

Kids shouldn't be trusted with anything ever

Kids suck
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90 minutes of tripe
rdhoran10 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This is a boring hour and a half of a family trying to be quiet. I didn't care about whether anyone survived because all they did was behave stupidly the entire show. The premise was preposterous, there was no attention given to how the apocalypse occured, how these sightless monsters decimated human life, eliminated standing armies, etc.

We're supposed to believe this family got by with whispering. Yet, somehow they managed to procure a million sacks of white sand and deliver it and use it to cover miles and miles of paths without making a sound? They got that done and the only weapon they scraped up in the meantime was one shotgun?

Then, somehow, without any humans to operate it, the power grid is totally up and running. And without any worries about that, the family runs hundreds of electric bulbs, even outdoors, red bulbs no less for no apparent reason other than to look good on screen.

Yet when it comes to their sound proof room, with no ventilation, they don't even bother to run an extension cord in to operate a single bulb. They instead burn candles to make their lives an even worse living hell with smoke in an almost airtight enclosed space.

Shall we discuss the ridiculous silo scene? The kids fall into dried field corn kernels and sink into it like its quicksand. What??? Then, somehow the silo roof door falls off its incredibly strong hinges, so they can use it as a raft to escape the quicksand effect. Then, right after they escape the supposed corn quicksand by clambering on to the fallen door, a monster scratches its way thru the solid steel wall of the silo in like two seconds and attacks the kids. What do they do? They clamber under the door for protection. Do they sink into the corn now? Of course not, corn isn't quicksand the second time. Everyone knows that. So, the monster moves on the kids basically walk across the corn and escape.🙄

In another scene there's a broken water pipe that floods the entire basement with a foot of water. A monster is face to face with Blunt but cannot hear her so she survives. Ten minutes later that flooded room is dry as a bone and with no explanation the broken pipe was ever repaired so it is irrelevant.

The deaf daughter is one of the least likely individuals to survive. She wouldn't be able to hear if she was making noise, so she would be picked off first. And then the idea that she would be the one to discover the hearing aid feedback loop is laughable.

Then the whole baby business. Give me a break. And how is the corn being planted? Or harvested? They never seem to eat, but its obvious they would be surviving on canned goods. How do they open all the cans silently?

Then Krasinsky commits "suicide by monster" to save his kids, instead of doing any simple thing other than yelling and standing still. He could just toss the axe ten feet away and not die. So he dies, stupidly, which accomplishes nothing because the kids don't escape.

Then the final scene where Emily Blunt takes FOREVER to shoot the monster in the head with a shotgun, killing it with one shot... Leaving us to wonder how these creatures destroyed every military-industrial complex on the planet.

To make matters worse, Emily Blunt has lost her husband and at least one child in the last 24 hours, given birth in a bathtub, and she's all 'lock and load' attitude with her shotgun to end the film.

I could literally list another hundred idiotic things in this movie, but I don't feel that I should spend more time on my critique than the writers spent on the lazy script.

If you want to watch a movie about people being hunted by sightless monsters, see any of the Tremors movies. At least those films are fun.

If you want to see weird noises disable aliens, watch the wonderful Twilight Zone episode from 1962 where Andy Devine plays the character Frisby and escapes due to his harmonica.

Back to this trainwreck A Quiet Place. I will never willfully watch it again. It is dreadful.

Now I see that the sequel, A Quiet Place II, is to be released in May 2021. God help us.
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Unnerving silence
TheLittleSongbird3 May 2018
'A Quiet Place' very quickly became one of my most anticipated films of the year. Have liked Emily Blunt a lot in other things, have a lot of appreciation for the genre and absolutely adored the concept. One of the year's best concepts and one of the most brilliant and unique for any film.

Seeing it, 'A Quiet Place' turned out to be one of my favourites of the year too, its positive critical reception more than deserved. Can understand though if it doesn't work for others, it is not a film that everybody will enjoy with its deliberate pace, very sparse use of music and dialogue and heavy reliance on atmosphere. Have seen many films recently that have wasted good potential and ideas or not quite fulfilling them. So it was refreshing and a blessing to have such a brilliant and unique concept executed in a way that was equally brilliant and as a film unlike any other seen by me.

Was far too transfixed by the atmosphere and mood to criticise 'A Quiet Place' for lack of logic, plot holes (have never criticised a film for plot holes, find it a lazy and unfair criticism especially when it's the only thing mentioned in reviews that list them and say nothing about the film's overall quality) or not making complete sense. When a film doesn't transfix or engage me it is less forgivable, but 'A Quiet Place' was utterly transfixing from start to finish from personal view.

It's a beautifully made film with a lot of style and atmosphere. Not everybody will like that the use of dialogue and music is sparse. That wasn't a problem for me, in fact it was appreciated and it worked really well. Actually think it was the right thing to do. Without constant music, the concept and atmosphere came through stronger, if the music was intrusive, obvious or repetitive they would not have worked anywhere near as well.

Without constant dialogue, it let the actors' expressions and body language do all the talking, have seen horror/sci-fi films, and films in general actually, recently that have suffered from too much talk and exposition that it bogs the pace down and it's even more of a problem when the dialogue isn't good or interesting. Appreciated hugely that 'A Quiet Place' didn't go down that route.

Luckily the acting benefits from having little dialogue, here it's a masterclass of expressions speaking louder than words. Emily Blunt is simply sensational in a very moving and expressive performance that is among her best. Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe also impress in beyond their years performances that one doesn't actually expect from actors so young. So does John Krasinki in a performance just as expressive, in a subtle way, and charismatic. In the director's chair, he shows a lot of confidence and great talent for mood and storytelling.

Especially good about 'A Quiet Place' is the atmosphere, which smoulders from every frame and shapes every part of the story. The pace is a deliberate slow-burn but for me it was never dull. Parts of 'A Quiet Place' are heartfelt, others are quirky. But above all it's genuinely scary and unnerving, enhanced by tremendous use of sound design that generates unbearable tension. The monsters are incredibly nightmarish, actually takes a lot for me to feel unsettled after watching a film since getting older, 'A Quiet Place' did that for me.

Overall, a superb film and one of my favourites of the year so far. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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A series of unfortunate events
slivka_c20 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I had to comment the whole time while watching this movie. Are you serious? Who leaves the youngest child so far behind in line? Who makes babies in an apocalyptic world where sound is your worst problem? Babies cry!! Then we fast forward a whole year, the day the father goes fishing with his son is when her contractions start, the basement stairs get screwed up, everything is falling apart in the same day. Luckily the new born is very special and makes pretty much no sounds. Just put him in a box, no food no problem. The creature rips through a silo like it's paper but has difficulties with a rusty pick up truck. I mean i can go on like this forever. It was funny and ridiculously predictable.
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Tense and Original
claudio_carvalho10 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"A Quiet Place" is a tense and original thriller with the story of a family of survivors after an undefined apocalypse. For viewers like me that do not see trailers or read anything about the movie that he or she wants to see before watching it, the beginning is highly intriguing and the mystery lasts until the moment their little son is attacked at the bridge. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are married with children in the real life and this might explain their chemistry and behavior as mother and father. Unfortunately iMDb is no longer a trustworthy site to read about movies since the last modifications that accept manipulative one-line reviews made by robots or people with one review only that wants to diminish a film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Um Lugar Silencioso" ("A Silent Place")
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I am speechless ... at how others can give this film 9 and 10 stars
andrewjens-336-9757627 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a classic case of "we just have to make a film about that premise", however what the people involved didn't do well is figure out how to cover all the plot holes the premise was always going to introduce.

The introduction is moving and sets up the premise well, however I started to realise the lack of care that would be taken later in the film when I realised that I was being asked to believe that a four-year-old (left to walk by himself at the rear of a family in a dangerous situation) could get two batteries inserted in a toy. Even if the kid could do it, the chances would be only one in four of getting the batteries oriented correctly. Why didn't the creature come back to hunt the father based on the sound of his running footsteps?

So it's possible to kill the creatures with a gun? Okay, then ... with gun ownership in the US being about one per capita, surely the creatures would have been wiped out long ago by having provided the population with the target practice they must secretly crave?

So a family with kids survived whatever (unexplained) apocalypse occurred prior to the film's beginning, but the army didn't?

So the creatures have no vision and super-sensitive hearing? What about a sense of smell?

So no one talks in their sleep or snores (or has farts)? Do toilets flush?

So the creatures can rip though a metal grain silo, but not instantly get into a truck to get at the two kids inside? And out of interest, how do you harvest a field of corn without making a sound? How do you remove the kernels of corn from the cobs and get them into the silo?

So they have to play Monopoly with crocheted pieces (to avoid noise), but the sound of a truck rolling down a hillside is okay?

I think that would be shortest labour in history. I'm pretty sure the timeline in the movie is continuous enough to prove that she only had three or four contractions. None of that annoying 30-hour stuff for her!

Would the hearing aid really have broadcast with enough power in the right frequencies to affect the creatures that much? Would those frequencies have been reproduced by the microphone system? Who knows? Perhaps. To be honest, I find the similar resolution based on the playing of Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" in the film "Mars Attacks!" to be almost as believable.

Why not spend most of your time living behind the waterfall? Why not set up a remote-control noise maker on the lawn and set up position on the porch with a shotgun? And I'm sure that I'm only scratching the surface when it comes to solutions.

And there were too many horror-movie clichés: intensely irritating sounds at crucial moments and terror originating just outside of shots tightly centered on actors.

The cocking of a shotgun just prior to the credits screams sequel. That really would leave me speechless.

I will say that I thought the actors did a fine job. No problems there. If you want to suspend disbelief entirely and just let horror clichés wash over you for ninety minutes ... this is the film for you.
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Nicely done horror + thriller, quite recommendable but has many flaws .
NpMoviez17 July 2018
"A Quiet Place" directed by John Krasinski is a genuine and tensed horror/thriller. It has a unique premise and backstory. The setup for the story has been done well. The performances by John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, along with the child actors is awesome. The direction of Krasinski is "awesomer". The tension and the thrills were genuinely great. That's something I have not seen in a horror/thriller for a long time. Speaking of horror, what we take as "scary" is totally subjective. If you're watching this to get some jumpscares or to see a ghost, this ain't your movie. There are many moments that give us the feeling of getting into the jaws of death, unexpectedly. Those were some real thrills. And, the characters know what's gonna kill them and why. So, whenever such things take place, the tension is amplified (no pun intended) and whether or not they are gonna succeed at the particular moment keeps you terrified. For me, anything that keeps you terrified is real horror than some ghosts and jumpscares, so I got my "horror" part in this movie, after a long time. It's not that it doesn't have any false scares, just one or two though. Whenever something goes wrong, you can feel the s**t happening. That's some incredible directing. It's just an awesome thrill ride until we reach the third act, where things just turn into the same old "daddy loves you" things and the final moments were a bit less satisfying for a thrill ride we witnessed for the majority of the movie. There are some notable plot holes regarding a "better" place they should've lived on, some sounds making no significance in the context of the movie's own rules, the way a lot of food, medicines don't get used up after such a long time, the crops being harvested (without any noise?) etc. The movie also shows certain stuff as if it was trying to say "see this is a plot device, see see SEE!" and it actually is so. One plotline with Emily Blunt and her "youngest child" was something that made no sense to be honest as per the movie's own rules and was obvious to play out in the later part of the movie. The way it was playing out was damn good, but we knew that something was up regarding this. That's all I can say and have to say about this movie, without spoiling anything. If you watch the movie, you'll know what I am pointing at. On the whole, I cannot overlook the flaws but man, I had a great time watching the movie. It's flawed but intriguing. It's probably the first Krasinski movie I liked so much. I have seen one or two other movies he made, some years ago. They were forgettable to say the least. This was, at least, unforgettable and nice.

Score : 8.3/10

Grade : A-

Label : Entertaining enough to watch it multiple times (i.e. rewatchable)
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Had amazing potential, makes absolutely no sense
prehartwork9 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First, I enjoyed some parts of this film. The suspense was on point. Acting was good. It wasn't totally unwatchable but for me, it fell short of what it could have been. I'm just going to list why I disappointed and confused.

Spoilers below:
  • are they really aliens? How did they get here? They look and act like violent creatures with only one purpose to kill everything that makes noise, how would that attitude and intellect allow for interstellar travel?
  • how does a shot gun to the head kill it if it's indestructible, come on now we have weapons on earth that would crush these things in seconds.
  • of course ultrasonic sound is gonna freak it out if small sound attracts it, it really takes over a year to figure that out?
  • where's the beginning ? And ending? It Just dumps us in the middle.
  • why would you have a baby in this post apocalyptic world? And what do you do when the kid starts screaming? A box?
  • they could have lived by the waterfall if they could scream by it.
  • lastly everything on this planet makes noise, trees falling in the woods, rain on the ground, the damn wind. But these things can hear a picture drop on the floor and immediately show up to kill you? Ridiculous.

Would have been a great movie with more thought behind it. But I did feel robbed leaving the theater.
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Huge disappointment. Another overhyped film. Avg at best.
Horror_Flick_Fanatic11 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This film was a huge disappointment. My expectations were high based on the Rotten Tomato User scores, I do not pay much attention to the industry professional critics scores so I ignore the regular Rotten Tomato Score and the Metacritic equivalent. I usually go by the audience score instead.

The movie has no backstory to tell us what happened. The story is completely illogical. It makes no sense why the characters do what they do.

Why would Regan give her little brother a toy shuttle that makes noises when she took it away in the first place. I knew what would happen before Beau (the little boy) took the batteries back from the countertop.

How did the Abbott's managed to cover so many trails with Sand?

Why would Mrs. Evelyn Abbott get pregnant and put the entire family in jeopardy. Did they think through what would go on during labor? And where they under the impression they could command a newborn to be quiet upon demand?

The film was not remotely suspenseful because their actions made it very clear what the consequences would be. The film was utterly predictable. Besides, most of the film is silent until a few seconds before an event is going to happen and then the soundtrack gives it away. Why are the characters consistently shushing each other throughout the movie? Haven't they all lived like that since the invasion? On jump scares, this film fails miserably.

Here is the glaring problem I had with this film. They knew the creatures were sensitive to sound, then why not ambush the creatures and pick them off with guns. Here is an idea. Place loudspeakers on the nozzle of an Abrams M1 Tank's canon and have fun splattering alien juice all over the place.

Forget about buying snacks to eat while watching the movie. I was able to hear the rear auditorium doors swing open and shut from the front row of a large theater. Munching on anything will irritate the people around you.
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Bad bad bad
iconians3 April 2019
The precise is good, the acting is good, the writing is bad. There are many many major issues, but for me, the main one happened in first 10 minutes.

All I have to say is: if you have 3 young kids and you walk in a straight line, who goes first and last. I could not watch it after. That did it for me.
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Another movie with characters making stupid decisions. Warning! Spoiler alert!
stuprum1 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
*Warning* Spoiler Alert! There are a lot of things I did not like about this movie. The main one is what my title suggests, lots of stupid, bad decisions.

1. Why would the girl give that toy to the kid? Clearly the dangers around them are not made aware to them. (this will be a theme) 2. Why are the parents already out the door and gone? They just watched this kid making horrible mistakes that could get them all killed and then they just turn their back on him. Don't get it. 3. Why, if walking single file, would you have your 4 year old bringing up the rear? Dad should be in the rear so as to watch the whole family. 4. Clearly this 4 year old was not made aware of the actual dangers around them. Bad idea kid. Only 5 minutes into the movie so far. 5. Why would a woman allow herself to get pregant in a situation like that? Clearly the dangers have not been made clear. 6. Why is a child who is deaf not under a little more control? Just for the benefit of herself and all around her? Clearly the dangers have not been made clear. 7. Why does dad and son go for food so close to her having the baby? You would think he would have been prepared so as not to have to be gone during this time. Clearly the dangers around them are not clear. 8. Why are they sealing the entrance underground with a mattress? This is the best you have? With all the other stuff they have done around there I would have expected them to be underground more. And with more than just a mattress for a "door". 9. Why not live near the river/waterfall so noises you make around the house won't be heard as much? 10. Why are the kids using a lantern? They have electricity. And why do you let kids sit that close to a lantern on the floor? Clearly the dangers around them have not been made clear. 11. Why show all the other people lighting their signal fires just to not mention them in any other scene for any reason at all? 12. Why was the scene with the old man so stupid? 13. Why show that creepy old house if not including any other scenes explaining it? 14. Why was the top of the babies crib off? How did that happen? 15. Why did the dad not just be quiet when he realized the creature was above him? They all move about without being heard all the time so why now? 16. Why did the kid scream out? Clearly the dangers around them have not been made clear. 17. Why end it that way? 18. Why? Ugh, I can't go on any longer.
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Another poorly written script
digitalbeachbum28 June 2020
I could point out all the fallacies in this movie, but that would take up too much of my time. This movie is poorly written and poorly directed. There is no suspense.

The characters do not develop and they are out of place from their current situation. The human race hasn't figured out how to deal with sound sensitive creatures? Didn't they watch Mars Attacks!?

The CG is meh

The script is illogical from start to finish. It has no natural flow. There is no journey to finish it, oh, wait, cash grab let's make a part two.

I wanted the humans to all die so that the movie would end. No Oscars for this production. This movie sucks.
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Illogical... Flawed and quite stupid.
majoreasy7 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert...

Don't read before watching... Or read if not planning to watch... I'd recommend the second option...

The family knows that higher sound levels will hide the lower sounds... And the father actually showed the son how they can yell and shout beside a waterfall... Any sane group of people would immediately think... Hey... What a wonderful place to live at... We can talk and do normal things as long as the waterfall sound can mask it...

The father has a whole range of electronics and showed he knows how to make them work... Maybe it's just me... But I'd have my fun with the aliens by hooking up a hundred speakers all over the place on top of trees and under rocks etc... and then sit on the silo making each one make a sound alternately... By making some sound on one, then a minute later sound another a few miles away and on and on...the entertainment would be watching the aliens rush to one and then to the other until they run themselves dizzy... When the entertainment is over... They can all go back to their waterfall home and laugh themselves silly...

If the movie followed this plan... It'd be done in 20 minutes... Assuming the first 15 minutes are needed to set up the story... And even we can only handle watching aliens run around in circles for no more than 2-3 minutes... The last 2 minutes are the family back at their waterfall laughing and joshing about the day's entertainment and eating as loudly as they please...

So there... Was going to give this movie a zero... But I like Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow...so it gets a 2...(in that one, she kicked arse... In this one... Not so much...)
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Since I cannot turn off my brain, I couldn't enjoy this utterly stupid movie.
mhorg20184 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As a science fiction fan for more than 50 years, it constantly annoys me that Hollywood movies annoy the crap out of me. For every great film such as The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951, not that horrible remake), there's a film the critics (who don't know crap about Science Fiction evidently) adore like "A Quiet Place." Some really good performances are totally wasted in a film so loaded with plot holes as to be ridiculous. The movie starts long after a disaster takes place. Pay attention and there are some clues dropped. Apparently these hunter aliens got here on a meteor that lands in Mexico. In a matter of no time they are found to be blind, hungry and indestructible. They run rampant across the world, with one of the headlines of a paper screaming GET UNDERGROUND. Skip ahead to a family, all walking barefoot (what, there's nothing to step on that'll make a sound? Can the monsters discern between sounds of nature and unnatural sounds? They never really make this clear.) Anyhow, their youngest kid, about 4, who they don't look out for at all, finds a toy. Pop takes it away, removes the batteries and leaves it sitting there. They all leave, the older sister - naturally deaf - gives it to the kid. He takes the batteries, and while they return home - the littlest kid about 50 yards behind EVERYONE ELSE, manages to get the batteries back in - turns it on and gets killed. This is in the first five minutes. Anyhow, more stupidity abounds. They have unlimited electricity, but it's never shown - do they have a generator? Likely not, hte monsters would tear it apart. Solar Panels? We don't know. Even though dad has a big note that says SOUNDPROOF - they've done nothing other than throw a mattress over the entrance to the root cellar. They also have tons of corn. Who planted it? Who's going to harvest it? How without making noise? Turns out mom is Pregnant! Why? Did she get pregnant before the disaster happened? We don't know and by now I didn't care. Everyone ends up separated by the end, with two kids being hunted in a corn silo, Mom trapped in their home which is being flooded (how? Beats me.) she steps on a nail but doesn't scream, and then gives birth. First she drops enough blood to die of blood loss. Dad gives his life to save the kids, who escape as he's being killed in a truck that rolls down hill (doesn't make any noise). A monster shows up BUT the daughter has learned that her cochlear implant lets out a frequency (something the governments, scientists, and military of THE ENTIRE WORLD couldn't figure out? Hey, these monsters hunt by sound - let's use SONAR on them! Nope. Took these losers to do this.) And while the mom should be nearly dead from blood loss and birth exhaustion, she gets a shotgun and while daughter blasts the sound from another hearing aid into a mike, blows the "indestructible" monsters head off, killing it. The movie then ends with mom ratcheting the shotgun while daughter prepares to blast the hearing aid into the mike again, while on their closed circuit cameras (again tons of electricity) about 400 monsters are coming. There are so many stupid ideas in this movie it overcomes the one good idea; monsters who hunt by sound (an idea partially lifted from Pitch Black, and the monsters have a similar look). There's a waterfall they visit so they can talk and yell (gee, why not live by it?).Why not take a bluetooth speaker, set it up far away on top of oh, I don't know - EXPLOSIVES - play it and blow these bastards up? I don't buy that whole indestructible baloney. They aren't Godzilla. Also, why aren't we ever poisonous to alien life forms? They take a bite and drop dead. Guess that would make for a short damn movie. I really can't see what made people go Gaga over this, since it was slow, boring and illogical. I see there's going to be a sequel. But I won't be seeing it.
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Why was the nail left in the stair tread ?
devargo20035 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER: Cliched and predictable , why was the nail Emily Blunts character trod on in the stair tread in the first place, and after she trod on it why was it still there ? could have bent back and forwards until it broke , silently. Before she trod on it . How did the monster literally break out of a grain silo , but couldn't rip the roof of a small truck ? Why not wear slippers or soft soled shoes ? Who in the right mind falls pregnant in a post apocalyptic world , where the monsters kill by noise, hint , babies scream... a lot. Finally the military might of the worlds collective might and intelligence couldn't work out high pitches frequency's killed the rather cliched looking aliens.. really ? This was as bad as Titan with Sam Worthington , an insult to the voters intelligence in my humble opinion .
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These people don't snore? I sure did!
RussHog14 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie makes no sense. Apparently if you make noise the monsters get you. so - the people go out in the woods. but when they walk their feet don't crunch the twigs - or rustle the bushes? then the lady gets pregnant - and like - wait what? Yer baby is gonna cry real loud lady. Also - do these people snore? What the heck is going on? If the river water can make it harder for the monsters to hear you...why not go live near the river water?? Nothing in the film makes sense. The CGI monsters are whack. The story is an allegory of overcoming a handicap but it's also lazy story work. Sad this got so much attention.

The young actress who plays the daughter does a great job - and I give her a lot of praise for her performance.
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Should we have a baby? I can't see why not! Hahaha
broadheadalex12 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It's difficult to make a good film about aliens who kill everyone who makes a sound. So they didn't even try.

Why did they decide to have a child knowing it would result in certain death?

Why did the dad commit suicide? Could he not have just thrown a stick to make a noise?

I found myself rooting for the aliens at the end.

If you have an IQ similar to a sock, you will love this.
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